Can A Lawn Mower Get Wet

Can A Lawn Mower Get Wet

Exposing a lawnmower to water or accidentally leaving it outside overnight makes people nervous because they think the next step will be their local home and garden store to buy a new one.

Yet, a wet mower can simply mean that you’ll need to perform several steps to restore it to complete usability.

A lawn mower can get wet and be safely used in light rain or just after a rainstorm as long as the engine doesn’t get soaked. Lawn mowers are built to withstand getting a little wet, however if too much water gets into the spark plug chamber, air intake ports or the carburetor, it can stall the motor and cause damage.

Even though getting a lawnmower wet may not be the end of your machine, it can cause many different problems with the engine and other components.

The best thing to do is ensure that it is stored safely in a garage or shed; otherwise, you may need to go through multiple steps to fix it.

Is It Ok For A Lawn Mower To Get Wet

It’s not ok for your lawnmower to get wet since it can lead to issues, including needing a new lawnmower. If it does get wet or you accidentally leave it outside, the best thing is to take a deep breath.

After all, many times, the lawnmower will work after a few simple steps.

Can A Lawn Mower Engine Get Wet

Besides being left in the rain, several things may cause the lawnmower to get wet. Even though these are not that common, they are things to watch for if something seems to be going wrong with your mower.

  • Keeping fuel in the tank for long periods can cause problems. If you are going to leave fuel in the tank, it’s best to add a fuel stabilizer.
  • Over time, mowers can get hit with rocks and other debris. If there are multiple cracks and dents in the mower, it may allow water to seep in.
  • Try to leave the mower in a shed or garage. Even if it doesn’t rain, the dew and mist in the air can get into the mower, causing issues.

If you accidentally do one of these things or your mower gets wet and won’t start, there are several things you can do.

  • Use a dry rag and wipe off the deck.
  • Please wait until the exterior is dry, start the mower, and leave it running for several minutes. If there is only a little moisture, it shouldn’t stop the mower from starting up. The heat from the mower will also help it to dry out. This is only recommended if your mower has gotten a little wet, not if it sat out in a torrential rainstorm.
  • If you don’t need to mow right away, leaving it out in the sunshine might do the trick to get it dried out.

Are Lawn Mowers Waterproof

Lawnmowers are not waterproof. Although a bit of water is not going to affect it adversely, too much can cause many different issues.

You may see a lawnmower advertised as waterproof. However, this means that it can stand a little bit of additional moisture than other lawnmowers.

Nonetheless, if it is exposed to much humidity or rain, it can certainly damage it. Additionally, certain things may happen when the lawnmower gets wet.

  • Too much water in the spark plug chamber, air intake ports, or carburetor can stall the motor and prevent it from starting.
  • Water can also mix with the gas, causing the engine not to start.

Can You Mow In The Rain

It’s not a good idea to mow your grass in the rain since you will face many complications and expose your lawn to additional moisture that may cause turfgrass fungus.

This isn’t to say that if there is a light dew, you should put off the task. However, mowing during a rainstorm can create many unnecessary issues.

  • During storms, there is a greater likelihood of water-logged areas. This means your mower will need more power and could cause it to malfunction.
  • Mowing grass in the rain also opens you up to issues with a contaminated fuel system since water can get into the tank more easily.

Can I Use An Electric Lawn Mower In The Rain

Using an electric mower in the rain creates additional complications. Not only can it harm your mower but also to you.

  • If you use an electric mower in the rain, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself.

Can A Riding Lawn Mower Get Wet

A riding mower is much like any other mower, a little water isn’t necessarily going to cause it to break, but if it’s left out in the rain, it can cause many different problems.

Can A Lawn Mower Cut Wet Grass

Even though a lawnmower can cut wet grass, it’s something best avoided. Cutting grass when it’s wet will put a strain on the lawnmower that can cause it to malfunction.

There are several other reasons why it’s best to wait until your grass has thoroughly dried after a rainstorm.

  • If your grass is exceptionally tall, your lawnmower will need to work harder than usual, and it can cause the engine to overheat.
  • Cutting your lawn when the grass is wet will cause the lawnmower blades to be dull more quickly.
  • If you want to use grass as mulch, cutting it while wet will produce poor big patches which won’t spread evenly.

Lawn Mower Left In Rain

Even if the lawnmower starts, there are some telltale signs it was left out in the rain. The top may not even be wet because it could have dried in the sun earlier in the day.

However, you are sure to notice some or all of these signs if the engine is wet.

  • The lawnmower will make sudden stops. You’ll also notice that it will suddenly shut down without warning.
  • You may notice the lawnmower is running slower than usual or doesn’t seem to go up hills as quickly as it typically does.
  • You may see smoke coming out of the lawnmower. Most likely, water is in the piston chamber.

Electric Lawn Mower Left Out In Rain

Most electric mower engines are surrounded by either plastic or metal, which helps keep moisture out of the machine.

These casings are constructed with vents that enable air to flow in and out, preventing the engine from overheating.

As a result, excessive moisture, mainly if water accumulates beneath it, can cause irreversible harm.

Helpful Tips To Know About A Lawn Mower Getting Wet

If you’ve tried some of the more basic ideas in this article and are still unable to use the mower, there are other things you can do.

After all, a mower is an expensive piece of equipment that you don’t want to replace if there are other options.

  • Open the engine section of the motor.
  • Using a cloth, carefully dry the motor and electrical wiring. Make sure that it is completely dry.
  • Spray electric contact cleaner on the engine.
  • Using a megohmmeter, test the resistance of the wiring.
  • Once you’ve completed all of the steps, close the mower’s engine compartment and try starting it again.

Final Thoughts

Lawnmowers are built to withstand some moisture and leaving it out in the rain once many not destroy it.

However, it’s best to take precautionary measures and keep your lawnmower in a shed or garage. This will ensure your mower stays in good working order.

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