25 Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard By Yourself

Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard By Yourself

You don’t have to go far or spend a ton of money to amuse yourself or the kids. Read on for 25 fun things to do in your backyard by yourself.

There is more to your backyard then you probably think. It is a perfect and convenient setting for fun and activities. It also is ideal for getting away by yourself if you have a crowded house. 

There are several things you can do in your yard without spending a lot of money. It is a perfect backdrop for entertainment, if you put a little effort.

Kid ActivitiesAdult ActivitiesSpring ActivitiesWinter ActivitiesBackyard Items To Find
Rock PaintingWatch A MovieTrampolineBuild A SnowmanCollect Flowers
Make A Bird FeederStart A GardenRock/Zen GardenPaint The SnowRock Painting
Scavenger ScrapbookLawn GamesFire PitNature ScrapbookTree Swing
Water Balloon FunYogaMiniature GolfSnow Angel FunHose
Obstacle CourseDraw or PaintStargazingContainer GardensPicnic

We have a list of 25 fun things to do in your backyard by yourself. We have activities for adults and kids. If you need a moment alone get some fresh air and have a little fun too. 

If your child needs to get out of the house, there is plenty they can do too to have fun. With a little imagination and our list below, the backyard can be a great place for fun for anyone.

5 Fun Things To Do Outside By Yourself As A Kid

Having activities in your backyard is important when you have kids. There will be days when they need to get outside as well as days when you want them outside. It is not always possible to go out somewhere, so the backyard is the convenient answer.

Kids get fresh air and can have fun. Your child may insist that the backyard is boring and there is nothing to do. That is where our list comes in handy. Fun is all around them if they take a closer look.

1. Rock Painting

Have your kid collect as many rocks as they can find. It is best to gather different sizes and shapes. With some acrylic paint pens from Amazon, they can decorate the rocks however they want. 

Make faces, sports team logos, characters, and so much more. Not only do they get a fun activity, but the garden and home now have some unique decorations to brighten them up.

2. Make A Bird Feeder

If you do not have pinecones in your yard, you can get some from Amazon for crafting purposes. Take the supplies outside to make your own bird feeders. 

You will need peanut butter, birdseed, and pinecones. You also need some string to tie to the feeder so it can be hung in trees. Make a few and hang them around the yard. Kids can sit and watch the different birds that come visit their feeders. Or even a few squirrels.

3. Scavenger Scrapbook

Get a scrapbook for your child that they can fill with various pieces of nature. They can scavenge through the yard collecting leaves, twigs, flowers, and any other nature token they come across. 

They can insert these into their nature scrapbook and label each with a date and name. This is great for all seasons, as they can learn how nature changes with the weather.

4. Water Balloon Fun

With a bucket full of water balloons, you child can have an afternoon of fun. They can throw balloons at targets and play games. You can even fill the water balloons with paint and your child can create art by smashing the balloons against a sheet or canvas.

5. Obstacle Course

Taking various items such as cones, hula hoops, and cardboard boxes, your child can create their own obstacle course. Trees, slides, swings, jungle gyms, and kiddie pools can also be used. 

If they have nerf guns, those can also be part of the course, by stopping to shoot targets. They can time themselves and try to set records and switch up the course to make it more challenging.

5 Fun Things To Do Outside By Yourself As An Adult

The kids are not the only ones that want some time outdoors. Your backyard can be a great place for you to go too. There are plenty of things you can also do to amuse yourself in your backyard. And you don’t need anyone else around to have fun. All you need is our list below.

1. Watch A Movie

Set up a white sheet, a portable projector, and get your favorite snacks. Sitting in your favorite lawn chair, you can sit back and watch a movie. No need to get tickets for the movie in the park or head to a theater. You can enjoy your favorite films in the comfort of your yard.

2. Start A Garden

If you don’t have a flower or vegetable garden, you can start one. Find a small patch in your yard where you can start an in-soil garden or a potted garden. 

Either way it will add color to the yard, It also gives you something to do in your yard throughout the year. You can change the flowers and veggies according to the season. 

You can get a vegetable garden starter kit as well as many others to help get you going.

3. Lawn Games

You can brush up on your own gaming skills by spending some time with yourself in the backyard. Or just play against yourself to see if you can get a high score. Great backyard games to try include bocce ball, lawn darts, horseshoes, croquet, and bean bag toss.

4. Yoga

All you need is a yoga mat to get both exercise, reduced stress, and some fresh air. Using an app on your phone to guide you or poses you already know, take part in some yoga in the backyard. 

The fresh air is perfect for achieving a peaceful and meditative state. A mat is ideal if you only have concrete areas or dirt, but if you have grass, use that instead.

5. Draw or Paint

If you are artistically inclined, pull up a chair and grab an art kit. Look around your yard and you will see plenty of inspiration. Draw, paint, or color anything you want. 

If you do not want to paint what you see, paint what is in your imagination. The fresh air will inspire you and you will be alone with nature to be as creative as you want.

5 Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard In Spring By Yourself

Spring brings warmer weather, fresh blooms, and is a great time to be in the backyard. It can also bring the rain, so make sure you look ahead at the weather, so you don’t get caught outside in a downpour.

Many of the activities already discussed can be done during the spring, but we also have a few more that are a great way to celebrate the warmer weather. For adults and kids.

1. Trampoline

Get a trampoline. Depending on the amount of space you have and the age of your child, there are trampolines for every household on Amazon. 

Trampolines let your child bounce and flip for hours of outdoor fun. And there is no rule that says adults cannot enjoy bouncing fun too. The best part about a trampoline is that you can enjoy it alone.

2. Rock/Zen Garden

Create a space in your backyard for a Zen garden. This activity is great for an adult or a child. Find a section of the yard that you can separate off. 

Ideally you want to use some wood or stones to mark this area as separate. Make sure all grass and other debris is cleared. Buy some white sand from Amazon to spread within the Zen garden area. You can also get fountains and rocks from Amazon to decorate your Zen space as you wish. 

When you need a moment along outdoors, grab a rake and move the sand around to create patterns. It is both relaxing and fun.

3. Fire Pit

If you have a fire pit, nothing is more fun than sitting around one on a spring evening. You stay nice and warm and can roast marshmallows and make s’mores. 

It is also a great place to relax at the end of a long day. Grab your favorite drink, pull up your favorite chair and blanket, and relax. If you do not have one already, you can get affordable fire pits from Amazon.

4. Miniature Golf

With a miniature golf set from Amazon, you can play your own game in your backyard. No need to head out to a course or spend tons of money. 

Having a min golf course in your yard means you can hone those skills or just spend some fun time with yourself outside. There are no age restrictions for mini golf, so kids and adults can both enjoy this.

5. Stargazing

This is specifically for some nighttime backyard fun. Lay out a blanket and gaze at the start. It also needs to be a clear night. There will be no end of things to watch in the night sky. Counting constellations and locating different stars is also fun.

5 Things To Do In Your Backyard In The Winter By Yourself

Just because winter rolls around does not mean you have to stay indoors. In fact, kids love being outside in the snow. Thankfully, there are several fun activities you can do alone in your backyard, even in the cold weather.

1. Build A Snowman

One of the best things to do in your backyard in the winter is build a snowman. Depending on how much snow you have, you can make a giant snowman or a few smaller ones. Just make sure you have some carrots for noses, some buttons, and a scarf and hat for each one.

2. Paint The Snow

All you or your child needs are some spray bottles, water and food coloring. Create spray paint for every color you want and then go and decorate the snow. 

With any luck you will get a fresh canvas every now and then. Whether you spray a picture or just splash color all around, the yard will look bright and fun and you will have fun too.

3. Nature Scrapbook

The same as mentioned earlier, create a scrapbook of nature. Using items from your backyard, you can create a unique winter addition to keep. 

You can also grab an instant camera to take pictures instead of collecting items. Either way, you have a fun activity for the day and a collection to treasure.

4. Snow Angel Fun

Making snow angels is a great way to spend time in the winter. You can decorate these with the same paint you use to paint your snowy yard. Or, you can spread bird seed through the angel shape to create a unique bird feeder that you can watch all day long.

5. Container Gardens

There are plenty of plants that survive the winter, so this is a great time to start a container garden with winter vegetables. 

All you need is a raised garden container, soil, and the seeds of your choice to get a garden started. The best part is that even when the seasons change, you will still have a garden to take care of. Just add new plants as needed.

5 Things You Can Find In Your Backyard

Your backyard has plenty of opportunity for fun and activity. You just need to know what to look for. You can always grab accessories and items from Amazon as needed, but ultimately you can find plenty in your backyard.

1. Collect Flowers

You can collect flowers from all around your yard. Or leaves from different plants. These can be used to dry and make potpourri or to put in a scrapbook.

2. Rock Painting

There are rocks of all different sizes around the yard. They can all be sued for rock painting. Decorate them to give as gifts or to decorate your yard. They also make really handy paperweights around the office once decorated too.

3. Tree Swing

If you have a tree, you can have a swing. Anything from a wooden plank to a tire can be strung up to a tree to make a swing. Just make sure you have some sturdy rope, straps, and holds. If you want, you can also get a swing from Amazon to hitch up to your tree.

4. Hose

Every backyard has a hose, which means every yard has water play. Fill up water balloons or attach the hose to a sprinkler. Depending on the space available you can even add an inflatable slide or a slip-n-slide.

5. Picnic

Throw out a blanket and fill a basket full of your favorite snacks. Adults can enjoy a picnic along with their favorite treats and a book. Kids can invite all their stuffed animals for an outdoor picnic and afternoon of fun.

Helpful Tips To Find Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard By Yourself

There is plenty of fun to be had in your own backyard. You now have a list of things you can do alone, or the kids can do alone. Before you decide which activity to get started, there are a few helpful tips to consider.

  • Safety: If a child is to be outdoors alone, make sure there are no hazards that can cause accidents.
  • Preparation: Make sure you have all the accessories or items you will need for any activity ahead of time.
  • Clean Up: Keep in mind there may be some cleanup involved, so choose activities according to how much mess you want in your yard.

Final Thoughts

The backyard is more exciting than it may look. When you use the view we have provided, it is easy to see just how much your backyard has to offer. 

It is the most convenient and affordable way to have fun. And the perfect space to be alone too. The backyard gives you a break from the same four walls.

With these 25 fun things to do in your backyard by yourself, you will never have to worry about getting bored. The kids will always have a few more options for what to do with their day. The backyard is a well of fun opportunities and now you know how to find them.

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