Best Snowmobile For Hauling Wood: (Buyers Guide)

Best Snowmobile For Hauling Wood

Utility snowmobiles are best for hauling wood and other heavy loads. They have exceptional towing capacities of up to 1,500 pounds and are built to withstand the stresses and strains of pulling cargo in adverse terrain.

Here is everything you need to know about heavy-duty haulers in a complete buyer’s guide.

The 2022 Yamaha VK Professional II is the best snowmobile for hauling wood with its powerful 1049 cc engine, 3-speed reliable transmission with low gearing, and its double-wishbone, sturdy front suspension. It’s designed for dual use as a utility and touring snowmobile with heavy-duty towing capacity, reliability, and convenience and comfort features for recreational riding, at a competitive price.

How Much Weight Can A Snowmobile Carry

Snowmobiles can carry weight in two ways. There is a maximum weight limit for carrying cargo on the snowmobile, but it varies with each brand and model.

The only way to know the maximum cargo weight capacity is to refer to the owner’s manual for your specific model.

The second way that snowmobiles carry weight is in their towing capacity. Utility snowmobiles are designed for heavy-duty work, and they tend to have the highest towing capacities.

The tunnel weight capacity is the term to look for. Some brands list the limit on a warning decal placed on top of the tunnel.

Lading the machine with excessive weight may cause damage to the tunnel and suspension pad, so it’s wise to avoid overloading.

Some models come with storage bags to carry cargo and others have options for additional cargo storage that you can attach to the vehicle.

Best Sled For Hauling Wood


The 2022 Yamaha VK Professional II is a utility sled with all the features to love in a heavy-duty, maximum capacity sled for towing a load.

It’s a multi-purpose machine capable of performing various tasks from recreational trail riding to plowing through deep snow and slippery ice with superb traction, and the power to carry you, your gear, and a load across the most challenging terrain.

It’s a top-of-its-class model with refined components and a guarantee of the highest quality, reliability, and durability from a trusted brand in snowmobiles.

Outstanding Features

  • Powerful 4-Stroke Engine – The unit is equipped with a 1049 cc Genesis 4-stroke engine with Yamaha’s fuel injection system featuring advanced technology for exceptional performance with sharp fuel economy to maximize fuel usage for more miles per gallon of fuel in all environments. Instant thrust is a predominant characteristic from all speeds with a thick torque curve for heavy-load pulling capacity with a record of reliability for endurance and power delivery.
  • Convenience Features – The VK Professional II comes decked out with an electric power steering pioneered by Yamaha for the snowmobile industry, with near zero resistance at slow to high speeds with reduced steering effort and reduction of negative trail feedback. Workforce mirrors provide a larger viewing area, a digital gauge to monitor all vital vehicle and engine attributes, clock, trip meters, hour meters, and more. A protective windshield wraps around for maximum protection without interfering with cooperation. The driver’s seat offers excellent positioning for the driver alignment with controls for comfort, easy mounting and dismounting, and comfort on the ride. The passenger seat is raised, with an integrated backrest in a wide design for 2-rider trips. The high-capacity cargo rack holds gear for camping, hunting, and fishing with high-capacity storage space, and cargo space under the seats.
  • Maximum Mileage – The large capacity fuel tank holds 11.6 gallons of fuel with expanded work and extended range capacities, combined with fuel-sipping economy for long treks pulling a load.
  • Standard Tow Hitch – The factory rear-mounted tow hitch is included in the package, for light-duty tasks with available upgrades to heavy-duty accessories.
  • High-Performance Transmission – The sled has a three-speed transmission with Hi/Lo and reverse gear for workhorse duties or cruising trails. Manual actuated lever to select range from low to high with the low specified for pulling heavy loads.
  • ​​​​​​​High-Floatation Skis – The 20-inch x 154″ x 1.5″ Cobra track and high-floatation UHMW skis provide predictable steering and stability with the ability to dig down and gain traction on ice and snow while keeping the sled on top of the surface for maximum pulling action and propulsion over the drifts of deep snow. The heavy-duty wrap-around bumper is sturdy to protect from bumps when flying over moguls.
  • Superior Handling – The Pro Comfort Suspension features dual shocks with a fully coupled suspension with adjustment of the flip-lever torsion spring for quick suspension adaptation for one or two riders and varied hauling payloads. The Gull Wing A-Arm Front suspension is curved to enhance clearance for reduced impact and damage risk, coupled with KYB coil-over Gas Shell front shocks with calibration for carrying heavy loads and off-trail riding.

User Experience

SnoGoer ranks the Yamaha VK Professional II as a heavyweight in the utility/touring snowmobile with a massive weight of 765 pounds. The Rip Saw Track is large for spectacular traction.

It comes standard with more accessories than the average new machine with a removable passenger seat, plenty of cargo space, electric start and reverse, and a convenient handlebar grab strap for mounting and dismounting.

The independent double wishbone suspension in front is another plus that makes it a durable machine.

It can traverse rough terrain scenarios with ease while pulling a heavy load. It gets an overall consumer score of 15 out of 20 for durability, value, and heavy-duty capability.

Yamaha is a trusted brand, and the VK Professional II is one of its most capable machines.

Price Comparisons

The price of the 2022 VK Pro II is $13,999. Its closest competition is the Arctic Cat Norsemen X 8000, which retails for $14,999.

The Yamaha VK Professional II is a thousand dollars less expensive, and it provides a larger and more powerful engine for exceptional value.

What I Like

  • Less expensive than the runner-up for the best snowmobile for hauling wood
  • Powerful engine and heavy-duty transmission and suspension
  • Designed for pulling heavy loads
  • Trusted brand name with exceptional value for the price
  • Comes with tons of accessories and comfort/performance/convenience features

What I Dislike

  • Standard hitch is light duty and needs an upgrade for heavy-duty jobs
  • Fuel tank is 2 gallons smaller than some of the max capacity snowmobile fuel tanks at 13 gallons.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile For Hauling Wood

When choosing a snowmobile for hauling wood, there are five considerations to make.

The design of the snowmobile must be heavy-duty, strong enough to bear the weight and strain associated with pulling heavy loads.

It must have enough horsepower and efficient power delivery to the tracks. Traction is essential to make headway in diverse conditions.

The payload weight or onboard weight limits are not as important as the sled’s ability to pull a heavy load.

A strong transmission that can hold up under extreme workouts is vital. The towing capacity that is equal to the estimated weight of the load is also a consideration.

Most utility snowmobiles can tow between 1,100 to 1,500 pounds of cargo in a sled accessory hooked to the snowmobile via a hitch.

1 – Utility Snowmobiles Are Best For Hauling Wood

Utility snowmobiles feature a more robust design and stronger suspension that makes them better choices for hauling wood and other heavy cargo.

They are the heavy-duty models within a brand that have increased towing capacity over other snowmobile types.

2 – Snowmobiles With Wide Tracks Have A Higher Towing Capacity

Played on Ice experts confirm that snowmobiles with larger tracks have the best towing capacity.

Choose a snowmobile in the utility class with the widest possible tracks between 20 to 24 inches for maximum traction and heavy-duty weight capacity.

Tracks that grip ice and deep snow are assets when pulling a load.

3 – Heavy-Duty Frame And Suspension Design Is Necessary

It’s essential to choose a snowmobile that is designed with a heavy-duty frame and suspension for hauling heavy wood across trails.

The components must have the capacity to bear up under the strain of heavy loads without sustaining damage.

It’s wise to compare these components among the various brands and models to find the most capable.

4 – Engine Power Is A Factor In Towing Capacity

You might be able to get by with a 500 cc engine in a utility snowmobile for hauling wood, but the bigger the engine size, the better.

Ample power is a requirement for successfully hauling heavy cargo to avoid straining the engine and burning up components, leading to overheating or failure.

5 – The Transmission Is An Essential Component Of Towing Capacity

The transmission works hand in hand with the engine.

Choose a utility snowmobile with a reliable transmission that is high-quality in design and components with a solid track record for heavy-duty capabilities.

6 – Snowmobile Weight

Light snowmobiles may not have the ability to handle heavy tow loads.

While added cargo onboard can help with stability and balance, pulling a heavy load with a lightweight snowmobile can cause the front end to lift, which is a situation you want to avoid.

Experts in the field and seasoned snowmobilers recommend a machine with a body weight of at least 600 pounds for added stability and traction.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Snowmobile For Hauling Wood

Finding specific information about the cargo and towing capacity of snowmobiles can be difficult because not all manufacturers address the issue.

Here are some tips to know what to look for when deciding on a snowmobile that can hold up under the stresses of hauling heavy loads.

  • Consult consumer product reviews to learn more about user experiences with towing for specific snowmobile models.
  • Consider all aspects of the snowmobile design for its capacity for hauling.
  • Choose a reliable brand and model as established by consumer feedback on the product.
  • You need a reliable hitch for hooking up a towing sled to the snowmobile.

Final Thoughts

The best snowmobile for hauling wood is the 2022 Yamaha VK Professional II.

It meets the criteria for a powerful engine, durable and strong 3-speed transmission with reverse, high and low range, and a sturdy heavy-duty suspension.

The large fuel tank and decent fuel economy give it excellent range when pulling a load.

It has all of the features you will need to make it capable of pulling heavy loads with the characteristics of comfort, performance, and convenience for recreational trail riding.

It’s a solid choice for a multifunctional snowmobile.

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