How To Catch Koi Fish In A Pond

How To Catch Koi Fish In A Pond

Koi fish live for centuries if the conditions are right. The oldest known koi, Hanako, was 226 years old when she died.

It’s even common in Japan for koi to be passed down as family heirlooms, so you know they’ve learned a trick or two by the time you see them in most Koi ponds. So how do you catch a koi fish in a pond?

The simplest way to catch a koi fish in a pond is to drain the pond of water. If you need to leave the pond intact, you can use a Seine or large net to drag the pond to capture the koi. For shallow or smaller ponds, you can use a fishing pole and net to catch koi fish.

How Do You Catch Koi In A Pond

There are several methods for catching koi in a pond. Draining the pond is always the easiest way to go. However, some ponds don’t have convenient drains holes. Other times you may not want to damage other fish or ornamental plants that share the space.

The list below details several good ways to catch koi.

  • Drain and Scoop – If the pond in question is ornamental, and you are fortunate, you can drain it. However, please do not simply allow all the water to drain out, killing the fish. Ideally, you want to leave about three inches of water. This is enough that the fish will have a hard time escaping, but it can still breathe. You can then scoop your koi into a prepared container or net it up and drop it inside.
  • Net – The scoop net method works well for small, contained ponds. These can be in the wild or a garden. Either way, the net is used to scoop up the fish. You may need to spend some time wading in the water actually to catch the koi, but as long as it has nowhere to go, it will eventually tire out or get unlucky, and you’ll have a koi.
  • Pick It Up – Some koi, like other animals, are simply less afraid of humans than others. You may be able to reach down and scoop up the fish with your hands. Despite their size, koi bones aren’t very strong, and most adults can hold one firmly enough to transfer it. Koi are inquisitive, and they can jump, so you’ll need a container that closes if you want to keep them alive.
  • Go (Pole) Fishing – Koi is an ornamental species of carp that originally came from China, where they kept them in the rice paddies. Like all fish, you can hook them with a little bait and a fishing pole if you have the patience. However, this can hurt the fish.
  • Seine – Using a weighted net to cover a larger area is great for mostly clear ponds. However, if there are many ornamentals, more fish than you want to catch, or other hindrances like underwater logs and features, this method may be less effective.

What Is The Best Bait For Koi Fish

Koi fish are omnivores. They like vegetables and even breadcrumbs as much as meat. However, if you are going to fish for them traditionally, you’ll need a bait that appeals to carp—Koi, like anything that creates drag in the sand like spinners.

I recommend the Kpapd Fishing Bait Kit from Amazon. This 375-piece set is outstanding for getting the attention of carp, and it should also lure in your reluctant koi. With options like corn kernels, flies, and more, you can find the right snack for any picky fish.

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Koi eat bugs, crustaceans, smaller fish and fish eggs, larvae, plants, and seeds in nature. Lures that resemble these prey items will be the most likely to entice.

However, koi are also naturally inclined to check out new natural materials and often eat them. Because koi are fairly smart, and can even learn tricks, don’t expect the same lure to work in the same pond for very long.

What Do You Use To Catch Koi Fish

You can use a fishing pole and net to catch koi fish. However, a sock net is a better choice for shallow and smaller ponds. Especially if you don’t intend to eat the Koi, this will help prevent them from getting hurt.

If you have several days, it is easy to lure these curious fish in with bread. Since they are omnivores, a little starch certainly won’t hurt them. Koi also enjoy lettuce leaves.

By taking the time to draw the fish to you, you can ultimately make Koi fishing very quick and easy with just a sock net and good reflexes.

The Koi Pond Fish Transport Mesh Sock from the Pond H2O store on Amazon is a great way to catch and transport live koi.

The rubber handle makes a great grip even when wet. Plus, the 48-inch-deep net has a twelve-inch diameter opening to scoop up even the largest koi easily.

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Koi are edible, but they aren’t the best choice for food. Unfortunately, most koi are higher in mercury than other carp. Additionally, you need to clean it carefully, removing both gills and skin before eating the meat.

How To Catch Baby Koi In A Pond

The easiest way to catch baby koi in a pond is with a seine. These weighted end fishing nets hang down vertically.

They are weighted on the outer edge while the top uses floats on the water. When you’ve encircled the baby koi, simply draw the ends together to trap them.

It takes a bit of practice and patience to get this process right, but the basic execution is one anyone can learn.

Since a seine covers a large pond area at one time, it is easier to ensnare the little fish who often don’t see it coming.

Moreover, if they do, once the edges are down, it’s challenging to escape.

Helpful Tips To Know About Catching Koi Fish In A Pond

There are so many ways to catch koi fish in a pond that it’s simple to choose. Look at the size and style of the pond you are fishing in and decide what the most effective tool is for the job.

Here are more helpful tips to know about catching koi fish in a pond.

  • The most adventurous anglers may opt to go bowfishing for koi. Their bright colors and tendency to swirl around in shallow water, kicking up flurries of sand make koi easy to spot.
  • Koi are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity. As pets, it is important to know that these creatures will likely outlive you when properly cared for.
  • If you plan to eat koi fish, keep in mind that their lovely outer skin is also quite tough and unpleasant to eat. The average cook time for koi is around fifteen minutes.

Final Thoughts

Koi fish are bright and curious animals that eat a lot of different things. As a result, they are fairly easy to entice with treats if you need to draw them in.

Once you have the koi, it is simply a matter of choosing the right capture method for your needs. Sock nets and baited poles are superb ways to catch koi, depending on your intent for the fish.

Ornamental display at home or cooked with vegetables, the size of the pond, and the fish help you decide what works best to catch a koi.

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