What Is A Snowmobile Can

What Is A Snowmobile Can

If you drive a car, you hopefully have a muffler, but you have a can when you’re on a snowmobile. Although there are many similarities between automobile and snowmobile engines, there isn’t enough space for a car-like exhaust underneath the chassis setup on a sled.

What is a snowmobile can? I will share everything I know about these modified exhaust systems, so you know what you’re looking at.

Snowmobile cans are an attachment you use in conjunction with your exhaust pipes to reduce weight and increase performance. Depending on the type of can you install, it affects how noisy your sled is as it directs the flow of exhaust to the back where it gets vented.

What Is A Snowmobile Trail Can

A snowmobile trail can change the amount of noise your sled makes as you ride. Switching out a louder race can for a trail can is an easy way to comply with local noise regulations.

These simple attachments direct the exhaust out of the back end and change the volume of the expulsion, thanks to their unique shape.

Stock cans tend to be quieter than aftermarket options. Gunning the engine will always be louder than idling, but you can significantly increase your sound level with the right (or wrong) can.

Many of the snowmobile trails in the US cross private land, so restricting the amount of noise sleds are allowed to make fosters good relations and keeps those areas accessible.

A snowmobile trail can is loud without being race-engine loud and will generally help prevent you from breaking local noise ordinances.

ABC Up North reported on why sledders should get their machines checked by the Department of Natural Resources if they wanted to avoid getting a ticket in Michigan.

“Michigan’s vast snowmobile trail system is the result of partnerships with private landowners who, through annual permits between the landowners and snowmobile clubs, open portions of their land for snowmobile trails…Without these partnerships, the expansive, interconnected trail system enjoyed by thousands of snowmobilers each year wouldn’t exist.”

Similar laws and rules exist in most states to protect people living in the area of public trails from too much noise pollution brought on by sledders with extremely loud cans.

Private property owners are not required to consent to trails going through their property, so controlling your noise with a path can help ensure those trails stay open for many winters.

What Is A Stock Can On A Snowmobile

The stock can on a snowmobile is a factory part your sled comes with when you buy it new.

A can channels exhaust from the pipe, making your machine louder or quieter.

When you leave the stock can on, it simply means you are sticking with a part instead of switching it out for an upgrade.

The exhaust pipe controls the gas release rate on a car or other vehicle, including your snowmobile.

However, instead of a muffler to control the sound, you get a modified exhaust system commonly called a can.

The can does the same job by regulating how the gas from the exhaust pipe sounds. Your stock can is probably much louder than you’d like, but it’s still better than running with straight pipes.

What Is The Loudest Can For A Snowmobile

The loudest cans for a snowmobile have never officially been measured. Riders mention MBRP and Dinoport as contenders, but there’s no hard evidence.

More importantly, even within these companies, there are many different models.

Not all cans make your sled louder. Some are specifically designed to limit noise or cut it down instead.

I would say that any racing can is an excellent place to start. However, the pipes and engine in your sled also contribute to the overall sound.

The higher your RPMs, the louder it will get, and a sled with more Hp and the same can will produce more noise.

For a better idea of how loud a snowmobile can get, I recommend watching and listening to this video by Mark Freeman. You can hear it clearly, even with low volume.

Do Snowmobile Cans Add Horsepower

Snowmobile cans do not add horsepower, but they do reduce weight. Lighter sleds move faster and burn less gas as they go.

Moreover, they also reduce wear and tear on the engine over time, so there are plenty of benefits, but Hp isn’t one of them.

Although a can replacement may be part of addressing an exhaust system that’s slowing you down, it’s not directly improving your machine’s power level.

The best way to increase horsepower is with larger pistons and more fuel. However, being a gas guzzler isn’t always the best plan.

You can get similar performance upgrades with a better can, a better clutch setup, and properly cleaned and set carbs.

What Is The Best Snowmobile Can

MBRP Snow Trail Muffler Exhaust Made of T304 Stainless Steel | Fits Ski-Doo REV XP/XM/MXZ/Summit/GSX/Renegade/800 E-TEC 2011-2018 | Moderate Sound, 2 HP Increase, 9 LB Weight Savings | 126T209
  • Amplified Snow Performance: MBRP exhaust system elevates your snowmobile’s performance, delivering superior acceleration and responsiveness in deep snow. Conquer challenging terrains with increased power and precise control, ensuring an exhilarating ride every time.
  • Robust Durability: Engineered with top-tier materials, this exhaust system boasts unparalleled durability, capable of withstanding harsh winter conditions without compromising performance. Bid farewell to concerns about rust and corrosion, and enjoy unparalleled reliability through countless snow adventures.
  • Optimized Exhaust Efficiency: MBRP’s Snow Exhaust Made optimizes exhaust flow, maximizing your snowmobile’s power output and fuel efficiency. Experience smoother rides, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions, making every journey both thrilling and eco-friendly.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed for seamless installation, MBRP’s Snow Exhaust Made features a user-friendly bolt-on design that ensures quick and hassle-free assembly. Spend less time tinkering in the garage and more time navigating snowy trails, relishing in the enhanced performance of your snowmobile.
  • Distinctive Sound Signature: Immerse yourself in the dynamic roar of MBRP’s Snow Exhaust Made, which produces a resonant and assertive exhaust note. Stand out amidst the snowscape with this premium exhaust system, making a bold statement with every rev and turn.

Last update on 2024-04-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The best snowmobile can is the MBRP 126T209 Snowmobile Silencer from Amazon.

This is a great aftermarket can for anyone seeking a lightweight, 6-pound option that creates a more pleasant tone as you ride. This model is often no louder than stock cans until it reaches higher RPMs.

The 126T209 is made from high-quality 304 stainless steel. It’s rust resistant and durable, plus it installs quickly and easily.

Most importantly, this can is compatible with numerous models like the Ski-Doo Renegade and Summit series.

Bill said, “Exactly as described. As quite as stock until about 5,500 rpm the has a nice deep semi lowed tone. Love it !”

An Anonymous reviewer said, “Nice sound improvement over stock, not obnoxious”

You’ll appreciate the improved throttle response and weight savings. Plus, MBRP parts come with a 2-year warranty.

To have one of these outstanding cans delivered to your door, click here.

Helpful Tips To Know About A Snowmobile Can

The term can is confusing if you’re used to dealing with automobiles. The most straightforward simplified explanation is that they are like mufflers because they change how your vehicle sounds.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about a snowmobile can.

  • Running with straight pipes or without the aid of a can on your snowmobile is touted by some as a way to increase horsepower. Unfortunately, making your machine that loud will damage your hearing more than it boosts your speed. Even with earplugs, please do not remove your can altogether.
  • Cans come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The overall form of a can, like the shape of a muffler, redirects the sled’s emissions and changes the tone and volume they produce.
  • A loud snowmobile can damage your hearing regardless of your chosen exhaust system components. Still, having the right stock or trail can helps minimize your exposure to loud sleds.
  • It’s essential to take proper safety precautions when riding, especially if you plan to ratchet up the volume on your sled intentionally with a racing can. If your ears ring after a ride, you may be experiencing the adverse side effects of prolonged exposure to loud noises. If left unchecked, that exposure could lead to hearing loss.

Final Thoughts

A snowmobile cans serve the same function as a muffler. Racing cans on high-powered snowmobiles are the loudest, while a model with a smaller engine with a trail can or stock can is typically much less noisy.

Luckily, good cans are relatively easy to install, and they can either help you be heard or prevent noise complaints depending on the style you prefer.

Cans reduce weight on your sled, but they do not increase horsepower despite persistent rumors to the contrary.

However, choosing a good can with a lower tone and less volume has other benefits, like potentially reducing hearing damage from long-term exposure to the loud noise from riding your snowmobile.

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