10 Best Wiffle Balls For Baseball Practice

Best Wiffle Balls For Baseball Practice

You are ready to play some ball so what are the best wiffle balls for baseball practice? Wiffle balls are a great way to develop and perfect your ball skills and we will make sure you get the right balls for the job.

The best Wiffle balls for baseball practice are the Champion Sports Hollow Balls because they have a 9 inch regulation size circumference for better pitching, batting and throwing, as well as an innovative hollow design that makes it lightweight and very durable. 

As baseball season approaches, many are looking to hone their pitching and batting skills. Or maybe you just want to teach the kids the basics of America’s favorite game. 

Whatever the reason for playing ball, practicing with wiffle balls is a great way to perfect your skills. They are cheaper and ideal for training and drills.

The trouble is that there are so many wiffle balls out there. They come in different sizes and weights so how are you to know which are the best wiffle balls for baseball practice? 

We have done the research for you and put together this guide to help you. We will help you find the best wiffle balls to teach the kids all they want to know about baseball and to enhance those skills. Everyone will be ready for baseball season and everyone will get to play.

Wiffle Balls Buyers Guide

There are a number of wiffle balls on the market. The popularity of using them for baseball practice has them on shelves everywhere. To get the best results you need to have the best wiffle balls for baseball practice and we have the guide to help you get them.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing wiffle balls. We did the research for you and found the top-rated wiffle balls on the market. The list we created for you was based on several important factors which we have listed below for you.


The best wiffle balls must have 8 holes on one side of the ball, while the other side is smooth. The holes impact the resistance by increasing the drag and lowering the mass. 

This allows for a bigger acceleration in the balls. You can get more variety of pitching with wiffle balls that have holes over those that are solid.


Wiffle balls come in several sizes. You want to pick some that are similar to baseballs. For children and those just getting started you can choose a smaller size until you get more comfortable. Never choose a size larger than baseballs or as small as golf balls.

Get A Set

Often you can buy wiffle ball and bat sets. This is ideal for introducing children to the sport. When you buy a set, you can be assured that the ball and bat will be complimentary in size, and this makes it easy to learn pitching and batting. 

Once children get more familiar and confident, you can get them their own bat and look for bulk wiffle balls to play with.

Keep It Colorful

If you plan on playing in a field you want to get balls that are bright white or colorful. When you are practicing, you will likely be hitting balls at random in response to varied pitches. 

Balls can end up anywhere and being brighter colors makes them easier to keep track of. It also helps children to see when fielding and batting when they can see a brighter color.

Top 10 Best Wiffle Balls For Baseball Practice

As mentioned, we did the research for the best wiffle balls on the marker. We want you to get the best for baseball practice and devised the list below for you. 

These are all similar ion shape and size as they should be for baseball practice. Pricing varies as does color so the ones you choose will be based on your preference. 

When you choose any of the wiffle balls from our reviewed and top-rated list, you can be assured that you will have the best out there for honing your baseball skills.

1. Champion Sports Hollow Balls – Top Pick

The top pick of all the wiffle balls we researched are the Champion Sports Hollow Balls on Amazon. You get a pack of 12 for an affordable price and these are all 9 inches in diameter which is perfect for baseball practice. 

These are great for kids to get used to catching and pitching. They are also made from a durable plastic so they can take a big hit without cracking. You also do not have to worry about losing them in the field as they are easy to find.

2. Easton Plastic Wiffle Training Balls – Best Budget

When you need wiffle balls on a budget the best choice is the Easton Plastic Wiffle Training Balls from Amazon. This set of plastic colored wiffle balls are perfect for baseball practice. They are safe and non-toxic as well as dent-resistant. 

The durability will keep these balls around for many practices. The bright color makes them easy to find in any field or yard and they will never split or crack no matter how many times they are hit.

3. Wiffle Ball Original Brand Baseballs – Runner Up

Wiffle Ball Original Brand Baseballs on Amazon are highly recommended for baseball practice. You get 24 so you can get in plenty of practice before you have to go and collect them from the field. 

These are regulation size so you become familiar with baseball quickly and can learn how to throw curve balls like the professionals. The plastic is durable and tough but cannot be hit or thrown great distances. 

They are great for getting children familiar with baseball and learning how to hold the ball.

4. Wiffle Ball Official Size Baseballs

WIFFLE Ball Official Size Baseballs (12 Pack) on Amazon are official wiffle balls for playing wiffle ball or baseball practice. These are the balls chosen by coaches for training drills. 

This pack of 12 is affordable but you can also get larger packs if needed. These balls are lightweight and durable and will not fly too far. You get to see the accuracy of your batting and pitching without losing your balls out in the field. 

Coaches use these Wiffle Balls for their official size and durability as they make great baseball practice tools.

5. Faxco 12PCS Sport Practice Baseball

Faxco 12PCS Sport Practice Baseball set on Amazon has lightweight and durable balls which make it easy to practice for baseball season. The strong poly balls are rotationally molded for added strength, so you do not have to worry about them cracking when hit. 

The force-reducing holes also mean you can practice batting for hours without denting a ball. These are safe and reliable for any practice be it little league or for the toddlers. These are safe for all ages and great for beginners and professionals alike.

6. PowerNet Micro Crushers Limited Flight Training Baseballs

PowerNet Micro Crushers Limited Flight Training Baseballs on Amazon are made from highly durable plastic that is flexible and designed to withstand multiple batting sessions. 

Crushers wiffle balls are a little smaller than the standard baseball size getting you ready for the real thing and they are designed to practice every baseball pitch to perfection. They are limited flight, so you get to see an accurate flight path without ending up with balls all over the field. 

These will not go too far when hit. These should be part of any baseball training kit as they prevent players and coaches from getting injured and are strong enough to take hit after hit.

7. Hot Glove Practice Baseballs

Hot Glove Practice Baseballs on Amazon will give you all the practice you need with 40 balls. From Hot Glove you get reliable and durable balls made to regulation size, so you even learn to catch, pitch, and bat better. 

These are perfect for fun and games and for baseball practice. The uniform spacing of the holes in the ball allow for accurate throwing and precision. 

Coaches and families will love these balls and you will never lose them thanks to their bright orange color.

8. Plastic Play Baseball Size Balls

Plastic Play Baseball Size Balls on Amazon from BSN Sports are colorful, durable, and a great way to practice baseball. These are perfect for teaching younger children the basics of baseball as the bright colors keep them entertained. 

The colors also make it easy to find the balls when you are done. Made from durable plastic, these withstand many hits from a bat, and they will not dent or get damaged easily. 

They are the same size as baseballs so by the time you get to the real game you are already a pro.

9. Easton Training Plastic Baseballs

EASTON TRAINING Plastic Baseballs on Amazon are commonly referred to as incredi-balls. They are soft to the touch yet durable to withstand batting practice. 

The synthetic leather cover is similar to that used on baseballs, so you get a good accurate training. The reduced weight makes training easier than when using real baseballs and there is less risk of injury when training with these balls.

10. Stee-Rike 3 Premium Training Balls

Stee-Rike 3 Premium Training Balls on Amazon are harder than most wiffle balls and are made from a highly durable plastic. They are lighter than baseballs so allow you to practice pitching and batting, but they are harder and closer to the real thing. 

They travel further than traditional wiffle balls acting more like a baseball and they can be used with aluminum bats, unlike other wiffle balls. 

These are ideal for more advanced training once you are comfortable with pitching and batting.

Wiffle Ball Baseball Training

So, you are looking to sharpen your baseball skills. Using wiffle balls is a proven way to enhance baseball batting and pitching drills. It is also a great way for kids to learn the basics for playing baseball.

You can enhance hand-eye coordination and by starting small, you get a better understanding of the basic techniques. Starting with wiffle balls is an easy introduction to the game of baseball. You learn control of the ball when pitching and the opportunity to streamline your swing.

Perfect for kids and for teenagers or adults that want to get better in baseball. Even professionals had to start somewhere, and wiffle ball is a classic introduction to the world of baseball and the best way to be your best at the sport.

Wiffle Ball Baseball Drills

There are several drills you can try with a wiffle ball to get better in baseball. Wiffle balls are cheap and come in varied sizes and weights so they are great for practice and learning skills. 

Wiffle balls are used successfully for players to learn more accurate pitching and for hitting the ball further. The most successful and commonly used drills are discussed below.

Strike Zone Pitching Drill

This will improve your inside swing. The pitcher will be 20 feet from the better and will be throwing underhand. The pitch needs to be aimed at the batter and the coach will watch the batter’s stride and swing. 

Throwing wiffle balls inside, outside, and in the middle of the plate is a great way to watch and adjust hitting stride and swing.

Hitting and Fielding Drill

This is more fast paced and designed to practice both hitting and fielding. Set up areas where you have two fielders and two batters in each spot. 

Fielders need to stay alert because balls will be hit out towards them very quickly. The two batters will be hitting in tandem out into the fielder’s direction. The batters are tested with inside throws, high and low throes, as well as throws into the strike zone. 

The more wiffle balls you have, the more momentum you can keep going. All this time the fielders will have their reflexes extensively trained.

Rhythm Drill

This drill is performed one-on-one. The coach or pitcher needs to stand in front of the batter at a 45-degree angle to the batter. The batter gets into their natural stance when the ball is pitched and takes a swing. 

The goal of the drill is to practice a good swinging position, placing weight on the back foot as the bat is followed through. This is a challenge with wiffle balls because they travel towards the batter much faster than a baseball. 

If they are able to develop a stance and swing with the wiffle balls, they will be more experienced and accurate when baseballs are used.

Wiffle Ball Baseball Pitch

The wiffle ball is plastic and has holes on one side but smooth on the other. The angle of the holes will affect how the ball moves through the air and whether it curves or not. 

Practicing pitching with wiffle balls allows you to develop your pitches and practice until you get one just right.

When you are throwing basic pitches, your finger and thumb position on the wiffle ball determine direction and speed. For a slider, you want the holes to the right (for a right-handed pitcher). 

Form a “C” with your index and middle fingers and your thumb. Right-handed pitchers will rotate the ball so the holes go to the right, and it will go to the left for left-handed pitchers.

For a screwball the holes need to go to the opposite side from your pitching hand (to the left for right-handed pitchers). Create the same “C” shape to start and place your hand over the ball to cover all the holes. The ball needs to slide off of your fingers to give it a spin as you release it.

For a straight fastball, the holes on the ball need to be pointed upwards. Your index and middle fingers will go between the spaces between the holes on the ball. 

Your thumb goes on the smooth side of the ball to form a “C” shape again. Your grip needs to be loose. Your ring finger should barely graze the ball as you pitch.

The last pitches most commonly used are risers and sinkers. For a riser pitch make the same “C” shape as you did for the slider, but make your fingers run parallel to the ground. 

Your pinky and ring fingers are kept to the side and right before the ball is released, snap the wrist to create the rise. For a sinker, you hold the ball in the same way as a rise but with the holes pointed upwards instead of down.

Wiffle Balls For Batting Practice

Wiffle balls have been used for baseball training for a long time and the reason behind this is very simple. When you are proactive with a smaller ball than what you will be playing with, it is easier to hit the regulation size ball when the time comes.

Baseball coaches use wiffle balls in training drills and you can use them to enhance your skills too. Wiffle balls are also the perfect way to introduce kids to baseball and the skills they need to practice.

Practicing with wiffle balls improves hand-eye coordination, pitching skills, and bat swing. You learn how to accurately line the bat up with a pitched ball on a more consistent basis. This consistency is what sets great ball players apart from the average ones.

The more you practice with wiffle balls, the sharper all your baseball skills will be. What matters most is that you have the best wiffle balls for baseball practice.

Are Wiffle Balls Good For Batting Practice

Training with wiffle balls have been used by baseball coaches for decades. There are specific skills you can learn through using wiffle balls during batting practice.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: This is especially beneficial for younger players just getting started.
  • Aggressive Play: The lightweight nature of wiffle balls and fast speed lets kids develop a better swing. Heavier balls can scare them and make them shy away and heavier bats can be difficult to swing. When you use wiffle balls you and the kids get a chance to develop good timing and a more aggressive swing.
  • See The Ball: It can be difficult to see the different pitches. Training with wiffle balls lets kids see different pitches like curve balls so they can clearly identify them when they start playing ball.
  • No Pressure: Playing wiffle ball has less pressure and lets children and baseball beginners get used to the game. To develop skills, you need to enjoy the game and develop confidence, and this can start with mastering wiffle ball first.

Does Wiffle Ball Ruin Baseball Swing

Wiffle balls are almost standard now in baseball practice, even for the pros. Their use is especially popular in youth training and drills. They do not injure players and they remove the fear kids have of being hit by a ball. 

This allows players to practice and develop confidence in pitching and batting. They are proven to be effective in baseball training and practice and will not harm your swing.

Wiffle balls are the perfect way to develop basic batting mechanics. Their lightweight but durable construction gives batters challenges that heavier balls cannot provide. 

You can make wiffle balls curve more in the air allowing batters to develop different stances and swings. Using wiffle balls also enhances hand-eye coordination which is essential to the perfect swing.

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Wiffle Balls For Baseball Practice

The buying guide will have already helped you decide what to look for when picking wiffle balls for baseball practice. In addition to this guide it is important to remember these helpful tips:

  • Get balls that are durable so they can be used for practice over and over
  • Get wiffle balls that are white or bright colors to easily find them in fields
  • Practice as many drills as you can to enhance baseball skills
  • If children will be using the wiffle balls, look for non-toxic plastic materials

Final Thoughts

Wiffle balls are a great product to have on hand for baseball practice. They are lightweight, durable, and affordable. Wiffle balls can help you learn all the basics and perfect your skills. They are great for kids because they are not hard so there is little fear of injury.

Even the professionals use wiffle balls for warming up and practice sessions. There are many wiffle balls out there so make sure you get the best wiffle balls for baseball practice. Our guide and recommended top picks will ensure you get just the right fit for your playtime and practice.

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