Best Used Snowmobile For Ice Fishing

Best Used Snowmobile For Ice Fishing

Trekking out on frozen lakes for ice fishing is safer and easier with a dependable snowmobile built for the job.

The best-used snowmobile for ice fishing is affordable, powerful, made for ice and deep snow travel, and long-ranged in fuel capacity for all-day treks around wilderness lakes. Its cargo space is large enough to accommodate your fishing gear.

The Ski-Doo Skandic Tundra LT V-800 is the best used snowmobile for ice fishing. The wider tracks make it suitable for ice and the deep snow that collects around lakes in winter. Its 799.9 cc engine has the power to carry up to 2 riders and gear for ice fishing excursions.

What Is The Most Reliable Used Snowmobile


The Ski-Doo Skandic Tundra LT V-800 is a powerful snowmobile equipped with a 799.9 cc, 4-stroke engine, paired with a reliable CVT transmission.

It’s a utility style that is made for hauling a load and traversing across ice and deep snow with ease.


  • Utility Style – The Utility Style makes the Skandic Tundra a strong and capable machine, with ample support and capability as a workhorse.
  • Wide Tracks – The track width is 16 inches, providing an inch of extra traction support over the standard 15-inch models. The Skandic Tundra has an edge for traveling through deep snow and ice surfaces.
  • Two Seats – Two seats make this the ideal choice for taking a partner on a ride or an ice fishing trip. The Skandic Tundra is built for two and strong enough to bear the load.

User Experience

Users recommend the 2009 Ski-Doo Skandic Tundra LT V-800 to riders for dependable transportation to and from ice fishing locations.

It’s a solid and powerful utility snowmobile that has few mechanical issues in its history.

It’s been mentioned in forums as a solid choice for a used utility snowmobile for winter lake access over snow and ice.

Users like the wider tracks because of the additional traction they provide.

Pricing Comparisons

The cost of the Ski-DooSkandic Tundra LT V-800 is $8,799. The model retained its value, similar to Yamaha brand utility snowmobiles.

What I Liked

  • Dealership Warranty – This product comes with a 12-month limited warranty from the dealer for the guarantee that it is in the condition represented by the sales team.
  • Reverse Transmission – The reverse transmission is handy for getting in and out of deep snow and tight places.
  • 9-Gallon Fuel Tank – The 9-gallon fuel tank carries plenty of fuel for longer trips around the lake.
  • 2-Seat Model – The Sku-doo Skandic Tundra LT V-800 is a 2-seat edition with room for an additional passenger/fishing partner and riding partner for trails.
  • Versatility – The Ski-Doo Skandic Tundra is a powerful utility snowmobile that is versatile for accessing remote lakes in ice and snow, riding up steep mountain trails, and for use in everyday applications. It is powerful enough to pull a sled with gear for hunting and fishing excursions.

What I Disliked

  • Front suspension is not adjustable.
  • The liquid-cooled engine vs. fan-cooled.


The LT version of the Ski-Doo Skandic Tundra was upgraded after the 2008 model experienced overheating issues.

The 2009 edition has applied fixes that resolved the issue for a smokeless, and quieter running machine.

How To Choose The Best Used Snowmobile For Ice Fishing

The goal is to buy a used snowmobile that is a value for the cost that will meet your needs for ice fishing.

The best snowmobile for ice fishing will carry the weight of you and a passenger, all the fishing gear, and get you safely to your destination and back.

A few factors figure into the scenario to consider before deciding on the brand and model.

Let’s look at the most important details to think about.

1 – Reliability

Yamaha utility snowmobiles are the most reliable. It’s not the cheapest brand, nor the least expensive to repair, but it is durable and holds its value because of the quality of materials, design, and engineering.

Other top brands are also quality sleds, and although they didn’t make the cut for number one, they are still reliable machines.

2 – Brand

The best-rated snowmobile brands are Yamaha, Ski-Doo, Polaris, and Arctic Cat. Each has its pros and cons, depending on the model and user experiences with individual machines.

Yamaha is known for its durability and value retention. Polaris is a premium brand with high user acclaim and popularity for its wide range of features, quality, and available models.

Ski-Doo is in league with the original snowmobiles created by Bombardier, with a solid reputation for quality and consumer appeal.

Arctic Cat has a reputation for reliability and a strong following of enthusiasts.

You can’t go wrong with any of these top brands if the snowmobile is in good condition and has been taken care of.

3 – Pricing

Used snowmobiles are like any other recreation vehicle when it comes to pricing.

Buying from a dealership generally assures that the sled has been gone through and is in sound working condition.

When you buy from a private party, you must take their word that the vehicle is in proper running condition.

In short, you don’t know what you’re getting unless you buy from a trusted friend. The best way to get a good deal on a used snowmobile is to compare the prices.

Arctic Insider, recommends evaluating the value of a used sled by its condition, year, mileage, and features.

Consider the performance features, including engine size, any customizations, fuel tank capacity, track width, storage/towing capacity, and any other features that are relevant to your needs for ice fishing.

Fan-cooled sleds are usually a little more expensive because they’re recommended over liquid-cooled for ice fishing and similar activities.

You can go online to compare the asking price of a sled with others on the market to gauge if the asking price is fair.

4 – Maintenance

There are two considerations when it comes to the maintenance of a used snowmobile.

If you’re buying a used machine, make sure the previous owner has kept up on the maintenance required to keep it in sound running condition.

Ask about any replacements or maintenance schedules to ensure the sled has been kept up to lessen wear and tear on the engine and other components.

It’s unwise to purchase a sled that’s been neglected or abused. It won’t last long and you’ll need to make costly repairs.

The second consideration is the cost of maintenance for the snowmobile brand and model.

Can you make the repairs yourself? Are the replacement parts still available for purchase?

5 – Load Capacity

The load capacity is the combined weight of the passenger(s) and the cargo. It also includes the total amount of weight that the snowmobile can pull if you hitch a trailer on the back for your gear.

Some sleds can pull up to 1,500 pounds total weight including the passengers.

Pay attention to the load capacity because exceeding the limits can impact performance and damage the engine and other components.

You need a machine that can bear the weight of passengers and gear without placing too much stress on the engine.

6 – Tracking Dimensions

A wide track gives you better traction on icy surfaces with combination drifts of deep snow. The average width of a snowmobile track is 15 inches.

Some brands manufacture models with tracks up to 24-inches wide. The wider the track, the wider the snowmobile.

You don’t need the widest track for traction on ice, and deep snow, but extra width gives you improved traction.

7 – Safety

Snowmobile safety starts with ensuring that the sled is in working condition and equipped with the necessary features for your safety when ice fishing.

Working headlight and taillight provide illumination and let others see you.

Ample power and performance capacity for the terrain, and load, with a large enough fuel tank to get you there and back prevent you from becoming stranded in freezing conditions.

Storage space or a sled to pull equipment and food/drink is necessary in case you get stuck.

A powerful, reliable snowmobile lessens the odds of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

8 – Fuel Capacity

Snowmobiles come in a range of tank sizes and fuel economies. It pays to know how much fuel a sled can hold and how many miles per gallon it averages before you take it out on a long ride.

Each model is different, but most brands offer models that hold between 9 to 12 gallons of fuel.

The fuel economy rating can range from 8 to 25 mpg. A snowmobile can go as little as 70 miles on a full tank, up to 300.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Used Snowmobile For Ice Fishing

The best used snowmobile for ice fishing will get you to your destination and back safely.

Before you shop among the used models available, consider your needs in line with basic safety requirements for the full enjoyment of your ice fishing trip.

  • Research current values and compare prices for the best value for the cost
  • Assess the condition of the snowmobile before you buy
  • Your safety depends on a snowmobile that has the necessary equipment and features with ample power, fuel storage, load/towing capacity, traction, storage space, and reliability

Final Thoughts

The best snowmobile for ice fishing is the 2009 Ski-Doo Skantic Tundra LT V-800.

The powerful engine can pull the weight of two passengers, plus pull a sled carrying the necessary equipment for ice fishing and personal safety and protection items.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for the best snowmobile for ice fishing is to ensure that the sled is in good running condition, reliable, and equipped with safety and other features.

Reliability and power are essential, but the wide tracks like those in the Skantic help navigate terrains from deep snow to ice.

A powerful utility snowmobile with reverse gear comes in handy for getting in and out of rugged winter terrain, and it can help get you to your destination and back home safely.

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