How To Throw A Disc Golf Driver Better Than Your Competitors

How To Throw A Disc Golf Driver

Summer fun is here, and you want to learn how to throw a disc golf driver better than your competitors. We have the ultimate guide to help you achieve this.

In order to throw a disc golf driver better, first start with a slower speed driver before advancing to a higher speed disc as you get more practice. Choose a disc that the weight is comfortable to handle. Hold the disc with a firm but comfortable grip. Focus on strength, speed and technique as you windup and release the disc.

There are hundreds of different disc golf drivers to choose from, so which is the best to buy? The disc golf driver you choose will impact your throw and whether you win or not. Each disc out there has variations and unique characteristics. Deciding which to get can therefore be a task.

We have developed the ultimate guide to help you learn how to throw a disc golf driver better than your competitors. We advise which features to look for in a good disc golf driver, provide the top-rated products on the market, and advise on all the best ways to throw and win. 

We cover all the factors you need to know to successfully throw a disc golf driver so you can play to win every time.

Proper Way To Throw A Disc Golf Driver

Whether you are learning to play disc golf or trying to perfect your game, you will be aware that comfort and technique are important to your success. 

Speed and strength also play a role and sometimes one factor will matter more than the others. Knowing what affects each throw, will determine how well you throw in any given moment during a game.

  • Technique: There are a number of throwing, release, and follow through techniques. As you play you will develop these for yourself. Your technique will change for each throw depending on what your focus is and the disc you are using.
  • Speed: Speed matters when you want to throw the disc further or when there is wind behind you. Release speed is important when there is wind because lagging can allow wind to build up, which interferes with disc speed and distance.
  • Strength: Focusing on strength allows you to play better in adverse conditions. When rainy or windy, strength gets the disc further in spite of this. You also want to go with heavier discs when strength is the focus of your drive.

How To Aim A Disc Golf Driver

Aim and throw is largely related to your grip, form, and the wind-up and release. Every player has their own style and develops a throw according to the shot they want to make.


Your stance is important when throwing a disc golf driver. Your form will impact the type of throw you want to make. You can be standing still for putts and get running starts for longer shots. Your point of release is what matters most in your form as well as staying balanced.

To maintain good balance in your posture, keep your feet spaced properly. Ideally this will be shoulder width apart. Getting lower to the ground will give you more balance. 

To get balanced, start with your knees slightly bent in a shallow crouch. This lets you generate power through your legs to be transferred to the disc at release.

A straddling form or stance is also used by some players. Face the target keeping your feet parallel. This is best for backhand throws with your disc to your left side. 

It will be to your right side if you are left-handed. Move the disc in a forward motion and release it once your arm is extended fully.

You can also try the foot-forward stance. You do not get as much balance with this form, but it is great for short throws or putts. An additional form but less common, is the side-straddle. 

It resembles the straddle stance, but your feet create a line to the target rather than facing it.


Each grip will be unique, just as with holding a pen. There are a number of acceptable ways to grip a disc. Everybody will have a grip that works best for them be it loose or tight. There are three main components to work with when developing the perfect grip for you.

  • Disc Orientation: This refers to its orientation in relation to your arm. You want to think of the disc as an extension of your arm. An incorrect grip will have the disc angled upwards.
  • Find The Seam: Make a line from the mid-point between your middle and index fingers to the middle of your wrist. This is the seam and the axis of your disc needs to lay against this. Angle your wrist down which will keep the disc aligned with your arm. You do not want to keep your wrist straight as this will push the disc in the wrong direction.
  • Finger Placement: Your thumb needs to be on top of the disc. Place it to be comfortable. The other fingers need to go below the disc in a comfortable position. Your index finger puts pressure on the top of the disc and the other fingers apply pressure to the lip.


The windup can look very showy, but it serves a very important function. To get a straight and powerful throw, the windup is essential. When you rush your throw will be inconsistent which will ruin your game. The windup requires focus.

Your windup will be the same for each backhand and forehand throw. It will be different when you are putting. You want a windup that is methodical and slow and never snap the disc as this will loosen your control and you will miss the basket.

Any lack of control results in uneven throws and imperfections when you release the disc. Your disc will end up off the mark. So, develop the habit of using the same windup and approach with these throws.


The release is considered the most difficult component of the disc golf throw. Any slight disturbance to the release can result in your disc being way off target.

When you release your arm needs to be fully extended. Your fingers will be extended, and your legs will be thrusting your weight forward. 

You can test your release by using a target on a wall. Use your preferred stance and standing from 10 feet away, try and hit that target.

Your release point on the backhand and forehand side may be different. This is because your target will not always be in the same place and you may not require the same momentum. 

If you release too early you may not get enough power and too late can push your disc off target. The key to finding the right release point is to practice, practice, practice.

How Do You Throw A Disc Golf Driver Straight

The first thing that will get in the way of a straight throw is being tense. When you are relaxed you can throw further and get a more accurate direction. You release the disc slower when you are tense, and this means your disc will not go far either.

Your grip also affects how straight the disc will go. You want to hold the disc but not too tightly. Keep your hands open a little so the disc will come out easily when it is time to release. Tension in your grip will prevent the disc from going the direction you want.

When your grip is firm and you can release on time, your disc will go straight and as far as you need it to. Have a friend test your grip to be sure it is not too tight. The disc should come loose when they pull but they also can’t take it away.

How Do You Throw A Disc Golf Driver Backhand

The backhand throw is the most commonly used in disc golf. The motion of the move is across your chest as in tennis, hence its name. The best grip for this throw is to have your hand cupped outside the disc, across from your body.

The thumb will be on top and your other fingers will go underneath the disc. Make sure your index finger needs to be furthest from the ridge. 

Use a straddle or side-straddle stance. Make sure your feet are aligned and aimed towards your target. The disc will travel in this direction naturally once released.

Next is the windup and you need to bring the disc to the side of your body opposite your throwing hand. Curl the disc to your left side if you are right-handed or to the right if you are left-handed. 

Turn your shoulders and hips away from your target to get the most power for your throw.

You will release the disc when your arm is extended. Snap your wrist forward as you release. Mastering the timing of this release will give you a controlled and accurate throw.

How Do You Throw A Disc Golf Driver Forehand

A forehand throw is also known as a sidearm throw. You need to face the opposite direction from your backhand stance. You can also use the straddle stance for this throw. Your grip will be the same as with the backhand throw, but your wrist will curl outward instead of inwards.

Extend your disc hand (left or right), move it behind your shoulder line keeping it as close to chest height as possible. Twist your hips to generate power for the throw. 

You will release the disc about a foot in front of your shoulder line. It is more difficult to control and stabilize the throw in this way but you do get more power and speed.

How To Throw A Disc Golf Driver Overhead

The overheard throw is more unique but still used and requires the most practice to master. You grip the disc in the same way as you would with the forehand throw, but you will get a different throw pattern.

This is the throw you will use if you need to get past or over obstacles such as small buildings. An overhead throw will get you past the obstacle without incurring additional strokes. By flattening the disc, you can overcome obstacles, even roofs.

Take the same form as you would for a forehand throw. The straddle and foot-forward stances are the most effective. 

Your windup will also be the same, but this time bring your arm over your shoulder and above your head. Release at the point your arm passes your head while still in the air.

Easiest Disc Golf Driver To Throw

The Axiom Discs Proton Insanity Disc Golf Driver on Amazon is one of the easiest to throw. In fact, it is one of the most popular discs for all levels of disc golf players. This disc is made from high-end proton plastic so stands up to all weather conditions. 

You can also choose from any of the bright colors that make your disc easy to find. This disc gives straight and direct shots and is known to cover great distances a well as consistency. This disc has a lot of power, so you need to stay balanced in your throw.

What I like:

  • Vibrant color selection
  • Good control and balance
  • Flies very straight

What I don’t like:

  • Has a low fade
  • Tends to warp with continuous use

What Is The Best Disc Golf Driver For A Beginner

For beginners looking to perfect their disc golf game, the Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc on Amazon is the best choice. It is one of the best distance discs from Innova and is a classic. 

This is the best choice for under stable throwers thanks to its great glide and consistent straight line. 

These characteristics also make it popular among the pros too. Made from DX plastic, this disc is affordable but reliable and has a great grip to play through any weather. There are a range of weights you can choose from to suit your playing style. 

The rim shape also gives it a smooth feel and a clean release each time.

What I like:

  • Great for beginners and pros
  • Delivers more speed
  • Has a softer grip

What I don’t like:

  • Not as durable as other discs

What Is The Best Disc Golf Driver For Distance

The Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc on Amazon is the best choice for getting distance. It is the ultimate disc for experienced players and will guarantee wins. 

It is known among the pros as the “maximum distance” driver and is famous for its stability. This disc has also been proven to fly well even with headwinds.

Made from proton plastic, the Nuke SS Elite is durable and goes on through wear and tear. It even stands up to the occasional run-in with the dog. You can choose from different weights, different colors, and this SS version gives you a super straight throw each time.

What I like:

  • Maximum distance driver
  • Very stable
  • Great for experienced players looking for distance throws

What Is The Most Stable Disc Golf Driver

When stability is your main focus, the Innova – Champion Discs DX TeeBird Golf Disc on Amazon needs to be your top pick. Used by the pros who have won multiple awards, this disc is the most stable on the market. 

The TeeBird is accurate and delivers a straight flight, perfect speed, and a high glide. This combination of features lets you get a perfect game with wind in front or behind you.

The accuracy of the glide is the strongest feature of this disc. When thrown flat, this disc heads along a straight line, fading a lot as it slows down. 

While beginners can benefit from using this disc, it is recommended for more experienced players. You need to have good arm speed to get the best accuracy with the TeeBird.

What I like:

  • Accurate fairway drives
  • Available in different colors
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Great driver for flex shots

What I don’t like:

  • Not ideal for beginners

Helpful Tips On How To Throw A Disc Golf Driver Better Than Your Competitors

Below are some helpful tips to remember when you want to learn how to throw a disc golf driver better than your competitors.

  • Driver Speed: start with a slower speed driver when learning. You can advance to higher speed discs as you get more experienced.
  • Grip: your grip needs to be comfortable but firm to get a controlled throw
  • Weight: Choose a weight of disc that is comfortable to hold
  • Your Level: Putters and mid-range discs are easier for beginners to learn to throw

Final Thoughts

Disc golf is a fun and exciting game. There are people that play professionally and plenty that want to learn. Whichever category you fall under it is more than just fun. You also want to play to win. To win you need to know how to throw a disc golf driver better than your competitors.

With our guide and top-rated discs to choose from, you have everything you need to achieve this. Practice will make perfect as you follow along with our 101-throwing guide. Start with our tips and our recommended products and you will have the perfect disc golf game by summer.

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