31 Large Group Outdoor Games For Youth

Large Group Outdoor Games For Youth

You are the host and you need ideas for large group outdoor games for youth. Whatever the season and whatever the occasion, we have you covered when it comes to the best outdoor games.

It is important to keep large groups of kids entertained. Adults too. When you are planning a big gathering, you need to have ideas for games and fun activities for all ages. Youth in particular can get bored easily, so the more games you have planned the better.

Because there are so many outdoor games out there and various versions of every game, we know it can be overwhelming to figure out what to organize. You already have a full plate with the rest of the planning. 

We have the games covered with our list of the best large group outdoor games for youth. And chances are, the adults will end up having fun too.

Outdoor Games For Youth

Everyone is together. It can be a barbecue, birthday party, or just a general family gathering. When you have a large group of people, entertainment is a must. There are hundreds of great outdoor activities you can plan for large groups of people.

There are classic games, over-sized versions of your favorites, running games, and season-specific games. No matter what the occasion is, we have the top picks for you when it comes to large group outdoor games for youth.

Cheap Outdoor Games For Youth

Some of the classics are the best place to start for outdoor fun. And everything is always better when it is bigger. Bigger does not always have to mean more expensive though. There are several great options for cheaper outdoor games that will keep everyone amused for hours.

  • Giant Dominoes are great for any backyard party and affordable from Amazon. The best part about dominoes is that there are several games within the game. Play basic trains, draw, block, chicken foot, or maltese cross. Play one-on-one or make it a team competition.
  • Rubber Horseshoe Sets are the perfect youth alternative for classic horseshoes, a staple of any barbecue. Rubber horseshoe sets are affordable and a safer version of the classic game for youth. Great for individuals and teams, rubber horseshoes can be played all day long. Just in case the weather changes on you, this is also a great indoor game too.

Competitive Outdoor Games For Youth

For the competitive people in your group, you need to have games that keep score. There are so many to choose from, but the most popular picks for large groups of youth are below.

  • Flag Football has multiple benefits. Not only do you get the kids moving, but you get to keep score. Football is America’s game and this version is perfect for kids. No risk of injury as tackling is not allowed. But the basic elements of the game will satisfy the competitive side of any player. Grab a flag football set from Amazon and host your own Flag Super Bowl.
  • Bag Toss, or Cornhole, is one of the simplest but most fun outdoor games around. There are so many versions you can get from classic wooden boards to brightly colored neon themes. Organize the youth into teams and start keeping score. Invest in a portable version so you can pack up the game and take it wherever the party goes.

Creative Outdoor Games For Youth

  • Obstacle Courses are one of the best ways for youth to spend time outdoors. Not only do they get exercise, but the challenge keeps them motivated. It can be a team competition or individuals can challenge themselves to get better times. If you want to invest in an inflatable course to use at all the outdoor gatherings you can or there are other affordable obstacle course options for kids on Amazon. Alternatively, you can create your own.
  • Three-Legged Races are both fun to take part in and fun to watch. The perfect game for everyone at the party. Get everyone involved and tied to a partner, then watch the fun happen. As one of the simplest games to prepare for, three-legged races never get boring and can make a quick appearance at all outdoor gatherings. Grab some cheap race bands from Amazon.

Outdoor Water Games For Youth

  • Balloon Games are the best way to incorporate fun and water. With so many different games to choose from, kids will have fun and stay cool. Play hot potato, relay races, Duck-Duck-Splash, target practice, or a good old fashioned water balloon fight. Water balloon games are affordable and a great way to spend a warm summer afternoon.
  • Squirt Guns are the next best option when it comes to water play, especially for older youth. When there is enough space and a large group of people, get everyone loaded up with a water pistol. Organize an all-out war between teams or just have some target practice. You have the option to invest in large water blasters, or you can buy affordable packs of water pistols to supply the party.

Active Outdoor Games For Youth

  • Tag is one of the oldest outdoor games for kids but still one of the most popular. When you have a large open area, let the kids run free. There are so many versions of tag to choose from too, so there is no chance of kids getting bored. And they stay active and healthy.
  • Steal The Bacon involves individuals racing to get an item (the bacon) without getting tagged. It adds a little extra thrill to the regular tag game play.
  1. Divide everyone into teams and give each person in the team a number.
  2. Place “the bacon” in a central area and assign each team a finish line to cross.
  3. A number is called and all kids with that number run to get the “bacon”.
  4. The child that gets it needs to cross the finish line without being tagged. All those that were called but did not reach the “bacon” have to try and tag the person that got it.

Funny Outdoor Games For Youth

  • Marshmallow Toss is one of the most amusing games for an outdoor gathering. You don’t need balls or any other special equipment. Just some marshmallows. The bigger the better as this will definitely be more entertaining. In teams of two, there will be a catcher and a tosser. The goal is for the catcher to catch as many marshmallows as they can before time runs out. As simple as it is, it is also very fun. Especially for spectators.
  • Spud is a modern-day version of dodgeball. You need a large group of kids, a large playing area, and a large foam ball from Amazon. To play everyone is given a number and stands in a circle.
  1. The ball is thrown into the air by a non-player, who shouts out a number. Whoever has the number has to catch the ball and yell “SPUD” when they have it.
  2. Everyone else has to run away. You must stop running when you hear “SPUD”.
  3. The ball-holder throws the ball at the players who can try and catch it or evade the ball but cannot move their feet.
  4. Get hit and you get a letter “S” and then a “P”, “U”, and “D” with every additional hit, then you are out.
  5. If you catch the ball or it misses you, the thrower gets a letter.

Outdoor Ball Games For Youth

  • Volleyball is a great outdoor game, especially if you have the space. Many public areas like beaches and parks have designated areas for volleyball that you can use. You can also buy a volleyball set from Amazon for your yard. If you have a pool, you can also get volleyball nets for it as well.
  • Kickball is another classic way to get some exercise and to entertain large groups of youth at once. Get yourself a ball and pump to keep on hand for any large group event.

Outdoor Field Games For Youth

  • Parachute Play is a wonderful activity for kids of all ages. You need a large space to play in and you can find parachutes of any size easily on Amazon. The best part about parachute play apart from the fun colors is that there are so many different games you can play. Parachute tag, sea-saw pull, making waves, ball roll, poison snakes, turtle, and flying saucer are just some of the games large groups of kids can play.
  • Red Light-Green Light is another classic that kids and adults will love. The more space you have, the more people can line up to play. An alternative version is to play fun music and each time the music stops everyone has to freeze.

Outdoor Night Games For Youth

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to end. If your gathering is still going on, let the kids keep playing with these fun night-time games.

  • Ghost in the Graveyard is a twist on hide ‘n seek where one person hides while the rest cover their eyes. Then the search at night begins. Whoever finds the ghost yells “ghost in the graveyard” to alert others but they are safe. Everyone else must run and try to avoid being tagged by the ghost. Whoever is tagged becomes the next ghost.
  • Hide and Glow Seek is a fun way to play an old classic. Using flashlights or fun accessories like glow sticks, this version of the game is perfect for night-time fun.

Outdoor Party Games For Youth

Some of the most popular outdoor games are based on indoor favorites.

  • Giant Jenga is an oversized and fun way to play outdoors and you can make it a competition whittling players away until the last Jenga master is standing. Some of these oversized games can be pricey, but you can find good deals for large block games on Amazon.
  • Lawn Darts takes the fun of indoor darts and lets you play with bigger darts and a bigger board. It is a great party activity especially if the highest score gets a prize.

Outdoor Relay Games For Youth

Who doesn’t like relay races. They are the ultimate form of team competition. Rather than run and pass a baton like the Olympics, try these more fun and creative ways to have relay play for the group.

  • Egg and Spoon involves you passing a hardboiled egg from spoon to spoon with your teammates and not a baton. Much more of a challenge and a lot more fun for kids.
  • Hula Hoop Pass has you not only spinning a hula hoop around your arms but passing it off to the arm of your teammate. Great exercise and great fun all rolled into one. It is quite a sight when the whole group gets going; like hula hoop windmills across a field. All you need are some colorful hula hoops from Amazon and a few stretching exercises to warm your arms up.

Outdoor Running Games For Youth

When the kids need to burn off some energy, get them running. Several of the games on this list will have the kids moving all over, but these two are particularly fun and favorites for large groups of kids.

  • Crab Soccer lets you use a standard soccer ball and mini portable soccer goals from Amazon, but you don’t get to run around in the traditional sense. Instead you run around like a crab (hands and feet on the ground with your stomach pointing up). Makes for a much more interesting game of soccer and burns more energy than you would expect.
  • Freeze Tag puts a fun spin of regular tag. Instead of being out when tagged, you have to freeze. Stand with your legs apart and you can be unfrozen when another player crawls through your legs.

Outdoor Sports Games For Youth

Of course, you can play basketball, soccer, or baseball, but there are other sports that are great for parties.

  • Bocce Ball is now played at tournament level and you can have your own championship in the yard. Bocce ball teaches skills at the same time as letting the kids have fun and colorful and reliable sets can easily be found at Amazon before your next party.
  • Croquet is another great sport that people can play during outdoor groupings. Great for kids of all ages, croquet can be fun and competitive.

Outdoor Survival Games For Youth

  • Scavenger Hunts are the best game designed to teach children valuable lessons. Problem solving, learning, and practicality are all learned while having fun. Scavenger hunts are exciting and challenging so kids are active physically and mentally. Design a hunt based on a theme and hide a big prize at the end. Make sure the clues are a little cryptic but also age appropriate. Scavenger hunts are the best way to disguise learning as fun.

Summer Outdoor Games For Youth

Most of the games in this list can be played during the summer. Just in case it happens to be a particularly warm day, these two games are great for kids. They can have fun without overdoing it. These are also great alternatives for when you don’t want them soaking wet.

  • Sharks and Minnows is a creative version of tag. With one shark in the middle of a designated area, the minnows all have to reach the other side without getting eaten.
  • Lawn Bowling brings all the fun of bowling to the outdoors. Affordable sets can be found on Amazon and everyone of all ages can play. Organize a championship and offer a trophy or prize for the winning team just to keep things interesting.

Winter Outdoor Games For Youth

Winter brings the holidays, and this is a time for gatherings too. Don’t let the snow or cold weather put the outdoor fun on hold. Get the kids bundled up and get outside for some winter outdoor game play. Plus, these are more fun than just a boring snowball fight.

  • Capture the Snow Flag lets the kids have their own snow forts. The more teams you have the better because then you never know which energy will approach from where. Each team places a flag atop their fortress and arms themselves with snowballs.
  • Tug of War, or Rope Tow, divides the group into two teams. Get a sturdy rope on Amazon and dig a ditch in the snow between both teams. Just like with tug-of-war, the goal is to pull the other team across the line.

Helpful Tips To Play Outdoor Games For Youth In Large Groups

Outdoor games are the best way to entertain large groups of people, especially kids. The list adobe covers all bases, so there will be something for everyone to do. As you organize and plan for the outdoor games for your next gathering, there are a few additional tips to remember.

  • Consider the age of the players and make sure games are appropriate for all to play
  • Consider offering more than one game to keep things interesting and give variety for kids to choose from.
  • Plan ahead so you can get all the necessary equipment you will need.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves getting together, the more the merrier. More people also mean you have to plan for more things to do. While adults will have the opportunity to catch up with each other, the kids of the group will want to play.

Rather than having chaos and kids everywhere, having some fun outdoor games planned is a good idea. We have provided a list of the top large group outdoor games for youth, so all you need to do is pick the ones you like. Then, let the games begin.

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