How Much Does A Grill Weigh

How Much Does A Grill Weigh

Knowing how much a grill weighs is essential for checking the propane amount remaining and if you want to carry a grill outside. The last thing you want is for your propane to end in the middle of cooking.

Also, you don’t want to have a heavy grill when you plan on moving it outside frequently. Learn more about the weight of the grill from this guide.

Grills can weigh as little as 2.2 pounds, all the way up to 120 pounds depending on the materials used, the fuel source, and the size of the grill. The average weight of a grill tank weighs 17 pounds when empty and 20 pounds when full of propane.

How Many Pounds Does A Grill Weigh

The size of the grill varies depending on various factors. One factor influencing the weight is the material used to make the grill.

Some models may weigh as little as 2.2 pounds, while others weigh as much as 120 pounds.

Most manufacturers make grill grates using cast iron and porcelain coated.

However, some use a nonstick ceramic coating on the grates or cooking plates to help reduce the weight.

Some manufacturers use lightweight materials like plastic when producing the grill’s body, while others use ceramic materials.

Some grills come with porcelain enameled coating allowing them to handle high temperatures and protects the metal from rust and weather damage.

Now, since these materials have different weights, they contribute to the overall weight of the grill.

Additionally, the size of the grill also contributes to the weight. Generally, a large grill will be heavier than a small one, even if they are constructed from the same materials.

How Much Does A Charcoal Grill Weigh

As I have earlier said, a grill’s weight depends on many factors. Generally, a charcoal grill can weigh as little as 5 pounds.

However, they are usually a bit heavy because most are designed with heavy metals because of the extreme heat they should handle.

A standard kettle charcoal grill can weigh approximately 33 pounds. However, this also depends on the materials a brand uses.

If you buy a kettle grill larger than 22 inches, expect the weight to increase. Please note that metal makes a huge percentage of the grill’s framework and support.

So manufacturers have to make it as sturdy as possible to support the grill. A grill shouldn’t tip over, especially not when cooking.

For this reason, companies ensure that the frame is secure. I should also mention that when installing your grill at home, ensure you tighten every screw and bolt.

How Much Does A Traeger Grill Weigh

It depends on the grill in question. Traeger is a well-known company in manufacturing pellet grills. Most of their grills weigh between 150 pounds and 250 pounds.

The inside of the grills is made of porcelain-coated steel that helps them retain heat better than stainless steel.

The company generally uses heavy-duty wheels on its models, allowing users to maneuver them on the deck or patio.

Let’s list the weight of some popular Traeger grills models:

How Much Does A Blackstone Grill Weigh

Blackstone grills, just like Traeger, weigh differently depending on the grill type. For instance, the Blackstone 36-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas grill weighs 135 lbs.

This is heavy but also understandable since the griddle is made entirely of steel. While that makes it durable, it makes it hard to maneuver.

There is also the Blackstone 28 inches griddle which weighs 75 pounds. This is a bit lighter, making it suitable for people who do outdoor grilling frequently.

How Much Does A Green Egg Grill Weigh

Again, it depends on the grill size. Green Egg designs different grills for different purposes. But generally, their egg-shaped grills are bigger and heftier than other standard grills.

For instance, the Big Green Egg XXL and 2XL weigh 424 pounds, while the Big Green XXL weighs 219. The lightest grill from this manufacturer weighs 39 pounds and is the Egg Mini.

Although the first two grills have several impressive features, their weight can be a limitation to some people.

If you are looking for a Green Egg grill and you mostly do outdoor cooking, I recommend opting for the lighter ones on the scale.

How Much Does A Pit Boss Grill Weigh

As with the above brands, the weight depends on the grill. But we can say that most of them weigh from above 140 pounds.

While this sounds heavy, there is a good reason behind it. Pit Boss uses porcelain-coated surfaces and steel metal when making their grills.

So it makes their models durable, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding several weather and heat conditions. However, it also adds to their weight.

The heaviness may not be an issue if you use your grill indoors. But if you frequently do the outdoor grilling, you will feel the pinch of carrying your grill.

How Much Does A Weber Grill Weigh

Weber grills are also other popular grills in the market. The weight varies in different grills.

For example, the weight of the Weber Material Stainless Steel 32 x 52 x 63 inches is around 20 pounds.

On the other hand, the Weber Q 1200 weighs 31 pounds, while the Weber Genesis and Weber Baby Q weigh 32 pounds and 10.75 kgs, respectively.

How Much Does A 4-Burner Gas Grill Weigh

Well, there is no standard measure of the weight of 4 burner gas grills. Each company designs its grill differently and prioritizes different things.

For instance, Weber focuses more on the durability and longevity of the grill. Therefore, they use heavy metals to achieve this. So, there isn’t 1 single weight of all 4 burner gas grills.

But, let us look at the weight of popular models.

  • Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Steel weighs 95 pounds. Although a refurbished product, this grill looks and works like a new one. It uses propane and offers 60000/12000 BUTs.
  • Expert Grill 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill – this stylish grill weighs about 68.3 lbs. and comes with 2 big heavy-duty wheels allowing easy transportation. It is made of stainless steel and features cast iron grates. For this reason, it is durable, but the metals make it heavy.
  • Kenmore PG 4 Burner Outdoor Stainless Steel Grill – measuring 37.6 kgs, this stainless steel is one of the most durable models on the market. Although its names say it’s a 4 burner, the grill actually provides 5 burners and a grilling space of 621.

How Heavy Is A Stainless Steel Grill

Many grills are made with stainless steel. The material is generally heavy and gives the grills their durability property.

That is why most of them can withstand all weather types. However, since this material is a bit heavy, it also makes the grill hefty.

But you should bear in mind that some brands use cheap stainless material, which doesn’t seem to affect the weight or the grill’s durability.

Different stainless steel grills weigh different pounds. For instance, the Victory 3-Burner weighs 119 pounds and comes with triple ridge flame tamers that allow even heat distribution.

There is also the Weber Genesis II S-335 Propane Grill, weighing 160 pounds and has a cooking space of 156 square inches.

The best thing about this grill is it includes the iGrill app, which allows users to operate and control their grill from their smartphones.

Generally, most stainless steel grills weigh above 100 pounds. So, if you are planning to do your cooking outdoors most of the time, you need to plan for transportation of this grill type.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Much Does A Grill Weigh

As seen, most grills weigh between 2.2 pounds and 120 pounds. Several factors affect the weight of the grill.

So, it is essential that you choose the correct weight that allows convenience when cooking.

Here are some tips to remember when considering the weight of the grill:

  • Large grills are heavier than small ones even if they are made from the same material
  • If buying an outdoor grill, think about how you’ll transport it. Make sure that it has sturdy wheels and offers excellent portability.
  • Remember, the grill’s material affects the weight. Stainless steel often creates a lighter pan, but it can’t handle hot temperatures well in most cases. On the other hand, a cast iron grill pan may be a bit heavy but retains heat and does exceptionally well in high temperatures.

Final Thoughts

There is everything you need to know about the weight of the grills. I hope this guide helped you determine the right grill weight for your needs.

If you need more help deciding, you can always seek the help of a professional.

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