10 Outdoor Games For Toddlers Birthday Party

Outdoor Games For Toddlers Birthday Party

Toddlers are going through tons of developmental milestones. They need challenges and chances to build skills in five key areas. Cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills are all a massive part of their worlds at this point.

The best outdoor games for a toddler’s birthday party are all things that help with these skills. I’ll help you find ten that are fun and enriching.

The best outdoor games for a toddler’s birthday party are tied to their major developmental milestones and help them build crucial skills. Learning basic game rules, using their voices and words, and anything that builds motor skills are ideal games. Opt for simple, playful options like Red Rover and Hopscotch.

Best Outdoor Games For Toddlers Birthday Party

There’s nothing quite as much fun as watching little kids play outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Watching them run rampant with energetic joyfulness is a delight.

A few basic organized games are all it takes to turn a little one’s birthday into a fantastic, good time.

Here are the top 10 best outdoor games for a toddler’s birthday party:

1 – Giant Lawn Bowling

Little kids have a tough time with heavy bowling balls, but giant inflatable outdoor bowling is different.

WIth oversized pins and a ball you can roll or kick easily, this is a much more manageable version of the game. You can even set up ‘lanes’ with pool noodles and have more than one set.

Get a Giant Inflatable Kids Bowling Set from Amazon. The durable pins are twenty-seven inches tall. Plus, you get patches, scorecards, a pump, and more, so you can easily set up your oversized game right out of the box.

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2 – Parachute

There are two versions of the basic parachute game, and they’re both great for toddlers. In the first version, you lift the parachute together, counting down from five.

Everyone drops to the ground on the last lift and tucks the parachute under them to make a dome, which slowly collapses.

The second version uses plastic ball-pit-style balls to toss and catch as a group, but either way, this is a simple game most younger kids can handle.

You can find a well-made Little Dynamo 12 Foot Parachute with Balls on Amazon. The reinforced stitching holds up under rigorous play, plus it’s waterproof and colorfast as well.

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3 – Red Light Green Light

This classic children’s playground game is a superb way to wear out a lot of active toddlers at a party. All you have to do is line up the kids and stand a few feet away with your back turned.

Call out ‘green light’ to let them run and ‘red light’ to stop. The first one to reach you wins.

4 – Balloon Badminton

Most birthday parties already have balloons, so getting some extra use out of them is smart. To play balloon badminton, you need a racket for each child.

However, giving toddlers metal rackets isn’t a great idea. Instead, hand them a paper plate to hit the balloon with.

Inflate one or more balloons and throw them up in the air. The goal of this game is not to get points but to work together to keep the balloons from touching the ground.

You can upgrade the game by playing a buzzer sound on your smartphone whenever it touches the ground. Kids can work on their motor skills and have a blast.

5 – Simon Says

If you have older toddlers working on their vocabulary, Simon Says is a great way to help them build confidence.

One kid gets to be ‘Simon,’ and everyone else does whatever ‘Simon Says.’ If they don’t say ‘Simon Says’ before giving the instruction, anyone who falls for the trick is out.

6 – Do The Hokey Pokey

I’ve never met a toddler who didn’t like to dance. There are hundreds of versions of the hokey pokey available, so finding one to play for your kids’ birthday party is easy, but you can also sing together if you prefer.

All you have to do is get the kids together and follow the instructions in the song. If that isn’t enough silly dancing, you can always do Head And Shoulders Knees And Toes as well.

7 – Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Most of us have played Pin The Tail On The Donkey at some point. Everyone gets a tail with a pin, and when it’s your turn, you get blindfolded and spun around, then pointed at the donkey picture.

Whoever gets closest to the right spot wins that round.

You can easily modify this game for little ones by switching the pin for some heavy-duty double-sided tape. Better still, it doesn’t need to be a donkey or a tail.

You can pin a braid on Elsa or stick a beak on an owl. You can even put a pirate captain on his ship. Whatever fits your party theme or represents something your child loves will work. This game is incredibly versatile.

8 – Duck Duck Goose

After all the running around, a game where you get to sit most of the time is a welcome change. Duck Duck Goose is straightforward enough for the youngest kids, but it also has a lot of suspense.

Start with all the kids in a circle and pick one to be ‘it.’

The person who is ‘it’ goes around the circle gently touching each person they pass on top of the head saying ‘duck,’ until they are ready to call ‘goose.’

When they tap someone and say goose, they have to run around the circle and sit in the goose’s spot while the goose has to chase them and try to tag them first. Whoever wins sits, and the loser chooses the next goose.

9 – Limbo

Limbos is well known at adult parties, but little ones also enjoy the challenge. All you need for this game is a limbo stick and poles.

I suggest grabbing the Giggle N Go Limbo Outdoor Game from Amazon. This simple setup makes it easy to adjust the bar to different heights.

Have the kids line up and take turns to see who can limbo the lowest, and be sure to pick songs all toddlers love to move to, like Baby Shark. If you want to be extra about it, have a small prize for the winner.

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10 – Dig It

This game goes by many names and has many variations. However, the general idea is the same. You need a sand table or sandbox, a plastic shovel and a small treat for each child, and some age-appropriate toys that can double as party favors.

To make this a big hit, all you have to do is bury some ‘dinosaurs’ or other toddler toys in the sandbox.

Let the kids have a shovel and tell them that once they find a toy, they need to rescue it and bring it out of the sandbox/table.

Doing this gives them a chance to get one toy, and when they bring it back, you provide them with the treat to occupy their time while the other kids dig.

Another easy variation is setting up a second area with some water and sponges to clean up their newly rescued toy.

Helpful Tips To Know About Outdoor Games For Toddlers Birthday Party

Toddlers are relatively easy to entertain. They like energetic music, bright colors, and anything they can participate in that lets them get their energy out.

Here are more helpful tips to know about outdoor games for a toddler’s birthday party.

  • Toddler games should have one to three straightforward rules or steps. Anything more than that and it gets harder to remember and can become more frustrating than fun.
  • Always set up a nice area, out of the sun with chairs and drinks, so kids who don’t want to play can step away from the general commotion.
  • Not all children develop at the same rate, so be patient if one child is ready to be ‘it’ in Simon Says or Duck Duck Goose and another struggle with their words. It’s normal for kids to learn at different speeds.

Final Thoughts

Toddler birthday parties are entertaining, but they can also be entirely exhausting. Don’t plan an all-day event at this age since many children will still be used to afternoon naps.

Instead, put together a couple of hours of fun and games and then leave plenty of time to wind down.

The best birthday party games for your toddler are the ones they enjoy that also help them work on their skills because, at this age, playing is their job and their teacher.

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