How To Put A Net On A Trampoline The Easy Way

How To Put A Net On A Trampoline

Trampolines are fun for kids and adults who are kids at heart. Safety is just as important as fun, so you need to learn how to put a net on a trampoline too.

To put a net on a trampoline, you first need to secure the net to the top of the pole assembly. For straight poles, hook the straps into the C-type pole caps. For a ring-on-top enclosure, either wrap the straps around the plain pole caps or connect the straps around the arches. Next, secure the bottom of the net using the V-rings of the trampoline mat. Knot the rope to the V-ring that is closest to the zipper and weave it through the net as well as every other ring.

It can be easy to overlook the safety part when you get a trampoline. The fun is addictive, and this tends to draw your focus. However, safety needs to be the priority when you get a trampoline, and a safety net is the best accessory to get.

Many people are uninformed about trampoline nets let alone how to put a net on a trampoline. You need to search for a trampoline that comes with a net. We have the information and guide to help you get it installed easily. 

A net is critical to reducing accidents, injuries, and even death. You can still try those tricky jump moves and acrobatics, but with a safety net, the risks will be reduced, leaving more fun to focus on.

How To Assemble A Trampoline Net Step By Step

The first thing you need to do is to place all parts to be used in front of you. Then you will be assembling the poles first and then securing the net.

Pole Assembly

For straight poles, you need to use the ones that are tapered for the lower poles. For curved poles you will use the curved poles as the upper poles. Clasp the lower enclosure pole into the clamp (rounded end). The rubber cap on the pole needs to be facing downwards.

Once the pole is inserted in the clamp you can now put in the plastic bracket until it reaches the pole. When done, the mark on the lower pole will be aligned with the frame. If your pole does not have any marks, then make sure it is attached 18” below the frame.

You will get two poles per pole. One goes 2” below the frame and the other is attached 2” above the end of the bottom pole. Clasp the leg of the trampoline into the clamp and make sure it is secure using nuts and brackets. Repeat these steps for all poles.

When all poles are securely connected to the legs, cover them with the PVC sleeves and insert the pole caps.

Securing The Net

Secure the net to the top first. For straight poles you will use C-type pole caps and hook the straps into these. For a ring-on-top enclosure, you either wrap the straps around plain pole caps or connect the straps around the arches.

The next step is to secure the bottom of the net. Connect the net to the V-rings of the trampoline mat. Knot the rope to the V-ring that is closest to the entrance zipper. Take the rope and weave it through the net as well as every other ring, moving away from the zipper.

When you reach the other end of the net, secure the rope in the same fashion as you did at the start.

How To Take Apart A Trampoline Safety Net

Taking down a trampoline net is easier than putting one up. Each net will be slightly different, but these will be the general steps to follow.

If the poles are directly attached to the frame you can pop them off easily. Make your way around the trampoline. Lay the poles towards the center of the trampoline to prevent things from getting tangled.

If the net is attached at the bottom, these are the next parts to remove. The net can then be slid off the poles. If there are safety pins at the tops of the poles, undo those first. Put these back in after removing the net so they do not get lost.

Keep the poles and net components together. You can even wrap the poles with tape or put everything together in one bag or storage container. Keep the net itself in good condition by placing it in a cover of some kind.

Trampoline Safety Net

Purchasing a trampoline that comes with a safety net is the best option. Alternatively, if you already have a trampoline, you can buy safety nets on their own too. What matters is that you learn how to put a net on a trampoline.

You may also have a trampoline with a net that you have had for a long time. After some time, the net may need to be re-installed to maintain a high level of safety.

What Is A Trampoline Safety Net

A trampoline safety net is made from a soft, synthetic material, installed around the outside of a trampoline. They are thick and durable and are designed to keep the bouncers safe. The safety net prevents children from falling off and from getting caught in the springs or hitting the frames.

Trampoline accidents occur often as a result of bouncers losing balance and falling. The development of the trampoline safety net makes this activity much safer. 

If you have a trampoline you need to have a safety net. Since their invention, there have been significantly fewer trampoline injuries.

Trampoline Net Parts

The parts you get will vary depending on the trampoline you have. In most cases, they will be similar to the list below as these are the standard items that come with trampoline kits.

  • Upper poles
  • Lower poles
  • Pole caps (these will be either inside, outside, or FG types)
  • PVC sleeves (for inside types only)
  • Enclosure net (on most trampoline models)
  • Rope

Some kits come with a safety pad for the trampoline. If not, you can get these from Amazon for an affordable price. Mats are the best way to cover springs to prevent accidents. 

ACM GLOBAL Trampoline Accessories Safety Frame Pad Blue (Available in 12ft,14ft,15ft)
  • Fits: 12' Round Trampoline, of All Brands
  • Cold Protected
  • Gym-quality 11oz. PVC (Top & Bottom)
  • 0.6-inch Thick EPE Closed-cell Foam Inside for Shock Absorbent Platform
  • 16 Double Tie-downs Available for Easily Securing to or Removing from Trampoline

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If you need replacement pole caps or other accessories, you can also find them at Amazon. Most items are generic to fit all trampolines, just make sure you shop according to the size of trampoline that you have.

You will also need tools. The kits come with specialized tools to use, but you will also want to have these handy:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A spring pulling device to stretch the springs
  • Rubber Mallet for proper spring assembly

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How Much Is A Trampoline Net

Trampoline nets are affordable. There are several brands out there but the top names to look for are:

  • Skywalker
  • SkyBound
  • BouncePro
  • JumpKing
  • Upper Bounce

The average price for a trampoline net will be between $40 and $150. Pricing varies by trampoline net size and brand. Skywalker is the most expensive brand, but it comes with the most renowned reputation. 

Almost all trampoline safety nets are made from polyethylene, so it is a brand that influences price over material used. You can get a reliable, easy to install and safe net at an affordable price on Amazon.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Net for Round Trampoline
  • Safe and Secure: The protective net is compatible with a round trampoline using straight poles or arches. The safety net comes in various sizes to fit on frame sizes with a different number of straight poles or arches. The connection on top of the net is made by enclosing the straps around pole caps or arches. Straight poles or arches provide uniform support to the safety net, keeping it elevated for high jumps. PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY INCLUDES THE NET- OTHER TRAMPOLINE PARTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Boundless Outdoor Fun: The trampoline net attaches to the inside of the trampoline (between the pad and the mat), and the bottom of the net is secured by clips and rope connection, enabling a no-gap enclosure design to prevent injury due to stepping over the springs. This will keep your child indulged in an everlasting bouncing fun
  • High-Quality Material: A joyous outdoor fun without limiting visibility. Trampoline enclosure replacement is crafted from a premium terylene material, which provides excellent integrity against UV rays and sustains all outdoor weather conditions. The dual closure zipper and buckles system enhances the kids’ safe bouncing experience and provides easy entrance and exit
  • Portable and Easy to Assemble: This trampoline enclosure net is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry around. The superior net quality resists wear and tear during assembly and disassembly. It comes with an instruction manual which is easy to understand. The trampoline net is easy to install by following the step-by-step installation instructions. Give a great new look to your trampoline by installing the replacement net in a short time with less effort
  • Multiple Brands Compatibility: This Upper Bounce trampoline safety net is compatible with Little Tikes trampoline model(s): 657078, Bounce Pro trampoline model(s): TR-1806NP-WMC, TR-0128ES-180A, TR-1806SFBK-WMC, TR-0138-180, Zupapa trampoline model(s): Safump 15. Please choose the right trampoline net. Firstly, make sure the trampoline has straight poles or arches around it, and then count the number of poles/arches. Secondly, measure the external frame size (vertically and horizontally)

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Best Trampoline Net

Our top pick for a safe and reliable trampoline net is made by SkyBound and can be found on Amazon. It comes in variable sizes and is suited for most of the top trampoline brands. Straps and ropes are included, and it is easy to install thanks to the 4 arch enclosures. 

The mesh netting of this net is durable and has a zipper entrance for convenience. This net is designed to keep your kids safe and this is exactly what it does. It fits snugly and the material is UV-resistant so sun exposure will not weaken its strength.

What I like:

  • D-straps included (no need to buy them)
  • Durable mesh
  • Convenient zipper entrance
  • Provides safety for kids of all ages

What I don’t like:

  • Poles not included
Replacement Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure - for 12, 14 & 15 ft - Breathable, Tear and Weather-Resistant
  • This replacement trampoline net is specifically designed for 15 foot wide trampoline frames (poles not included)
  • This listing is specifically for a replacement trampoline net only (trampoline, steel poles, or pole caps are not included)
  • Your Trampoline should have an safety enclosure system using straight steel poles with blue pole caps that hold the net using bolts
  • Your trampoline should have a total of six (6) safety enclosure poles
  • The bottom of the trampoline net attaches to your trampoline's frame around the outside of the pad

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Trampoline Net Replacement

If this is a replacement net, you should already have poles from the previous net used. If you need new poles, you will also have to buy those. You can also find these on Amazon, but make sure you buy poles specific to the brand of trampoline you have. 

Unlike nets, poles need to be brand specific. Replacements nets can be generic to fit multiple brands.

Skywalker Trampolines Lower Enclosure Straight Tube Kit
  • SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY: All our products are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed all ASTM standards.
  • MATERIAL: Weather and rust resistant galvanized steel enclosure frame construction.
  • FEATURES: PartNo. 4201 Set of 2 lower enclosure poles. These are the lower section of a two piece enclosure pole. These parts have one squared end that will slide into the socket of the frame.
  • Genuine Skywalker Trampoline component, Three year limited
  • This will ONLY fit the following models: STEC12X.2, SWJD12X.1, SWOP14XWS, SWOP15X, SWOPJD15X, SWOPV17X, SWSA16X, SWOP10X, SWTCS1300, SWTCV15X, LMG-SWOP16B.

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Before you get a replacement net, you can try and fix any holes yourself. The instructions earlier for stitching a hole can serve as a temporary fix. You also need to make sure you get the correct measurement for a replacement net. 

Continue reading to discover all you need to know for getting a replacement safety net.

How To Measure Trampoline For Replacement Net

Before you can get a replacement net, you need to have the right measurements. First you need to identify the enclosure system you have (straight, curved, or arched poles).

To get the measurement for your frame, measure across from one outer edge to the other. Imagine it is a giant clock and you want to measure the diameter between 12 and 6. Then take a second measurement from 9 to 3. 

The average you get from these two measurements give you the size of your trampoline. Make sure you measure the frame and not the mat, as the mat stretches and changes size over time.

How To Secure Netting On A Trampoline

Now you know how to put a net on a trampoline, you need to make sure the netting is secured. The net will attach to the frame with cords. Weave these cords in and out of the bottom of the net. 

Then you weave them in and out of the v-rings on the trampoline mat. You will do this all the way around the trampoline. The net kit will come with the cords needed for this.

How To Thread Trampoline Net

Should your trampoline net get a hole in it, you can choose to fix the hole yourself. You can stitch up the hole using heavy-duty upholstery thread. You also need a special upholstery needle. 

This and the thread can be found in any craft or hardware store. You may choose to stitch up the net as a temporary alternative in the event you cannot get a replacement net.

Create a knot in your thread. You need to make sure the knot is big enough not to slip through the holes of the netting. Then, just weave back and forth with the thread every ½ inch, moving up the hole. 

You can tighten the thread as you go and tie a knot again at the top. This solution will not last forever, but it will keep the safety net intact until you can buy a replacement.

How To Make Your Own Trampoline Safety Net

An alternative option to buying a safety net is to make one. This is easier than you may think. Start by measuring the trampoline to calculate the area of netting you need. 

Multiply the number you get by 10 to get the total dimensions you need for netting. Use this to purchase nylon netting.

Get some wooden stakes and place them at even intervals around the trampoline. Hammer them into the ground 18 inches in depth. Use a spirit level to make sure the stakes are level. They also need to be as close as possible to the trampoline edge.

Wrap three feet of string around the first stake and run through the edge of the nylon netting you bought. Secure this around the top of the stake and then repeat in the middle and bottom of the stake. This makes sure the netting is secure.

Stretch the netting to each post so it is taut and secure it to each stake in the same manner. When you get to the last stake, secure the netting the same way at the top and middle only. This allows you to access the trampoline from underneath.

Helpful Tips On How To Put A Net On A Trampoline Easily

Following our guide, you should be able to get a safety net installed for your trampoline easily. Measurements are the most important part to getting a replacement or new safety net. The helpful tips below will make sure you get the right measurements.

  • Make sure the size of the net matches the frame size
  • Make sure the number of poles or arches with the net matches the amount of your trampoline.
  • Make sure the height of the net matches the height of your existing poles or arches.

Final Thoughts

Trampolines provide hours of fun and exercise. They are perfect for outdoor fun for all ages. Sadly, trampoline accidents and injuries have been too common. This is easily avoided with the installation of a safety net.

Our guide will help you find the best safety net as well as replacements if you ever need one. You also know how to put a net on a trampoline now too. A trampoline should be fun, and you want to know your kids are safe and sound.

With the best trampoline nets installed, you can relax while the kids have fun. Or, jump in on the fun yourself.

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