Ofyr Grill vs Arteflame: (Complete Guide)

Ofyr Grill vs Arteflame

Grilling with a good grill makes the process fun and easy. The good news is that the market has many excellent grills with various impressive features.

The bad news is that this availability makes it challenging to choose the right model, so let me compare Ofyr Grill vs. Arteflame grills to know which brand is suitable for you.

Both these manufacturers design excellent grill models, so it is up to the consumer to choose the best for them, depending on their needs and budget. Generally, if you plan to entertain guests outdoors, you’ll appreciate having an Arteflame grill. But if you need a high-quality grill for a small group of people, Ofyr Grill is a better choice.

Difference Between Ofyr Grill And Arterflame

Ofyr is a company founded in 2015 in the Netherlands to design utensils, outdoor furniture, and top-quality kitchen accessories.

The company prides itself in allowing customers to cook as they socialize. Their grills are suitable for outdoor grilling anytime, even when the weather is not that good.

Most models feature a three-piece design that encourages users to move it to the backyard, beach, or camping sites.

Most products offer enough room around the grill for a socially connected experience.

Arteflame is one of the leading manufacturers of Flat Top Griddle/Plancha style grills based in America.

Their grills make it hard to cook and serve delicious food. They are designed for outdoor grilling during a party gathering with friends.

I love that it’s easy to convert them into fire pits to allow people to gather around during the cooking. The models are aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and offer a refined taste.

The difference between Ofyr and Arteflame is that the latter uses Corten steel, while the first makes its grills using Corten steel and concrete.

Also, while Arteflame grills come with rotisserie and pizza oven accessories, Ofyr doesn’t offer these accessories.

Are Ofyr Grills Good Quality

Ofyr designs grills of good quality using Corten steel and concrete. You can thus expect durability from the grill parts.

Their traditional grills are made in Holland under high-quality standards. The concrete aspect the company adds to its models makes them long-lasting.

So, you can expect durability from the Corten steel or Concrete Ofyr products.

These materials are heavy-duty and can withstand all weather conditions throughout the year.

However, even with the highest quality material grill, proper care and maintenance are still needed.

So, ensure that you store your grill properly, clean it after use, season it, and cover it. It would also be best to avoid conditions that can promote rust.

Are Ofyr Grills Worth The Money

I’d say that they are worth the money considering the build quality. Many brands use stainless steel and cast iron when designing their grills.

However, Ofyr has taken a different route and uses Corten steel and concrete. These are high-quality materials that can withstand all elements when cooking.

So, you and your guests can expect a wonderful experience using these grills.

Additionally, they offer a large cooking surface allowing you to grill for a large crowd. And after cooking, everyone can gather around the grill comfortably and have a great bonding session.

The company also produces wood storage units for its customers. Overall, the long-lasting aspect and sufficient cooking space make this brand a worthwhile investment.

Ofyr Grill Features

Innovative Design

One of the best things about Ofyr as a brand is that they take a unique approach to all their products.

Even when it comes to design, you will realize that they use the traditional grill designs we are used to seeing.

For instance, some models come with a cone-shaped fire bowl with a flat rim to provide cooking efficiency.

The company strategically places everything to allow you to cook at different temperatures and heat.

So whether you are grilling meats, vegetables, or hamburgers, you can expect a lot of possibilities for cooking healthy meals outdoors.

Ease of Use

The last thing you want after investing in an expensive grill is to waste time assembling it and trying to figure out how it works.

Thankfully, Ofyr grills are easy to use and move around. They have a large hotplate that allows you to grill for more than 50 guests.

Most of their models require little maintenance as they have a mechanism that directs excess oil into the fire.

Therefore, you will need to wipe the top of your grill using a damp cloth and store it for the next occasion.

Made For All Seasons and Locations

Whether it is rainy or sunny or in your backyard or mountain, you can expect excellent performance from an Ofyr grill.

The company designs its outdoor models, which remain unstoppable even in inclement weather.

You only have to find a way to cover yourself as you grill and watch out for the direction of the wood.

Ofyr Grill Reviews

Ofyr receives many positive reviews. Customers seem to love the overall performance and durability of their grills.

Many say that they cook well and look spectacular. However, like other products, this brand also receives negative reviews.

Some people said that the Ofyr model they purchased took quite some time to heat up, and others felt the company needed to improve the cooking surface as it had some discoloration.

But generally, most of the customers were pleased with their purchase.

Which Ofyr Grill Is Best

After going through Ofyr grills, Ofyr Classic Corten 100 stood out for me. It is a beautiful model with several impressive features, and users can get it either 85 cm or 100 cm in diameter, depending on their needs. The product is designed to fit any surroundings.

I love that it offers a large cooking surface, allowing users to grill several things simultaneously.

It also creates different temperature zones inside and outside of the plate. So users can expect perfect cooking from this product.

You can grill meals for 15-20 people, and the grill can supply you with constant fire for 9-11 hours before a need to remove the ashes.

The model uses wood and takes approximately 10 minutes to heat to the right temperature. The unique cone design makes it an attractive item in any backyard.

However, note that if buying a black coated model, you’ll need to offer more maintenance than if you purchase Corten steel models.

Although the grill has a high-quality coating, it can easily get scratched and damaged.

The total weight of the grill is 101kg, which sounds like a lot, but the grill has mechanisms that allow you to transport it easily.

What Type Of A Grill Is Arteflame

Arteflame designs Flat tops/ griddle/ Plancha style grills. All their models are designed using high-quality material meant to last a long time with little maintenance.

The company is based in America and has a reputation for making a combination of grills and griddles using solid steel. You can use your grill to make quality foods for many people.

The company designs models for outdoor use. You can set the exact temperature you want for grilling on the plancha and then sear it in a grill grate over a live fire.

The grills come with a rotisserie and pizza oven that give users new possibilities for grilling.

The Arteflame style grilling is also known as Teppanyaki, Korean, Hibachi, or Mongolian grilling. It is made possible by the combination inserts included in the Arteflame grill.

Users can always replace their grill grate with a grill griddle combination insert to cook a whole meal.

So, you don’t need to run back and forth in the kitchen. The inserts can also fit other models like Green Egg, Blackstone, Weber Summit, Big Joe, etc.

Are Arteflame Grills Good Quality

The company designs its models to last for a lifetime. Now, while a lifetime may be impossible, you can expect long-term service with this brand.

The cooktops are made using thick carbon steel, similar to cast iron. Most of us are familiar with cast iron.

However, I should mention that carbon steel is sturdier and more durable. It is suitable for cooking as it can tolerate uneven heat and being dropped.

Cast iron is prone to cracking, but carbon steel can last even a lifetime.

The company uses Corten steel to design the grill bodies. Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, is used primarily on outdoor structures like bridges and buildings due to its ability to withstand all weather conditions.

One unique characteristic of Corten steel is that it tends to develop a unique patina with time.

So, although it is expensive, it’s the best material to use when designing an outdoor grill.

The combination of carbon steel on the cooktop and Corten steel base makes Arteflame grills durable.

They can last for many decades without needing repair and replacement, and the best thing is you won’t have to worry about the changing seasons.

You can place your grill in the backyard and forget about it.

Arteflame Grill Features

Arteflame models have impressive features and accessories to make the user’s life easy. Let’s look at some of the features that stand out.

Excellent Design

Arteflame designs its products with inspiration and art in mind. Their grills are attractive and can make an excellent centerpiece for your backyard.

The silhouette included is visually appealing. And because of the Corten steel used, the grill will develop a unique patina with time making it more beautiful.

Additionally, you can easily convert the grill into a fire pit to continue using it as a centerpiece of your backyard once you are done cooking.

Great Air Intake Vents

Arteflame grills come with intake vents that allow smoke to burn off quickly. As such, it reduces the smoke amount coming from the grill’s top.

Apart from smoke reduction, the air vents also offer flexibility during cooking. And this is where Arteflame beats Ofyr, as their models do not have these vents.

I should also mention that the company offers grill grates that fit over the fire opening in the grill’s middle.

So you can use this to grill chicken, burgers, steaks, and other meals. Remember that you can’t directly cover Ofyr openings as it would mean blocking oxygen which lights up the fire.


Arteflame grills come with a touch of versatility. When done cooking, you can detach the steel fire and use it as a fire pit.

Also, one can attach some accessories to use the grill as a pizza or rotisserie oven.

Apart from cooking, you can gather around your grill and socialize with your loved ones thanks to the company’s round design. Therefore, everyone can participate in the cooking.

Which Arteflame Grill Is Best

Arteflame Classic 40
  • The Arteflame 40" flat top Charcoal Grill stands out as the pinnacle of outdoor cooking, providing a generous 1,250+ square inches of flat top griddle and grill cooking surface that allows you to grill an entire meal simultaneously.
  • Crafted from a single piece of Corten steel, precision laser-cut and meticulously hand-shaped, the Arteflame XXL 40" Charcoal Grill exudes sophistication and durability
  • The Arteflame flat top cooking surface offers unmatched versatility, making it perfect for searing steaks at steakhouse temperatures, grilling vegetables to perfection, or even flipping pancakes for breakfast.
  • UNMATCHED CRAFTSMANSHIP AND DURABILITY The Arteflame's flat cooktop is crafted from 1/2" carbon steel and the rest of the grill is made entirely from US CORTEN "weathering" steel; the Arteflame Flat Top Grill is built to last.
  • Proudly MADE IN USA.

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Arteflame Classic 40″ Grill is the best grill from this company. The model is 38 inches tall, and the bottom and top bases have a 20″ and 40″ diameter, respectively.

The fire bowl is made of corten steel and comes as a single piece eliminating seams or weld marks.

The corten steel makes it corrosion resistant, meaning repeated exposure to rain and snow will not damage the fire bowl.

You can build a fire on the grill’s center using wood, charcoal, or both. The grill is set up to allow the ring’s inside to get much hotter than the outside.

So users can cook several meals simultaneously at the right temperature.

The cooktop is made of carbon steel and offers superior cooking than cast iron. The cooktop’s inside can heat to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is ideal for searing burgers, steaks, etc. The outside reaches a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for peppers, and vegetables, and keeping cooked food warm before serving it.

This model looks good and offers Euro base and classic base storage. Thus, you can change the configuration of the grill to bring a different aesthetic.

Pros And Cons Of Ofyr And Arterflame

Ofyr grills have many benefits to offer. I love their design and the large cooking surface offered by their models.

I also love that they are durable and designed for all weather conditions. However, their grills are heavy and don’t have air intake vents. So that means they produce a lot of smoke.

The grills are very durable and come with many accessories. The company also offers seamless spun construction that makes the models a great addition to any backyard.

However, they are very heavy, and you need to master regulating heat when using them.

Arteflame, on the other hand, has air vents that reduce the amount of smoke.

Ofyr Grill vs Arteflame Cost

I’d honestly say that both companies seem to be expensive. For instance, both their best-selling models go for $2995.

Now, there are other companies selling cheaper models. But let us not forget that these companies use Corten steel, which is durable.

However, this durability means higher prices. But since they are long-lasting models, they are worth the price.

Ofyr Grill vs Arteflame: Which Is Easier To Use

I find both models easy to use and maintain. The included features and accessories allow individuals to use these models fast and efficiently.

But I noticed that you need to master some heat regulating skills to use these grills effectively.

Ofyr Grill vs Arteflame: Which Lasts Longer

This is also a tie. Both companies use Corten steel, which is long-lasting. Ofyr also uses concrete that is more durable, and Arterflame uses thick carbon steel on their cooktop.

Both are designed to withstand all weather and heating elements, and you can expect longevity with these models.

Therefore, durability shouldn’t worry you, no matter your chosen brand.

Helpful Tips To Know About Ofyr vs Arteflame

We’ve looked at the differences between these brands. But as seen, both models are long-lasting and feature appealing designs meant to make your backyard stand out.

So, how then do you choose the right brand for you? Well, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Accessories – if you need more accessories, Arteflame is the best option as it includes a functional line of accessories like a pizza oven and rotisseries.
  • Versatility – Arteflame also wins in this area as you can convert the fire bowl into a fire pit.
  • Matching Furniture – Ofyr comes with matching furniture like wood storage units. So if this is important to you, opt for this brand.

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of the Ofyr Grill vs. Alterflame comparison. As I’ve said, both are high-quality brands designing durable models.

So it is up to you to choose the best brand depending on your needs and preferences.

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