Best Wiffle Ball Bat For Outdoor Fun: Top 10 (Buyers Guide)

Best Wiffle Ball Bat

With summer coming upon us it’s time to play outside and we’ve put together a collection of the 10 best Wiffle ball bats for outdoor fun.

Wiffle ball bats have changed over the past decade. Instead of the large yellow plastic bats, there are more choices available to improve your game. The best Wiffle ball bats are comfortable to hold and they are heavier to hit the ball even further than before.

CategoryWiffle Ball Bat
Top Pick Wiffle Ball BatFranklin MLB Pro-Elite Thin Bat Swing Trainer
Best Budget Wiffle Ball BatChampion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat
Runner Up Wiffle Ball BatChampro Plastic Bat/Poly Ball Combo
High Quality Wiffle Ball BatChampion Sports Ultra Bat Set
Large Bat Wiffle Ball BatFranklin Sports MLB Oversized Foam Baseball Bat and Ball Set
Wiffle Ball Bat For ToddlersCeleMoon Super Safe Kids Foam Baseball Bat Toy
Custom Wiffle Ball BatLiberty Imports Pack of 6 Baseball Bat and Ball Combo Set Telescoping Bats
Heavy Duty Wiffle Ball BatMAC-T Heavy Duty Plastic Giant Bat
Metal BatWilson Sporting Goods Vapor
Best Wiffle Ball Bat SetBest of Best Wiffle Bat and Ball Combo

We’re going to look at the 10 best Wiffle ball bats on the market today and if you haven’t played in years, you’ll be surprised at the changes that have evolved. 

Wiffle ball bats are made of improved materials and the design has changed dramatically, making them more comfortable to hold, and giving you more power directed at the ball for longer hits.

What Is A Wiffle Ball Bat

A Wiffle ball bat is a lightweight bat that is made to hit a light Wiffle ball. The bats are typically no more than 2.75 inches in diameter at the thickest part, and they measure a maximum of 42 inches long. The weight of a Wiffle ball bat is 36 ounces at most for the better bats.

How Are Wiffle Ball Bats Made

The manufacturing process has changed throughout the years and some brands have their own unique patented process. 

The plastic raw material is heated and then injected into forged dies. As the molds heat up, more plastic is added. This gives the bats additional strength to help avoid easy denting and flattening at the impact point.

The Moonshot Wiffle ball bat is made with an inner core of thin carbon fiber and completed with an outer shell made of flexible carbon, spectra, and keylar. 

The manufacturers wrapped the neck of the bat in carbon to make it firm yet flexible to improve durability and maintain lightness.

As we review each brand and model of Wiffle bat we discuss the particular materials used by the manufacturer. They vary from one brand to another. 

Manufacturers are constantly improving their technology processes and materials to develop a superior Wiffle ball bat, and this gives you a wide range of choices when looking for the best Wiffle ball bats.

How Long Is A Wiffle Ball Bat

Wiffle ball bats vary in their length, depending on the manufacturer. The standard size is set at 36 inches, but they come in a variety of lengths. The average length is in a range from 27 inches through 36 inches.

Wiffle Ball Bat Designs

Wiffle ball bats come in a variety of designs. The most recent versions offer a thinner design that is good for precision training. You can still find quite a few of the larger bat-head sizes which makes it easier to make contact with the ball. Most maintain their traditional lightweight.

Some Wiffle ball bats are made of metal alloys that are designed to be light, but most are made of plastic materials. We’ve also seen some great versions offered in foam covering. 

The better-quality designs feature a strong inner core that are covered with plastic or foam materials, to help prevent damage to the bat during hard hits.

Wiffle Ball Bat Buyer’s Guide

People of all ages enjoy playing Wiffle ball. This is a versatile game that can be used for toddler fun, for adult fun or for serious hitting practice drills.

Determine The Purpose

Before you buy a Wiffle ball bat, consider what you’re going to use it for. Is this for practicing baseball drills, or is it for a toddler? This will help you to figure out which type of Wiffle ball bat is the best choice for your situation.

Consider The Quality

There are a variety of Wiffle ball bats on the market today. Some are made of cheap plastics that tend to crack and dent easily. Others are made of more durable materials with a strong inner core, for extended use.

Think About The Cost

Wiffle ball bats come in a broad price range from a few dollars to as much as $50 for the best quality. 

If you’re buying a bat for a 3-year-old to work on hand and eye coordination, get a quality bat that will hold up, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a safe bat for toddlers.

Compare The Features With The Bats

The best Wiffle ball bat is the one that offers the most features that you’ll find useful. For example, if you play every day it’s best to go with a model that has a strong inner core and that is resistant to cracking and denting. It may cost a bit more, but it will be worth it in the long run.

If you’re a teacher or youth director, you may benefit from buying a set of Wiffle ball bats that has 6 bats so more kids can use them at one time. This is especially important if you’re planning Wiffle ball relays or games.

Top 10 Best Wiffle Ball Bats

We’ve chosen the top-rated Wiffle ball bats on the market today for your consideration. 

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about each choice including the outstanding features that make it a good choice, why we chose it, what’s good about it, and what the downsides of the product are.

You’ll also find details about the manufacturer’s specifications and learn about what materials were used and how this contributes to the overall performance of the bat. 

We’ve kept the choices varied so you can learn important facts about each bat, including differences that can affect performance so you can make an informed choice.

1. Franklin MLB Pro-Elite Thin Bat Swing Trainer – Top Pick

Our top pick is the Franklin MLB Pro-Elite Thin Bat Swing Trainer on Amazon. This bat is one of the most durable with a unique construction of aluminum material that maintains a lightweight. This helps to prevent cracking or denting of the bat during Wiffle ball play.

This bat is 30″ in length with a 1/18″ bat barrel and the design makes it possible to make more swings before experiencing fatigue. It’s an ideal trainer but it’s also good for real play. The PU bat grip makes it easy and comfortable to keep a good tight grip on this bat.

This bat is one of the highest-rated by reviewers for its outstanding performance. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys playing Wiffle ball or who wants to train with plastic balls.

What I like:

  • This bat has a nice grip
  • It’s a great training bat for anyone 9 years old and up
  • Excellent quality for the price

What I don’t like:

  • The balls that come with the set are a little too light

This is one of the best values for the price that we’ve seen. The Franklin bat is high quality and it’s made to hold up for the entire season.

This is a huge benefit when it comes to Wiffle ball bats which tend to flatten, crack, or dent after a few uses. We like the innovation of design in this model.

2. Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat – Best Budget

The best budget Wiffle ball bat is the Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat on Amazon. This is ideal for anyone who plays Wiffle ball on a regular basis because it’s a solid plastic bat. 

It still offers a lightweight and safe alternative to wood and aluminum with more durable plastic construction.

It’s made to last from one season to the next even when used every day.

This bat is 31″ in length and it is made with a molded handle that is comfortable to use and allows you to maintain a tight grip. This gives you more control over the bat for stronger hits.

What I like:

  • Ridges built into the handle make it easy to hold
  • Great bat for indoor practice
  • The materials are durable, and it’s made with the correct proportions for play

What I don’t like:

  • It doesn’t hold glue or tape well so you can’t modify the bat easily

This is our choice for the best budget Wiffle ball bat because of its low price and great features. It’s durable for the cost, and we like the ridged handle that lets you get a good strong grip on the bat.

3. Champro Plastic Bat/Poly Ball Combo – Runner Up

The runner up for the best Wiffle ball bat is the Champro Plastic Bat and Ball Combination Set on Amazon. This is an attractive black and white set that is an ideal starter set for people of all ages. It comes with everything you need to start training and learning the game.

The price is reasonable for the quality of this set. Both are made of durable and strong poly material. 

One of the most outstanding features of this bat is the wrapping around the handle that makes holding the bat more comfortable, and it gives you a superior gripping ability. This gives you more control over the bat for harder swings and hits.

What I like:

  • Innovative handle with wrapped feature
  • This bat is made to hold up under frequent use
  • It comes with balls made of the same material as the bat

Although this new model Wiffle ball bat has not yet been reviewed by others, we really like the strong materials that it’s made of. We expect reviews to come in high because of the quality of the build of this bat. This is a set that people of all ages can use.

4. Champion Sports Ultra Bat Set – High Quality

Champion Sports Ultra Bat Set on Amazon is a set of 6 Wiffle ball bats that you can buy for a low price. It’s an exceptional value for a variety of bats that are 30″ in length. They come in 6 different colors.

This set is ideal for anyone who plays with several players for training or active play. You won’t run out of choices with this set.

The outstanding features are the durable plastic construction that makes them hold up under hard hits.

This set is great for training and helping kids to develop hand-eye coordination. The handle is comfortable and made for holding and maintaining a good strong grip. These bats are ideal for relays and other games.

What I like:

  • Great for P.E. teachers to use in the gym
  • Lightweight and perfect for kids to work on their swing
  • Quality bat set for groups

What I don’t like:

  • Some users think the bats are too light

Champion Sports Ultra Bat Set is one of the best sets we’ve seen for use in groups of 6. It’s good for kids and adults. 

These are very light bats so even younger kids can enjoy using them and working on their hitting skills to enhance hand and eye coordination. It’s a great value for the low cost.

5. Franklin Sports MLB Oversized Foam Baseball Bat and Ball Set – Large Bat

Franklin Sports MLB Oversized Foam Baseball Bat and Ball Set on Amazon is our pick for the best large Wiffle Ball bat sets because of its high quality and low price. 

It’s available for cheap price and this huge foam bat is made of soft rubber foam for the barrel with a blow-molded type inner core. This makes it stronger and more durable.

It’s ideal for kids who are learning to play softball or for those who enjoy playing Wiffle ball. This is an official MLB licensed product and it comes with the Major League Baseball logos on both ball and bat.

It gets a high rating for performance and durability. This bat can be used for kids age 3 and up through upper teens.

What I like:

  • The foam helps prevent shoulder strain and injury
  • The size makes it easier to hit the ball
  • A strong bat that holds up well

What I don’t like:

  • The colors shown in advertisement aren’t always the colors you receive

This is one of the most unique sets that we’ve seen. We like the official MLB sanction for this set which sets it apart from the others as an outstanding feature.

6. CeleMoon Super Safe Kids Foam Baseball Bat Toy – For Toddlers

We love CeleMoon Super Safe Kids Foam Baseball Bat Toy on Amazon because it comes complete with a safe foam baseball bat and 3 balls are included. 

It even comes with a portable carrying bag. It is made for kids age 3 and up and it’s the ideal choice for toddlers who are working on their hand and eye coordination.

This set gets good ratings for its safety and durability, and it’s available for good price. Both bat and balls are made of soft foam which is ideal for toddlers. It can be used indoors and outdoors

What I like:

  • Great set for adults to play with kids
  • The larger size makes it easier to hit the ball
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination

What I don’t like:

  • Some bats cracked with use by older kids

We love this set for toddlers because it comes with everything that you need to enjoy quality time with your toddlers. The carrying bag that comes along with the set makes it perfect for traveling.

7. Liberty Imports Pack of 6 Baseball Bat and Ball Combo Set Telescoping Bats – Custom Bat

Liberty Imports Pack of 6 Baseball Bat and Ball Combo Set Telescoping Bats on Amazon is a set of 6 telescoping bats that measure 27 inches in length when fully extended. They’re one of the best custom sets we’ve seen, earning a high rating.

These are great for anyone who likes to take play equipment along for their travels. The design allows you to reduce the bats to a compact size for easy storage and carrying when you’re traveling.

This set is a great value for a set of 6 bats and balls. They’re the perfect size for smaller hitters and ideal for home, school, or family use.

What I like:

  • Lightweight for kids but adults can use them too
  • Bats are made to lower into a compact size great for travel
  • Unique design

What I don’t like:

  • Bats are a little flimsy and they don’t hit the ball very far

This is an excellent choice for teachers, youth leaders, or parents. It’s a quality set of Wiffle ball bats that comes in an array of colors with plenty of bats and balls to go around for the entire family.

8. MAC-T Heavy Duty Plastic Giant Bat – Heavy Duty

MAC-T Heavy Duty Plastic Giant Bat on Amazon is a remarkable value. The set is made of heavy-duty plastic and it can be used with any Wiffle ball or even softballs.

This is ideal for kids who want to practice their swings. It can be used for T-ball, soft pitch, and Wiffle balls. It’s a great choice for teachers who want to infuse fun into the classroom

This set gets an outstanding rating for its durability and great performance.

What I like:

  • The bats hold up well even when left outdoors in the elements
  • Great when you have a group of kids
  • Different colors are a nice touch for a variety
  • Works for kids from pre-school through pre-teen age

We were impressed with the durability of this set of bats. It’s a great choice for teachers or youth group leaders who want to help kids get some fun exercise and recreation with Wiffle ball relays and games.

9. Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor – Metal Bat

Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor on Amazon is a 31″ metal bat that works great for Wiffle ball. Wilson is a big name in sporting goods. The bat is made of a special alloy construction and it features a synthetic leather fade grip that makes it easy to hold for precision hits.

This is ideal for anyone who wants to train or play Wiffle ball with a durable bat that is resistant to cracking or denting during Wiffle ball play. It’s a bit more expensive, but it will last for years to come.

It can be used with Wiffle ball or regular baseballs safely. This bat has earned a good rating for its strength and performance.

What I like:

  • A great bat that is light to hold
  • Easy to maintain a grip
  • Good for training and holds up with hard hits

What I don’t like:

  • The sweet spot is small

This is a good bat for players who want to finely hone their hitting skills. Although some complain that the sweet spot is small, this durable bat will help improve your game because of that factor.

10. Best of Best Wiffle Bat and Ball Combo – Best Set

Best of Best Brand Wiffle Bat on Amazon comes with a ball for everything you need to start playing. This is a traditionally made thin bat that is 32″ in length. It’s super lightweight coming in at just 0.4 lbs.

This is ideal for purists who prefer to use a thin bat. It gets an above-average rating for its exceptional performance.

What I like:

  • Can be used for Wiffle ball play and for breaking a pinata – versatile
  • The classic design feels retro to the 1980’s
  • Good value

What I don’t like:

  • Needs to be stored indoors because UV rays deteriorate the plastic over time

This is one of the best Wiffle ball bat sets for purists who like a thin bat. It offers a classic design for a low price. This is a good quality bat that has high ratings from previous users.

How To Make Wiffle Ball Bat Better

One of the biggest complaints about Wiffle ball bats is that they are so light that you don’t get much distance when you hit the ball. Another downside is that some have handles that slip down and are hard to hold. There are a few things that you can do to fix these issues.

How To Make A Wiffle Ball Bat Hit Farther

One of the oldest tricks in the book is a simple one. All you need to do is to lightly sand the end of the wiffle ball bat. This gives you a more reliable contact point. 

It creates fractions of seconds more time when contact is made, and it prevents the light ball from being deflected from the main force of the bat for longer distance hits.

Another method is wrapping tape around the sweet spot of a wiffle ball bat. This gives it extra weight and more hitting power.

How To Tape Wiffle Ball Bat

There are great ways to tape a wiffle ball bat. Wrap the heavy-duty tape around the sweet spot. Make sure that there is plenty of adhesive in the tape that you use so it will stick. 

If the surface is too slick, then lightly sand it to give the tape something to grab onto. Wrap the entire area of the sweet spot, but don’t take the tape down too far because it will add too much weight.

Best Tape For Wiffle Ball Bat

The best tape for Wiffle ball bat modification is electrical tape. If you don’t have the electrical tape you can also use duct tape, or any other type that has a strong adhesive. Avoid using tape with weak adhesive because it will come off more easily.

How To Make A Wiffle Ball Bat Heavier

The best way to make a Wiffle ball bat heavier is to wrap it with a heavy tape that has a strong adhesive. This will add extra weight to the bat.

The second way to tape a Wiffle ball bat is to cut a piece of rubber inner tube about the width of the sweet spot. Securely tape the rubber around the sweet spot. 

Make sure to secure both ends with strong tape so it will hold. If you need to scuff the ends to get it to grip, use light sandpaper and sand lightly.

How To Make A Wiffle Ball Bat Have More Pop

The best way to have more pop in a Wiffle ball bat is to buy one with a strong inner core. If you have a lighter bat you will need to modify it to give the center portion strength. The same method that you use for taping rubber inner tubes to the bat is the best way to get better pop.

You can experiment by wrapping the top portion and the middle portion of your bat to see which gives you the preferred hitting action.

How To Cork A Wiffle Ball Bat

Start by cutting the top of the bat off with a hacksaw. Next, load the barrel with the right size of bouncy balls. If you have a big bat, tennis balls will work well, or you can go with the smaller rubber balls for thinner wiffle ball bats.

You can also use ball bearings. Once you will the bat completely, seal the bat tightly using the piece that you cut off. We recommend using duct tape that has a strong adhesive and uses several layers so it doesn’t come undone and become a health risk.

Next wrap the barrel of the bat with several layers of tape but keep them even and smooth. This is how you cork a wiffle ball bat for serious hitting.

Wiffle Ball Bat Drill

A Wiffle ball bat drill is a great way to get extra swings in on a hitting drill. It allows the pitcher to throw more likely strikes to improve hitting and find the sweet spot for familiarity.

Wiffle Ball Batting Practice

The hitter stands about 15 or 20 feet away from the pitcher. This is a great way for the pitcher to throw inside balls, outside balls, and to help the player gauge where the ball is going to be because of the slower pace of the ball and the bat response time.

The pitcher must pitch the Wiffle balls for balls that help the player to work on his weak points. The ball doesn’t go very far and it’s easy to get in as many as fifty swings in a session.

It’s recommended that you take a five to ten-minute break in between drills to rest, then get back at it. Resume the drills working on your weakest points. When you’ve mastered those, move on to other areas of the swing or hitting that need improvement.

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Wiffle Ball Bats

  • Determine what the bat will be used for
  • Compare features to find the most useful for your situation
  • Buy the best quality bat for your budget

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of different Wiffle ball bats on the market today, and this can make it hard to know which one is the best Wiffle ball bat. 

Now that you know what to look for, the best wiffle ball bats are the ones that best suit your preferences and meets your needs. 

We’ve provided a selection of 10 of the top-rated best wiffle ball bats for your consideration and kept the range broad to provide you with one convenient place to browse to save you time and money.

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