Do Grills Come With Propane Tanks

Do Grills Come With Propane Tanks

Grills are no doubt a popular purchase among homeowners. They are loved because they are versatile, easy to maintain, and can be used anywhere.

If you are thinking of buying a propane gas grill, it’s wise to know what’s included before making a purchase, which is why many people ask whether the grills include a propane tank.

Unfortunately, no grill comes with a propane tank, even those from established brands. Since all gas grills require a propane tank to function, you will either need to purchase a new tank or consider a tank swap.

Do New Grills Come With Propane Tanks

No. As mentioned, grills do not include a propane tank when purchasing them. Manufacturers do not include them; thus, it’s up to the owner to find one for themselves.

If you walk down to any hardware store or place that does propane exchange and inform them you don’t have a tank to exchange, you’ll be charged extra for the tank.

However, if you are planning to buy a grill, don’t worry, as there are several ways you can obtain a propane tank quickly and affordably.

What Size Propane Tank Comes With A Grill

Well, no grill comes with a propane tank. So, it’s up to you to find one for your gas grill.

Now, propane tanks come in different sizes. The right size will depend on the available space of your home and how many appliances will use propane.

At times, your geographical location can also influence the propane tank size you choose.

For instance, if you live in a mild climate, you don’t need a big propane tank compared to someone who lives in a colder climate.

The different sizes of propane tanks include:

  • 1000 Gallon Propane Tank – it holds around 800 gallons when full and measures approximately 16 and 41 inches in length and diameter. This size is recommended for big homes or those with several propane appliances.
  • 500 Gallon Propane Tank – it measures about 9 inches long with a diameter of 37 inches. The tank holds 400 gallons of propane when full. It is suitable for home heating or houses with 2 or 3 appliances running on propane. For instance, it could be space heaters, water heaters, and generators, etc.
  • 250 Gallon Propane Tank – the tank holds 200 gallons of propane when appropriately filled. It measures approximately 7 inches and 30 inches in length and diameter. It’s mainly used for supplemental heating or in homes with 2 appliances that use propane, including pool heaters, generators, water heaters, etc.
  • 120 Gallon Propane Tank – featuring a diameter of 30 inches and a height of 4.6 inches, this tank is commonly known as a 420lb propane tank. It holds 96 gallons of propane when full and is suitable for residential use with 1 or 2 appliances that run on propane.
  • 20 lb. Propane Tank – this is the smallest propane tank on the market. It’s suitable for those with small square footage or 1 appliance that uses propane. This is the most commonly used propane tank for barbecue grills, small space heaters, and mosquito magnets. It holds 4.5 gallons of propane when full. Other sizes of propane tanks for grills are 30 lb. and 40 lb., used by campers and commercials, respectively.

How To Get A Propane Tank For A Grill

Purchase A New Propane Tank

The first option for obtaining a propane tank is to buy a new one. You’ll mostly find these tanks where you buy your grills.

For instance, you can purchase them on Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowe’s. When you buy it, you’ll be given an empty tank, meaning you’ll have to find a place to fill it.

To make your work easier, you can Google ‘propane tank refill near me,’ and the list of places will pop up.

Once you find the place, you can take your tank to them and have them refill it for you. The process is not lengthy as it only takes five minutes or so.

After your tank is filled, you can take it home and connect it to your grill as per the instructions of the grill’s manufacturer.

Once the propane is exhausted, you can take it back for a refill. But, please remember the expiration dates of the tank.

Note that some refill stations will not refill tanks past the specified age limit. But in most cases, this is usually five years and above.

Exchange Existing Propane Tank

The other option you have is to do a propane tank exchange. Here, you visit the places that do these exchanges and inform them that you need a propane tank.

They will then require you to pay, and one of their employees will take you to the propane storage area and give you a full tank. You can then take the tank home and use it.

Once it’s depleted, you need to return it to the store and exchange it with a new full tank.

Please remember to always leave the tank you want to exchange in the store’s exchange area. Don’t take it inside.

You should also note that if you don’t have a tank to exchange, that is, it’s your first time, you’ll use more money than someone exchanging an empty tank for a full tank.

When exchanging, make sure you know the weight of your tank. Remember that different tanks weigh different, and the refilled tanks are filled depending on the tank’s weight.

So, if you have a heavier tank than the new one, you could be getting less propane during the refill.

Additionally, you need to inspect the tank’s condition before accepting it.

Don’t accept tanks that appear old or corroded. Otherwise, the exchange site may refuse to exchange it the next time you bring it.

Do Gas Grills Come With Propane Tanks

No gas grills do not include a propane tank. Therefore, you will have to follow the above steps to get a tank for your grill.

But don’t worry, as both are quick and straightforward.

Do BBQ Grills Come With Propane Tanks

No. These grills do not include a propane tank, so you have to either purchase or exchange one.

But, once you have your tank, you should inspect the condition before using it. Please look for any signs of rust or tarnish that may be dangerous.

Also, check whether the gas container has any dents on the exterior since they can make the gas inside compress and leak, putting you at risk of fire.

It’s also wise to check to place the tank correctly on the grill. Don’t place it far away from the connector, or it may leak.

Also, place it where it won’t be knocked over and about 10 feet from your house.

Do Weber Gas Grills Come With Propane Tanks

No, like other brands, Weber grills don’t come with a propane tank. However, many models do include hoses and a tank scale.

The manufacturer usually recommends getting a 20lb tank, but you can also get a 40 lb. tank, although it would be considered bulk.

Do Char-Broil Grills Come With Propane Tanks

No. None of the Char-Broil grill models include a propane tank, meaning you will have to buy yours.

But, note that this isn’t new since most manufacturers don’t offer propane tanks with their grills.

Maybe because it will require them to sell the models at a higher price, and most don’t have a refill station.

Do Lowes Grills Come With Propane Tanks

Unfortunately, like the above models, this company doesn’t include propane tanks as part of their grills.

However, you can easily find tanks that suit your Lowes grill online and from physical locations. Just make sure you choose the right size for you.

Helpful Tips To Know About If Grills Come With Propane Tanks

There is no single grill that comes with a propane tank. So, it’s something that users have to buy separately after purchasing their grill.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a propane tank:

  • Make sure you check the condition of the tank when exchanging it. Please refrain from buying old or corroded tanks, and also don’t buy a cylinder with dents.
  • Purchase two empty code-compliant tanks at the same time, then exchange them for full ones. This way, you can have a full spare tank and won’t worry about running out of propane.
  • Recertify older tanks to extend their lifespan. But this is only possible if the tank is still in good condition. Look for a recertification site near you and visit them.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, no grill comes with a propane tank. So, it’s up to the buyer to look for one on their own.

Thankfully, getting a propane tank isn’t hard. If you don’t want to buy a new tank, consider doing an exchange.

But remember that the latter will be more expensive if it is your first tank.

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