How Long Do Springfree Trampolines Last

How Long Do Springfree Trampolines Last

In 2001 there were roughly 91,870 trampoline-related injuries, many resulting from material degradation, so Dr. Kieth Vivian Alexander set out to create a safer and much more durable trampoline.

In 2003 the Springfree Trampoline was officially invented, and the era of hyper-durable, reliable, no-spring trampolines began. How long do Springfree trampolines last?

A Springfree trampoline will last up to 10 years or more. Each Springfree Trampoline comes with a 10-year warranty that covers every component to ensure you can keep jumping for a decade because these trampolines have no springs to rust, and the parts are made from highly durable materials that won’t wear out even in extreme weather.

How Long Will A Springfree Trampoline Last

If you’re looking for a trampoline you can count on for years to come, Springfree is the way to go.

These incredibly well-made trampoline frames last a decade under warranty, and some make it much longer.

The mat, safety net, and net poles are also guaranteed to last at least a decade, but most outlast their expiration date because they are designed to withstand harsh climates, including subfreezing temperatures, frequent rain, and desert heat.

What Makes A Springfree Trampoline Last Long

To understand what makes a Springfree trampoline last so long, you have to break it down to look into the parts.

As the name implies, these trampolines have a simple, ingenious design that doesn’t include the most likely piece to break, the springs. With no wear or corrosion on springs, you can jump much longer.

Springfree trampolines only have a frame, mat, net poles, and safety net.

The mat is made of polypropylene material that has been UV stabilized so it won’t degrade in the sun. The net has been similarly treated, so there’s little to no photodegradation to worry about.

Sturdy net rods are also UV stabilized. According to The National Library Of Medicine, “UV radiation causes photooxidative degradation which results in breaking of the polymer chains, produces radicals and reduces the molecular weight, causing deterioration of mechanical properties and leading to useless materials, after an unpredictable time.”

UV stabilizing plastics like polypropylene can prevent this process from randomly wearing out your parts.

The only other piece of these trampolines is the frame. Springfree makes its frames out of galvanized and powder-coated steel.

Finishing Systems explains, “… powder coating creates a barrier to protect against many different types of corrosion, including rust. Many natural metals like steel rust over time with exposure to moisture and oxygen. Powder-coating creates a protective barrier…”

The metal is sealed up inside the coating, which creates a highly-durable exterior that won’t let moisture or oxygen interfere with the steel’s integrity.

Do Springfree Trampolines Last Longer Than Regular Trampolines

Springfree trampolines do typically last longer than regular trampolines.

A standard trampoline mat lasts 3-8 years, while the Springfree mats last 6-10+ years. Additionally, there are no springs to break or wear out, so you don’t have to replace them.

The Springfree design uses composite rods underneath the mat’s perimeter in place of springs.

The safety enclosure has no metal poles to rust or corrode. Plus, the frame is built for more outstanding durability.

Are Springfree Trampolines Durable

Springfree trampolines are incredibly durable. The inventor, Dr. Alexander, created a product that will easily last a decade and requires little to no maintenance.

These fantastic outdoor toys are known for their long life and reliable materials.

From UV protection to powder coating and more robust starting components, you shouldn’t have to worry about how much or how often you jump.

The manufacturer also states that you can use these trampolines year-round. Even in the middle of winter, it is safe to bounce on a Springfree trampoline.

Please note that it is never safe to play outdoors during a thunderstorm, even if your trampoline can handle the weather.

Do Springfree Trampolines Lose Their Bounce

I have good news if you’re wondering whether Springfree trampolines lose their bounce.

Not only do these mats maintain their flexibility over time, but they stay in place and offer a softer landing on the super-stretchy material.

The safety enclosure is also incredibly flexible and reliable. If your trampoline loses its bounce in the first ten years, the company will cover a replacement mat or other parts if necessary.

According to the Springfree website, “…the net and mat rods of the Springfree Trampoline are made from an advanced composite material that’s three times stronger than steel and can withstand millions of jump cycles.”

Additionally, the rods on this style of trampoline are built to offer the equivalent bounciness to a 10-inch trampoline spring, though most backyard trampolines only use 6-8 inch springs.

Which Springfree Trampoline Will Last The Longest

All Springfree trampolines have the same 10 year warranty, so there is no specific model that will last the longest.

However, a properly cared for trampoline will always outlast one that is neglected.

Do weekly or monthly inspections based on how often you use the trampoline to ensure everything is still undamaged and in good working order.

Placing your trampoline where it has shade overhead can help reduce heat damage over time, though you’d need a lot of clearance to keep jumpers safe.

Clean any dirt and debris off the surface, especially off the mat, before use. Choose a mild detergent soap like Dawn dish soap and a soft-bristle brush or microfiber towel.

If you plan to use a water blaster, put it on the lowest setting to avoid accidental damage. Most important of all, if you see any wear or damage, stop bouncing and contact Springfree for assistance.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Long Springfree Trampolines Last

Springfree trampolines are known for two things. Firstly, as the name says, they have no springs.

Second, these outstanding outdoor toys are built to last for years and have an industry-leading warranty to prove it.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about how long Springfree trampolines last.

  • This innovative company has done more than removing numerous small parts prone to mechanical failure by taking out the springs from a trampoline. No springs mean no spring-related accidents or injuries. Trampoline springs can cause significant damage to a body, as this alarming video reportfrom SWNS news shows.
  • According to the Springfree Trampoline company, these are the safest trampolines in the world. The safety enclosure has no steel poles, the edges have no springs to pinch, break or hurt you, and the mat handles jumps with a softer stop at the bottom of the bounce.
  • Springs on a trampoline are virtually impossible to seal with a powder coating or similarly useful substance. Because of the coil design, springs flex and rub against themselves, and the loops move apart and back together as pressure is released. The action would scrape any functional coating off where the metal touches itself. Without a coating, moisture and oxygen get inside and corrode the pieces.

Final Thoughts

Springfree trampolines are made to last for years. These exceptional outdoor toys are safe and well designed.

They are also famous for their outstanding elasticity and durability, with a 10-year warranty to back it up. You can literally bounce year-round on a Springfree for a decade.

In fact, the worst part about these trampolines is deciding the size and shape you want.

If you’re looking for the best backyard trampolines available, you’ve found them. I highly recommend trying one out.

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