10 Under Trampoline Solutions

Under Trampoline Solutions

You can set your trampoline up with nothing underneath, which leads to a lot of wasted space, which is why you need an under-trampoline solution. There are plenty of options so you can fit a trampoline in any yard.

However, some solutions are superior for falls or allow you to utilize the space more thoughtfully. What is the best under-trampoline solution?

The best under trampoline solution is rubber mulch because of its shock-absorbing qualities. Placing rubber mulch below your trampoline will help prevent it from shifting in low to moderate wind by offering it a surface with an excellent grip. Additionally, the shock-absorbing qualities of rubber mulch help cushion falls no matter what was initially below the trampoline by providing coverage.

What Is Best To Put Under A Trampoline

Setting a trampoline on whatever surface you have to begin with is okay, but there are plenty of different options.

Some have added advantages that can help in case of a fall or make the most out of your available space. Below I’ve compiled a list of solutions so you can make an informed choice.

Here are the top 10 best under trampoline solutions for your home:

1 – Mat For Under Trampoline

There are no companies that make trampoline-specific regular mats like the ones made for above-ground swimming pools.

Perhaps this is because the large swimming pool mats do such a great job protecting against grass, rocks, and debris that they work perfectly for trampolines.

You can easily prevent scratches on the coating and other issues by using a Rhino Mat.

I recommend the Rhino Pad 10-Foot-by-15-Foot Oval Liner Pad for your trampoline.

These large outdoor mats help keep the base of your trampoline off the ground, so you don’t have to worry about shifting and scratches.

So long as the rust-proof coating on your trampoline stays intact, it won’t begin to corrode.

Rhino Pads come in a huge variety of sizes, going up to 21′ x 41′, so they’ll easily fit under large trampolines.

Better still, Rhino Pads are made from eco-friendly material, so you don’t need to worry about waste.

Rhino Pad 10-Foot-by-15-Foot Oval Liner Pad
  • PROTECT YOUR LINER - This pool liner pad is made from a special cloth fiber that is thick and durable. Defend your liner against cuts and punctures from rocks, roots, glass and other harmful debris found on the ground. It will provide a flat base that gives an extra layer of armor for your swimming pool floor bottom prior to liner installation.
  • ABOVE GROUND POOL PAD – The liner guard creates a vapor barrier on the bottom of the pool to eliminate water from corroding the metal components for steel-walled above ground swimming pools. It will give your pool floor a subtle layer of cushion and padding, making a soft pool bottom below your feet, while also protecting the liner from potential damage. Also, works ideally when placed on grass or concrete under pop-up pools for an additional protection.
  • FITS YOUR POOL SIZE – There is no need for tape or additional materials to install this Rhino Pad. It is pre-measured for your specific swimming pool size. If you have a round, oval, or irregular pool size or shape, the liner guard can easily be trimmed to fit your needs.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE – Made of strong earthy woven material, the liner shield is a resilient geotextile fabric composed of 45% post consumer and 45% industrial recycled material that permits moisture to safely pass through. It may resemble felt with its ⅛ of an inch thickness, but the performance is beyond exceptional in protecting your investment.
  • LONGER LINER LIFE - Preserve your pool liner and extend its life span. Its high density and low compression construction qualities help create a resilience to all sorts of invasive elements, protecting your liner while ensuring you get the most out of your swimming pool. Note: Made in both black and white material. You may receive either black or white with your order, but both colors provide the same protective barrier. Limited 2-year warranty. Nut Grass is not covered under warranty.

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2 – Rubber Mulch Under Trampoline

Rubber mulch is an ideal shock absorber used on many playgrounds to keep kids safer when they fall.

This surprisingly springy substance also makes an outstanding under-trampoline solution for your yard.

Plus, most rubber mulch is made from recycled materials.

I suggest checking out Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets Protective Flooring for Playgrounds on Amazon.

This superb material is available in six colors to match any outdoor decor. Plus, Playsafer rubber mulch is IPEMA Certified and can help minimize injuries if someone falls off the trampoline.

Playsafer is made from recycled tires, so you can feel good about using it in your yard.

Plus, they dry quickly and never freeze, so that you can bounce safely in any weather.

Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets Protective Flooring for Playgrounds
  • CREATE A SAFER PLAY AREA - Playsafer rubber mulch is IPEMA Certified and helps reduce the risk of injury on playgrounds and play areas
  • EASY TO SPREAD - Rubber mulch will not decompose or compress so you will not need to reapply. Nuggets come packaged in multiple 40 LB bags so you can spread it evenly and easily. Just spread it once and enjoy a safer play area
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Playsafer rubber mulch nuggets are made from recycled tires and are 99.9% metal free
  • Color Guarantee -Nuggets are produced with the highest quality materials Color is guaranteed to last for 12 years
  • Keep your playground always ready to play - rubber mulch nuggets dry quickly and will never freeze in cold weather

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3 – Under Trampoline Grass Mat

When hunting for under trampoline grass mats, it’s easy to get distracted by genuine grass sod rolls and small pet mats meant for dogs.

Finding the right sizeable faux grass mat can mean hunting through 100s of listings, but I’ll help you skip the headache.

Check out the Moxie Direct Artificial Grass Turf Lawn from Amazon. This large 10’x15′ grass mat is easy to roll out and use. In less than a minute, you can have the perfect under-trampoline mat.

This mat does not release any toxic chemicals, and it blankets the ground to prevent weeds and thorns from growing in place.

Additionally, you can easily clean a Moxie mat with a broom or hose.

Moxie Direct Artificial Grass Turf Lawn
  • 【MATERIAL】Made of highest quality poly polypropylene yarns. Designed and made according to the real-like grass, with the blade around 0.4 inch in length.Rubber backed with drainage hole, easy to clean and can be dry quickly. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • 【FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY】Does not release toxic chemicals, UV Protection against weather wear & tear and fading.No mowing, No watering, you will get synthetic turf grass that looks extra-lush, feels great under bare feet, and is perfectly safe for kids and pets
  • 【EASY CLEAN & INSTALL 】Indoors can be cleaned directly with a broom, outdoor can be washed directly with water,a non-slip rubber back needs no tools, cut patch to size to fit your backyard
  • 【APPLICATION】This artificial grass has wide applications.Perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration,suitable for balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, dog area etc. it can decorate almost everywhere
  • 【GUARANTEE】Our Artificial grass delivered in rolls and easy to carry. Our fake grass turf provides 10 years warranty with 30 days return policy. Your every single penny will feel worthy to buy this grass!

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4 – Under Trampoline Storage

If your trampoline doesn’t get bounced on all the time, you can easily use the spare space for outdoor storage.

Under trampoline, storage is a great way to get the most out of your space in a small yard or add a layer of weatherproofing over the top of existing outside storage.

Choose low, long, wide boxes that are already hardy enough for outside storage for best results.

The Keter Kentwood, 90 Gallon Resin Deck Box from Amazon is an ideal under-trampoline storage container. Don’t leave things lying around exposed to the elements.

This large 50.4 in. W x 21.2 in. D x 23.2 in. resin box can contain anything that fits a 49.6 in. W x 20 in. D x 22.8 in. H internal space.

Put unused outdoor toys or pillows away quickly. Anyone can assemble the Keter Kentwood in under 20 minutes.

For more information about this high-quality outdoor storage solution that will fit under your trampoline, click the link below.

Keter Kentwood, 90 Gallon Resin Deck Box
  • DIMENSIONS: Exterior: 50.4 in. W x 21.2 in. D x 23.2 in. H / Interior: 49.6 in. W x 20 in. D x 22.8 in. H
  • IDEALSTORAGE: Storage capacity of 92 gallons is perfect for garage and covered patio storage
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Store outdoor patio furniture cushions, outdoor toys, pool accessories, and beach towels in garage or covered patio space
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made from resin to ensure its durability from rusting, peeling, fading and denting.
  • EXTRA SEATING: Provides comfortable bench seating with a weight capacity of 573 lbs.

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5 – Growing Vegetables Under Trampoline

There are a few important considerations for homeowners and renters who want to grow vegetables under their trampoline.

The mat creates a great shady space, but not all veggies do well outside direct sunlight. Selecting suitable shade-tolerant vegetables is essential to having a thriving under-trampoline garden space.

Several categories of veggies seem to do well in the shade of a tree (or trampoline). Leafy greens and salad greens can thrive under the shelter of a shady area.

Other good choices include brassica family veggies like brussels sprouts, broccoli, and root vegetables.

Try planting potatoes, beets, turnips, rutabaga, or even carrots under your mostly unused outdoor trampoline.

6 – Play Sand Under Trampoline

Maybe you wanted a sandbox but didn’t have the space for one after getting a trampoline, or perhaps you just want to double the fun for your kids.

In this case, play sand is an excellent option for an under-trampoline solution. Unlike other types of sand, play sand is soft, rounded, and less abrasive.

Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand comes in 25 lb boxes for easy use. The white color absorbs less heat, so you’ll be cooler waling on it.

This soft sand is ideal for playing and building sandcastles when you’re not jumping on the trampoline.

Adding this snowy-looking sand to your under-trampoline area will look classy and feel great.

Best of all, this sand has no quartz, wheat, nut shells, or asbestos, unlike some brands.

Grab a few boxes of Sandtastic by clicking the link below.

Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand
  • LEARN! Experience the transformative power of sand as it enhances you child's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sparks limitless imagination through its tactile and sensory stimulation.
  • CREATE! Ignite your child's creativity, foster imaginative visualization, and inspire joyful social interactions with Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand.
  • NON-TOXIC! Our process begins with a specific type of silica-deficient rock and ends with the safety approval from the Toxicology Professionals at a University School of Medicine.
  • VERSATILE! Inspire boundless creativity and exploration with a medium that empowers children to dig, pile, sift, and shape, unlocking endless possibilities for imaginative play.

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7 – Pavers Under Trampoline

Concrete pavers are not the ideal surface beneath your trampoline. The hard surface may provide a solid base, but that’s about all I can say for it.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing this solution, it may lower the working lifespan of your trampoline frame.

The hard, abrasive pavers will scratch against the legs of your trampoline frame as you bounce, leaving the metal open to rust corrosion.

Moreover, a solid surface is a poor choice in case of accidents. No one wants to fall on concrete.

Luckily, you can upgrade to rubber pavers for a more impact-friendly surface.

The RevTime Dual-Side Garden Rubber Paver looks like a standard red garden paver but offers a little more bounce.

These smart, dual-sided safety pavers are a perfect under-trampoline solution.

A slip-resistant surface gives you more stability and won’t damage your trampoline frame like abrasive concrete pavers so often do.

Weather and frost-resistant rubber pavers are a smart way to get the look of a paver without the problems.

Better still, rubber pavers are anti-static and made from heavy-duty SBR rubber granules.

RevTime Dual-Side Garden Rubber Paver
  • These pavers are made of heavy duty SBR rubber granules that make it flexible, anti-slip, and anti-static.
  • Bright color offers a pop to any setting!
  • Best used in backyards, garages, balconies, patios, decks, or anywhere else you may want to put it!
  • They are slip-resistant, grooved with bottom channels that effectively keep water off the surface.
  • Long-lasting and durable! These tiles are weather and frost resistant and do not need to be removed in winter or during harsh weather.

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8 – Wood Chips Under Trampoline

Wood chips are a quick, simple, visually appealing solution. They come in many colors and styles and offer an eco-friendly, biodegradable way to line the space under your trampoline.

Plus, wood chips smell nice, depending on the type of wood.

The most popular wood chips are MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored Wood Chips from Amazon.

You get 2 quarts per container to fill in your under-trampoline area fast. You’ll love the bold, classic color.

Raging red helps keep your outdoor area colorful but natural-looking.

Wood chips can help maintain your soil temperature in hot or cold weather.

Moreover, these lovely chips will look great in garden beds as a mulch to complement the under-trampoline area.

MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored Wood Chips
  • MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored Wood Chips. Natural forest product colored with a beautiful bold red.
  • MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored Wood Chips create a beautiful and bold contrast around plants, shrubs, ground cover and natural elements in your landscape.
  • Helps to maintain soil temperatures and maintain moisture.
  • Creates a great ground cover as your plants establish and develop.

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9 – Decorative Rocks Under Trampoline

Decorative rocks do not belong under a trampoline. The larger decorative stones and small boulders can be especially dangerous to jumpers.

The mat on a trampoline is flexible in both directions and will stretch downward as the people on top land.

This can lead to injuries if they stretch the mat down hard enough to hit rocks, or it could just scrape the bottom of the mat, leaving you with dangerous thin spots, rips, or tears. Please use a different solution.

10 – Plants Under Trampoline

Like vegetables, you can place other plants under your trampoline. If you have potted plants that need to shelter below, ensure they are shade-hardy, or they may not thrive.

Many ferns would enjoy the shade beneath a trampoline-like they enjoy the shade in the forest.

Using potted plants is a great way to make them mobile when you or your kids want to bounce.

According to Garden Knowhow, the following flowers are also great for growing in the shade, whether you plant them in the ground or planters.

  • Violets
  • Spotted Deadnettle
  • Siberian Iris
  • Primroses
  • Monkshood
  • Lily-of-the-Valley
  • Lamb’s Ears
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Hydrangea
  • Hellebore
  • Foxglove
  • Forget-me-not
  • Bleeding-Heart
  • Bellflowers
  • Bee Balm
  • Astilbe

Helpful Tips To Know About Under Trampoline Solutions

Finding the perfect under-trampoline solution for your family doesn’t need to be a hassle. You can use any of the options above to help create your ideal play space.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about under trampoline solutions.

  • Trampolines need a flat, level surface to remain stable for jumpers, which is why your under-trampoline area is so vital. A tilted trampoline will direct your body’s weight downhill, leading to more slips and falls.
  • The space directly under a trampoline isn’t the only one that matters. According to Kidsafe NSW, you should have 5 meters of clearance above any trampoline and “Provide a minimum 1500mm impact area beyond the edge of the trampoline frame.”
  • It’s also essential to secure the trampoline base. You can use tie-downs, bury part of the legs in the dirt, or other secure methods, but whatever you do, don’t leave the trampoline merely sitting on top of a surface without anchors.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a trampoline is a great way to get more low-impact cardio exercise or just have lots of fun.

Whatever your reason for putting in an outdoor trampoline, it will be much nicer and look better in your yard if you pick the right under-trampoline solution.

Anyone can install a basic under-trampoline area with a bit of foreknowledge. There are many excellent choices, whether it’s pavers, plants, recycled rubber mulch, or eco-friendly pool mats.

Choose the one that will look best in your yard and suit your lifestyle.

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