Springfree Trampoline vs Vuly: (Which Is Better)

Springfree Trampoline vs Vuly

Springfree Trampolines started in 2003 because its founder saw a problem with trampolines’ hazardous coil spring edges. Meanwhile, Vuly is a more recent company that began in 2007, but it is known for having a similar design with no coil springs around the mat.

Both companies have outstanding safety features and fun products. Which is better, Springfree or Vuly? I will walk you through the differences and explain why one brand comes out ahead.

The Springfree Trampolines are better than Vuly’s because they are the original, safer trampolines. Not only can you get more shapes and sizes of Springfree, but they have been tested extensively and have more legs for greater stability. Additionally, Springfree Trampolines offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty to back up all its fantastic trampolines.

What Is The Difference Between Springfree Trampolines And Vuly Trampolines

There are quite a few differences between Springfree and Vuly trampolines. Although these brands may seem similar at first glance, a lot is going on that you may not notice immediately.

Below is a list of the main differences between Springfree & Vuly trampolines:

  • Bounce – The mat provides most of the bounce on a trampoline, but the springs or lack thereof also contribute. Springfree uses a reinforced rod system, and Vuly uses leaf springs. Both these companies avoid having an outer spring coil ring and instead place their flexible mat holders below the mat so you can jump all the way to the frame safely.
  • Door Closure – The Vuly trampoline has a self-closing door to help prevent jumpers from falling.
  • Legs – The Springfree trampolines have additional legs for stability, while Vuly is lower to the ground. Both these tactics help increase stability.
  • Net Holders – Springfree has flexible net rods, while Vuly opts for sturdy contoured rods that curve out and away from the net.
  • Price – Springfree costs more than Vuly.
  • Shape – You can get round, oval, and square trampolines from Springfree, but Vuly only makes circles because they say it’s safer.
  • Warranty – Springfree warranties the whole trampoline for 10 years. Meanwhile, most parts of a Vuly are warrantied for 5 years, the frame, tubes, and joiners are guaranteed for 10 years, but the safety net and poles are only under warranty for 1 year, according to Vuly’s website.
  • Weight Limits – Springfree trampolines vary widely, with the maximum weight on the most petite models sitting at 220 lbs and the largest holding over 1100 lbs. Meanwhile, the Vuly recommends between 243 and 330 lbs. However, the giant Vuly trampolines have also been proven to hold a car, though the car wasn’t jumping at the time.

Which Trampolines Are Better Quality: Springfree or Vuly

The Springfree Trampolines are of better quality because they were designed by an engineer who made it his mission to build a better trampoline.

Not only are the parts incredibly durable, but they have a ten-year warranty, which is unheard of elsewhere.

Additionally, Springfree trampolines have more legs for stability and no metal net poles to hurt yourself on.

Which Trampolines Are Cheaper: Springfree or Vuly

Springfree trampolines are cheaper than Vuly, but both are considered the best.

The Springfree line has trampolines ranging from under $800 to almost $2000. The smallest Springfree trampolines are just 8 feet across and fit well in smaller yards.

Vuly, on the other hand, has fewer models, and they come in medium, large, and XL sizes only.

The smallest Vuly is 12′ wide, and the largest is 16 feet and 4 inches. Prices for this brand go from about $2200 to $3700.

Springfree Trampoline vs Vuly Thunder

In a side-by-side comparison, you can tell Springfree Trampolines from Vuly Thunder at a glance.

For example, the way these innovative trampolines hold up their mats is different from a traditional, dangerous, spring surrounded, padded trampoline, but they each do it differently.

Springfree uses flexible reinforced rods under the mat, while Vuly chooses leaf spring technology to create springless bounce.

That feature alone makes these brands superior to classic trampolines, and the difference doesn’t stop there. Which one is better?

Let’s dive deeper into the details so you can make an informed decision when you’re ready to get a new trampoline.

Springfree Trampoline

The Springfree Trampoline was designed and created by Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander in 2003.

Dr. Alexander is an associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Canterbury who set out to create a better, safer trampoline.

His Springfree Trampolines are considered the safest trampolines in the world.

1 – Are Springfree Trampolines Better

Springfree trampolines are better. These stellar trampolines are the safest in the world.

According to Choice.com, of all the trampolines tested, “Just one trampoline in a group of 10 has passed all of our safety tests. The Springfree R79 scored 90% when tested to the voluntary Australian safety standard, while eight models had serious safety failures.”

2 – Are Springfree Trampolines Less Bouncy

Some consumers complain that Springfree trampolines are less bouncy. They claim that more force is required to get a good return from the mat, which means that children, especially smaller ones, won’t bounce as high.

However, other reports claim that the bounce is the same, except that, “Because of the way that Springfree Trampolines are built, you get a much smoother, non-jarring bounce when you jump.”

There is no scientific study for me to cite here, so it’s hard to tell for sure. However, I would argue that a lower bounce for the smallest jumpers is an advantage, and a less jarring bounce is good for everyone.

3 – Is Springfree Worth The Money

Springfree trampolines are worth the money. You can buy cheaper trampolines with springs around the edges, but the chances of injury and broken pats are incredibly high on those models.

It is worth paying more to upgrade your bouncing to a longer-lasting, safer trampoline.

Trampolines are an excellent way to build muscle, fight obesity and stay active regardless of your age.

If you can do all those things for a decade and guarantee that you’ll never have a rusty spring or slipped spring-padding issue, as you can with Springfree, I recommend paying the extra.

4 – Best Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline
  • Square Trampoline: Jumbo square outdoor trampoline is made for kids and adults who love bouncing around with a long and narrow backyard; Single jumper weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Flexible Rods: Big trampoline has flexible composite rods that keep feet secure from being pinched or trapped by removing traditional metal springs; Dimensions are (L x W x H): 13 x 13 x 9.2 feet
  • FlexiNet Safety Enclosure: Enclosed trampoline is built with a FlexiNet safety enclosure with flexible net rods cushion to prevent jumpers from falling out
  • SoftEdge Mat: SoftEdge mat eliminates hard edges on the jumping surface while absorbing shock for a safer time inside the backyard trampoline
  • Ensure Safe Bouncing: Trampoline with net is made with a hidden frame that sits below the jumping surface to decrease injuries by being impossible to jump on

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The best Springfree Trampoline is the unique Kids Square Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net and SoftEdge Jump Bounce Mat from Amazon.

Not only do you get all the safety and warranties that only Springfree can offer, but these sizeable square trampolines fit into your yard with less wasted space, thanks to their shape.

Plus, you get two sizes, the 11′ and 13′ options to choose from.

These square trampolines are incredibly stable with eight legs, and the metal-pole-free safety net helps cut down on accidents and injuries.

Best of all, these unusual trampolines can hold up to 1100 pounds so that the whole family can jump together.

To order this fantastic trampoline, click here.

Vuly Trampoline

Joe Andon founded Vuly Trampolines in Brisbane, Australia, in 2007. Although these excellent trampolines also use a design that has no coil springs around the edge, there are some key differences.

Coming as they did, several years after Springfree, Mr. Andon and company were able to build on the success of the no-coil-spring concept to create a fantastic and durable trampoline design that also lacks the dangerous, pinchy metal edges.

1 – Do Vuly Trampolines Have A Good Bounce

Vuly trampolines are known for the bounce. The Vuly line is often reviewed and given high marks for its exceptional bounce.

If you want to see it in action for yourself, I recommend this review video from TTPM Toy Reviews.

The video shows off all the parts, plus demonstrates and gives a thoughtful review.

2 – Is Vuly Trampolines Worth The Money

Vuly makes excellent trampolines. If your goal is to find a top-tier trampoline that is incredibly stable and bouncy, this is the one for you.

While the price is high, so is the quality. Vuly’s are worth owning.

3 – How Long Do Vuly Trampolines Last

Vuly trampolines have different working-life expectations for different parts of the trampoline.

For example, the frame is warrantied for a decade of jumping. However, other pieces are usually only likely to last about 5 years.

The net is the least long-lived part. Vuly only covers their safety nets for 1 year.

However, even without the warranty, most Vuly trampolines appear to last 6-12 years, depending on how well they are taken care of and how often they’re used for bouncing.

4 – Best Vuly Trampoline

Vuly Thunder Trampoline
  • The Vuly Large (10.5ft) thunder is the World's strongest and safest trampoline delivering the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence
  • Gentle and protective: the enclosed play area keeps you protected with a safety net made from soft, long-lasting and superfine silk terylene material
  • Easy assembly: thunder's frame is free of nuts and bolts and consists of only 6 Parts for fast and convenient assembly
  • Vuly thunder trampolines are made for kids of all ages and have a maximum weight capacity of 330 lb. Some assembly required
  • Contents: 1 Large Vuly thunder trampoline set, 1 instruction guide

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The best Vuly Trampoline is the Thunder Large. This 12′ trampoline comes with an enclosure and a free cover to keep the sun and debris out of your play space.

Vuly Trampolines are designed by a team of industrial design and safety experts who test each design extensively.

Hundreds of hours and thousands of jump tests are performed before a design is okayed for the public.

This amazing trampoline is easier on your knees. Moreover, the safety netting has a fine mesh that won’t allow fingers and toes through the material.

You can get this model shipped to your door by clicking here.

Helpful Tips To Know About Springfree Trampoline vs Vuly

If you are looking for a backyard trampoline, Springfree and Vuly are the way to go.

Since neither of these fantastic companies uses an outer ring of coil springs, they are safer to jump and play on.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about Springfree Trampoline and Vuly.

  • Springfree trampolines are reliable, but they also have something most other brands lack. A Springfree trampoline typically has a higher resale value and is considered more desirable because the brand name is well known.
  • Vuly sells several other outdoor toys as well. Springfree tends to focus on only making trampolines. However, both companies offer accessories like covers or sunshades, ladders, wheels to move the trampoline around, basketball hoops, and more.
  • Vuly and Springfree are among the only brands to offer mats you can jump all the way out to the frame on. Most trampoline brands have a ring of springs between the mat and frame.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that you should get a Springfree or Vuly trampoline, but which one depends on your needs.

Springfree Trampolines cost a bit more, but they have a spectacular ten-year warranty. Meanwhile, the cost-effective Vuly trampolines have a self-sealing door and a lower frame that is incredibly stable.

Both brands are high-quality and well respected. I recommend going with Springfree because there are more sizes and shapes available, they are safer, hold more weight, and it’s worth knowing you can bounce worry-free for a decade.

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