How Does A Heated Snowmobile Helmet Work

How Does A Heated Snowmobile Helmet Work

A fogged-up snowmobile helmet is a recipe for disaster. Not only is it dangerous, but a cold foggy helmet is pretty miserable to ride in, but fortunately, you don’t have to worry bout that.

Heated snowmobile helmets can clear up your view for safety and make your sled adventures more comfortable. How does a heated snowmobile helmet work?

A heated snowmobile helmet works just like the defrosters on your car’s windshield. An electric current passes from a battery via electrical cords to power embedded defrosters within the helmet. The defroster strips at the top and bottom of the helmet melt condensation on the faceplate into vapor, preventing condensation and keeping your field of view clear.

Snowmobile Heated Helmet

If you are new to snowmobiling or you have only purchased traditional helmets in the past, a snowmobile heated helmet is unquestionably worth looking into.

I strongly recommend wearing only this style for practical reasons. These ingenious helmets are made for damp winter weather to ensure your field of vision remains clear.

Not only will you stay safer, but you’ll also have a more comfortable ride.

Do They Make Heated Snowmobile Helmets

They do make heated snowmobile helmets that keep your visor clear so you can see.

The helmet isn’t heated like a heated jacket or gloves but instead works to keep your faceplate fog and ice-free with small conductive strips.

All snowmobile helmets are insulated, but heated helmets get a little boost of additional warmth from the defroster in the visor.

How Does An Electric Snowmobile Helmet Work

All heated snowmobile helmets are technically electric. The only significant difference is in where the power comes from.

Either you carry a battery pack, or it wires directly into an accessory plug connected to your sled’s battery.

The current from the power source travels up a wire and heats embedded wires or conductive metallic strips on the top and bottom of the visor.

The warmth melts fog and devices the outside, so the visor stays clear.

Plus, as a nice side effect, you get a little added warmth inside the insulated helmet to help keep your face warm too.

How Do You Wire A Heated Snowmobile Helmet

Some snowmobiles come with accessory plugs already installed. In this case, all you need to do is plug the cord from your helmet into that outlet. However, not all sleds have this feature.

Follow these steps to wire a heated helmet to a mechanical (older) snowmobile:

  • Open up the hood and locate your battery.
  • Your red wire goes on the hot connection (positive), and your black wire goes on the negative side.
  • Next, you need to run the wire along the inside of your machine, so it doesn’t flop around loose and break or melt. Please do this by running it straight up the inside edge of the engine case to your instrument panel or vents.
  • Secure the cord every few inches with small zip ties and cut any excess off the ties, so they don’t stick out inside the engine case.
  • If your instrument panel has a place for the plug, then use it. If not, you can run the cord out of a vent or even drill your own hole, depending on your skill level.
  • Now all you have to do is plug in your helmet and check to see that you’ve got power.

Newer snowmobiles are a little harder to work with. Instead of an engine case with a hinge, you will need to remove multiple parts.

Often there are screws, and you may even need to take out internal components to reach the area of the engine you need.

Frustratingly this also varies from model to model and brand to brand slightly, so the process isn’t the same for everyone.

I recommend watching this video from Sometime is Now to get a good overview of this process. The video shows how to install a plug in a 2020 Ski-Doo G4.

Your model may be different, but it’s still a superb visual aid for this model and similar modern snowmobiles.

How Warm Does A Heated Snowmobile Helmet Get

I couldn’t find any manufacturers, seller listings, or reviews that share the temperature of a heated snowmobile helmet.

However, from personal experience with several models, I can tell you the face shield becomes warm to the touch.

Your visor should never be so hot that it burns your skin since you will touch it when you open and close it.

Fortunately, I also couldn’t find a single report of overheated helmets causing problems.

How Long Does A Heated Snowmobile Helmet Stay Warm

How long a snowmobile helmet stays warm depends on the power source. Battery-powered snowmobile helmets generally last for several hours.

A battery might be good for only 2 to 4 hours if it’s small or poorly made. However, a high-quality battery will last eight hours or more.

Wired helmets, on the other hand, will last as long as they have a power source.

Since this style plugs directly into your snowmobile’s accessory outlet, it’s a matter of how long your snowmobile runs.

The power draw is minimal, so they shouldn’t affect your ride time, but you must remember to unplug before you get off the machine.

Best Heated Snowmobile Helmet

Typhoon TH158 Dual Visor Modular Full Face Snowmobile Helmet With Heated Shield
  • Modular snowmobile helmet with drop down tinted sunshield, dual lens heated shield, adjustable breath box and removable chin skirt are included> you'll receive both a single pane face shield for summer use and the dual lens heated shield for winter use.
  • Meets the DOT standard (FMVSS218). We ensure that the helmets we sell meet the DOT standard by having them tested regularly at an independent test facility.
  • Take just a few minutes to measure for size before you place your order and use our size chart (shown in the images). Do not select your size upon the size you have now or worn before. If you measure over the top of any size by even a small amount then the helmet will most likely be tight on you.
  • Size Chart (Circumference of the largest part of your head, usually just above the eyebrows) in inches Small 21 ½ to 22 - Medium 22 to 22 ½ - Large 22 ½ to 23 - X Large: 23 to 23 ½ - XX Large 23 ½ to 24.
  • Typhoon Helmets is an American owned business that has been providing high quality certified helmets for more that 10 years.

Last update on 2024-06-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The best heated snowmobile helmet is the Typhoon TH158 from Amazon. This heated helmet is modular and has a removable breath box.

The typhoon also comes with a retractable sun shield, chin skirt, and easy-to-use actuation button for smooth opening. Typhoons come in multiple sizes and 8 color options.

Kayla says, “We now have three of these helmets and very happy with them. Great price, and the quality is great as well! Seller is easy to work with, and they ship fast.”

Trevor says, “Great helmet for the price. Fits well (maybe runs a hair snug but far from too tight). Comfortable to wear and with the heat shield, no fogging issues. Only negative is the location of the tab to lower the shade visor. It interferes with the radios I put on.”

Typhoon helmets are made from durable ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and are known for their high quality.

Most importantly, the TH158 meets DOT standard FMVSS218 for safety.

Have one shipped to your door fast by clicking right here.

Helpful Tips To Know About How A Heated Snowmobile Helmet Works

Heated snowmobile helmets are like car windshields with defogging strips at the top and bottom.

These use a small electric current to warm up the material of the visor, preventing fog and keeping it warm.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about how a heated snowmobile helmet works.

  • Heated snowmobile helmets use 12 to 14 volts of power. For comparison, that’s enough energy to charge a cell phone, GPS, or LCD screen.
  • Each type of heated snowmobile helmet has benefits and drawbacks. Battery-powered helmets remain warm and fog-free when you exit the snowmobile but depend on a smaller power source. Batteries need charging or replacing. However, a helmet that plugs into the sled will last as long as you ride with no need to worry about power, but they immediately begin to cool when you detach the wires. Unfortunately, you may still deal with chill and mask fog when you are off the snowmobile with this style. To solve this problem, take it off and wear a warm beanie when not riding.
  • Get a piece of heat shrink wrap to prevent your cord on a plug-into-the-sled style heated helmet from accidentally becoming unplugged as you ride. Slide it over the spot where the two cords plug into one another and use a heat gun to shrink it. This will hold your connection secure.

Final Thoughts

A heated snowmobile helmet may sound like a frivolous idea initially, but anyone who’s ever had a fogged helmet can tell you they are beneficial.

Heated snowmobile helmets work by running power to defogging strips like a car window.

The heat is only enough to melt any fog but not enough to cause burns when you touch it, so you stay safe, and your field of vision is clear.

Installation is simple and only requires one cord if you don’t already have an accessory plug in your sled.

A heated helmet is one piece of gear every snowmobile enthusiast should add to their collection.

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