25 Picnic Team Games For Adults

Picnic Team Games For Adults

It is the season for picnics, and you have the food covered, but do you have picnic team games for adults? Don’t worry, we have a list of the best picnic games so all you need to do is bring the food.

Whether you are having a family picnic or organizing a company picnic for the upcoming summer, it is important to have activities as well as food. 

Games not only keep people from getting bored, but it also is a great way to bring people together. After all, who doesn’t enjoy playing games. There are so many games to choose from for couples, seniors, and all picnic events, and we have the best ones for you right here.

We have put together this list of the best picnic team games for adults, so you can organize the best picnic ever. Be it family, friends, or coworkers, picnics are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. 

We have group games, company picnic games, games for couples, and games for seniors. With these fun games for everyone, you can be sure that there will be fun all around.

5 Group Games For Adults

Most people think they need to keep the kids busy and out of trouble at gatherings, but this can apply to adults too. The last thing you want at a picnic is for the adults to be bored. With these fun games, everyone can take part and have a great time.

1. Hula Hoop Charades

Divide the group into teams and give each group a hula hoop. The game is the same as regular charades, but as the person acts out the clues, they have to be hula hooping. 

If the hula hoop drops, you do not get the point. If players are not fond of the idea of hula hooping, the same game can be done but spinning the hula hoop on one arm as they act out the clues instead.

2. Scavenger Hunt Candy Crush

With all the guests in teams, give each team five plastic cups. You will also need to have a few bags of marshmallows on hand as well as a scavenger hunt list. Each team has a starting point with a table or chair. 

The cups need to be set here as the teams carry out the scavenger hunt. Once the hunt is completed, the team members then have to get one marshmallow into each of their cups, using only their mouth. The first team to complete the hunt and the marshmallow launch wins.

3. Glass Half Empty or Full

Split the group into even teams and give each player a plastic cup and a large bucket for each team. You also need a blindfold for each person in the team. 

Each team needs a captain that will be stationed at the bucket. Every other player gets a cup filled halfway with water and a blindfold. 

The goal of this game is for the team to get to their captains without spilling any water, then dump it into their team bucket. Team captains are to provide instructions to help their team and the bucket with the most water wins.

4. Balloon Bounce

Each player needs a blown-up balloon. One person gets to be the trivia master and needs to have a set of trivia cards. Split the other players into even teams. 

Each team gets one minute to answer trivia questions, but they need to keep their balloons in the air while they do this. The team to get the most correct answers wins. If anyone balloon is dropped, the team loses the rest of their time to answer questions.

5. Human Knot

Have everyone stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Have everyone put their right hand out and randomly grab the hand of someone across the circle from them. 

Then, do the same with the left hand, grabbing a different random hand. Set a time limit and the group has to untangle themselves without releasing their hands. You can do this as a large group or in smaller groups for a competition.

5 Old Fashioned Picnic Games

Some of the games above are classic picnic games with a twist, but you can also include some of the traditional games for variety. Each of these games are easy to set up and fun to play. They are a perfect addition to any group picnic.

1. Bean Bag Toss

This is a great game to play in smaller teams. Because it does not take long, you can have it set up for people to play through the day as they want. 

An affordable bag toss set can be purchased at Amazon and will be a fun addition for any picnic. You can always change things up by organizing specific teams, such as girls vs boys, or throwing the bean bag backwards.

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2. Hide N Seek

Everybody loves hide and seek. It brings out the kid in all adults. The more that play, the merrier. Make sure you designate a spot for home base for people to return to safely. 

If you want to make the game a little more challenging, mark off the area for play to limit where people can hide.

3. Freeze Tag

Who doesn’t love tag? Choose a person to be it and let everyone run free. When you are tagged you have to freeze. Other players can unfreeze you by tagging you. 

You can make the game more challenging by limiting the space for play. You can also make it so that you have to crawl through a person’s legs to unfreeze them.

4. Sponge Race Relay

All you need are two sponges, two buckets of water, and two jars. Divide the group into two teams evenly. Draw a line on each jar to mark how full it needs to be to win. 

The team players form a line, one behind the other, and the first players soak their sponge with water, run to the jar (opposite end of the play area) and squeeze water into the jar. 

They return and hand the sponge to their next player. The first team to fill the jar past the marker wins.

5. Red Rover

Divide your group into two teams. The teams need to line up holding hands facing each other. Have the team line standing far enough apart to allow for running in between. 

The first team calls out “Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Someone Over” using the name of a player on the opposing team.

That person needs to run across and try to break through the hands. If they make it through, they get to go back to their line, taking a person with them. If not, they have to stay and join that line. This continues until one line is gone.

5 Fun Picnic Games For Couples

There are two reasons to know about games that are great for couples. First, having some fun games to play on a couple’s picnic is always a great way to have fun and laugh together. 

It also helps to have games at group picnics that couples can compete in. The first four games in our list are for couples to play when they have their own picnic getaway and the last one is great for couples to team up for.

1. Don’t Drop The Ball

This can also be played in a group, but is fun as couples too. Bring a ball with you on your picnic to play this. It is simple. Just toss the ball back and forth to each other for a full minute. 

If you can do it, then set a greater challenge. Try not to drop the ball for a minute while hopping on one foot. Then try and do it jogging in place or spinning in a circle.

2. This or That

This is a great game for couples that are getting to know each other. You get to ask each other a series of random questions about what they prefer. Vanilla or chocolate? Books or movies? Dogs or cats? Beer or Wine? 

Go through as many topics as you want to discover if you and your partner have anything in common or if opposites attract.

3. Charades

For new or established couples, charades is a ton of fun. Taking turns come up with a movie, book, phrase, or television show to act out. Set a timer to see if they can guess what you are acting in time.

4. Board Games

Who says you have to be running around to have fun? Some of the best things to do as a couple are playing board games. 

They can easily tag along with you on a picnic and there are so many to choose from. Grab your favorites or a bundle from Amazon and find a way to fit them in your picnic basket.

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5. Water Balloon Toss

Another classic picnic game is the water balloon toss. Divide the group by having couples pair up and give each team a water balloon. They need to stand facing each other, about one foot away. 

They toss the water balloon back and forth and each time it is caught, a step back is taken. The winning team will be the team that is furthest apart when their balloon bursts.

5 Picnic Games For Seniors

Chances are your picnic will have some older adults, or you could be planning an event that is for seniors only. These games are perfect for older players and can be enjoyed by everyone at the picnic.

1. Horseshoes

Depending on where you have the picnic, there may be a designated place for horseshoes already. If not, you can get a set from Amazon and set up the game yourself. 

Horseshoes are a classic game for all ages but are especially popular among older adults. Teams consist of two players, each taking turns to toss the horseshoes around the stakes. Points are awarded to the horseshoe closest to the stake.

2. Croquet

Croquet is a great game for seniors, or anyone really. It takes a great deal of patience and focus but is also a lot of fun. Grab an affordable croquet set from Amazon to enjoy at your next group picnic.

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3. Card Games

Sometimes a deck of cards is the easiest way to entertain people. Make sure you have a place to play and if not bring along a card table

The great thing about cards is that there are so many different games you can play. Some of the most popular ones to play at a picnic are Bridge, Rummy. Spades, Gin Rummy, and Cribbage.

4. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is popular among seniors and is a fun and competitive way to enjoy a picnic. You can beat the competition by rolling more of your balls closer to the target than them. The game is simple, and you will likely find that others of any age will want to play too.

5. Chess

Chess is a final game that seniors love. It can be set up at any table or on a blanket, or a folding table. Grab an affordable chess set from Amazon to have at any of your gatherings, events or pickups. 

You may even want to grab two sets, in case there are multiple people that want to play. You can even have a competition to see who the best is.

5 Company Picnic Games For Adults

Company picnics are common in the summer so chances are you will be going to one and maybe organizing one. The key ingredients for a great company picnic are good food and fun games. 

While any of the games already discussed can also be played at the company event, there are a few more you can consider too.

1. Three-Legged Race

Three-legged races are great for team building and for providing laughs. This traditional picnic game is great for all ages. All you need is a rope to tie the legs of two runners together. 

Have the group divide up into teams of two. You can also try fun variations of this rage such as blindfolded or walking backwards.

2. Flag Football

Grab a set of flags from Amazon, a football, and divide the group into even teams. Make sure you have one non-player to be the referee. Then it is game on. Try different teams such as a boys vs girls or divide people up randomly

3. Disc Golf

Another great game for company picnics is Disc Golf. You can grab a set of discs on Amazon along with a portable disc golf basket for the picnic. Teams play against each other in a similar fashion to golf, but with discs. 

The goal is to get as close to a target as possible. You can decide whether to play rounds of 9 or 18 “holes” and set up a competition where the winner plays whoever is next. See who the disc golf champion of your picnic will be.

4. Potato Sack Race

Just as the three-legged race is a classic game that everyone loves, so is the potato sack race. The game makes adults feel like kids again and is fun for company picnics. 

Challenge everyone to race against each other or set up teams to sack race in relay. If you don’t have any sacks laying around, grab some from Amazon.

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5. Tug of War

Get a rope from Amazon and divide your group into two teams. You can randomly assign people a number one or two and then they can assemble teams.

Or you can do tallest vs shortest and boys vs girls. There are several ways to change up tug of war, but it is the ultimate competition game for company picnics.

If you really want to make it fun, put a kiddie pool with water in the center and see who ends up in their first.

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Picnic Team Games For Adults

The list of 25 picnic games should be more than enough to entertain your guests. Before you decide which of the games to play at your next event, there are a few helpful tips to consider when picking games

  • Guest Age: Most of the games above are for all ages, but if you have younger or older guests, be sure to include games that include them.
  • Space: Some of the games we recommend require running space, so match your game choice to the room you will have to play.
  • Equipment: Not all the games require equipment, but if you need any, make sure you get enough for all the people that are expected to be there. It is always better to have too many than not enough.

Final Thoughts

Summer is here and picnic season is upon us all. Picnic fun goes beyond the blankets and the food. You need to have games too. 

The good news is that there are so many games you can play, and we have the best picnic team games for adults right here. Browse the list, pick your favorites, and enjoy the fun that will be the hit of your next picnic.

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