Memphis Grill vs Yoder: (Complete Guide)

Memphis Grill vs Yoder

Buying a grill is a big investment, as most models cost a lot of money. For this reason, it’s essential to know what you are getting before you invest your hard-earned cash in a grill.

That said, today, I will compare two popular models, Memphis and Yoder, to help you make an informed decision; let’s get started.

Memphis and Yoder are both well-known companies in the grilling industry as they design quality and durable models. I recommend Yoder for people looking for an affordable grill with excellent built-in quality. But if you don’t mind spending extra money on a grill, you can invest in Memphis, which offers excellent temperature control and smart grilling.

Differences Between Memphis Grill And Yoder

Memphis and Yoder both design great pellet grills. These companies don’t joke when it comes to producing high-quality grill models.

However, the features of their grills significantly vary and may attract a varying audience.

Memphis Wood Fire Grills is based in North America and manufactures pellet grills and food-grade hardwood pellets.

Their customers are mainly based in the United States, Norway, Germany, and Canada. The company first introduced its pellet grills in 2010 and received a warm reception.

They combine attributes of a wood fire and a convection oven to achieve a high-end grill.

Their models use 100% natural wood pellets and come with an impressive temperature control panel that you can use to set the temperature.

Memphis grills are suitable for people who prefer smart grilling. They come with pre-built Wi-Fi allowing users to control their grills wherever they are.

Yoder was founded in 2007 to manufacture competition quality pellet grills. If you go through their about us page, they mention “competition” more than five times on that page alone.

The manufacturer is based in the U.S. and uses quality workmanship as its selling point. Their grills have seen a lot of success and have been rated quality and affordable.

If you don’t have a huge budget, you may still get an excellent grill designed by Yoder.

Are Memphis Grills Good Quality

Memphis is known for producing premium quality pellet grills. They do have several grills that are built with the latest technology.

Their models include the Wi-Fi intelligent temperature control, which allows users to control their grill’s temperature by the touch of a button on their phones or tablets.

The company uses stainless steel, meaning your grill will last many years. While this material may not be 100% rust-resistant, with proper care and maintenance, you will forget about investing in a grill for quite some time.

I also love the burning efficiency of Memphis models. Most come with a PID controller allowing users to control the auger and fan to ensure the optimum performance of the grill.

Are Memphis Grills Worth The Money

Memphis grills are a worthwhile investment as the company produces some of the best grills worldwide.

Their grills include versatility, innovative design, excellent functionality, and smart technology. Matching these fantastic features against their price, I think the models are worth every penny.

Durability is one of the things users love about grills from this company. The manufacturer uses grades 304 and 430 stainless steel, which are durable.

This material can resist rust from forming and spreading. However, I should mention that you also need to care for your grill properly.

Another thing to note about Memphis is that they offer a generous warranty, making them the best company to buy from.

Memphis Grills Features

Memphis designs its grills with several impressive features. Although they may vary slightly depending on the model in question, the general features include:

Direct Flame Broiling

Memphis grills have an option of direct flame broiling. What do I mean by this? Many of us cook burgers/steaks slowly to allow more flavor to infuse using the wood pellets.

Then to finish off, you may consider searing or caramelizing their surface to give them a grilled appearance.

But you can simplify these steps by using a Memphis grill. It comes with a flavorizer, which has an insert that is placed above the firepot.

You can replace this insert with a direct flame insert as it is removable to allow direct flame broiling.

But remember that Memphis grills aren’t the only types that offer flame broiling. Other grills like Weber and Camp Chef have this feature.

The only difference is that the grease/fat is directed on the drip tray in Memphis grills. Therefore, most grease or fat will not come in contact with the flames.

Please note that if these drippings aren’t kept away from the flames can cause serious fires and injuries.

Excellent Cooking Temperatures

Memphis grills tend to reach higher temperatures than most other grills available.

For instance, the elite can heat up to 700 degrees while premium grills of the same range only go up to 500 degrees.

But we should mention that the maximum temperatures a Memphis grill can attain varies in models.

The Memphis 26 and 28 heat up to 600 and 650 degrees temperature, respectively. But while these models have a lower maximum temperature, they are still higher than most other grills.


Memphis builds its units as free-standing or built-in models. All these models can be used for outdoor units.

You can get their mid-range 28 inches or larger models as built-in units. But we should mention that if purchasing a built-in model for an outdoor kitchen, please take note of the material the grill is made from.

Although Memphis designs its grills from stainless steel, they use different grades.

Some are made with 304 stainless steel, while the surface panels use 430 stainless steel in others. The grade matters as it influences longevity and price.

Smart Grilling

One of the best things about these pellet grills is that you can connect them to the cloud.

Plus, they include a Wi-Fi capability that allows you to control the cooking temperatures from your smartphone.

I should also mention that Memphis provides a mobile app that allows users to change temperatures and see what the readings on the grill are.

Using this app, you can also change probe alarms and turn off the grill. In short, users are offered a ton of wireless control when grilling.

Which Memphis Grills Is Best

Memphis Grills Elite Wood Fire Pellet Smoker Grill with Wi-Fi
  • Wood fired grill
  • Meat probe
  • Digital temperature controls
  • 304 stainless steel

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The best Memphis grill is the Elite Wood Fire Pellet Smoker. It is not the cheapest model available, but its durability, reliability, and convenience make it a worthwhile investment.

The model offers excellent cooking performance and heats up to high-temperature degrees than other pellet grills on the market.

The grill has an intelligent temperature controller that automatically feeds wood pellets, thus giving users more control than other smokers.

Besides being a grill, this model is also a smoker, and individuals can bake, roast, braise, and even BBQ directly over an open flame.

I love that it is a quality build designed for fulfilling the desires and problems of a grill master. It includes a Wi-Fi controller and a Memphis Mobil App that can be used on Android and iOS.

You can thus roam around the house while cooking and still check the temperature of the food cooking.

I also love that it is a smart grill with many features that ensure your meal is never under-cooked or overcooked.

It provides 844 square inches of cooking space, enough room to grill for many people. You can grill 23 burgers simultaneously and have thrice the number of hot dogs.

Get your Memphis Grill by clicking here.

Is Yoder A Good Pellet Grill

Yoder is also a great manufacturer of pellet grills. The company introduced its grills as a product line that works well in the backyard and on the competition circuit.

Today, it is one of the best pellet grill manufacturers, with its YS640 being its most successful.

Most of their products perform excellently in the competition barbecue circuit. They design perfectly-sized grills that are highly durable and offer excellent enough cooking space.

Like Memphis, they also provide direct grilling options and accessories that make your life easy.

Are Yoder Grills Good Quality

Yoder grills are good quality because the company uses heavy steel. This material is highly durable. So, you’ll spend many years less worried about buying another grill.

The heavy steel can withstand a variety of conditions, including rust. However, proper care is needed to ensure that your grill lasts long.

We should also mention that the heavy steel used makes the weight of the grill a bit heavy. But that is something we can overlook considering the long-lasting nature of these models.

Additionally, the company uses quality weld joints when constructing the grill.

Their models also come with a welded counterweight to allow the lid and door to open and close easily, considering the door’s weight.

Also, the company installs stay cool handles on the door and includes a pellet hopper lid and variable displacement damper.

Yoder Grill Features

Excellent Temperature Control

The company uses advanced temperature controllers in its grills. So, users can easily control the temperature, ensuring that they remain as precise as possible.

They use the Adaptive Control System, the company’s proprietary code. This system allows efficiency, accuracy, and superior flexibility.

Their S series microprocessor is among the most intelligent controllers available today.

It helps monitor several input variables and adapts to them to ensure a stable temperature.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

All Yoder grills in the Y.S. series are Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with the Y.S. drive app.

Therefore, users can monitor the temperatures of the food and pit using a probe. You can thus enjoy grilling using your smartphone or tablet.

Customization Options and Accessories

This area is where the company excels. Most of their grills come with optional extras like dual door thermometers and stainless-steel shelves to make your work easy.

It is no wonder the company refers to their smokers as competition grade.

Fantastic Construction

The sheer construction quality of Yoder grills is what makes this company great. They design their models in the USA using 10-gauge steel and 14-gauge steel for the hopper, respectively.

To show how much faith they have in their products, the company offers a 10-year warranty. These grills are built to last.

Which Yoder Grill Is Best

The Yoder YS640s Pellet Grill is the company’s best product. It is smart and versatile and includes several impressive features.

Well, the grill isn’t for the budget-conscious, but it may be suitable if you are looking for a great pellet grill.

The company uses heavy-duty steel to construct the hopper, cart, and cooking chamber. The steel is black and has a 1200-degree silicone-based paint which offers it the signature smoker look.

The cooking chamber offers two levels: the main level cooking surface, divided into four removable grates, and the second level slide-out, which you can easily remove.

Combined, they form a cooking area of 1070 square inches, enough to grill for a large crowd.

I also love that the grill uses the Adaptive Control System controller, which helps the grill maintain optimum temperature.

The company has also partnered with Fireboard Labs to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to their grills.

This feature allows both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity on your mobile phone. You can monitor, change, or set temperatures with the touch of a button.

I also love the removable side and front shelves, the stay-cool handles, and the probe port.

Pros And Cons Of Memphis Grill And Yoder

The best thing about Memphis is that they built their grills to last a long time. They use quality construction materials that contribute to the longevity of the grill.

You can expect long-term service from their models with excellent care and maintenance.

The only thing I didn’t like about their models is that they are a bit pricier than others in the market. Therefore, you are better off with Yoder if your budget is time.

On the other hand, Yoder also designs excellent quality grills using heavy-duty steel.

Some of their models include smart technology allowing users to operate them from their mobile phones.

I love that they have some affordable options for people on a budget. But I don’t particularly appreciate that some models are heavy, which makes outdoor grilling quite stressful.

Memphis Grill vs Yoder Cost

As I have already mentioned, Memphis is quite more expensive than Yoder. For instance, if I compare their best-selling grills, Memphis is pricier.

The Elite Wood Smoker from Memphis costs about $6400, while the Yoder YS640 goes for around $1700. As you can see, this is a big margin.

Yoder grills are said to be about 35% cheaper than other grills.

Memphis Grill vs Yoder: Which Is Easier To Use

Both grills are easier to use as they come with excellent features and a detailed manual. So in this sector, they both carry the cup home.

You don’t need to be a grill master to grill properly using these models. They both have an excellent temperature control system, meaning easier grilling.

Memphis Grill vs Yoder: Which Lasts Longer

I’d say this is another area that they tie. They both use high-grade steel, which is designed to offer long-term service.

The only difference is that Yoder uses heavier steel than Memphis, which adds to the weight of their grill.

Helpful Tips To Know About Memphis Grill vs Yoder

Yoder and Memphis are great manufacturers of pellet grills. They design high-quality models that offer versatility. But several things can guide you if you decide which one to buy.

Here are tips to have in mind when choosing between Memphis Grills vs Yoder:

  • Yoder grills have more customizable options than Memphis. So, if you want extras, you’ll be perfect with this grill.
  • Both are designed to last long. But Yoder grills are a bit heavier because of the heavy steel used. So, if you mostly do the outdoor grilling, Memphis is a suitable choice.
  • Yoder grills are more affordable than Memphis. So, if your budget is tight, consider a Yoder grill. But if you want a versatile model built with smart technology and don’t mind the price, Memphis will do you justice.

Final Thoughts

The debate between Yoder and Memphis has been going on for years, and many people are still divided. In the long run, it is up to you to choose the grill for yourself.

Think about your needs and budget when choosing between the two. Also, take time to research the models extensively before making a decision.

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