Best Long Distance Disc Golf Driver: Top 7 (Buyers Guide)

Best Long Distance Disc Golf Driver

If you are part of the popular disc golf game craze, then you need to have the best long distance disc golf driver. We have all you need to know about getting the best disc for long distance.

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Best Long Distance Disc Golf DriverMVP Fission Photon Driver
Longest Disc Golf DriverDiscraft Buzzz SS Elite Z Golf Disc
Best Beginner Distance Driver Disc GolfInnova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc
Best Disc Golf Driver For Hammer ThrowInnova Blizzard Champion Beast
Best Disc Golf Driver For Intermediate PlayersDiscraft Buzzz ESP Supercolor Golf Disc
Best Long Range Disc Golf DriverDiscraft Comet Elite X Golf Disc
Best Max Distance Disc Golf DriverDiscraft Titanium Golf Disc

The game of disc golf has been around since 1975 despite many thinking it is a new trend. It is hugely popular and there are thousands of disc golf drivers out there. 

There are no golf carts, just these discs and your throwing skills. So, the disc you have makes a big difference.

Disc golf is very easy to play, fun, and great for fun or competition. Whether you are beginning or just want to improve your game, there are discs out there for everyone. Since distance throwing is a key to winning, we will help you find the best long distance disc golf driver. 

With our guide and top-rated products, you will be all set to get out there and throw.

Long Distance Disc Golf Drivers

There are different types of discs used in disc golf. The distance drivers are designed to give the players the maximum possible distance when they throw. Some models will fly straight, and others are designed to glide to the left or right of the fairway.

Distance drivers are also designed to move swiftly through winds. You can even buy distance drivers that offer additional glide for players that do not have strong throws.

The different discs in disc golf are used to make different shots. There are several hundred on the market so it can be challenging to pick one that works best.

We have researched the different types of distance disc golf drivers to make this decision easy for you. There are different brands, models, weights, styles, and colors to choose from.

Some discs are better for beginners while others should only be used by experienced players. Keep reading to learn what to look for so you can choose the best long distance disc golf driver.

How to Choose the Best Long Distance Disc Golf Driver

There are a few important things to consider when choosing a long distance disc golf driver.

  • Type: There are putter discs available for short shots and these will not work for distance. You need to make sure you have a disc that is designed to reach longer distances.
  • Plastic: Most discs are made from different types of plastic. The most commonly used for disc golf drivers are proton and neutron plastics. Proton plastic is one of the most durable in the industry that is slow to wear and impact resistant. Neutron plastic is a polymer blend that is durable like proton plastic. Neutron plastic comes in more colors and offers more reliable performance across conditions.
  • Weight: Discs come in different weights and you will need to find a weight that is comfortable to hold and heavier enough to get good distance when throwing.

How To Throw Disc Golf Driver Far

When you are trying to throw your disc far, there are a few factors that need to be considered. You need to have the right disc, the right shot, and the right form.

The Disc

To make a long distance shot, you want to try an understandable disc, a lighter disc, or one that has more glide. You want a disc with a poor turn rating.

This will be the third number listed in the flight rating system for the disc. Having a lighter disc is easier to throw so it will go further than heavy weight discs. You also want to check the flight range system for the second number which relates to glide. 

A higher number here will indicate a disc that provides extra glide in the air.

The Shot

Sidearm or forehand throws are easier to master which means they will allow for a further throw. 

If backhand shots are not working, then switch to a forehand version. This stance allows you to directly face your target so your throw can follow a direct line to the long distance target. 

You can also try rolling the disc to get more distance. This is especially effective in closely cut grass or packed dirt. Uneven terrain will not allow for this.

The Form

Your grip on the disc impacts the distance you can throw. Power is transferred to the disc through your grip, so it needs to be firm. 

Your grip cannot be too loose however, or you can release too early resulting in a shorter throw. You can throw a disc much further if you create momentum too. This can be achieved by taking a run-up to the throw. 

But you must be careful because if your form is not precise you will lose some of the power gained through momentum.

How Far Can A Disc Golf Driver Go

How far a disc golf driver will go depends on several factors. Your experience level, age, fitness, and strength all play a part. On average the distance a disc golf driver can go is listed in the table below.

Experience LevelAverage Drive Distance
Novice75 – 100 ft (Women)
Still Learning175 – 250 ft (Men)
Recreational100 – 150 ft (Women)
1 – 2 yrs experience200 – 300 ft (Men)
Intermediate125 – 200 ft (Women)
2 – 3 yrs experience250 – 350 ft (Men)
Advanced200 – 300 ft (Women)
Several years experience & tournaments300 – 450 ft (Men)

Disc Golf Distance Driver Weight

The weight of a disc golf driver has a great impact on the disc’s flight. Lighter discs are ideal for beginner players, young players, and for throwing greater distances. 

Heavier discs can also be thrown long distances, but only experienced players with stronger throws will be able to achieve this.

  • The weight class to choose for putter is 170-172 or 173-175 grams
  • The weight class to choose for mid-range throwing is in the 150 class, 151-164 grams, or 165-169 grams. 170-172 or 173-175 grams
  • The weight class to choose for long distance drivers is the 150 class and 165-169 grams weight class. Heavier flyers do not always go further but they can when thrown by experienced players with perfect form and technique.

Disc Golf Distance Driver Vs Fairway Driver

A commonly asked question in disc golf is what the difference is between fairway drivers and distance drivers. While they are similar, there are important differences to know so you can choose the right disc for play.

Distance drivers are designed to travel further lengths, but they require great speed to reach those lengths. The high speed is essential for their flight characteristics to work effectively. 

Distance drivers also have sharp noses and wider rims and are not a good fit for young players, beginners, and those with slow throwing speeds.

Fairway drivers have smaller rims and are easier to control. They do not have as much distance potential, but they do allow for straighter flight. They are also great for tight lines and players that are not experienced.

Long Distance Disc Golf Driver Buyers Guide

Some people think you can play disc golf with a Frisbee, but this is not going to give you the best results. 

If you plan on playing regularly and perfecting some skills, then you want to invest in a disc golf driver. Maybe even a few. Having discs for distance, putting, and short throws is a sure-fire way to win games.

Discs are designed for more accurate game lay where Frisbees do not have the right shape or edging. 

When it comes choosing the best long distance golf disc driver, there are a few important characteristics you need to consider. We have put this buying guide together to help you.

Disc Golf Driver Types

Even within the category of distance drivers, there are different types to choose from.

  • Maximum Distance: These will glide at high speeds and can reach lengths in excess of 400 feet. Depending on your form and throwing techniques, you can reach great heights with these discs. These will get you as close to the basket as possible.
  • Mid-Range Distance: These are slower in the air but fly very straight. Depending on your throwing skills you can get some good lengths with this but not as far as maximum or fairway drivers.
  • Fairway Drivers: These are more stable than maximum distance drivers but do not go quite as fast or as far. They are easier to control so you get a straighter flight path, but it will not reach maximum distances.

Types of Plastic

Long distance golf discs are made from different kinds of plastic. The material used affects the grip, how the disc moves, and how durable it will be.

  • Basic Plastics: These will be the cheapest discs you can get. They do not last long and will lose their aerodynamics as they wear down.
  • Ultra-Durable: Discs will be smooth, hard, and clear. They can withstand a lot of abuse but do not allow for good grip.
  • Ultra-Light: You can get the best distance with these plastics. Many avoid this material because they fear they will not have control, but the tiny air bubbles in these plastics allow it to keep shape without extra weight.
  • Premium Plastics: The most expensive discs will be made from this. Typically, they will be proton plastic and they will provide grip, control, durability, and performance. Many of the top brands in the industry have their own versions of these premium plastics.

Disc Golf Driver Weight

The average range for disc weight is between 160 and 180 grams. Discs made from ultra-weight plastics will obviously weigh less. Also, if discs are wider than standard, they will weigh more. However, approved drivers used will be no more than 175 grams.

The weight limits only apply to tournament play. Beginners and younger players do not have to follow this and can choose a driver that is lighter to practice with.

Flight Path Ratings

Every disc will have a flight rating system. This compares discs with other discs and many of the top brands have even developed their own systems. It is important to remember that these systems do not guarantee that a disc will perform according to the ratings.

They just advise you of what the disc is capable of. Your technique will have a great deal of influence over the overall performance of the disc golf driver. Flight paths are broken down into four main categories.

  • Speed: Distance drivers are typically rated at 8 or higher. The fastest ones will get ratings of 13 or 14. It is important to note that speed does not equal distance.
  • Glide: This is a scale between 1 and 7 and refers to how long the disc can stay in the air. Higher numbers indicate more distance. The best long distance disc golf driver will have a glide rating close to 7.
  • Turn: Turn is measured from -5 to 1 and indicates how much curve a disc will have after you release it. A rating of 1 is over stable and will turn left right away, 0 is stable and will fly straight thus giving you more distance. Any negative number will start turning right upon release.
  • Fade: This is measured between 0 and 6 and indicates the disc stability at low speeds. It also tells you how much the disc will turn back as it lowers.

The flight path rating provided on disc golf drivers is written as a series of numbers. You need to look at all four numbers to find a disc you want. 

An example of a disc for long distance drivers would be 12/47/0/4. This indicates a disc that will fly at high speed, high glide, little turn, and a lot of fade.

Top 7 Distance Drivers Disc Golf

Whether you want to learn the game of disc golf or brush up your skills for a tournament, it is important to have the right discs. 

Throwing discs at a long distance is important in getting close to the target basket. The closer you can get, the higher your chances of getting fewer strokes and winning.

The guide above advises what to look for in the best long distance disc golf driver. We have also researched many discs to find the top-rated products you can choose from. Below are the best you will get for long distance throwing and better game play.

1. What Is The Best Long Distance Disc Golf Driver

The MVP Fission Photon Driver on Amazon places all the weight to the rim so the center is as light as possible. This ensures maximum distance and longer glides. 

The disc also has great stability and grip and works best with players that can get good power behind the throw. You can choose weights between 140 and 175 grams and the flight path rating is 12/5/-13.

What I like:

  • Thin but durable
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Great stability
  • Superior distances

What I don’t like:

  • Will always have some fade
  • Not ideal for beginners

2. What Is The Longest Disc Golf Driver

The Discraft Buzzz SS Elite Z Golf Disc on Amazon is the best disc golf driver to use for a few games. The world record for this disc has been set at 693 feet and it is famous for its straight and controllable flight paths. 

It is made from premium plastic so is a little more expensive, but it can withstand the elements and abuse. The material and design of this disc golf driver make it superior to others in achieving distance, but it will be an investment as it is costly. 

This may mean that you reserve it or special plays only to preserve its condition.

What I like:

  • Maximum distances
  • Stable and controllable

What I don’t like:

  • A little heavy

3. Best Beginner Distance Driver Disc Golf

Beginners looking to get in on the disc golf action want to start with the Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc on Amazon. This disc is lighter and can be thrown easily downwind to achieve great distances. 

The rim is narrow and perfect for learning how to grip discs effectively and comes in varying weights and colors. This disc is made from one of nine plastics. This is the ideal disc for beginners, and it is likely to remain in their bag even as they advance in play.

What I like:

  • World record distance holder
  • Balanced
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great for beginners

What I don’t like:

  • Not all the plastics used are durable

4. Best Disc Golf Driver For Hammer Throw

The hammer throw or overhead throw is one used for specific occasions in disc golf. Typically, when there are obstacles you need to throw past, this is the throw you would use. The Innova Blizzard Champion Beast Disc on Amazon is perfect for this. 

You get a solid grip thanks to the wide rim giving you more control to throw up and over. It is fast and stable so can achieve long distances too and is a good choice for novice or pro players.

What I like:

  • Great for all players
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Can achieve more distance with less power

What I don’t like:

  • Not very durable

5. Best Disc Golf Driver For Intermediate Players

So, you’ve played a few games and are looking to perfect your skills. The best disc golf driver for intermediate players is the Discraft Buzzz ESP Supercolor Golf Disc on Amazon. 

This comes from one of the most popular disc golf brands and will fly wherever you want it to go. You do not need a tin of power to get distance or control and it will perform steadily. 

Made from a durable plastic, this disc withstands wear and tear and weather damage, and you can choose from a variety of fun colors.

What I like:

  • Average weights for intermediate players
  • Reliable and durable
  • Stable

What I don’t like:

  • A little heavy

6. Best Long Range Disc Golf Driver

When you are looking for long range drivers, the Discraft Comet Elite X Golf Disc on Amazon is an excellent choice. This is great for mid- and long-range drives and flies very straight. 

It has a long glide no matter how experienced the player is. It comes in a variety of weights from 164 to 177 grams, so it is a little heavy for long-distance driving. However, with the right throw you can get the distance you are looking for. 

This disc is made from a mid-grade plastic that is durable and has a good grip even during wet weather.

What I like:

  • Accurate and precise
  • Straight flight path
  • Great for all players
  • Long distance ranges

What I don’t like:

  • A little heavy

7. Best Max Distance Disc Golf Driver

For the pros and experienced players looking for a max distance driver, the Discraft Titanium Golf Disc on Amazon is the one to go with. You get a wide and heavy rim with precise aerodynamics. 

This design gives it a major distance advantage over other distance drivers. It is ideal for intermediate to advanced players as you need to have a strong throw to control the disc effectively. 

This titanium version is made from the highest premium plastic, so it will be durable through every game and have a solid grip. Players looking to advance their skills and technique will love this disc.

What I like:

  • Impressive and great distances
  • Fine-tuned aerodynamics
  • Durable
  • Superior quality plastic

What I don’t like:

  • Heavy in weight

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Long Distance Disc Golf Driver

After reading our guide and looking at the top-recommended disc golf drivers, you should have a pretty good idea of the disc you need. Before you make your final decision, there are five tips to remember when getting the best long distance golf disc driver.

  • High quality plastics will be heavier but will give better distance
  • Grip is important to achieve control for a long distance throw
  • Always check the flight path system of a disc before you buy
  • Beginners and advanced players will require different discs even if trying to achieve great distances

Final Thoughts

It is not just a passing fad. Disc golf has been around for a few decades and is becoming more and more popular. The versatility of the game allows you to play for fun or in tournaments. No matter what the reason is for playing, you need the right discs.

Just as a golfer has different clubs for different shots, you need different discs. With disc golf, the long distant shot is essential to prevent extra strokes. With the best long distance disc golf driver from our guide, you can get the throw, get the distance, and get the “champion” title.

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