Should I Store My String Trimmer Vertical or Horizontal

Trimmer Storage Vertical or Horizontal

Anytime you store a string trimmer for an extended period, take the line out of it. The plastic line needs to be kept damp to prevent it from drying out and breaking off too quickly next season.

Moreover, you should soak the old line in water overnight before you reinstall it the following season, but what about the rest of the machine? Should you store a string trimmer vertical or horizontal?

Which Way Is Better To Store My Trimmer: Vertical or Horizontal

It’s best to store a string trimmer vertical with the engine up to avoid putting excess pressure on the spool retainer, bump cap and line cutter. Bending, cracking, or misaligning any of these parts can cause the trimmer line to jam and not spin or overfeed and waste a lot of trimmer line.

Is It Ok To Hang String Trimmer Vertically

Not only is it ok to hang your string trimmer vertically, but this is the ideal method. Unfortunately, a lot of people set string trimmers on the ground.

Resting this tool in a corner isn’t likely to cause a problem in the short term, but over time it puts pressure where it doesn’t belong.

The handle on a string trimmer is arguably the least delicate part. Other than a button, and power cord on the inside, there’s nothing in a trimmer handle.

All the crucial elements are down at the bottom. Resting a string trimmer on the heavy end increases the chance that you’ll damage something you need.

All the moving parts are at the heavy end, from the line cutter to the spool retainer and even the bump cap that you push to feed out more line.

Bending, cracking, or misaligning any of these parts can cause our trimmer to stop working normally. Jamming and line overfeeding are among the most common problems.

A jammed line won’t spin, and if it overfeeds, you’ll waste a lot of material.

To hang vertically, ensure you use a solid, power tool hangar. These can be screwed into the wall in a garage or tool shed.

Keep in mind it’s essential to make sure your string trimmer hangar is level. Tilting it down even slightly can cause the device to fall.

I recommend picking up high-quality Garden Power Tool and String Trimmer Hangers from Amazon. These are steel and a PVC anti-slip coating, so they hold well and don’t bend.

Plus, they come with all the screws and anchors you need to install them quickly and easily.

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Should I Store Engine Up or Engine Down

It would be best if you stored your string trimmer vertical with the engine up. When less of the weight is free hanging, it’s more secure overall.

Since most of the bulk resides in the engine, hanging the handle below is just smart physics. Even on high-quality trimmers, handles are more prone to bend or break if you leave the weight pulling on them during storage.

Plus, when you hang a string trimmer by the handle, the wider engine end will push the tool away from the wall, increasing the chances of falling.

Moreover, hanging a string trimmer vertically and upside down or engine-up helps prevent gas from leaking out.

However, you should also drain any unused gas out of the machine before you put it away. Using this simple method combined with well-made tool hangars can prevent damage to your trimmer.

While a string trimmer isn’t the most expensive piece of equipment in most garages or tool sheds, it’s still important to treat all your tools well.

Taking a little extra time to do things like draining the gas and wiping down the trimmer will ultimately help extend its working life, and that will save you money.

Trimmer Storage Horizontal

Not everyone can hang a string trimmer vertically. Depending on how much storage space you have, a horizontal rack may be the only sensible option.

In these cases, it is still better to hang your trimer than to rest it on the ground or place it on a shelf. Unnecessary pressure causes mechanical failure over time.

Especially when you live in an area where yard maintenance is a short season, your tools may spend a lot of time in storage.

Setting up a solid, durable, bolted to the wall horizontal rack is an option for keeping your trimmer in working order. However, it’s not the best choice, and you should avoid it if possible.

The problem with horizontal storage is that the engine’s weight will always pull on the handle of your trimmer.

The pressure can slowly cause a curve to form, making it hard to work with and harder to repair. Luckily, you can often fit a vertical holder in the same space.

The Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower from Amazon is only 20.5 inches deep, and it can hold over forty tools, including your string trimmer, against the wall.

The clip-style holders offer quick, easy access, and best of all, it fits into most limited spaces.

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How To Hang Stihl Trimmer

Like other string trimmers, you should store a Stihl vertically with the engine at the top.

The Stihl website recommends reading the manual or speaking to an expert for your equipment questions. However, it also provides a sensible guide to storage.

Follow the steps below to put away your Stihl trimmer for the season.

  1. Clean your machine thoroughly. Preventing dirt buildup can also help you avoid rust and malfunctions.
  2. Drain the tank, so there’s no fuel left inside before you put your Stihl away. Letting the machine idle until the engine stops will help you empty it completely.
  3. Remove and examine your sparkplug. The electrodes should be reddish-brown.
  4. Take out the blade and have it professionally sharpened if necessary. Then protect it from corrosion before reinstalling it.
  5. Next, you should remove your spool and keep the line somewhere damp.
  6. Set your Stihl vertically with the engine at the top in a secure rack, or hang it engine-up from a wall-mounted tool holder.

Helpful Tips To Know About Trimmer Storage Vertical vs Horizontal

Storing your trimmer shouldn’t be what causes it to malfunction. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or effort to do the job right.

Here are some helpful tips to know about trimmer storage vertical vs. horizontal.

  • Though it doesn’t often occur, hanging a string trimmer vertically can cause the engine to bog down. You can solve this by draining the motor completely before you put it away.
  • Although sturdy racks exist for storing string trimmers, these should only ever be used as an absolute last resort to keep your tool from having to sit on the floor.
  • It’s easy to see how dirt and grass can interfere with your tools, but did you know that dust can also wreck expensive equipment? A thin layer of dust can trap moisture near the metal surface of engines and handles, leaving it to corrode and rust your trimmer slowly.
  • If you can’t find a place in your garage or tool shed to keep your trimmer line moist while the rest of the tool is in storage, consider putting it under a sink in your house. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are the dampest areas of most homes.

Final Thoughts

A good string trimmer makes a massive difference in your yard. Not only will your home and outdoor spaces look much nicer, but a well-maintained yard attracts fewer pests like insects and rodents.

However, when the cold season hits, you probably won’t need that trimmer for several months. Don’t just leave it leaning in a corner somewhere.

Proper storage is essential to keep your yard tools running. Ensure that you drain all the fluids out of your gas-powered string trimmer and hang it upside down.

By placing it head-up and handle down, you’ll get a more secure tool that is less likely to fall.

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