Can Adults Use Trampolines

Can Adults Use Trampolines

Trampolines are used worldwide for entertainment, recreation, and even professional sports training, so they come in a wide variety of sizes and weight limits. Your age should never limit your enjoyment of bouncing.

If you’re in good health or have talked to your doctor, you can probably participate in the jumping fun. Can Adults Use Trampolines?

Adults can also have a fun time while jumping on a trampoline. Regardless of size or style, a trampoline has no age limit, and the weight limits range from 450 lbs all the way up to over 1,000 lbs. Trampolines are great for adults, whether you are healthy or have health concerns.

Are Trampolines Dangerous For Adults

Trampolines are generally considered safe for adults and teens. Children over the age of 6 are also okayed for using these fun bouncers.

However, a few conditions may prevent a few adults from safely using trampolines, so I’ve made a list below to help you determine when trampolines are not safe for adults.

  • It’s not good after spinal or leg injuries, as jumping can cause further damage.
  • When you have broken bones please do not bounce.
  • Pregnant women should talk to their doctors before jumping.
  • Please, do not jump with stitches.
  • If you have torn muscles or ligaments, a trampoline will not help and could cause more harm.
  • When the weather warms up, the material may be too hot, please stay off.
  • Snowy and frozen or hail-covered trampolines are unsafe for use.
  • People with balance issues or other concerns that may interfere with safe operation should consult a doctor first.
  • Do not use a trampoline when on prescription medicines that can make you dizzy or impaired.
  • Finally, those under the influence of alcohol or other drugs should avoid trampolines.

Can Adults Jump On Trampolines

Adults in good health can jump on trampolines. Bouncing is a fun and effective way to exercise and makes a great cardio workout with numerous health benefits.

For example, trampolining can aid in balance and help your lymphatic system.

As Elevate Goodyear Trampoline Park points out, it is also great for your mental health. “You just can’t help smiling when you are on a trampoline. That’s just a fact, but the mental health boost you’ll get from this activity is terrific. So don’t underestimate the power of a fun workout with jumping on a trampoline, just like you did as a kid.”

Do Trampolines Have A Weight Limit

All trampolines have a weight limit. The smallest children’s trampolines hold less than 100 pounds.

Meanwhile, the mega-sized giant trampoline-park versions can easily handle over a thousand pounds.

Please refer to the manufacturer specifications for your specific make and model.

Many trampolines are made with children or lightweight solo jumpers in mind, and there are large trampolines, up to 15 ft, that only hold around 200 lbs.

Below is a chart with some general sizes and weight limits for low to high-quality trampolines.

Trampoline Size To Weight Limit Chart

Trampoline SizeMinimum and Maximum Weight Limit
8 Feet450 lbs or 204 kg
10 Feet600 lbs or 272 kg
12 Feet1000 lbs or 454 kg
14 Feet1000 lbs or 454 kg
16 Feet and Up1000+ lbs or 454+ kg

How Many Adults Are Allowed On A Trampoline

The number of adults allowed on a trampoline depends on their combined weight. For example, a little 8 ft trampoline might only hold 450 pounds.

It may mean one extra-large person or a couple of heavy adults. However, it could also mean four smallish, lightweight adults.

Healthline recommends even fewer jumpers. “Adults should act as spotters for the jumper. Allow only one person on the trampoline at a time.”

What Size Trampoline Is Good For Adults

The minimum size trampoline for adults is smaller than you might think. Exercise trampolines are only a few inches wide.

These indoor styles come with and without bars to help keep you stable, and they often hold only 150-250 pounds.

The small exercise trampoline style is meant for serious workouts rather than playtime and may even have feet that create an incline for the jumper.

Notably, these are not safe for children. However, for a more playful experience, you’ll want a much larger outdoor-style trampoline.

Can Adults Use 8Ft Trampoline

Adults can use an 8 ft trampoline. These are generally the round style and can hold around 450 lbs.

No more than 1-3 adults should jump simultaneously, and only if their combined total weight is less than the trampoline is rated for.

Can Adults Use 10Ft Trampoline

Most adults can use a 10 ft trampoline. However, the size is less the issue here than durability.

An aluminum frame weighs less than steel and may be easier to assemble, but it also holds less weight.

Moreover, the quality of the padding, springs, and jumping surface all vary from one manufacturer to the next. Typically, a thinner material holds less weight.

A Skywalker trampoline, a popular brand for children, will only hold around 175 lbs. That’s fine for some people, but it won’t even safely handle 1 adult in many cases.

It’s essential to read the intended use and carefully check the weight limitations before getting on a trampoline because they can tear.

If you need some incentive to avoid misusing a trampoline, I recommend watching this video from Awesome Tricks and Flips.

You’ll see how easy it is to tear a cheap, misused, outdated, or poorly cared for trampoline.

Best Trampoline For Adults

JINS and VICO 14ft Trampoline
  • Safety is NO.1:Safety always comes top priority. JINS&VICO trampolines comply with ASTM F381, F2225, D638 & AATCC 169 Standard Safety. Trampoline accessories such as enclosure net, padding cover, jumping mat and tubes are labeled with significant warnings to avoid injury, let you and your kids enjoy a happy time carefree.
  • Balance Bar Design: Unique 4 balance bar plus 4 W-shaped legs provide double stability. In addition to the 4 w-shaped legs to evenly support the frame of the trampoline, our upgraded 14 FT trampoline is also specially designed with 4 balance bars to connect every legs, which provide a more even force to make trampoline more stable and prevent trampoline poles from bending or even breaking. Double stability, double security.
  • Superior Bounce & Safe Tests: 1.4MM reinforced type 14 FT trampoline has 80pcs strong galvanized spring, anti-rust and sturdy; EU standard polypropylene jumping mat provides unmatched rebounding force. 14ft trampoline has been impact tested 150,000 jumps. When the impact height is 40CM and test time is 6000 hrs, the trampoline is not abnormal at all. Max capacity: 780LBS.
  • Basketball Hoop & Ladder: The trampoline with a flexible basketball hoop makes jumping and shooting at ease and doubles the pleasure. Attached ladder is convenient for children to climb up and down.More interesting and more convenient. Let your kids stay away from computer games and TV and embrace friendship and happiness.
  • Double Protection Safety Net: 5.74 FT high and 360-degree inside safety enclosure net is made of anti-UV polyethylene that is UV, fade resistant and resistant to tearing. Inside safety net prevent kids from getting hurt by stepping on springs. Double protection provides double security. Let children enjoy the joy of JINS&VICO trampoline.

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The best trampoline for adults is the upgraded JINS & VICO 14 ft, 1.4MM Thickened Recreational Trampoline from Amazon.

This wonderful and highly durable trampoline has it all, and it can take the pressure of adult weight.

The Galvanized steel frame can hold up to 780 lbs and comes with a thick foam pad and a net around the edges.

A sturdy ladder allows easy entry, and the material has been impact tested up to 150,000 jumps.

Meanwhile, you will love the balance bar, safety net, and basketball hoop. Best of all, it complies with ASTM F381, F2225, D638 & AATCC 169 Standard Safety.

Get this outstanding adult-friendly trampoline by clicking right here.

Helpful Tips To Know About Adults Using Trampolines

Trampolines aren’t just for kids. Anyone can enjoy the fun and health benefits regardless of age.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about adults using trampolines.

  • Adults with osteoporosis will be happy to learn that they can join in on the fun. According to, “Jumping helps to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Regular rebounding helps to increase bone density and maintain bone mass for older adults. It is effective in preventing osteoporosis.”
  • Jumping on a trampoline can also help with heart disorders, slow your resting heart rate and help prevent obesity and muscle loss. This is one healthy habit for anyone in the family.
  • If you have spinal issues, joint problems, heart conditions, or other medical concerns, it’s always best to consult with your physician before jumping on a trampoline.

Final Thoughts

Jumping on a trampoline is something you can do at any age. Although you need to check the weight limits and always follow any safety precautions, adults can use trampolines.

There are significant health benefits from regular jumping, but even when it’s just once in a while for fun, your age shouldn’t stop you from bouncing.

Although you should consult a doctor first if you have health concerns, you’ll often find they recommend this as a potential form of therapeutic exercise.

There’s no reason to say no if you want to jump. Enjoy your trampoline.

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