Help My Backyard Is A Disaster

Help My Backyard Is A Disaster

A great backyard can significantly increase your property value, while a messy one can contribute to depression and other negative emotions. When you look out your back door, it’s important to see a beautiful space for many reasons.

Creating a beautiful space is rewarding and relaxing. What is the best thing to do if your backyard is a disaster? Read on, and I will teach you all about how to handle neglected, boring, disastrous backyards.

The best thing to do if your backyard is a disaster is to start with the lawn because it covers a considerable area visually and physically. If your lawn is more than 50% weeds, it’s better to start over entirely. Aerate and feed a dying lawn, or kill and rototill a weedy mess, then lay down a fresh layer of sod and topsoil.

How Do You Deal With Neglected Yard

There is no backyard problem too big to handle. Dealing with your neglected backyard may feel overwhelming, but I’ll break it down into manageable steps for you to address the whole area more easily.

Don’t procrastinate. Your new, beautiful yard is right there under the mess.

1 – Tidy Up

Before you can address more significant problems in your yard, you should look around for anything that needs picking up.

There won’t be a lot of junk for most people but clearing it up is crucial in a couple of ways.

First, removing trash and organizing things will help your yard look a little bit nicer.

Second, it makes everything else easier to do if you don’t need to stop and spot clean every area you work on.

2 – Tackle The Lawn

Your back lawn is the largest area in your yard visually. If you have weeds, bare patches, and uneven grass, the whole space will look substantially worse.

When you have more than 50% weeds, it’s time to kill off your lawn and till it under.

Lay out a fresh layer of sod and topsoil and roll out new grass to get an almost instant upgrade.

However, adding one will make the space more inviting for yards with no lawn. You can also choose local ground cover plants instead of grass if you prefer.

Using groundcover plants can also reduce the need for water and make it, so you don’t need to mow.

This is the perfect time to put in an underground irrigation system to save water.

With a little extra digging and some parts, you can have a lush, green space that waters itself on a timer.

3 – Garden Beds, Bushes, and Trees

Weeding out your garden beds is a great way to make your neglected yard look amazing.

Plant some flowers and bushes to fill out garden areas and help bring butterflies and beneficial bugs into your space.

A full garden bed looks nicer than a sparse one.

If you have trees and bushes, take the time to trim them. Remove any dead material and snip off ugly branches that stick out and throw off the look of your big plants.

A well-trimmed tree or bush is like a person with a good haircut. They look better right away.

4 – Fences

Repair any damage to your fences right away. Every minor repair is a step toward disaster mitigation, from replacing rusted latches to getting rid of broken boards or cut chain links.

Doing this will help your space feel more like a home and look less like an abandoned lot.

How Do You Transform A Boring Backyard

Anyone can transform a boring backyard into an oasis with a bit of motivation and time. It helps to have a plan, so you know what to tackle.

Assuming you’ve already picked up and weeded, it’s time to take steps to make that drab space into a dynamic one with some real changes.

1 – Seating

Start with a place to relax. It doesn’t matter how nice your yard looks if you have to sit on the ground to enjoy it.

Choose a matching set of outdoor furniture in a pleasant color or pattern.

Tables, especially those with umbrellas for shade, can make a nice outdoor area to enjoy a meal.

Get a picnic table and grill to turn your yard into a barbecue oasis if you’re more into classic Americana.

You can always paint furniture with bright colors or change the outdoor cushion fabric to keep things lively.

2 – Lighting

A basic porch light is dull. Even a fancy porch light isn’t the same as having some hanging lanterns or a string of outdoor lights.

Use amber-tinted bulbs or colored ones to bring a rustic or fun appeal. You can also look at solar garden lights.

These come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and all you have to do is stick them in the ground for instant appeal.

3 – Fences and Borders

Consider planting some vines along the edges of your fence. By softening the look of your yard border, you can make the whole space look cared for and attractive.

Choose vines you love or those with flowers. Make sure you pick vines that thrive where you live.

Grapes grow well in some areas, and they will fill up a fence in no time for a unique and tasty appeal.

You can always put one in if you don’t have a fence. However, bushes make an excellent alternative if you’re looking for privacy and more defined backyard edges.

Talk to local plant shop owners and find out what thrives in your area and grows quickly. Pick thick bushes and consider some flowering options to add more beauty to your space.

4 – Plants

More plants will make your space more enjoyable and visually appealing but start by feeding what you already have so it will grow better. Pick different plants with varying leaf colors, shapes, and sizes.

Use low to the ground plants in front of smaller 1 to 3-foot plants and place the tallest plants in the rear for a tiered look that lets you get the full effect without gaps and too many exposed stems.

5 – Water Features and Statues

Adding a water feature can help keep your space cool and bring in birds.

Whether you build a full fish pond, choose a fountain, or pick a lovely birdbath, you’ll find that having water helps bring life to your yard.

Choose moving water features like a fountain if you want the pleasant sound of trickling to help add ambiance to your space.

Some people love lawn gnomes, fairy houses, Greek statues, or plastic flamingos. Whatever your style, there are some excellent garden statues available.

Adding pops of color or visual intrigue with garden art is a great way to personalize your space and make it more fun.

6 – Paths

Skip the cement sidewalks that are big and bland. Putting a path in your yard can be surprisingly easy.

There are tons of beautiful decorative stepping stones available to choose from, or you can get a kit and make your own custom versions.

I recommend checking out this video from Fix This House to learn about installing a basic paver pathway.

The video is made for beginners, and it is full of good advice on adding a charming and functional path to your yard.

Another good alternative for those who want a broader, smooth path is to use some decorative brickwork to create a walkway.

Bricks come in more than one color, so you can easily alternate or pick a complementary shade.

To lay paths and pavers, you need to dig and flatten an area, then backfill the gaps with some of the dirt you removed once everything is in place.

Helpful Tips To Know About Fixing A Backyard That Is A Disaster

A backyard disaster means you’re less likely to use the space because it doesn’t look good or feel nice to be there. Fortunately, turning your bad yard into an incredible space is easier than you’d expect.

Here are more helpful tips to know about fixing a backyard that is a disaster.

  • Work with what you have. Start by cleaning and rearranging the things in your yard to look nicer. Sometimes moving the existing yard accessories is all you need to make your space more inviting.
  • Be sensible. Make your yard into a space you love, but also keep the way you use the yard in mind. If you have kids or pets, make sure the yard has no toxic plants.
  • As KD Landscape Inc points out, you can also have fire features. “Firepits are classic hangouts. Everyone likes to gather around a fire to socialize or share s’mores recipe ideas. A larger fireplace can add a vertical design element to your backyard. And if both fire pits and fireplaces are too much, you can also add a fire element in a smaller way through a fire table.”

Final Thoughts

No one wants to hang out in a boring, neglected, or messy yard. Redesigning your backyard to make the space more pleasant is largely a matter of taste, but some things are universal.

Make sure your yard is clean and tidy, weed garden beds, trim trees and bushes, and mend fences.

Getting your lawn in shape is the most significant and vital part of clearing up a disaster yard.

However, once you have the essentials handled, you may still need to spruce things up to make the yard fun and interesting.

Consider adding visual appeal with plants, statues, lights, and water or fire features, but don’t forget to include plenty of seating to enjoy your new, disaster-free backyard.

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