5 Best Nike Cleats For Goalkeepers

Best Nike Cleats For Goalkeepers

Soccer has roots that go back over twenty centuries. Fortunately, the sport has evolved a lot since then. While modern soccer would be nothing without these unique players, the goalkeeper’s job is relatively recent and only appeared around the 1860s.

Moreover, goalies or goalkeepers have only been wearing a different shirt from other players since around 1912. What are the best soccer cleats for goalies?

What Are The Best Nike Soccer Cleats For Goalkeepers

The best Nike soccer cleats for goalkeepers depend on variables like the weather and field condition. A shoe designed to handle medium-length grass and mud isn’t going to work as well on a short, clipped, dry field, so players need to adapt their footwear accordingly.

Fortunately, Nike has soccer cleats that suit every occasion, so you can switch it up as often as necessary for away games or rain.

Here are the top 5 best Nike Cleats for goalkeepers:

1 – Nike Tiempo Legacy iii Sg Soccer Cleats

All Nikes are sleek and stylish, but some are on a whole other level. Such is the case with the Nike Tiempo Legacy III Sg Men’s Football Boots 897798 Soccer Cleats from Amazon.

The visual appeal of these shoes is inspired by actual fire. However, a nice look isn’t everything, and in soccer, it takes a lot more to be the best. Fortunately, these shoes bring the heat.

Soccer fields can be dry, but when they get muddy, it’s the worst. Traction in regular cleats isn’t enough for the footwork this professional sport requires.

Fortunately, Nike designed these shoes with six deep screwed aluminum plugs to really dig in and give you purchase when the ground is at its worst.

Meanwhile, the upper portion of the shoe is made of real kangaroo for serious flexibility in any weather.

2 – Nike Mercurial Superfly Vii Academy Cr7 Soccer Cleats

If you play on a short grass field, you need the Nike Mercurial Superfly Vii Academy Cr7s from Amazon.

With a spotted black and white colorway and a bright pumpkin orange swoosh, these sleek shoes inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo look as good off the field as they do on it.

Plus, the 360-degree Flyknit upper, reinforced with a durable NIKESKIN overlay, will help you control the ball better.

Better still, you’ll have superior traction, thanks to the angular studs. The forefoot and the underfoot plate are a Nike Aerotrak zone with microgrooves.

Finally, a dynamic fit collar encloses your ankle to help hold it securely in place as you move.

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3 – Nike Vapor 13 Elite FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

The Nike Vapor 13 Elite FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats Aq4176 from Amazon come in two styles and several colorways.

You’ll instantly know these shoes because the iconic swoosh is cut to look like a lightning bolt. It’s unusual for Nike to modify its logo so heavily, but it retains the same impact and obvious, well-loved appeal.

Nike Vapor 13 Elite Fg Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Men’s Aq4176-906’s, also known as the “Mercurials,” are silver shoes with red and black details that pop.

Unique arrow-shaped cleats on the bottom are made to give you the best possible running traction. The mesh fabric is sealed with a water-resistant color layer to offer both breathable flexibility and drier feet if it rains.

Meanwhile, integrated laces keep your shoes firmly in place no matter how hard you play.

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4 – Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Soccer Cleats

Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Men’s Football Cleats from Amazon are the twenty-first century’s highly engineered, futuristic-looking, dream soccer shoe.

A holographic detail on the upper of the black shoes and Nike Swoosh that dips down to integrate into the sole offer a look at fashion yet to come.

Of course, you can pick your fit with any of the ten other colorways, so you always match your favorite team or uniform.

Offset integrated cleats on these fantastic shoes are arrow-shaped for traction and speed when you need it most.

You get a flexible internal chassis and the ghost lacing system for speed lacing when you’re ready to run. Plus, the elastic cuff offers both support and breathability.

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5 – Nike Phantom VSN 2 Elite Df FG Soccer Cleats

Step up your sportswear game in metallic Nike Phantom VSN 2 Elite Df FG Men’s Football Boots cd4161 Soccer Cleats from Amazon.

With various colors and numerous post shapes and placements, you get the best look and the firmest footing in one stunning shoe.

The inner sleeve hugs every part of your foot, so your shoes stay put, and you get less internal friction as you move.

Nikes innovative Ghost Lace system is fantastic for more than one-pull fast lacing. The lack of external laces gives the Phantoms a smooth striking surface for more precise kicking.

Better still, the targeted texture along the top elevates your ball control even further.

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How To Choose The Best Nike Cleats For Goalkeepers


Proper fit is everything when it comes to comfort. While youth players may need an inch of ‘room to grow’ in their shoes, adults should opt for a style and size that hugs their feet without squeezing them.

Additionally, the inner lining should be low-slip so that you don’t have to worry about blisters and rubbing.

The ankle height and sole style on your shoe will also help determine how comfortable you are while playing.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘perfect’ option for this aspect of shoes. Some players like a more expansive or thicker sole, while others want to feel more contact with the ground.

Likewise, some prefer the top of their shoe to be as low as possible, while others would be happy playing in a more boot or high-top style. Ultimately, these two aspects are up to the individual.


There are numerous design elements to soccer cleats. Since most of those elements are covered under other sections here, I want to talk about external texturing.

A smooth shoe looks great, but it also risks a ball sliding around too much. Your best option is a textured upper body on the shoe to help hold the ball in place just slightly where you contact it with your foot.

Consider both the texture and coating on the upper of your shoe.

While nothing will stop a ball in motion from sliding past occasionally, a good ‘sticky’ surface with a lot of small points of contact, rather than one large smooth surface will help you move the ball where you want it more precisely.

Ankle Support

The type of ankle support you prefer is individual. A firm hold may impede foot motion but provides the most hold.

Alternately, looser ankle support gives you range at the risk of shoe slippage. Finding the best fit for your foot means trying out different styles.

However, for overall comfort, I recommend opting for breathable support regardless of the style.

You will find low, mid, and high collars in different shoe styles. The highest and firmest collar will offer the most support, while a low collar with a loose fit obviously gives the least.

Goalies need a great deal of range of motion because their position involves short energetic bursts of movement and spontaneous direction changes.

A low to mid-collar style is best for this. However, you should try them all before you decide what works best for you.


There are three types of soccer cleats. According to Soccer.com, “You’ll need what many think of as the “classic soccer cleat,” the firm ground or molded cleat.

Generally, they have a series of non-removable PU/TPU/rubber studs that are either bladed or conical in shape. Firm-ground cleats are designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass soccer fields.”

Other types are soft ground and turf cleats. Soft ground cleats are like the classic cleats, but the studs are longer to provide extra purchase in muddy and wet conditions.

Meanwhile, a turf cleat is generally all rubber because it holds firmly on fake grass.


Style has two vital elements. The first is personal taste, which varies from one player to the next. You may want shoes that match your uniform, or only like the white ones, while the next player prefers red shoes regardless.

Unless there’s a rule forbidding this where you play, then it’s only a matter of choosing the shoe you like best.

However, the second part of the style is more practical. One of the most notable stylistic choices on a soccer cleat is the laces.

Some are exposed, while others are a pull-to-lace style of fast lacers with no visible or accessible laces. The smooth upper surface of the shoe is often textured with quick laces to help a player control the ball.

Another brilliant example of style choice is the cleats themselves. Some Nikes have a standard four on the heel and even distribution on the forward part of the sole.

Other styles favor offset cleats. Plus, the cleats themselves can be of different shapes. Some of these effects play on varying terrain, but it’s also a matter of your preference. I recommend trying several options.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Nike Cleats For Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers have the most unusual job on a soccer field. Unlike most players, a goalie doesn’t run around as much, but they still need excellent grip because they need to move very quickly and make sharp angle changes.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the best Nike cleats for goalkeepers.

  • Players in midfield require the most padding in their shoes because they generally do the most moving around, so better cushions are needed. Padding is like a shock absorber for your feet. Goalkeepers don’t need as much, but you can still opt for more if it feels better.
  • Cleats come in two styles, bladed and molded. While most are molded, the bladed cleats divide the shoe into raised sections to provide better traction.
  • Bladed and metal cleats are often banned in professional and league play because they are far more likely to cause injury to other players.

Final Thoughts

As a goalkeeper, your job is to prevent the other team from scoring points. To do this, you will need good shoes with excellent traction.

If your feet can’t grip the ground, then you won’t be able to move properly. Choosing the right cleats can mean the difference between winning and losing for a goalie, and the proper fit for you is all about how and where you play.

Most pro goalies have multiple pair of shoes for different weather and terrain because each shape, pattern, and style of cleats give different advantages.

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