How To Wheelie A Snowmobile

How To Wheelie A Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are more than just transportation. You can do all sorts of cool tricks like jumps and wheelies if you’re willing to take the time and effort to learn how they work and make some adjustments to your sled.

How do you wheelie a snowmobile? I will walk you through it step by step and explain how it works for different models, plus I’ll suggest the best model for doing wheelies.

To pop a wheelie on a snowmobile, stand on the back of the footrest area, lean forward, and give it gas. Then shift your weight back and pull up and back on the handlebars. In order to wheelie a snowmobile, adjustments will need to be made to the suspension.

How To Make A Snowmobile Wheelie

Making your snowmobile wheelie is all about balance and timing. You need a fair amount of familiarity with your machine before you try an advanced trick like this.

Additionally, I strongly recommend only popping wheelies when you have other people with you in case anything goes wrong.

Find a friend to learn with, or at least someone willing to be a spotter and hang out while you work on it.

Although you can learn to wheelie on flat ground, starting on an upslope hill may help you achieve your first wheelies.

The machine will already have its nose up, making it easier to lift. Make sure you’re not headed downhill, as this will make things incredibly difficult.

Follow the steps below to wheelie your snowmobile:

  1. Head toward the peak of your small hill at a moderate speed. It’s important not to try and hit the apex going too fast.
  2. Shift your feet back as far as they’ll go comfortably. You’re about to stand up as the skis lift and use your body weight to help get that front end in the air.
  3. Briefly let off the throttle, then give it some power to help lift the skis. You want to be near the top of the hill and try to time it, so you lift as you go over the peak.
  4. As you throttle and hit the peak, use your body weight to shift everything to the back end and lift your skis. Be careful how you lift. Use your leg muscles to avoid injuries.
  5. Hold your throttle and your front end up for a few seconds.
  6. As you let off the throttle, the snowmobile will naturally start to drop its skis back down. Let it happen naturally.

If you’ve done everything right, you should be able to hit the wheelie easily.

However, if you want a visual demonstration of the process to help give you a better idea of how it works, I recommend this videofrom sledder mag.

They do an excellent job explaining it and show you a great view of what it looks like from the outside.

How Do You Set Up Suspension For Wheelies

Setting up your suspension for wheelies is relatively straightforward. So long as you’re familiar with how your sled works and the names of the parts, you should be able to handle these adjustments at home.

Follow the steps below to make your snowmobile into a wheelie machine.

  • Change your track out for a 2″ if it doesn’t already run one. A wider track will help you get traction and forward motion with the skis off the ground.
  • You’ll want to tighten up the belt deflection as well. Amsoil explains, “To adjust the belt, loosen the jam nut on the secondary clutch using an Allen wrench. Turn the adjuster counterclockwise to draw the sheaves together. Grab ahold of the belt and roll it through the primary and through the secondary. You’ll see the belt rise in the secondary sheaves, which causes it to tighten.”
  • Let out limiter straps underneath the sled 1 to 2 holes or more. More play helps with the transfer, but it will also make steering more difficult, so I recommend trying different settings to find what works best for your sled model.
  • Next, adjust your front and rear torsion springs as soft as possible.
  • Set your center shock all the way up.

How Do You Make A Ski Doo Rev Wheelie

Ski Doo Revs are trail sleds. They are designed for ski stability on the ground so you can take corners more safely.

To adjust this model for wheelies, you need to uncouple the suspension by removing the coupling blocks.

You will also want to add plenty of studs to your track for better traction and reduce the preload on your rear shock.

Otherwise, the physical process is the same as in other models. However, wheelies are easier on racing sleds, so you may want to consider a different model.

How To Make A Polaris Assault Wheelie

To improve a Polaris Assault wheelie, you can change the gears for something at the low end.

Doing this will give you plenty of engine power but less speed to handle the tricky stunts like wheelies.

Additionally, consider changing your clutch weights for something lighter to go easy on the engine and hit higher RPMs faster or heavier to increase your shifting speed.

How To Wheelie An Old Snowmobile

Doing a wheelie on an old snowmobile is the same as on newer models. The big difference comes in terms of access to the various parts you need or want to adjust.

The long and short of it is that older models are easier to work on, and the components are readily accessible.

Although you need the same settings and adjustments, it will take less time on an older mechanical model as opposed to a newer electric one.

Best Snowmobile For Wheelies

There are plenty of good sleds for wheelies, but I recommend the 2023 Polaris 850 INDY XCR 128.

In addition to being high-quality, reliable machines, the Polaris line is classic and well known for its ability to achieve and hold wheelies.

The impressive sleds are often used in races, so you’ll have plenty of power at your disposal. More importantly, the handling is top-notch.


  • Engine: 850 Patriot
  • Front Shock: WER® 2″ Velocity Hi-Lo
  • Front Suspension: Matryx Front Suspension
  • Front Track Shock: WER® 2″ Velocity Hi-Lo
  • Rear Track Shock: WER® 2″ Velocity Hi-Lo
  • Track Width/Length/Height: 15 x 128 x 1.25 Ice Ripper XT, 15 x 128 x 1.35 Cobra, 15 x 128 x 1.6 Cobra

The high-end Polaris Indy XCR line will get its skis off the ground with no trouble once appropriately adjusted. Plus, these are exclusive Snow Check models, so you can customize them.

Check out what the 2023 Polaris 850 INDY XCR 128 has to offer by clicking right here.

Helpful Tips To Know About How To Wheelie A Snowmobile

Your first few wheelies may feel awkward, and you might have trouble getting those skis up. However, you’ll never want to stop once you feel the rush.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about how to wheelie a snowmobile.

  • Always ensure you’re in deep enough snow before attempting a wheelie in a snowmobile. If the powder is too shallow, you’ll dig in far enough to hit the ground because of the weight. Shoot for at least 6-8 inches of coverage.
  • Remember that while a snowmobile needs to move quickly, you do not need to run at maximum speed to do a wheelie. It’s more about finesse and power to pull upward than excessive forward motion.
  • Never goose your snowmobile to a higher speed during a wheelie, or you’ll risk overbalancing and falling backward. Instead, maintain your pace.
  • It (almost) goes without saying that doing wheelies on a snowmobile is dangerous. Professional supervision is a smart idea. Please be careful and understand that you do this at your own risk. I suggest buying good insurance for your body and the sled. It won’t stop an accident, but it may help fix you or your snowmobile after a crash.

Final Thoughts

Doing wheelies in a snowmobile is a real rush, but some risks are involved. It would be best if you practiced in deeper snow, near home, with a partner or someone experienced.

Learning how the balance works is vital before trying it out in the wild. Additionally, you’ll need to adjust the sled before it’s ready to do tricks like this.

With the right snowmobile and a few minor changes to the suspension, you can get that front end up and have a great time showing off your new skill.

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