Will A Brush Cutter Cut Bamboo

Will A Brush Cutter Cut Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Some species grow a millimeter every ninety seconds, which is thirty-six inches a day. Timber bamboo grows even faster, up to three feet per day.

Bamboo will spread and sprout at a phenomenal rate making it hard to remove or maintain. Will a brush cutter cut bamboo? I will share some tips and tricks for managing your bamboo, so it doesn’t overtake your yard.

Will A Brush Cutter Cut Bamboo

A brush cutter will cut bamboo, however since bamboo spreads through unique rhizomes, you will need to get rid of the entire root structure to stop it from spreading and growing. Smaller brush cutter models will cut bamboo and saplings up to 2-inches in diameter, while some models can cut larger 4-inch pieces.

How To Cut Bamboo With A Brush Cutter

Cutting bamboo with a brush cutter is the quickest and easiest way to remove a large stand of this problematic plant. If you are only dealing with a few young shoots, a lawnmower can handle the job, but once it’s established, you’ll need to do more.

The following list is a step-by-step guide for proper, safe brush cutter use and bamboo clearing. Remember that you will still need to remove all the roots if you don’t want the bamboo to regrow.

  1. Check the manual for your make and model to avoid any initial confusion or necessary extra steps.
  2. Wear appropriate safety gear. You’ll want long sleeves, long pants, and eye protection for this activity. Hearing protection and a hard hat are an intelligent addition. If you are going to cut down a large stand of bamboo, you may also want safety gloves to protect your hands from blistering.
  3. Equip your Brush Cutter with a tri-blade. You may find this called a brush knife, depending on the model and blade maker.
  4. Change the debris deflector if this isn’t the first time you’re putting on the blade. It would be best if you did this with every blade change.
  5. Hold the Brush Cutter parallel to the ground at all times.
  6. Brush Cutters are known as straight shaft trimmers. This means they rotate counterclockwise, so you should start on the left and move to your right. Moving in the opposite direction risks ‘kickout’ or a sharp jerking of the blade.
  7. Make sure you’re not cutting anything more than roughly two inches in diameter. If you have larger pieces, you may need to use a handsaw on individual stalks.
  8. Hold the cutter at waist level. It is alright to rest the deflector shield against the bamboo as you cut to stabilize it.
  9. Watch out for falling bamboo as you work.

How Thick Can A Brush Cutter Cut

Brush Cutters come in several sizes. In general, the smaller models will handle bamboo and saplings up to two inches in diameter.

However, some models can take larger four-inch pieces. Since bamboo is hollow and trees are not, there may be a little bit of leeway. The blades on these rotary-style cutters can reach speeds over a hundred miles per hour.

If you are using a string trimmer attachment, it’s essential to understand the difference. For one thing, string trimmers are designed to handle lightweight plastic lines, so the engine isn’t as powerful.

That can be a significant disadvantage if you are dealing with older, denser stands of bamboo.

A string trimmer is also typically a much longer handled tool. Unfortunately, that means it’s not ideal for bamboo. Trimmers or weed whackers are made to be held at a downward angle near the ground.

If your bamboo is especially thin or young, this style can help you cut the problem plants closer to the roots.

Best Brush Cutter To Cut Bamboo

The best Brush Cutter for your bamboo depends on the size of your bamboo stand and your intentions.

If you’re trying to remove a small patch altogether, a string trimmer combo will handle the job. These models are economical and have numerous uses.

Meanwhile, if you have a large yard or oversized bamboo stand, you may want a professional model. Especially when you plan to manage an ongoing bamboo stand, this is your best option.

Higher-quality specialty tools are ideal for repetitive jobs.

Best Pro Brush Cutter

A Husqvarna 336FR Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter from Amazon is the perfect tool for keeping a bamboo privacy wall or another large stand in check.

The X-Torq engine has two excellent advantages. First, it reduces harmful exhaust emissions, and second, it has outstanding fuel economy.

Best Economical Brush Cutter

For smaller patches of bamboo, I recommend the Proyama 2-in-1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer.

This upgraded multi-tool comes with a one-year warranty and all the accessories you need, including gloves, ear and eye protection, and a tri-blade.

Plus, you’ll appreciate the EPA-certified engine and double shoulder strap.

PROYAMA 42.7cc - 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer
  • [EPA Certificated Engine] It will discharge less fuel gas in use, and won't cause pollution or do hard to human body
  • [Powerful Engine] 2HP 2-cycle 42.7cc engine provides more power with easy starter, it can trim bigger branches efficientlyComfortable double shoulder strap
  • [Easy handle and storage] Easy to handle because of the handlebar design, quick release split shaft for easy transportation and storage
  • [Protection] vibration reduction shoulder harness,ear defenders,gloves, face shield,can all protect and help you.
  • [One Year Warranty] Welcome to contact us by email for any questions, we'll reply within 24 hours

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Helpful Tips To Know About Cutting Bamboo With A Brush Cutter

Cutting bamboo with a brush cutter is satisfying and quick. While it won’t get rid of the roots, this is an ideal way to keep the bamboo in your yard from getting too high, and it reduces the fire risk by minimizing the stalks.

Here are more helpful tips to know about cutting bamboo with a brush cutter.

  • A proper cutting blade is essential for managing bamboo with a brush cutter. A tri-blade is usually the best option when handling tall, reedy brush like bamboo.
  • Brush cutters look a lot like string trimmers, but they are smaller. While you can sometimes get a blade attachment for a trimmer, it’s better to buy a separate brush cutting tool, especially when you have bamboo that needs regular maintenance. There are also walk-behind brush cutters, but these are typically used for clearing large, neglected fields. Most homeowners will have the handheld version.
  • Although you can cut bamboo with other tools like chainsaws and even machetes, the brush cutter is the best option because it is quick and efficient. Unlike a chainsaw, it will not create as many small splinters, and a machete will tire your arms out very quickly when dealing with a large patch of bamboo.
  • If your brush cutter seems to get hung up on the bamboo and shake the stalks excessively, you probably need a sharper blade. Dull edges aren’t actually cutting the plant, but rather traumatizing it and pulverizing the woody stalks. This will result in a lot more mess and excess stress on your machine and arms.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to plant bamboo, make sure you know what you’re in for. It’s best to put bamboo in an enclosed garden space with walls and other features to restrict growth.

Luckily, if you do find yourself facing a wall of bamboo, you can cut it with a brush cutter. However, you will still want to moisten the soil and remove the roots.

In fact, you may have to do this more than once to rid yourself of unwanted bamboo entirely.

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