Overstable Disc Golf (Explained)

Overstable Disc Golf

Disc golf was invented by a toymaker known as “Steady” Ed Headrick. He first worked for Wham-O-Toys, where he’s best known for creating the frisbee.

Ed’s inventions have brought joy to generations, and he held dozens of patents on toys and other products. He held the first Frisbee Disc Golf Tournament in 1979. What is the best overstable disc?

It is best to use an overstable disc when you want the disc to hook to the left. Each disc has a fade number ranging from 0 to 5. Overstable discs have a higher fade number than high speed turn number. A disc rated 0 will finish the straightest, while a disc rated 5 will hook hard left at the end of the flight.

What Is The Best Overstable Disc

The best overstable disc has a good balance of flight indicators, quality material, and proper weight.

It is essential to understand that the person who throws it can and does affect how it flies, but high-speed, strong-arm throwers generally use them.

Choosing the right overstable disc for your next game start by looking for a PGDA approved label.

Best Overstable Disc – Innova Star Destroyer Disc

The best overall overstable disc is the Innova Star Destroyer Disc from Amazon. This innovative disc is the top choice for headwind drives, extreme distance, and long hyzers.

With a weight range of 165-175g, this star plastic disc is excellent for professional play. The Innova Star Destroyer has a 12 speed, 5 glide, -1 turn, and 3 fade.

Innova Star Destroyer Disc Golf
  • Diameter: 21.2cm
  • Plastic: Star
  • Weight Range: 165-175g
  • Best Choice for: Maximum Distance, Long Hyzers, Headwind Drives
  • Colors May Vary

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Most Overstable Disc – Discraft Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature ESP Force Distance Driver

The Discraft Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature, ESP Force Distance Driver from Amazon, has a stability rating of 2.0.

This outstanding disc is the fastest overstable disc from Dishcraft, a well-known and trusted name in discs. You’ll appreciate the weight of this ESP plastic disc.

Its flight ratings are; Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 3. Plus, this disc features a Paul McBeth signature hot stamp.

Discraft Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature - ESP Force Distance Driver
  • Colors may vary
  • ESP Plastic
  • Stability Rating: 2.0
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 3
  • Features a Paul McBeth Signature Hot Stamp

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Best Overstable Disc For Beginners – Discraft Limited Edition Adam Hammes Metallic Tour Z Wasp

I recommend starting with a Discraft Limited Edition 2021 Tour Series Adam Hammes Metallic Tour Z Wasp Midrange Golf Disc from Amazon.

Unlike the super long-range discs, this one is well balanced for midrange flights as you build up power and accuracy.

You’ll appreciate the stability rating of 1.5 and limited edition tour series signature hot stamp from Andrew Presnell.

Its flight ratings are; Speed 5, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 2, making this disc exceptionally stable on windy days and great for hyzer finishes.

Discraft Limited Edition 2021 Tour Series Adam Hammes Metallic Tour Z Wasp Midrange Golf Disc
  • Colors may vary
  • Limited Edition Metallic Tour Z Plastic
  • Stability Rating: 1.5
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 5, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 2
  • Features a Limited Edition Tour Series Andrew Presnell Signature Hot Stamp.

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What Does It Mean If A Disc Is Overstable

The stability of a disc in golf is either overstable, stable, or understable. Fortunately, what it means when a disc is overstable is simple.

When thrown correctly, the disc turns to the left. Likewise, a stable disc has no turn, and an understandable disc would turn to the right side.

How Do I Know If My Disc Is Overstable or Understable

According to Disc Golf Mentor, “The most effective way to tell if a disc is overstable or understable is to throw it. Try throwing the disc backhand and aiming straight.

For right-handed players, an understable disc will turn to the right, and an overstable disc will turn to the left. A stable disc will go straight.”

Overstable Disc Numbers

There are four numbers on an Overstable disc. These are also known as flight ratings. In order, they are speed, glide, turn (or high-speed turn), and fade.

Fade numbers range from 0 to 5. The higher the number, the more overstable the disc is and will hook to the left at the end of the flight.

These aren’t precise indicators of how the disc will fly but rather a comparison between different models. Professional disc golfers use these numbers to decide how best to achieve a throw in varying conditions.

Wind speed is a significant part of what impacts a disc’s flight. Additionally, the direction the wind is blowing, distance to the goal, and desired outcome all change what type of disc is best for any given throw.

Are Overstable Discs Good For Beginners

Overstable discs are not suitable for most beginners. When you are first learning the sport, it’s unlikely that you have the power and control to make the most out of this particular style.

The disc may curve too far and fast as you launch it, which is a good indication that you are not putting enough strength and speed into your throw.

However, the only way to get good at something is through practice. If your goal is to become an outstanding disc golf player, mastering the overstable disc and the understable disc are both crucial to your game.

When To Use Overstable Disc

It would be best to use an overstable disc when you want your throw to curve to the left. For example, throwing a right-hand backhand (RHBH) shot that needs to finish left or hyzer would require an overstable disc.

Since most people and thus most players are right-handed, overstable discs are popular.

Overstable discs are only one of several options, and each has a different flight rating. Learning to select the best disc for the shot you want and weather conditions you have takes years of practice.

Nevertheless, start using overstable discs when your throw lands to the right of where you intend because the leftward curve will help bring it back toward your desired landing.

How To Throw An Overstable Disc

Many players come to disc golf from playing casual frisbee. Unfortunately, this interferes with their ability to throw an overstable disc.

A frisbee is made for hyzer throwing, with the leading edge pointed slightly upward. This technique allows it to catch the wind. However, this is the wrong technique for disc golf.

It would be best if you threw most overstable discs flat or parallel to the ground. They are meant to be hurled straight, solid and fast, at least until you start learning fancier techniques.

I recommend checking out this video for more tips on how to throw an overstable disc.

Helpful Tips To Know About Overstable Discs

Getting the best overstable disc for your next game can make a huge difference in how well you score. Of course, talent and practice also matter, but it helps to have good tools.

Here are more helpful tips to know about overstable discs.

  • When you start out, it’s often better to choose a stable or understable disc for your games. However, practicing your overstable throwing in your off time is still necessary f you want to master it.
  • A hyzer is when the outward-facing or leading edge of your right-hand thrown disc is tilted downward. Meanwhile, an anhyzer throw is tilted up with the top of the disc facing the thrower.
  • Ultimate Disc Golf is a team sport played with two opposing teams of seven players. If group sports are more to your liking, you may want to check out this fun variant.

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect overstable disc is a challenge. If you are just beginning to learn disc golf, choose a heavier model to help build strength, or opt for several with varying flight numbers.

For the more experienced players, it’s all about the material and durability of the disc. Sports may be fun, but training is generally a lot harder on your equipment than playing the occasional casual game in your yard.

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