Do Grills Come Assembled

Do Grills Come Assembled

There are many factors to consider when looking for a new grill, including its durability, price, and type. Now, while all these ensure that you get a quality model suitable for your news, one thing you shouldn’t overlook when purchasing a grill is convenience.

So, for this reason, you should first find out whether the grill comes assembled or not to know what to expect.

Almost all grills that the manufacturers ship come unassembled in their boxes, mainly because it’s difficult to ship assembled grills and parts could easily break. Sadly, this is a nightmare for consumers because they have to do the hard work. Some stores offer free assembly; however, you still have to pick up the grill yourself and get it home.

Do BBQ Grills Come Assembled

As mentioned earlier, most manufacturers sell unassembled grills. Even retailers most times don’t want to take the risk of selling unassembled grills.

That’s because it’s fragile, and any small damage can ruin the product.

However, some stores offer assembly services. But in most cases, you will have to pick the grill from the shop on your own.

So that means you have to rent a pickup at an extra cost. Some retailers may also offer at-home assembly or local delivery, but this usually comes at a cost, and it may even be double or triple the initial cost of the grill.

If you have people who can help, or you can do it yourself, it’s better to go this route. After all, grills were made to be assembled by the users.

Do Traeger Grills Come Assembled

Traeger grills don’t come assembled. Initially, the company used to package used foam and plastic in their packaging.

However, many consumers complained, and the company shifted to BillerudKornas Managed Package, which was suitable for the consumers and gave the company huge savings.

So now, their packaging includes a printed interior box and impressive design features suitable for various grill products and sizes.

Now, while the manufacturer doesn’t sell assembled grills or provide assembly services, various stores offer these services.

For instance, Home Depot offers in-home assembly for Traeger grills, and some sellers like Wayfair offer free assembly for these grills only that you’ll have to pick from the store.

The assembly cost usually differs depending on the retailer, but you can expect to pay between $90-$100.

If you don’t have this extra budget, consider assembling the grill yourself. The good thing is that the manufacturer offers clear and easy-to-understand instructions in the manuals.

Plus, you get all the tools for assembly, so you don’t have to buy any missing ones. Depending on the model, you can take one hour or more to assemble it.

Do Weber Grills Come Assembled

Weber doesn’t offer assembled grills. The grills come in a box with parts and assembling tools for the consumer or retailer to install together.

That’s because a grill is fragile and transporting it when assembled increases the risk of damage.

The good thing is that the company offers a straightforward assembly process. Consumers can use its assembly guides and apps on the various models to help them assemble the grill.

You will get step-by-step directions on your grill, which are presented in pictures and not in plain words. Additionally, hardware packs are correctly labeled, so you don’t have to guess what fits where.

Weber also offers the BILT app for their Genesis II and Genesis II LX models, consisting of video tutorials of the assembly process.

Assembling can take 30 minutes to four hours, depending on how complex the model is, and you may need the help of a second person.

Currently, the company doesn’t offer assembly services. However, you can work with your retailer to plan how to get your grill pre-assembled.

Some stores like Home Depot and Amazon offer assembly services for $90-$100. You can also get free assembly for Weber grills from Lowes, but you’ll have to pick the grill up.

Do Rec Tec Grills Come Assembled

Rec Tec doesn’t sell assembled grills. Neither does it offer assembly services. They pack their grills in boxes, ensuring that all parts are protected from the risk of damage.

The company includes a towel ring, tool hooks, wheels, cooking rack, and every other part you need to connect your grill in the box.

Since they don’t sell assembled grills, it means you’ll have to assemble the grill yourself. Thankfully, the process is simple and shouldn’t take you more than one hour in most cases.

The company offers clear guides, which you can download on their website.

If there is a part you don’t understand, you can always call their customer support through their local phone number or a toll-free number for help.

Also, note that some sellers offer at-home and free assembly services. Please speak to your retailer to know whether they offer this and the amount they charge.

Do Napoleon Grills Come Assembled

Some Napoleon grills do come pre-assembled. But most of the grills are not fully assembled. So it’s up to the user to connect parts such as burners.

Assembling a Napoleon grill is not hard. However, you may need help depending on the model you will buy.

If you don’t want the hassle of assembling a grill, consider buying a pre-assembled one from a dealer.

Most retailers offer to assemble service for Napoleon grills for a fee. But, if someone else fixes your grill, it’s essential to confirm that the electrodes are fitted securely.

Remember that they help produce the spark and thus need to be fitted properly.

Some retailers like Amazon and Lowes offer free assembly for Napoleon grills. However, if you choose to go this route, be prepared to pay more money.

We should also mention that Napoleon is one of the few companies that offer assembly services. But you will have to tell them in advance when purchasing the grill that you’d like them to assemble.

Napoleon grills, like other brands, come in boxes to protect them from damage that may occur during transportation.

Assembling these grills is tricky but totally doable. How difficult it is to assemble one depends on the model you purchase since some come assembled but not fully, while others you have to build from scratch.

Do Pit Boss Grills Come Assembled

No. Pit Boss grills are sold with disassembled parts, meaning the consumer will have to connect the grill on their own.

However, you don’t have to since some companies like Lowe’s offer assembly services at a fee, of course.

The grills arrive in a box with a grease bucket, side shelf, bushings, stationary support legs, and other parts to connect.

If you opt for the pre-assembled grills, be ready to pay $90-$100 for the service. The benefit of buying a pre-assembled grill is that it will save you the time and effort you’ll spend assembling the parts.

However, the challenge with such grills is that you will be unsure how your Pit Boss grill was assembled.

While most people don’t face any issues with such grills, ensure that you inspect yours first before using it.

You should also note that Pit Boss doesn’t offer assembly services. So, you have to work with your retailer if you want an assembled grill.

Do Grills Come Assembled At Lowe’s

It depends on how you buy the grills. The company offers a free assembly service for full-sized grills if you buy them in the store.

The retailer also sells pre-assembled grills. When deciding which option is right for you, think about your budget.

Lowe’s delivers grills that cost $499 or more for free. But, if you buy a grill costing less than this amount, you’ll have to cater to the delivery fee yourself. You can rent a truck for about $19.

Do Home Depot Grills Come Assembled

Home Depot offers assembly services both in-store and at home. The company assembles different grills, including charcoal, natural gas, and propane grills.

Assembly services usually range from $99 to $179, depending on the grill size.

Home Depot can assemble top models like Weber and Traeger, among others. In short, if the retailer sells a certain brand, you can be sure that they can assemble it for you.

The professionals can take 2-4 hours to assemble the grill on the same day. If you don’t have a truck to transport your grill home, Home Depot can offer it for $19.

Do Grills From Walmart Come Assembled

Walmart doesn’t sell assembled grills, but they offer assembly services starting from $19. You can buy your grill from any store and hire Walmart professionals to assemble it for you.

Please bear in mind that the price may be more or less depending on the type and size of the grill.

Helpful Tips To Know About Do Grills Come Assembled

Assembling a grill is the next thing to consider once you purchase it. You usually have two options, do it yourself or hire a professional. Both have pros and cons, which you need to weigh before deciding.

Here are some tips on assembling a grill to help you:

  • If you decide to assemble the grill yourself, have someone else help you with the heavy lifting.
  • Inspect a pre-assembled grill before using it
  • Compare assembling services from different retailers and find a suitable one for your budget

Final Thoughts

Most grills are not sold assembled by the manufacturer. Even those assembled are not fully assembled. Remember that a grill is a fragile item.

So, selling it assembled increases the risk of damage. If you don’t want to assemble it yourself, ask your retailer to do it for you. But be prepared to pay more.

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