My Backyard Is Dirt And Weeds

My Backyard Is Dirt And Weeds

A sad backyard that is dirt and weeds can be depressing, but green spaces can help boost your serotonin levels and (literally) make you feel better. Surprisingly, the smell of cut grass has been proven to release chemicals that make people happier.

A green yard is more comfortable to spend time in. What is the best way to fix a backyard full of dirt and weeds?

The best way to fix a backyard full of dirt and weeds is to remove the weeds, level it out, and plant grass instead. The grass looks and feels much nicer, but it is also easy to maintain. All you need is a lawnmower, a string trimmer, and a water source to create a lush lawn.

How To Clean Backyard Weeds

You can pull weeds one at a time wearing gardening gloves, but this method is time-consuming and hard on your wrists.

Unfortunately, unless you’re only looking at a few dandelions and clover on a regular lawn, a mower probably can’t handle your weed issues.

Cleaning backyard weeds is much easier when you have the right tools for the job.

There are two common solutions to backyard weeds. A grass whip is a good solution when you have tall, overgrown weeds, such as you might find moving into a previously abandoned or unmaintained home.

These are manual tools, so you don’t have to worry about any batteries or cords.

As Together Time Family explains, “A grass whip is a golf club styled cutter that you swing back and forth to cut down the tough grass, weeds, or brush. It’s a manual alternative to gas weed eaters and lawnmowers. Plus, you can practice your golf swing with a grass whip.”

The powered alternative is commonly known as the Weed Whacker. This battery or cord-powered tool uses a length of plastic cord on a motor that whips around and cuts through weeds easily.

Weed Whackers or string trimmers are great for trimming grass around the edges of your yard as well, which a regular mower can’t reach.

How To Turn Dirt And Weeds Into Grass

You cannot turn weeds into grass, but you can kill them and plant grass in their place.

If your yard is a patchy mess of whatever blew in from the neighborhood, it will take a while to fix. The good news is that you can turn your yard around.

Follow the steps below to create a fantastic grassy lawn.

  1. Spray any weeds with herbicide and allow them time to die off.
  2. Pull out dead weeds and any large rocks.
  3. Clear anything else that is in the way of the area you want to seed with grass.
  4. Rake and till the area to aerate the soil you have and make it ready for growing roots.
  5. Level out any hills or dips.
  6. Amend soil with any necessary nutrients.
  7. Lay down grass seed.
  8. Water and enjoy.

Will Covering Weeds With Dirt Kill Them

Covering weeds with dirt will not kill them. Sadly, it might even help the weeds to thrive. Seeds germinate in a dark soil environment.

Covering the ground with tarps, black plastic, or cardboard only works because it prevents new growth from getting enough sunlight to photosynthesize the necessary sugars for further development and survival. Don’t bury your weeds.

How To Grow Grass From Dirt And Weeds

It’s a common misconception that you can mow weeds and turn them into a lawn.

However, a little digging will show that you can’t actually grow grass from weeds. The only thing they can make is more weeds.

Here’s a different way to turn a weedy, dirt-filled backyard into a grassy haven.

  • Trim all the weeds down to the soil level and smooth out the yard so it’s flat with no significant dips or hills. The flatter, the better.
  • Choose a covering for the ground. This can be black plastic, tarps, or even old cardboard boxes you’ve opened up.
  • Wait 2-3 weeks until all the weeds are completely dead.
  • Till the dirt and rake up any dead weeds and clumps of roots.
  • Add 4-6 inches of grass-friendly topsoil to your yard. Grass roots typically grow 4 to 6 inches down.
  • (Optional) Layout an automatic, timed watering system to save water.
  • Pick out sod rolls in any variety of grass you want to grow.
  • Roll out your sod and give it a good watering so it will settle in properly. Doing this takes less time than it does for grass seed to germinate and spread, especially in the summer.

What Do You Do When Your Backyard Is All Dirt

A grassy lawn is the number one thing o do when your backyard is all dirt.

However, if you’re looking for a low-water solution, you can opt for a grass-like ground cover. Many plants in your area spread and proliferate with little to no maintenance.

Choosing a common local ground cover plant will provide the same lush green look.

Creeping Thyme and Sweet Woodruff are both excellent choices for most parts of the US.

Check-in at your local small garden center and ask what else grows well in your area.

From moss to Hearts-and-Flowers, there are thousands of great options that will take over your dirt-filled backyard quickly and easily.

What Do You Do With Dirt Full Of Weeds

There are lots of options for a yard that is all dirt full of weeds. For example, you could lay concrete or put down plastic sheeting and gravel for a no-maintenance space.

Likewise, you can opt for AstroTurf, which is green but doesn’t need maintenance. However, the best way to tackle a dirt and weed-filled yard is to get rid of the weeds and create a lawn.

Having a green space is the best choice for the environment.

Just Right Lawns explains, “Grass takes up carbon dioxide and releases oxygen like all living plants. It doesn’t only remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but it also traps dust to keep it out of both the air and your lungs. The grass is responsible for trapping 12 million tons of dust each year that would otherwise contaminate the air.”

Dust and dust mites are a significant source of allergens for humans and pets and have been linked to asthma.

Helpful Tips To Know If My Backyard Is Dirt And Weeds

A dirt-filled backyard with patches of weeds isn’t the sort of space you want to play or relax in.

Although turning that space into a lush lawn takes time and effort, doing so will give you a sense of accomplishment and a much better place for barbecues or other outdoor activities.

Here are a few helpful tips to know if your backyard is dirt and weeds.

  • Testing your soil pH will help you determine how acid or base it is, which can help you make the proper soil amendments. Soil testing kits are available at any garden center, or you can get them online.
  • Mowing your lawn can do more than make you feel happy. It also releases chemicals that help you relax. According to KSL, working on your yard can even help reduce mental decline in old age.
  • Trading a dirt and weed backyard for a green lawn also helps cool off your space. The grass doesn’t hold heat or reflect as much sun as a bare patch of ground, and it helps retain soil moisture.

Final Thoughts

A backyard full of dirt and weeds is ugly and uninviting, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can cut or pull weeds and till dirt and soil, amending additives into a useful base for grass.

Planting grass seed and laying sod are both relatively simple, and so is watering. After that, all you have to do is maintenance to keep your backyard from turning back into dirt and weeds.

Anyone can have a beautiful grassy lawn with a bit of work and the correct information.

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