Trampoline or Climbing Frame: (Which Should I Choose)

Trampoline or Climbing Frame

Low-impact exercises like climbing on a climbing frame or jumping on a trampoline are great for your heart and overall health. However, relatively few homes have both because most people prefer one over the other, and they are expensive toys. If you’re only getting one, how do you pick?

Should you choose a trampoline or climbing frame? Read on, and I will explain the differences and benefits of both of these entertaining outdoor exercise toys.

While both offer outstanding cardio-healthy, low-impact exercise, you get additional benefits like stronger bones from a trampoline, which helps decrease back pain. Additionally, the calorie burn is about the same, but bouncing is less fatiguing because it uses your larger leg muscles instead of your arms.

Which Is Cheaper: Trampoline or Climbing Frame

Comparing outdoor trampolines to climbing frames leaves no question of prices.

Trampolines start around $800-$900 and typically cost between $1000 and $3000.

Meanwhile, climbing frames start out at less than $150, and at the high end can get over $1000, so a climbing frame is substantially cheaper than a trampoline.

Why Choose A Trampoline or Climbing Frame

Since trampolines and climbing frames have a surprising amount in common, there are also a lot of shared benefits.

For example, children and some pets enjoy these incredible outdoor toys.

Below are all the reasons why you should choose a trampoline or climbing frame when outfitting your yard.

  1. Core Exercise – When you climb, you use your arms a lot, and when you jump, it’s all about the ankles and knees, but trampolines and climbing frames both offer superb core workouts. From abdominal muscles to the deep or lower back, these are entertaining ways to gain muscle tone around your midsection.
  • Low Impact Cardio – Many people shy away from doing cardio because treadmills, climbing stairs, and step classes are hard on the knees and ankles. Arguably the nicest thing you get when choosing a trampoline or climbing frame is a low-impact cardio workout that helps strengthen your heart, improves your circulation, and has many other benefits.
  • Being Outdoors is Good for Your Mental Health – The title here says everything. Still, I like the concise explanation from Ontario Parks, which says, “Research shows a link between exposure to nature and stress reduction. Stress is relieved within minutes of exposure to nature as measured by muscle tension, blood pressure, and brain activity. Time in green spaces significantly reduces your cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Nature also boosts endorphin levels and dopamine production, which promotes happiness.”
  • Sunshine Provides Vitamin D – You may have heard that getting out and ‘having some sunshine’ is good for you, but how? When you go outdoors, the sun touches your skin. The UVB rays penetrate your skin and break down cholesterol within your cells. Staying in the sun causes vitamin D synthesis, and your body makes this essential nutrient.
  • Life-Long Health Benefits – Whether you prefer to climb, jump, or both doesn’t matter. You will be getting health benefits. Some of these are immediate, like the vitamin D synthesis, and others are cumulative and take time, like burning fat and building muscle. However, regular play on either of these toys can also offer lasting health effects.
  • Challenge – Some people enjoy a basic routine to maintain their overall health. However, for others, it will always be about getting the best time, making the perfect flip, or otherwise competing against yourself.
  • Fun – Exercise is great, but trampolines and climbing frames do such ideal workouts because they are also amusing. Fun is overlooked and undervalued, yet it can lead to lower stress levels, better concentration, and other health benefits.

Best Place To Buy A Trampoline or Climbing Frame

The best place to buy a trampoline or climbing frame is on Amazon. You’ll find plenty of selection with sizes and styles for every home.

Below are the best 10-foot trampoline and climbing frames you can fit in your yard once you choose between them.

Climbing Frame

Lifetime Geometric Dome Play Center Climbing Frame
  • Assembled Dimensions: 5 ft. H x 10 ft. W
  • Suitable for children ages 3-10. Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • UV Resistant - Retains Strength and Maintains Color
  • Includes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rock climbing hand grips to help kids climb and descend safely
  • Low maintenance - no staining or painting required

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The Lifetime Geometric Dome Play Center Climbing Frame is an ideal addition to any yard. You’ll love the powder-coated steel frame.

Not only is this a low-maintenance outdoor toy, but it is also cost-effective and durable.

This play center is UV resistant and 54 inches tall. Better still, the Lifetime Geometric Dome Play Center Climbing Frame can safely hold up to 600 lbs and multiple climbers.

Check it out for yourself when you order right here.


Jumpzylla 10ft Trampoline
  • Your kid's fun and safety - Our Responsibility! . For your family's safety we innovated our trampolines for kids and adults with next gen curved poles designed to protect your children from accidents or injury. Jumpzylla trampolines comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification. We never compromise on safety, or quality, our mission is to deliver a heavy duty trampoline for endless hours of fun with zero worries.
  • Our New Patented Design - One Trampoline for Kids, Two Colors. We don't want our trampoline for kids and adults to be just fun and safe, we want it to look absolutely great too. So you never get bored, our designers have innovated the best solution for the coolest addition to your yard - your new big trampoline comes with the Patented (no: 635690635) double sided spring cover: black and the color of your choice. It's like having two different trampoline outdoor!
  • Quick & Easy to Install. You have everything you need in your Jumpzylla package: coherent, easy to read and follow installation guide, and design innovations to simplify everything. The Jumpzylla backyard kids trampoline net installation has been perfected to take only a few minutes and our Patented, double sided spring cover pads only take a minute to install or flip thanks to the velcro and intuitive system. You won't be keeping the kids waiting! 🙂
  • Kids just wanna have fun - for a long time! . We want your Jumpzylla super trampoline to look good as new for as long as possible! The frame is galvanized inside-out and the legs are powder coated for extra protection against rust, the thick foam is waterproof, so your new trampoline has a longer product life. And because we want to go the extra mile, we added the luxury plastic covered ladder for easy access and a comfortable use of your in kids trampoline for toddlers and older kids.
  • The Jumpzylla New Generation Super Trampoline – We never stop innovating. Be the first to have the Jumpzylla patented, exclusive double sided spring pad - black & your favorite color added to all sizes trampoline with net! You don't have to worry about all the usual trampolines with safety enclosure issues. Relax while the kids are having fun. The design team came together to create a product that solves all the safety and, practical issues of other types of trampoline for kids and adults.

Last update on 2024-07-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I suggest the Jumpzylla 10ft Trampoline from Amazon when you need a fantastic trampoline.

The sturdy galvanized alloy steel frame has a rustproof coating to keep it safe and fun for years to come.

More importantly, the net poles on this outstanding outdoor toy curve outward to prevent accidental pole collision.

The high-quality safety nets on these excellent trampolines have a fine mesh that resists tears and keeps tiny fingers out. The maximum weight on this trampoline is 330 lbs.

Learn all about Jumpzylla by clicking here.

Which Lasts Longer: Trampoline or Climbing Frame

Trampolines are a ton of fun. Their steel frames last for ages, but you should be replacing most polypropylene trampoline mats every 2 to 5 years.

The springs and padding around the edges have a similar working life. One specific brand of trampolines is guaranteed for ten years, but they are a specialty product.

Climbing frames last different amounts of time depending on their materials.

Since manufacturers can make these toys from wood, plastic, or metal, that’s a considerable variation.

That said, a high-quality metal climbing frame maintained adequately can last decades.

Which Is Easier To Put Together: Trampoline or Climbing Frame

When you put together a trampoline, you will need a second person and a specialized tool for pulling springs. It may take a couple of hours.

Alternatively, a climbing frame is a much more variable project that takes more time based on the size of the structure in question.

However, the climbing frame has the trampoline beat when it comes to ease.

Putting a climbing frame together is easier because the parts are all straight bars and connectors.

If you happen to be welding a steel tube climbing frame, which few people do, you will still have a relatively easy time.

All the bars are the same diameter.

What Age Ranges Are Trampolines And Climbing Frames Made For

The age ranges trampolines and climbing frames are made for vary.

However, they are generally meant for people over 6 and under the weight limit for the toy, which includes many adults.

While weight isn’t an age, there is no upper limit on how long people enjoy bouncing or climbing.

Trampolines are never recommended for kids under 6 because they are less able to control their bodies and will be more easily injured if they fall three feet off a large trampoline.

Climbing frames are made with little people in mind, but they still aren’t usually recommended for very young children.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Trampoline or Climbing Frame

Most trampolines and climbing frames fit in a 10×10 or 12×12 space.

You can find different options, from mini trampolines and small 3 to 4-foot climbing frames for indoor use to massive trampoline park-sized bouncers and oversize metal climbing frames.

You can fit a full-size trampoline or climbing frame in any yard or room with enough floor or ground space to set it up.

You need less space for little kids’ toys and more for the larger versions that anyone can use.

Helpful Tips To Know About Choosing A Trampoline or Climbing Frame

Finding the best exercise toy for you can be a tough choice. Although the climbing frame is much more cost-effective, a trampoline lets you feel like you’re flying and has more health benefits.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about choosing a trampoline or climbing frame.

  • When choosing between a trampoline and a climbing frame, one consideration trumps everything else. Ask yourself which one you will use the most.
  • Climbing frames have no safety features, but trampolines are sold with safety nets to help prevent you from falling on the ground.
  • Trampolines and climbing frames take up roughly the same amount of space. Both are typically (roughly) circular and come in different diameters, but they have a similar range of sizes so that you can fit either one in the same yard.
  • Using a trampoline or climbing frame is tons of fun and a good core workout. You can burn tons of calories, reduce body fat and increase your muscle, but trampolines help lower pressure in your back and spine, build stability and balance and even increase your vertical jump.

Final Thoughts

Climbing or jumping, either way, you’ll get a fantastic workout. These low-impact exercise toys are great for cardio, core strength, and burning calories.

However, given the choice and budget, I still recommend getting a high-quality trampoline.

These big bouncers offer some health and mobility benefits that climbing cannot. Better still, you get a safety enclosure to help prevent accidents and injuries.

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