10 Craft Ideas For 7 Year Olds

Craft Ideas For 7 Year Olds

7 year olds are in middle childhood developmentally. At this stage, they are better at gross motor skills like catching, and their fine dexterity is up to a more challenging project. Moreover, they’re working on independence and can plan for the future.

The 10 best craft ideas for 7 year olds are exciting and worth keeping around as decorations. I’ll recommend some cool age-appropriate crafts so you and your 7 year old will have a memorable experience making things.

The best craft ideas for 7 year olds use their increasing fine motor skills. At this age, kids can make simple jewelry, beginning robots, and even handle projects like more complex cookie baking and decorating projects to make something beautiful or cool. Set up a multi-step project with smaller parts and more steps than a young child could handle for a challenge.

5 Craft Ideas For 7 Year Old Girl

7 year old girls often enjoy decorating their bedrooms and making collectible, useful items that fit well within their interests.

Choose an activity that lets her make something fun to look at, with lots of optional details. Additionally, it should be something she can display either in her room or somewhere else in the house.

Here are 5 craft ideas for 7 year old girls:

1 – Make Slime

Seven-year-olds are advanced enough to know what things don’t belong in your mouth. Since many slime recipes call for borax or other inedible ingredients, this is crucial if you want to make slime to play with. It’s gooey, good fun.

I recommend watching this video and following along to make Elmer’s glue and borax slime. When you’ve made the basic slime, you can add glitter or small plastic charms to make it extra special.

Make sure you have an airtight container for your creation.

2 – Jewelry

Some jewelry takes years or decades to learn how to make. However, basic bracelets and necklaces are well within a seven-year-old girl’s wheelhouse.

All you need is the correct string and some beads to make a fantastic wearable piece of craft art your daughter can be proud of.

I suggest starting with the FUN LITTLE TOYS 2000+ PCs Beads Jewelry Making Kit from Amazon. This excellent beginner kit has so many options for a little girl to choose from. She will have hours of fun making beautiful, wearable crafts.

3 – Paint Ceramics

There are a lot of ceramic studios that offer paint-your-own ceramics options. Why not get out of the house and make some craft memories that will last a lifetime? DIY-painted ceramics are ideal for 7 year olds.

You can participate too and make something to take home together. Like other simple painting projects, all you have to do is pick your object and add the design you like most.

4 – Origami Flowers

Folding paper is both easy and difficult. It depends on how complex your pattern is. Fortunately, a little basic origami is a great and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon making some beautiful decorations.

You can find tons of books and videos on dozens of simple foldable patterns.

If you want to be extra with this project, you can get some wooden skewers, paint them green and mount your flowers on the pointy end to make a bouquet.

You can even cut out leaves and let your little girl glue them to the stems.

5 – Make A Robot

STEM projects are all the rage for kids of either gender. While full-blown programming and humanoid robotics are definitely out of the question, there are a lot of much simpler robots you and your seven-year-old can build together.

When you’re done, add stickers for a personal touch.

Grab the Think Gizmos Robotic Kit for Kids, and you can make several different creating with your seven-year-old. All the batteries you need are included, and the combinations are endless.

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5 Craft Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

7 year old boys enjoy customizing their stuff and making it feel like it’s all their own. Give your little guy a project that he can take pride in that improves something he enjoys or expands a collection.

Anything he can show off later that looks cool is great at this age.

Here are 5 craft ideas for 7 year old boys:

1 – Make Playdough

Playdough is great fun, but it’s more satisfying to make for yourself. A seven-year-old boy is old enough to help with this project. Best of all, you can pick your colors.

All you need is the following ingredients most kitchens already have.

  • Take two cups of lukewarm water and 3/4 cup salt. Make sure you mix until all the salt is dissolved, or you’ll have grainy feeling abrasive clay.
  • Add two cups of all-purpose flour and four teaspoons of cream of tartar. Mix your dough until it’s all integrated.
  • Finally, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. You can mix this part by hand, which is more fun.
  • Divide into balls and add any food coloring you prefer. After that, you only need some Ziploc bags or other airtight containers.
  • Kee your playdough in the fridge for longer working life, but it should last for weeks as long as it doesn’t dry out.

2 – Lanyards

Kids who go to summer camp often make lanyards out of plastic string. You can do this at home for a great craft project with your seven-year-old boy. Follow this Youtube tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

3 – Water Marbling

Easy paint projects are a dime a dozen. However, water marbled paper makes for great holiday cards and unique backgrounds for other drawings.

Luckily, all you need is some acrylic paint, an old cookie sheet you don’t mind messing up, water, and printer paper to do this project.

Fill your cookie sheet and add a few drops of paint at random. You can stir it to get great marbled patterns, and experimenting is half the fun with this technique.

When your paint water is ready, lay a sheet of paper flat on the surface for a couple of seconds, then push it under the surface and drag it out along one edge.

You’ll have to let the paper dry, but the pattern from the water surface will transfer.

4 – Paper Airplanes

Folding classic paper airplanes is a simple, fun activity that lets you fly. All you need is paper, and you can try this out with different types like printer and construction paper to see what works best.

There are a lot of folding patterns, but the key is to get a solid fold, so show your son how to make a tight crease by rubbing a finger along the line.

Once you’ve made a few simple planes upgrade with the POWERUP 4.0, The Next-Generation Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit from Amazon.

This kit turns your simple paper project into a remote-controlled smart paper airplane.

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5 – Balloon Race Cars

You can certainly build your own race cars. However, balloon racecars only need some strong tape, balloons, clothespins, and somewhere to race. Set up your track first.

When you’re ready, blow up your balloons but don’t tie them. Instead, fold the end and pin it shut. This is the hardest part.

Take the tape, make a loop with the sticky side facing out and stick it to your balloon.

Finally, stick the balloon to your car with the opening facing the back of the vehicle. Count down and release the clothespin to watch your vehicles go racing across the floor.

The pressure of air releasing will propel them, and you can do this over and over again with your little boy.

Helpful Tips To Know About Craft Ideas For 7 Year Olds

7 year olds need supervision for crafts, but they are mainly able to do it themselves. You can work together on larger projects but let them ask if they need a hand.

Here are more helpful tips to know about craft ideas for 7 year olds.

  • Make sure you lay down some old newspaper or other protection if you’re working with glue or paint, but otherwise, let them work things out. It will build confidence.
  • Don’t choose overly complex crafts for this age group. Anything with super glue or hot glue is probably not safe at this stage in their development.
  • Take the time to participate with your 7 year old instead of doing things for them. Make your own version of these crafts and play with them.

Final Thoughts

Most 7 year olds are more capable of crafting than you might expect. They can handle more than macaroni art if you give them a chance, though they’re still young enough to appreciate a simple project as well.

Opt for something that fits within your child’s interests in colors and materials they will enjoy. Customize something they love, or make something new for their room, and they’ll be talking about it for weeks.

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