20 Outdoor Party Games For Ladies

Outdoor Party Games For Ladies

Be it a birthday party or a bachelorette party, or just the girls hanging out, it is a good idea to have some outdoor party games for ladies planned.

You may be planning a small gathering or a big party but there is more than food and drinks involved. You want to make sure your guests have a good time, and this means having outdoor party games for ladies involved. There are so many games out there, but which ones are best for the girls? Our list is here to help.

You can offer fun new games, or classic games with a twist. You want to choose games that the girls will enjoy which means you need to look closely at the guest list. 

The size of the group and the type of party will influence the games you pick. Our list of BBQ games, drinking games, and traditional fun can all be the center of the party. We have the games because the girls just want to have fun.

5 Outdoor Party Games For Large Groups Of Women

When organizing an event or party for a large group of women, you need to find games that appeal to all. Chances are when the group is big, there will be people of all ages and some you may not know very well. 

This means the games need to be fun and engaging for all. These games are all designed for outdoors where you will have the space to accommodate the large group of ladies.

1. Color By Corner

You will need either 4 colored balloons or 4 colored flags. Each to be put in a different corner of the yard. One person is the caller and everyone else is a runner. 

The caller stands in the middle of the yard blindfolded and runners line up around the edge of the yard. The caller yells ‘go’ and all players move around the yard and when they yell ‘stop’ players need to scramble to a corner.

The caller gives players ten seconds before calling out one of the colors. Whoever is in that color corner is out. Once there are only 4 players left, each must go in a corner and the game is over when only one player is left. 

That person wins and becomes the next caller. This can also be played with more fun themes instead of colors, such as favorite foods, drinks, or places.

2. Egg Relay Race

Mark out a start and finish line at one end of the yard. Divide the group into even teams. You want at least three teams. Teams line up one behind the other. 

The first in line gets a spoon with an egg on it. They must get to the end of the yard and back without dropping the spoon and then pass it to the spoon of the next player in line. 

This relay continues until one team gets all players across the live without dropping the egg. A dropped egg means the team needs to start over.

3. Colorful Water Tag

All you need is a large group of ladies, a large space to run around and some water balloons. Water balloons need to be filled with water and a few drops of different food coloring. 

Place the water balloons in buckets or bowls around the yard so everyone can access them. You also want to make sure everyone has clothes on that can get wet and colorful. 

Then you play tag, but the water balloons are how you get your friends out. This is a great game for a group of friends and a summer day.

4. Sticker Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? This may seem like a game for kids, but you can make a few changes so that it is a great game for adults, specifically ladies. 

This is especially good for large groups with members that do not know everybody there. Each lady is given a sheet of stickers. Ideally, they will all have their own theme. 

Each lady also gets a list of all the ladies at the party. As they mingle and get to know an interesting fact about another person, they get to collect a sticker from them to put on their list. The lady with the most stickers after a certain amount of time is the winner.

5. Tag

Good old-fashioned tag is a winner no matter what age you are. To make the game more interesting for the ladies, give everyone a flower lei

The person who it is chases the others and if tagged, they have to remove their lei and return it to the home base. 

The person who was tagged needs to remain still. Others can free that person by retrieving a lei from the home base and putting it on the frozen person.

5 Outdoor Party Games For Small Group Of Ladies

What happens when the party is only for a few close friends? Then you will need some games for a small group of ladies. While many of the games above can also be played with smaller groups, these five games are better suited. 

Smaller groups allow for you to get more personal and to spend time with people you already know very well. So, these are the games to try. Even if they cause some embarrassment. You are in the company of good friends already.

1. Bobbing For Apples

This game may have been invented in the Middle Ages, but it is still fun for ladies today. Fill a large bucket with water and a bunch of apples. 

Players get a certain amount of time to get as many apples as they can using only their teeth. Ladies can make the game more fun and interesting by using whipped cream or pudding instead of apples.

2. Flour Tower

Another fun and slightly messy game for the ladies is flour tower. This can be done inside but outdoors is better since there will be a mess. Set up a table outside with a tablecloth. 

Fill a large bowl with flour and pack it in tightly. Turn it upside down to form a molded tower on the table. Place a jellybean on top of the mound. 

Players need to take turns cutting slices out of the mound without moving the jellybean. Whoever makes the mound collapse has to pick up the jellybean with their mouth.

3. Croquet

Croquet is one of the most popular backyard games of all time. Women of all ages enjoy it and it is perfect for small gatherings. You can grab an affordable croquet set from Amazon. 

Usually the sets will have different color mallets and matching balls. Typically, 4 to 6 people can play at a time. 

Set up the hoops in the yard and the goal is to hit your balls through the hoops in the right sequence using your mallet. The winner gets their balls through the hoops and to the center peg first.

4. Horseshoes

Another classic game for ladies of all ages. If you do not already have a horseshoe set, you can get one from Amazon. Set up teams of two and each member of the team gets a horseshoe. 

Set up the stake across the yard at the specified distance. The goal is to get your horseshoes closer to the stake, if not around it. You get points for each horseshoe that is the closest. The team to reach 21 first is the winner.

5. Human Bingo

This is a fun game that is also a great icebreaker in case there are some ladies at the party that do not know each other. 

Create your own bingo cards giving each square its own activity or characteristic. Examples include “favorite color is blue”, “has been to Hawaii” or “has ridden a horse”. 

Players mingle and hang out outdoors, and the goal is to find someone in the group with that characteristic, so they can mark off the square. The winner will be the lad who completes five squares in a row.

5 BBQ Party Games Ideas For Ladies

The season for BBQs is here and if it is your turn to host, make sure you have some games for your guests to play. 

In the same way that you will have games just for the kids, it is a good idea to have games that the men and women can play separately too. 

Adults have a natural tendency to divide at BBQs and these games are a great way for the ladies to enjoy the day.

1. Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss is a classic BBQ game for all. Grab an affordable game set from Amazon if you do not already have one. Create teams of two or play one vs. one. 

Each team gets a color bean bag and the goal is to get them in the holes. The boards will be placed a specified distance away from the players. 

You can make this interesting for the ladies by labeling the holes with different dance moves and each time a bag goes through the hole, the player needs to perform that move.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe

All you need is some yard tape or ropes and some colored Frisbees. Create a tic-tac-toe grid in the grass with the tape or ropes. 

Each player gets one color of Frisbees to use. You can also use bean bags instead of Frisbees. Play the game 2 at a time with the winner staying on to be challenged by the next player. 

You can add some extra fun to the game by adding a challenge or dare for the winner of each game to do.

3. Giant Jenga

Regular Jenga is fun, but giant Jenga is a great BBQ game. Amazon has several affordable sets to choose from and all you need is a flat surface outside. 

Jenga is a great game for ladies to play while hanging out, talking, and having a few drinks at the afternoon BBQ. You even get a slight workout as you push and pull the large blocks around.

4. Belly Balloon Break

Depending on the type of BBQ you can use regular balloons or water balloons. If it is a combo pool party and BBQ, then water balloons are the way to go. 

If not, then regular balloons will work. Form teams of two and the goal is to see which team can pop the balloon first using only their chest, backs, or stomachs. Any use of hands or feet means disqualification. 

To make the game more fun, get giant balloons from Amazon. They do not pop as easily so the game will definitely be more interesting.

5. Limbo

Who doesn’t like limbo, and this is one of the classic favorites of girls? Let the ladies bring out their inner gymnast or dancer and see how low they can go. 

You touch the stick and you are out. You have the option of having two players hold a stick or you can get a limbo setup from Amazon.

5 Outdoor Drinking Games For Ladies

When the party is kid-free and for adults only, then having a few drinking games for ladies is a good idea. Drinking games are a fun way to spend time together and get to know each other. 

The drinking games below are safe and fun and guaranteed to be the highlight of any party. While anybody can play, these are especially popular with women.

1. Most Likely

Have the group sit in a circle and one person starts. A ‘most likely’ question is asked such as “who would be the most likely to fart in public?”. 

They then count to three and each member of the circle has to point to the person they think that most applies to. The person with the most fingers pointed at them has to take that many sips of their drink.

2. Attached At The Hip

This is a great game for a group of ladies with some new members. It serves as a great ice breaker and is guaranteed to make people laugh. Sitting around the patio or backyard, write different body parts on pieces of paper. 

Make teams of two and each team member has to take a piece of paper. They have to sit and move around with the body parts shown touching. For example, you may end up sitting next to someone with your elbow touching their knee. 

Play for 30-minute sessions and each time the bond is broken, those team members need to take a shot. You can then switch team members and pick new parts for another session.

3. Flip Cup

Flip Cup can be played inside but are better for outdoors, so you have more room. You need to divide the ladies into two teams. Set up a table in the middle of the two teams and line plastic drinking cups along both edges of the table. 

Pour the drink of choice into each cup making sure each player gets the same amount. Each player has to finish their drink then flip their cup to the upside-down position using their fingers only. Then the next member of their team can go. The team that finishes first wins.

4. Never Have I Ever

This is a great game for ladies because it is a fun way to learn all your friends’ secrets. Sitting around in a circle, taking turns, you have to announce something that the group that you have never done. 

For example, you say “Never have I ever been to jail”. Anyone that has been to jail in the group has to take a drink. The fun and laughter ensue as your friends start to reveal embarrassing secrets about themselves.

5. Truth or Shots

Another truth-based drinking game that ladies love is Truth or Shots. Make sure everyone has a shot and there is a bottle in the middle. 

Take turns spinning the bottle and bring back the memories of the classic “spin the bottle” only this time you tell the truth, or you drink. 

If the player chooses truth and does not answer the question, they have to take a shot. The game gets more fun the more inappropriate the questions are.

Helpful Tips For The Best Outdoor Party Games For Ladies

We have provided a list of the best games for ladies for your next party or event. Before you start the planning, there are a few helpful tips to remember for choosing outdoor party games for ladies.

  • Know your audience: if there are new members to the group, add games that serve as ice breakers.
  • Know your numbers: Plan games for the number of ladies that will be there. Not all games work for large groups.
  • Include others: Consider that other people at the party will want to play too. The games may be initially to entertain the ladies, but keep in mind that kids or men may decide to play at the last minute.

Final Thoughts

A party, BBQ, or outdoor event is not complete without games. Sure, the food, drinks, and decorations matter, but the games is where all the fun will be. 

Whether you are planning an all-ladies party or just an adult event, it is a good idea to have some games planned just for the ladies. 

Our list of games is the best place to start when organizing your next event. Girls just want to have fun, and these are the top 25 outdoor party games for ladies to get you there.

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