Rent A Backyard For A Party

Rent A Backyard For A Party

Backyard parties have always been an excellent way to get together, but sometimes you don’t have a yard, or yours isn’t large enough for the gathering you need to plan. Luckily, there are many people who rent their yards for parties.

You can use a beautiful private yard space if you know where to find one. What is the best way to rent a backyard for a party?

The best way to rent a backyard for a party is to talk to a professional party planning service. Party services have access to tons of information and locations that you might not find on your own. More importantly, they can guarantee the yards are available, and the owners are willing to rent them out for your event.

Can I Rent A Backyard For A Party

You can rent a backyard for a party. The trick is finding one with owners who are willing to rent it out.

If you know people with large yards, you can always try contacting them and asking if they are interested, but not all homeowners are willing to offer their space.

Fortunately, plenty of yards are available if you’re savvy enough to know where to look. Scouting around in person and making individual proposals can be time-consuming and difficult.

I recommend talking to a professional service for backyard parties. Most party planners are used o these sorts of requests and can help you connect with homeowners who have a history of yard rentals so you can plan your party on time.

How To Rent A Backyard For A Party Near Me

Renting party space doesn’t mean you have to book a professional venue.

There are lots of property owners who regularly rent their space to party companies and individuals for events.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, holiday, or another event, you can get a fantastic space for less money than most venues charge.

Below you will find all the information you need to book the perfect backyard party.

Rent A Backyard For A Party NYC

NYC presents some unique challenges because the space is limited to just over 300 square miles, but over 8 million people live there.

Most residents do not have a backyard, and many don’t even have a porch or balcony. However, challenging doesn’t mean impossible.

To rent a backyard for a party in NYC, you need to talk to an established professional party planning company.

Look for professionals with a good BBB rating or outstanding reviews. Most yards here will be fenced or walled so you can have a very private get-together.

Tag Venue helps rent backyards and rooftop gardens, “Outdoor venue rental prices vary greatly – it all depends on how big the space is and where it’s located.

In most New York locations, you will have to pay for each hour you spend there – hourly rates range from $70 to $2000 per hour.”

You can book a backyard party through the Tagvenue website.

Start by clicking here and inputting the information about your event and the number of guests.

This great site also offers venues and backyards in other major cities.

Rent A Backyard For A Party NJ

Renting a backyard for a party in NJ offers more options than in NYC.

Prices vary depending on where you want to have your party, and most go by the hour, but many smaller locations offer full-day rentals for $300 to $500.

Before you start booking in New Jersey, it’s vital to decide what city or county you want to search.

For this area, I recommend starting right here with Airbnb.

Start by narrowing your search to homes and guest houses that have backyards.

You will have to contact individual hosts, so I suggest pre-typing a cut-and-paste introduction letter with a proposal.

Tell them who you are, what you’re seeking, how many people you have, and ask about the price.

Rent A Backyard For A Party Brooklyn

When you rent a backyard for a party in Brooklyn, you can expect it to run anywhere from $50 to $1000 per hour, depending on the size and location of the space.

Although there are many party rental companies in this area, none of them specialize in backyards, so I suggest a different tactic.

Search for the ideal space through Giggster.

Brooklyn tends to be urban but also casual, and the people here take a lot of pride in their community and homes.

Look for relaxed hosts with well taken care of yards. You can also find more formal-looking spaces, but most will have a more homey feel.

Renting this way is a little like approaching friends because it tends to be more informal.

However, everyone on this site is actively looking to rent out their space.

To get started, send a message introducing yourself, with a brief note about how many people you want to hold a party for and what date you need.

Ask if the property is available and what the fee would be.

Rent A Backyard For A Party Chicago

Chicago isn’t quite as large as NYC or as populous, so there are more neighborhoods with houses that have backyards.

It is generally around $50 to $200 an hour for outdoor party spaces, but you can get a better deal.

Instead of going through a regular party venue rental company, I recommend looking at Airbnb.

Click here to go directly to the Chicago site and search for homes and guest houses with backyards.

Next, you can narrow your search by looking for a place with a BBQ grill since it will have outdoor areas.

Once you’ve found a good property, click on the host’s image, and it will take you to the bottom of the page, where you can contact them directly.

Look for locations that are away from the city center. Once you find the yard you want, send an inquiry about booking for your party and ask politely whether the property is available and the rate for your proposed event.

By booking this way, you will also have use of an on-site bathroom and kitchen.

Rent A Backyard For A Party Orange County

Orange County, or The OC as locals call it, is filled with stunning locations. There are yards from around $60 to over $3000 per hour available for every size party.

Some homes are in the city, others are more rural, and you can even find waterfront property depending on what you’re looking for.

For this area, I suggest using Splacer, which has a $100 per hour starting rate and a two-hour minimum.

Look for backyards in scenic locations. Often you’ll discover this area has highly manicured and beautifully turned-out yards.

This is the ideal space for a professional or formal party.

You can reach Splacer’s OC backyard venues page by clicking here.

This site is highly organized and makes it easy to book. All the information you need is available upfront, such as how many guests you can have and what amenities are available on site.

All you have to do is choose your location, plug in the information, book, and pay.

Rent A Backyard For A Party Long Island

Long Island is known for its white sandy beaches and outstanding food. In the Long Island area, you should look for romantic locations with exceptional views.

Renting a backyard for a party in Long Island generally needs to go through a private host you find personally or a large party company.

I recommend contacting The Knot. While they specialize in wedding venues, this superb company can also help you plan a backyard party for other occasions.

Because this company handles weddings, they have a good relationship with a plethora of truly stunning locations, from seaside cliffs to sandy beaches and rural farmyards.

You can contact The Knot right here.

At the bottom of the page, they offer a parties and events option, so start there.

The professionals at this site will walk you through every step, from picking a location to planning the party and booking the perfect Long Island location.

Rent A Backyard For A Party Houston

Houston is massive, so there’s always going to be a lot of variety. General fees for outdoor party venues are relatively inexpensive at $50 to $75 an hour.

However, if you’re looking for an upgraded or much larger space, you will find it for a higher fee. Still, it’s going to cost less than coastal areas.

Expect to find less of a garden feel here. The west has many cowboy and ranch-themed spaces, and the arid climate means fewer trees and plants in landscaping.

However, there are still urban gardens and tropical-style venues available.

For this area, I recommend Peerspace.

You will filter by price, the number of attendees, and the dates you need to rent on this site.

Go to the More Filters option and enter Backyard to narrow your search. Look for hosts who use enhanced Covid-19 procedures to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

Pools are relatively common in this area, and you can easily find yards with lots of shade.

Once you find a suitable yard that is available for your needs, simply book and pay on the site.

Helpful Tips To Know About Renting A Backyard For A Party

Parties are all about fun and games, but you won’t have much fun if you have to drive around for weeks scouting your own party locations and talking to strangers about whether they’ll rent you their backyard.

Using a site or service specializing in connecting backyard renters with people who want their spaces, you can cut a lot of the hassle out.

Here are more helpful tips to know about renting a backyard for a party.

  • Find out about parking options in advance. If you are having a large event, you may need to go to the city permit office and apply for parking permits.
  • Bathrooms are essential. Not all homeowners are willing to let you use their house bathroom. Look into port-a-potties and restroom trailers, or rent a yard and a house or guest house for the facilities.
  • Always have a backup plan for bad weather. In summer, you need shade and AC, and you may need to get out of the rain, wind, snow, or cold during other seasons. Make sure your party doesn’t flop by checking the weather and planning accordingly.
  • Book as far in advance as possible. Doing this prevents you from needing a 2nd or 5th choice option.

Final Thoughts

Wherever you plan your event, renting a backyard for a party is a great way to save money and provide the ideal setting.

From casual to formal, there are yards for you everywhere. Stick to using professional party planners whenever possible.

However, you can also book party spaces through companies like Peerspace and even Airbnb if no one in the area specializes in finding great rentable yards.

Just remember to check the weather and parking before you book, and you’ll have a fantastic party space, often for much less than professional venues charge.

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