Best Way To Move A Large Swing Set

Best Way To Move A Large Swing Set

It’s time to move which means you need to figure out the best way to move a large swing set. The kids will never forgive you if you leave it behind, so we have all the information you need to make sure the swing set goes wherever you do.

Chances are you put the swing set together, so you can take it apart too. Large swing sets can be moved in one piece, but this is tricky. It may seem time consuming to take the set apart to move it, but it is one of the best options. 

However you decide to move the swing set, we have the steps you need to make the move as stress-free as possible.

If you are in need of the best way to move a large swing set, we have all you need right here. There are several different approaches you can take and not every swing set is the same. 

Whether you have a metal or wooden set, we will help you get the swing set to its new location. Your new yard just will not be complete without it.

How To Move A Swing Set

You have options when you need to move a large swing set. The easiest way is to hire professionals, but this will also cost money. 

You can tackle the job yourself too. Should you decide to take the swing set apart and move it yourself, our guide is here to help. It may seem like a daunting task, and it will take time. But you can get it done and you can get your large swing set safely to its new home.

Getting Started

When it comes to moving a swing set and disassembling it, you need to plan ahead. You may or may not have an instruction manual, but if not, our guide will help. You can always look for a manual online. 

You should also take photos of the set, so you have a reference for later when it needs to be put back together. You should also label all the pieces and joints as you disassemble the set. Use all-purpose labels to mark each piece so you know where it goes when you reassemble it.

Gather all the tools you will need ahead of time and a container to keep all the nuts and bolts safely together. You can disassemble and move the swing set yourself or hire professionals. 

If you are going to be taking on the challenge yourself, make sure you have a friend or two to help. Along with our guide below, you can also check out this video on the best way to move a large swing set.

Before you start to disassemble the set, remove the swings by unhooking them. Keep the chains and brackets together. If the swing set also has ropes or ladders, you will want to remove those too before getting to the frame. 

Another small note when preparing to disassemble the set, is to remember to keep anything that gets broken. That way you know what to look for in terms of replacements.

How To Move Big or Heavy Swing Set

Always recruit a few friends to help if you are moving the swing set yourself. During disassembly, you will need help holding and moving pieces around. And they will be heavy. 

The last thing you want is to get hurt while trying to take down and move the swing set.

Along with the container you get for nuts and bolts, make sure you have boxes ready for other small parts. Label everything as you go to help with reassembly at the new home. 

You can even organize the nuts and bolts into smaller bags according to their place in the set. This will make it even easier to keep all parts together when re-building the set.

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How To Move A Wooden Swing Set

If you have a wooden swing set to move, the first thing you need to do is measure the new backyard. You want to make sure you have enough room for the set before you go through the trouble of disassembling it. 

If you do not have enough room, you need to consider other options. You can give this set to a friend and get a new one.

If you have enough room and are ready to move your wooden swing set, have all your tools handy. It is a good ideal to spray all the nuts, bolts, screws, and any other hardware with WD-40 before you loosen them. 

Over time these pieces could have become rusted which will make them harder to remove.

When you start to disassemble the swing set, start at one end and work towards the other. You will work in reverse of this when it comes to reassembling the swing set in the new yard.

Check to make sure all the pieces of wood are still in good shape. If any have become splintered or broken, you should get replacements and throw those away. 

You also need to make sure with wooden swing sets, that you pack the wood pieces carefully in bubble wrap, so they do not become damaged during the move. 

If there are too many pieces in bad shape and you need to replace the whole swing set, check out my article on the Best Wooden Swing Set Under $500.

How To Move A Metal Swing Set

While wooden swing sets are more common, you may have a metal frame. Moving a large metal swing set is similar to a wooden set, except that you will not need to disassemble as much. 

Depending on the size of the swing set, you may be able to move it without much breaking down at all.

Most a-frame metal swing sets can be easily lifted with a few people helping. You need to remove the swings first and any other attachments. 

It is not common for metal swing sets to have playhouses attached, so they are less challenging to move.

Just as with wooden swing sets, make sure you keep all bolts together and pack the swings away so that the chains do not get tangled. 

You may be able to rent a trailer that can accommodate the a-frame of the swing set standing up. Straps can be used to hold it in place. If not, the poles can be disassembled and transported separately.

Packing Swing Set Parts

Make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, plastic bags, and bins for small parts. You will also want a measuring tape on hand. 

Wrap the swings separately and put them in their own packing box. Wrap them in a way that does not allow the chains to get tangled.

Any other components such as swings or ropes also need to be wrapped up and packed separately. 

You can keep the specific bolts and hardware that goes with each of these in bags, taped to them. This way you have the right hardware with each piece when you go to reassemble it.

When it is time to pack the crossbeam, make sure all bolts are removed and kept in a bag or bin together. Remember there will be two possible connection points. 

One where the crossbeam connects to a fort or clubhouse and one where the crossbeam connects to the A-frame. If the base of the swing set is in concrete, you may have to dig the posts out or loosen the concrete with a small jackhammer.

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Loading A Swing Set Into The Truck

Once all parts and components are packed and labeled, you can get them loaded for moving. With a tape measure, get measurements of the swing set (and fort if there is one). 

You need to evaluate if it will fit in a moving trailer. If not, you can determine how much you need to disassemble to get it to fit. 

If there is a fort, the roof can usually be removed to make moving easier. It also makes that part of the set lighter and easier to move.

Make sure you have a sheet of plywood on the ground and place the fort on it, tipped to the side. You will need at least three other people to help you carry this, with a person on each side. 

You want to get this heaviest part of the swing set into the truck or trailer first. Then you can load the smaller boxes, bins, and parts after.

Will Movers Move Swing Sets

Even with help, moving a large swing set can be a challenging task. If you have the resources, the easiest way to get the swing set to its new home is through professional movers. There are companies that move large swing sets and costs will vary.

Some companies are dedicated to just moving large play sets while others are general movers that will move these large items for an additional expense. 

You need to remember that disassembly is not the same as moving, and you may have to negotiate the pricing if you also want the movers to disassemble the swing set.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Swing Set

The cost will vary between moving companies. It will depend mostly on the size of the swing set. The number of attachments such as ladders and ropes will also factor into the cost. 

As with any movers, the distance you are traveling also influences the final price. These costs do add up, which is why many decide to move the swing set themselves, and just pay for a rental truck.

If you are hiring movers to move all your belongings, then it is easier to just add the swing set to the total cost. You should plan for the cost of the swing set to be anywhere between $100 and $1000, with average being between $200-$300 for an average size swing set. 

Many factors go into the pricing, so the best option is to collect several estimates first before deciding on the movers to hire.

What Professional Movers Will Do

The first step is to evaluate the swing set, as not all swing sets should be moved. Many people make the mistake of trying to move the set as a whole and this results in broken pieces and a structure that cannot be used.

Professionals will evaluate which pieces can be disassembled so that moving is more practical. They take measurements of your yard and the areas between the yard and the trick. It is better to break a swing set down into smaller pieces then to tear down a section of the fence.

Once the swing set is in moveable pieces, it is packed and carefully loaded into a truck. Professionals will use custom trailers that are designed for the relocation of play equipment. 

Straps are used to hold all structures securely in place. At the new home, the swing set is removed and re-assembled.

The movers will make sure the swing set is in the location you want it before reattaching all components. Once it is reassembled, they will not be moving it around the yard to find the right spot. 

This means you need to have pre-measured the yard and swing set so that you know exactly where you want it to go.

Professionals will make sure the swing set is secure and double check that all nuts, screws, and bolts are tightened. 

A final walk around is performed to ensure the swing set is properly and safely reassembled and ready for use, before payment will be collected.

Helpful Tips For The Best Way To Move A Large Swing Set

Our guide and the swing set instruction manual will help with much of the moving process, but there are a few additional tips to remember before you get started.

  • If you are moving in the winter, the ground will be harder which can be challenging for removing swing set posts. If you have the option, try and move in the warmer months.
  • If there are concrete bases, be prepared to get a sledgehammer or jackhammer. You will have to loosen the posts from the concrete to move the swing set. This is often better handled by professionals.
  • Always check zoning laws for the new location before you plan to move the swing set. Many places have regulations regarding the size of swing sets and play sets. There is also usually a minimum distance required between swing sets and the neighbor’s property.

Final Thoughts

A swing set is a great addition to any backyard, and if you have one, the kids are likely to be very attached to it. When you move, the swing set should go to. It is, after all, a part of the house.

Once you have made sure that the swing set will fit in the new location, you can follow our guide to get the swing set home. Often the best way to move a large swing set is to hire professionals. But, if you want to do it yourself, we hope that our guide will help you get the job done right.

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