18 Outdoor Family Reunion Games For All Ages

Outdoor Family Reunion Games For All Ages

You are in charge of the family reunion and you need outdoor family reunion games for all ages. We have got you covered with 18 great activities to bring the family together.

Family reunions are a great way to catch up with people you have not seen in years, to get people together that live far away, and to introduce people that have never met. 

They are also a great way to share history. Most importantly, they are a great way to have fun and with the right activities, you can all get to know each other better and create wonderful memories.

The possibilities are endless, so we have put together the top 18 outdoor family reunion games for all ages. There are icebreakers, games to share history, and some classics with a new twist. 

With the right mixture of introductory events, a little history and sharing, and a whole lot of bonding, these games will be the hit of the family reunion. In the end, you will have created a host of new memories for future generations to build on.

How Do You Make A Family Reunion Special

Family reunions do not happen very often, so you want them to be memorable. Plus, some older members of the family may not be around for the next one. 

It is therefore your goal to make this reunion fun and memorable. We have a few recommendations to make sure this event is special and one for the memory banks.

Decorations can always be chosen based on a theme, or you can just keep things generic like a party. What matters more than the decor, is the items or activities you have that signify this is a one-of-a-kind event.

Make a Family Album: Organize an area where people can add to a family album in between eating and games. Set up a table or a tent with a scrapbook, a few art supplies such as construction paper, markers, glitter pens, scissors, glue, and stickers. Have guests bring family photos and encourage them to decorate their own pages as they wish.

Make a Thumbprint Tree: With some fun finger paints, have every member press their thumbprint on to construction paper cut in the shape of leaves. Then you can arrange the leaves to represent the family tree and it makes a wonderful keepsake.

In addition to these two activities, you can have a photo booth set up with fun props and have everyone bring their favorite food dish. You can learn a lot about the members of the family by the food they choose to bring, and it is a great way to share. 

One final idea is to make reunion cookies, cut in the shape of leaves or trees. Iced onto each one is the family name and year of the reunion.

3 Get To Know You Games For Family Reunion

Chances are there will be many people at the reunion that do not know others very well. Perhaps distance prevents people from seeing each other often. 

Plus, there may be new members to the family that have not yet met everyone else. It is a good idea to have several games or activities oriented around getting to know the people in your family.

1. Jump In, Jump Out

Have the family form a circle. Starting with one person and moving clockwise, everybody takes turns jumping into the circle. They say their name, what their career or hobby is and something they like.

2. Two Truths And A Lie

Give everybody a piece of paper and a pen. They each need to write two interesting facts about them that are true and include one made-up piece of information. Each person then reads their list to the group and others have to decide which is the lie.

3. Line Up

Before the reunion, come up with a list of actions such as “line up from youngest to oldest”, or “line up by name in alphabetical order”. Choose one person to be the caller and then divide everyone else into groups of 4 or 5 people. 

As the commands are called out, each group has to arrange their line accordion to the command. The first team to complete the lineup gets a point. It will be a race to see who comes out with the most points at the end of the command list.

3 Family Reunion Icebreaker Games

In addition to getting to know your family better, reunions are a chance to meet new people. A lot of time may have passed since people have seen each other, so having a few icebreaker games will come in handy to get things moving.

1. Bingo

Bingo is simple and a great way to loosen people up for a day of fun. Gentle competition mixed with friendly banter lets people escape from getting into one-on-one conversations that may be awkward. 

Bingo also lets you come and go, playing when you want. This game creates a fun atmosphere to ease people into the day.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Race

A jigsaw puzzle race can create laughs and a little competition. As a very low-key game, building puzzles can unite people and is a lighthearted way to break the ice. 

Put all the names of the family members in a jar and divide the family into teams of 3 or 4 by pulling names. This way you never know who you will be on a team with. Give each team a similar puzzle and a set amount of time to get it done. 

You can get a selection of affordable puzzles from Amazon for the event. Label each puzzle with a number and that puzzle will go to the corresponding team.

3. Comedy Zone

When you invite each family member, advise them to come prepared with a few jokes to share. They can also tell funny stories about themselves or other relatives too. Laughter is a great way to break tension and put people in a relaxed mood for the day.

3 Family Reunion History Games

A family reunion is nothing without history. Every member has something to share about their past and where they came from. The older members of the family likely have a lot to share and will be happy to do so. 

With a few history-themed activities and games, you will bring the family closer together.

1. Family Trivia

Develop a questionnaire before the reunion and make sure everybody has a copy. This can help you develop trivia questions for the reunion party. Split the family into a few teams and ask your trivia. 

You can either use a buzzer device or have a family member stand up when they have the answer. You can also develop the game to be like Jeopardy with different categories such as Love and Marriage, Work Life, Middle Names, Hobbies, and Sports.

2. Family Photo Swap

This activity takes quite a bit of preparation, but you will learn a lot about your family. You can learn a great deal in a short time and the visual images make a lasting impact. 

Contact your family beforehand and ask them to collect family pictures, new and old. They can be of activities, homes, favorite places, anything really. The back of each picture needs to be labeled so they can be returned to their owner at the end.

At the reunion attach a sticky note to each image with a number on it and spread them out randomly on a table. Everybody goes through each picture as they have a moment to guess the location or the person, making notes as they go. 

When done, each member grabs their own pictures and presents them to the group, sharing stories. Whoever has the most correct matches is the winner, but everyone will learn from this.

3. Create Time Capsules

This is a great way to record today for history. Have every member add stories, pictures, and items to a time capsule, to be opened at a family reunion in the future. 

Not only does this capture the moment for people to look back on, but it holds a promise for future reunions and family togetherness.

3 Outdoor Games You Can Play At A Family Reunion

Outdoor games will likely be the highlight of the reunion. When it comes to outdoor games, you want to create fun for all ages. These top ideas are perfect for the whole family and create a little bonding too.

1. Water Balloon Toss

Pair everybody up. You can do this randomly by drawing names from a hat or let people pick their partners. Everyone starts two feet apart from their partner. Each toss the water balloon back and forth. 

After each toss that is caught, you take a step backwards. The team that tosses the water balloon the furthest without popping is the winner. The best part is that you can repeat this game as often as you want. Maybe facing off with a new partner to beat the record that was set before.

2. Egg Toss

Another classic game for family reunions is the egg toss. Again, divide the family into teams of two and have them stand about 30 feet apart. Each player needs to have a spook in their mouth. 

The first player puts an egg on their spoon and runs to their teammate. They have to transfer the egg to their partner’s spoon without dropping it. That teammate then has to run back to the starting point to win.

3. Tug of War

There are several ways to play this classic outdoor game. Divide the teams into males versus females. Or you can have the family line up according to height. 

Then starting with the tallest, designate each person to one of the teams, alternating as you go down the line. All you need is a large rope and maybe even a kiddie pool with water for the center line. 

This is great for all ages, especially for the kids who will likely be at the front of the rope and can get wet.

3 Family Reunion Guessing Games

Some of the activities and games earlier in our list include guessing, but when it comes to family members you have not seen in a while, there is a lot to guess. Throw in a few games specifically designed to get the family guessing and see what kind of fun things you learn.

1. Who’s The Baby

When you are asking for photos for the Family Photo Swap, make sure you get baby pictures too. Set up a cork board with all the baby photos pinned to it, each with a number. 

During the reunion, family members can look at the baby photos and try to guess who it is. Leave forms next to the board, with a list of all the numbers, where people can write their guesses and turn them in.

Later, gather everyone together to go through the photos. As you call out a number, the person in the photo stands up. Look over the guess sheets that each person completed to see who got the most right. 

You will love getting to see what people looked like when they were younger and where any family resemblances are.

2. Who Am I

Put all the names of everyone at the reunion in a hat or basket. Everyone needs to draw a name and tape it to another person’s forehead. You can only use ‘yes” and “no” questions and can go around the room asking about the identity they have become. 

Ask questions such as “Do I wear glasses?” or “Do I have grandchildren?”. Keep asking people questions until you guess your new identity.

3. Who’s Hand Is It

This is especially fun for the children in the family, but also a simple guessing game. Using washable paint, have each person make a hand print on a blank sheet of paper. 

They will need to remember which handprint was theirs. It helps to use different colors, having each person make a print in their favorite color. Then others guess who the handprint belongs to. 

When a name is correctly guessed, write it next to the print. At the end you will also have a great keepsake from the reunion to give as a prize for one of the other games.

3 Family Reunion Ideas For Older Adults

Every reunion has older adults and let’s face it they do bring the most information and the best stories to the party. While the other games and activities we have recommended are for all ages, there should be a few that are specifically good for the older family members to share what they know.

1. Story Time

Have everyone gather around a fire pit in the backyard. If you do not have one, you can get an affordable one from Amazon. This is a great activity for the evening as the reunion is coming to a close. 

Have family members be prepared to share a story from their past. It can be a story involving other family members too and can be funny or dramatic. Even better, have everybody roast marshmallows and make s’mores while listening to the family tales.

2. Oral History Odyssey

Get a video camera or ask to borrow one from a family member. Find one person that is willing to conduct interviews with the older members of the family during the reunion. 

Ask the questions about their childhood, special memories about where they are from, and how things are different to today. Even better, if you can ask several of them about the same event, it is always fun to see how different interpretations of the same thing occur.

3. Memorabilia Table

Ask each guest to bring with them treasured mementos and items. Set out a table that is displayed in a central location at the reunion. As guests arrive, direct them to the table where they can leave whatever memorabilia they have brought. 

It will be fun to share family heirlooms, military medals, historic photos, and keepsakes like bibles and jewelry.

Family Reunion Games Prizes

Since you are organizing several games and there will be some winners, it is only fitting that you have some great prizes to give out. Prizes can vary from generic items like gift cards and trinkets, or they can be more personalized to represent the family reunion.

Items like personalized t-shirts or photo frames are great prizes as well as keepsakes. Although, you may want to give these to everyone and not just the winners. 

Since you want everybody to remember the event, it is a good idea to have keepsake items such as frames, keychains, or wallet cards for all to take home. Then you can reserve smaller items for game prizes.

Along with gift cards, you can grab a bunch of silly gag gifts for prizes to give to game winners. The real prize after all is the reunion itself and the memories you get to leave with.

Helpful Tips For The Best Outdoor Family Reunion Games For All Ages

When it comes to planning outdoor family reunion games for all ages, there are a few helpful tips to remember. We want to make sure the party goes off without a hitch, so we are here to help you decide which games to include.

  • Variety: You want to include a mixture of games for solo play, teams, as well as in a big group. You also want some active games as well as those that are more laid back. Having variety will mean there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Age Range: There will be a sizable age range at the reunion, and you need to keep this in mind when organizing activities and games. All ages will want to participate, and you also need to keep the younger ones amused. It also helps to have some cards and board games laying around for people to play as they please.
  • Venue: Take a close look at the venue for the reunion. Since you will be accommodating a large group of people, make the most of all the space you have. Keeping people outdoors as much as possible is advised so people don’t feel crowded. Allow for spaces indoors to also be used in case people need a break from the elements.

Final Thoughts

Family reunions are wonderful and full of fun, shared moments, and creating memories. Because they do not happen that often, you want to make it count. By planning the best outdoor family reunion games for all ages, you can be sure to make this happen. 

With our guide, you can make sure there is an activity for everyone, memories will be made, and this reunion will never be forgotten. Best of all, you have all the ingredients you need for reunions to come.

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