Traeger Grill vs Kamado Joe: (Complete Guide)

Traeger Grill vs Kamado Joe

Traeger Grills are modern wood-pellet powered, multifunctional outdoor grills that function as grills, smokers, and ovens for baking and roasting. Using charcoal, Kamado Joe grills come from ancient Japanese cooking traditions with similar capabilities.

I set out to determine which is better by comparing the features, longevity, warranties, conveniences, and performance in the Traeger Grill vs Kamodo Joe: Complete Guide.

The Kamado Joe Grill is better than the Traeger Grill. Traeger has a 3-year warranty, lasts between 10 to 15 years, and is less expensive. Kamado Joe Grills cost more, ceramic parts have a lifetime warranty, metal parts have a 5-year warranty, and electronics are covered for 3 years. They can last a lifetime.

Difference Between Traeger Grill And Kamado Joe

Traeger Grills have been around since 1985. The design features wood-pellet fuel and it is less than 40 years old but it’s modern and uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve near perfection in outdoor cooking.

It uses indirect heat similar to convection cooking. Kamado Joe Grills are based on a 3,000-year tradition of cooking on a grill powered by charcoal, with a design that captured technologies for even heat distribution with direct and indirect heat sources.

Are Traeger Grills Good Quality

CNet reviewed the Traeger with continuous hands-on experience, confirming through a review that Traeger Grills are premium quality.

They deliver precision grilling, smoking, and cooking with state-of-the-art technology for temperature control.

Traegers have high consumer ratings for exceptional performance that is versatile and multi-functional.

1848 BBQ names Traeger as the “best bet” for 2022, for a combination grill and smoker.

Are Traeger Grills Worth The Money

Grills Guru confirms that Traeger Grills are an investment that is worth the money for grilling enthusiasts who prefer the savory tastes of a full and rich smoke flavor in their grilled foods.

Traegers are premium grills with a warranty of three years.

Traeger Grills are expensive, but they’re outdoor cooking units that perform the functions of grilling, searing, roasting, baking and smoking with indirect heat that works like a convection oven for even heat distribution, internal meat probes for precision temperature monitoring of the cooking process.

They’re also top-rated smokers. Traeger Grills are worth the money for grillers who prefer premium quality products in the high-end tier, who grill, smoke, or barbecue frequently.

Traeger Grill Features

Traeger Grill features vary with the model you choose. All Traegers come with high-end features, but some have more, with accessories to add convenience and additional capacities.

Proprietary Fuels

Traeger brand wood pellets are recommended for the maximum benefit and satisfaction of grilled and smoked foods.

They’re 100% natural hardwood, rendering the ideal wood fire-flavored smoke. The pellets are healthy with many choices of flavor combinations.

Precision Temperature Control

Traegers are guaranteed to maintain a 15-degree F temperature control for precision grilling

Downdraft Exhaust And Tru Convection

These two features circulate fresh smoke throughout the grill and maintain even temperatures in an indirect convection heat method.

6-In-1 Cooking Capacity

The Traeger wood pellet stoves perform 6 functions in one unit: Smoking, grilling, roasting, braising, baking, and barbecuing.

Some Traeger Models Come Equipped With Wifi

Traeger’s WiFi-enabled units allow you to control the temperature, on and off and monitor functions remotely.

Traeger’s WiFi app allows you to create custom settings for temperature control and cook times.

It also provides dozens of recipes for precision cooking among the six functions.

Durable Grills

Traeger Grills feature steel construction with a powder coat finish for durability.

The grill grates are porcelain over steel for easy cleaning and all-terrain wheels are sturdy, making the unit easy to move.

How Long Does It Take To Grill On A Traeger

Trager Grills warm up in 4 to 5 minutes. You can adjust the temperature setting from 150 degrees F to 500.

A Traeger will grill an average steak at 500 in ten minutes to Medium-rare. The temperature is 130 degrees at the center.

Cook the steak to 120 degrees. It will continue to cook another 10 degrees when left to rest for five minutes.

Including resting time, the cooking speed is 15 minutes for Medium-rare steak. One pound of rib steak takes approximately 10 minutes to grill on a Traeger.

Which Traeger Grill Is Best

The Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill & Smoker is the highest-rated model. Consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars for a perfect score on reviews.

It’s the original version in Bronze with a 572 square inch cooking capacity. It can accommodate 24 burgers, 5 racks of ribs, or 4 chickens.

It features a lower rack with 418 square inches of cooking space and an extra upper rack with 154 square inches of cooking space.

The Hopper holds up to 18 pounds of wood pellets. It’s equipped with Traeger’s Digital Pro Controller and its Advanced Grilling Logic technologies for precision grilling.

The grease bucket catches the oil and grease runoff, sold separately.

Is It Worth Getting A Kamado Grill

The Whole Portion reviews team voted yes for the worth of Kamodo Grills.

They’re worth the cost because of their generous warranties, fuel efficiency, and the charcoal flavor they impart to foods cooked on them.

They’re expensive but well-constructed to last for years. Insulated bodies of Kamado Grills hold in heat and maintain even temperatures.

Ceramic components hold the heat for improved fuel efficiencies over some other grill types.

They’re versatile grills that cook, smoke, barbecue, sear, bake, and cook with both direct and indirect heat, similar to a convection oven.

Why Kamado Grills Are The Best

The Egg shape of Kamodo Grills converges the heat toward the center for even cooking. The unique shape is ideal for creating a convective environment.

The charcoal heat source provides direct heat for searing and flashes cooking at high temperatures, but you can stack the coals on one side to create a side of the grill that produces indirect heat for cooking different foods at the same time.

Kamado Grills are durable, and versatile for longevity and multiple outdoor cooking and smoking functions.

Steel and ceramic construction make Kamodo Grills sturdy and dependable if properly maintained. They also last the longest.

Kamado Joe Features

Kamado Joe Grills are modern versions of ancient Japanese traditional grilling.

The features of the Kamado Joe have made it one of the most popular grills on the market today.

They’re expensive, top-tier grills, but worth every penny of the investment.

Versatile Cooking Options

Kamado Joe Grills perform multiple functions for outdoor cooking. They grill, sear, bake, roast, and smoke.

Durable Grills With Premium Material

Stainless steel body construction and ceramic grills help to retain heat with durable materials that resist heat damage. They’re designed to last for

The Control Tower Top Vent Is Rust And Rainproof

The vent is made of all aluminum that resists rust. Tain water cannot enter the unique design of the top vent. It provides precision airflow management.

Air Lift Hinge

The Air Lift Hinge reduces the weight of the grill dome for easier single-finger lifting.

Double-Thickness Gasket

The gasket that seals the lid to the body of the Kamado Joe Grill and Smoker is mesh and fiberglass to provide an airtight seal to hold in heat and smoke.

Glazed Shell Finish

The glazed outer shell finish is heat resistant. The glazing eliminates heat discoloration to keep the grill looking new for years.

How Long To Smoke A Brisket Kamado Joe

Smoking a beef brisket on a Kamado Joe takes approximately one and a half hours per pound.

The smoking temperature determines how long it will take. Slow smokes are best for a tender brisket.

Smoke briskets to an internal temperature ten degrees less than your target temperature.

For the best results, remove the smoked brisket from the grill, wrap it in a towel, and allow it to rest for an additional half-hour. It will continue to cook and raise the temperature ten degrees.

Which Kamado Joe Grill Is Best

The Kamado Joe KJ15041021 Big Joe III is the Kamado’s most popular model. Consumers give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. It’s the most expensive version, complete with several accessories.

The frame is aluminum with powder coating and a ceramic grill, a heavy-duty gauge galvanized steel tolling cart, and locking wheels as a safety feature.

The versatile grill and smoker come equipped with a Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber for smoking, grilling, baking, searing, and roasting.

It maintains constant temperatures. It has a temperature range from 225 degrees F to 750 F.

Pros And Cons Of Traeger Grill And Kamado Joe

Traeger and Kamado Joe Grills are top-tier products with high consumer reviews, but each has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Traeger Grills

  • Premium 304 stainless steel construction for durability
  • PID Controller is accurate, providing stable temperatures for even/precision cooking
  • WiFi connectivity for remote control and monitoring of the cooking process, access to technical support, and recipes.
  • Jr. Grill models are light, portable, and easy to move
  • Multifunction cooking and smoking capabilities. Can bake, roast, grill, braise, and smoke foods.

Disadvantages of Traeger Grills

  • Require constant cleaning/are difficult to clean
  • Expensive
  • Pellets are expensive. Traeger brand pellets are recommended.

Advantages of Kamado Joe Grills

  • Versatile cooking options including sear, grill, bake, roast, and smoke.
  • Quality construction with durable, premium materials.
  • Cooks food evenly with convection heat, with direct and indirect heat.
  • Grills come with a range of accessories included in the purchase.

Disadvantages of Kamado Joe Grills

  • Expensive
  • Limited cooking space on the grill.

Traeger Grill vs Kamado Joe Cost

The most expensive Kamado Joe Big Joe III Grill costs a little over $2,700 with an accessories bundle.

The priciest Traeger Grill is the Timberline X at $3,800. Kamado Joe is the less expensive option, comparing the top-tier, largest grill models.

Traeger Grill vs Kamado Joe: Which Is Easier To Use

Traeger Grills are easy to use. You fill the pellet hopper with wood pellets, plug them into an electrical outlet, set the timer, and add the food.

Monitoring is easy with the internal meat temperature probes. Kamado Joe Grills have a learning curve.

While the Traeger is easier to use, the maintenance takes more effort. Grease and creosote buildup throughout the entire grill requires cleaning after each use.

The Kamado Joe Grills burn coals so hot that they’re practically self-cleaning. You must vacuum out the ash. It’s possible to turn up the heat for a self-cleaning unit.

I factor in the cleaning aspect of use and give Kamado Joe the win.

Traeger Grill vs Kamado Joe: Which Lasts Longer

Traeger Grills have a 3-year warranty, but if maintained according to directions, they can last between 10 to 15 years.

Kamado Joe Grills can last a lifetime if properly maintained. The ceramic and steel are durable.

There is a lifetime warranty on ceramic components, five years on metal parts, and three years on electronic parts, pizza stones, and heat deflectors. The Kamado Joe lasts longer.

Helpful Tips To Know About Traeger Grill vs Kamado Joe

Traeger and Kamado Joe Grills are top-tier, high-performing products, but each requires care to get the most from them.

Here are a few tips to help you extend the life of your grill and achieve the best outdoor cooking results

  • Use fuels recommended for the brand and model.
  • Preheat grills before adding food items.

Final Thoughts

Traeger and Kamado Joe Grills are top-performing, high-end outdoor cooking units that provide similar functions.

Traeger uses hardwood pellets for a more authentic wood smoke and flavor. Kamado Joe Grills have a unique flavor similar to char-grilling because of the lump charcoal fuel recommended.

Each produces a signature aroma and flavor when smoking or grilling. Technologies of both brands are state-of-the-art, and it’s hard to go wrong with either brand.

Differences between the two brands may tip the scales in favor of one. I compared the top models.

Traeger is the less expensive grill, but Kamado Joe throws in more accessories as standard features.

When deciding which grill is the best option for you, weigh the features, functions, warranties, and longevity to help you choose.

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