15 Ideas For Baseball Party In Your Backyard

Ideas For Baseball Party

Baseball season is here, and you are looking for ideas for baseball party in your backyard. Whether it is a baseball team party, birthday, or baby shower, we have the party ideas right here for you.

With the warm weather and everyone’s love of baseball, this is the perfect time to throw a baseball themed party. Having a themed party does not always have to be for a birthday. 

Your team could be celebrating a win, or you are hosting a watch party, baby shower, or birthday. No matter what the reason is, we have the best ideas for baseball party in your backyard.

The right party requires the right planning. Just like a baseball game, timing and organization is important for the win. Using this guide, you can organize and host a party to remember. 

From decorations and food, to activities and games, all bases are covered for making your baseball party a success.

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Baseball Themed Party Ideas

While birthdays are the most common reason to throw a party, they are not the only reason. During the baseball season there are many celebrations to be enjoyed. Your team may be playing, and you want to host a watch party. 

Maybe you or the kids play on a team and you are celebrating a victory. To make your baseball celebration a big hit, try any of these top ideas for a party.

1) End of Season Party

When it is time to celebrate the end of the season, the best themed party will be in honor of your team. Be it a team you or the kids play on or your favorite MLB team, decorate in team colors. 

Balloons, banners, and pennants are the way to go to create team spirit for the party. Set up tables in the backyard for your guests to sit at, making sure they are covered in team-color tablecloths.

Food for the end of season party can be concession style. What better time to enjoy your favorite game foods then having one last concession hurrah at the end of the season. 

Get hot dogs and hamburgers for the grill and of course fries, potato chips, and soft pretzels. You may also want to scatter around some bowls with peanuts, sunflower seeds, and popcorn.

To mark the end of the season, it can be a good idea to create a memento for your guests to take home. Putting together a “highlight reel” of photos and special moments from the seasons lets every player remember the season. 

You can even leave a few blank pages at the end of each photo book for players to write messages to one another.

2) Won A Tournament

When celebrating the win of a tournament or championship game, the party needs to be on point. Food ideas for this baseball party can be similar to others already mentioned. 

There are also additional food ideas discussed further in the guide. The theme for winning a tournament should be a focus on the team. Decoration should be centered around the team colors, logo, and mascot.

You want to organize for awards to be given to all players. Awards can be for individual achievements as well as participation, so everyone gets something. A photo booth is also a fun idea, for each player to capture and remember their victory party. 

Another great idea for capturing the moment is to create a video. Each player is to be interviewed to say something about the season, the team, and the win. Copies of the video can be given to each player.

3) Celebrate Coaching Staff

A baseball themed party to celebrate the coaches can have similar decor to others. Generic baseball decorations or sticking to team colors will work. 

Serve concession style foods with burgers and hot dogs, with chips, popcorn, peanuts, and pretzels all around.

Cake pops, Rice Krispy baseballs, and fruit kabobs may be better for this type of party too. Baby Ruth bars and Cracker Jacks should also be on hand for snacking. 

A great idea for kebabs is to alternate marshmallows, strawberries, and raspberries. Decorate the marshmallows with red decorating gel to look like baseballs.

To celebrate the coaches, there should be awards and special gifts. A customized jersey or hat is always a popular idea. 

You can get an award made for each coach as well as creating a collage of photos from the season. If budget is not an issue, then season tickets or a signed and framed jersey are also great ideas for coaches.

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

Baseball themed parties are popular for birthdays. Kids of all ages love baseball whether they play or just love watching America’s favorite sport. 

It is easy to throw a baseball themed birthday party for any age, any time of year. Even if stores are sold out of baseball decorations during the season, this guide has several DIY ideas to make sure your baseball birthday party is a home run.

Baseball Birthday Party Food Ideas

One of the easiest food ideas for a baseball birthday party is concession foods. Hot dogs and burgers are great for grilling in the backyard and the perfect baseball food. 

Make sure you also have an assortment of potato chips and popcorn. Rice Krispy circles decorated to look like baseballs are also a good touch. 

Coolers with ice and a variety of soft drinks and water will quench your guest’s thirst or you can set up jugs with water and lemonade with baseball themed disposable cups.

Nachos, soft pretzels, cotton candy, and Cracker Jacks are also great food ideas for a baseball birthday party. Snacks for adults to have can include sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn nuts, and Baby Ruth candy bars. 

You can even serve snacks and food in concession style dishes to really capture that game day feeling. Concession foods are ideal so people can snack as they get hungry and cleaning up will be easy.

When it comes to the birthday cake, there are hundreds of designs out there for baseball cakes. Using a round cake pan, you can decorate a cake to look like a baseball or decorate in your kid’s favorite team colors. 

You can also make cupcakes decorated with white frosting and red decorating gel to look like baseballs. Any cake or cupcakes can be topped with baseball candles for the final touch.

Baseball Birthday Party Decorations

The decorations can include colors from a favorite team or remain classic with red, white, and blue. Having baskets with bats and balls located around the yard as well as having bases laid out in a diamond pattern, can make your yard into a playing field. Banners, posters, balloons, and pennants should be hung all around.

The entrance to the backyard should be marked by a large welcome sign. A chalkboard works well, with baseballs drawn on it and “Welcome to Wrigley Field”. 

Use your team’s field name or insert your last name in there. A more personalized sign will make the birthday kid feel like a real MVP. You can also set up the chalkboard to look like a game scoreboard.

It is easy to grab baseball theme plates and napkins at Amazon, and table cloths can be used to match the theme colors. Scatter baseball cards around the tables too. Be sure to get matching invitations too. 

Having invitations that look like tickets to a game are great for kids’ parties, and they can hand them over as they enter the “field” in the backyard. Just like being at a real game.

Baseball Birthday Party Games

There are a number of games you can organize for a baseball birthday party. The games you select will be based on the age of participants, but some general ideas are listed below for you.

  • Baseball Treasure Hunt: This can involve hiding cheap baseball cards all around the yard. For every ten cards collected, a child can exchange them for a prize to take home. You can even hide a few foam baseballs which will be exchanged for a larger prize. To keep things fair, each child can only turn in one ball. One idea for prizes can be inflatable baseball bats.
  • Crazy Baseball: If you have the room in the backyard, organize a mini game of ball. Each player is given a special handicap to make the game a little crazy. Run backwards, hop, skip, walk like a chicken, dance, or spin around 3 times before batting. Use any of these and let the kids come up with their own silly actions and then play ball.
  • Baseball Pinata: All parties need a pinata, and your baseball birthday party can have one too. There are pinatas shaped like baseballs and jerseys available. Since much of the food you are served is likely to be unhealthy concession food, consider filling the pinata with mini toys instead of candy.
  • Ring The Bat: You only need hula hoops and baseball bats for this game. Divide the guests into even teams and one person gets to be the bat first. This person takes a bat and walks about ten feet away from their team and turns to face them. Each team gets 3 hula hoops. The first person on each team takes a hula hoop and tosses it to the person with the bat. This person has to try and catch the hula hoop using only the bat. If they miss, the thrower runs to pick up the hop and return to their team. The next player in line goes. If the hoop is caught, it stays around the bat. The first team to get all three hoops on the bat wins.

1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

A few unique themes to use for a 1-year old baseball birthday party can include Little Slugger and Batter Up. With these ideas, you want to go with more subtle color schemes such as light blue or even pink for a girl. 

Have plenty of inflatable options and foam baseballs for play. Bubbles are also a great idea to have with toddler parties. As long as there is adequate space, having toddlers hit bubbles with inflatable bats is a great game.

Another fun idea for toddlers can include filling a kiddie pool with water and floating a bunch of foam baseballs for them to catch. Baseball balloons are also a great idea, along with streamers, and pennants. 

Food for these parties should be simple, finger foods such as mini corn dogs, fries, and fruit. Cupcakes decorated to look like baseballs will be the perfect dessert.

10 Years Old Birthday Party Ideas

Rookie of the Year and a Home Run Party are great themes for a 10 year old birthday party. Decoration should be centered around your birthday boy or girl’s favorite team and be sure that all kids wear a jersey to the party. 

It is even a good idea to have extra hats, balls, and baseball gloves on hand for guests that do not bring theirs.

Set up the yard to look like an actual field, complete with a baseball diamond and a concession stand. Play music from a baseball themed CD such as Passin It On. 

Organize fun games to play around the mini field such as water balloon toss. Teams of two have to toss a water balloon to each other as they walk around the bases. You can also play regular ball with a crazy twice, by having players run in funny ways between bases.

A great activity for this age is In the Major Leagues. Giving each child a large piece of paper, have them lie down and trace their outline. Large rolls of craft paper can be found on Amazon as can any crayon or paints you may need for this activity. 

After each child has an outline, have them paint what they would look like as a ball player. This is a fun activity and they get a keepsake to take home at the end of the party.

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Vintage Baseball and an MVP Party are good themes for older kids. As teenagers will not be much into playing games, a great idea is to play a baseball theme movie such as Angels in the Outfield, Field of Dreams, or The Sandlot. 

Food served can be the same as mentioned previously. It is a good idea to let you teenager decide what food they will want. Wings and soft pretzels are a popular addition to the hot dogs and burgers.

When throwing a Vintage theme party, you can collect vintage posters, pennants, and jerseys to hang around. It is also a good ideal to have collectible baseball cards scattered around. 

The kids can divide these up to take home at the end of the party. Activities that your teenager can do include mini games of knocking over bottles with a baseball and seeing who can pitch the furthest. Teens may also enjoy having a baseball trivia game for prizes.

Baseball Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Adults that love baseball just might want to throw a baby shower with a baseball theme. There are baseball baby shower decorations on Amazon to get you started. 

Concession foods will be the way to go and guests can pick what they want as they feel like snacking. A great idea is to keep everything small,or baby-sized. 

Mini hot dogs or corn dogs, popcorn, licorice pieces, pretzels, mini cupcakes, and baseball Oreos (dip in melted white chocolate and draw red lines with decorating gel).

You can also make a veggie tray that resembles a diamond. A great way to make a veggie tray is to scatter green veggies such as celery or broccoli around the edge. 

Use small bowls with ranch dip to be the bases and home plate. Carrots can be lined up between the bases to represent the running paths. Cucumber slices can be placed as the infield with a small mound in the middle for the pitcher.

Fun activities to organize for the baby shower can include:

  • Guess the number of balls: Fill a large jar with baseball candies for each guest to guess. Have each person write their name and a guess on a piece of paper. At the end of the party, count the balls and the winner can take the candy home.
  • Baseball baby bingo: You can get bingo cards from Amazon for this game and can play while the gifts are being opened. You get to mark off an item as the mother opens the gifts. A great prize for the winner of a game would be baseball bath bombs or even tickets to a game.
  • Have a baby shower guest book on hand for all guests to leave messages for the happy parents and baby. Get one that also has picture pages so you can create a treasure book of memories for the special occasion.

If the baby shower is going to double as a gender reveal, then a special baseball shaped cake can be made with either a blue or pink colored cake in the middle. 

A little something extra to have for the parents to be. Each parent should have a customized jersey to wear for the day, with “Mom” and “Dad” written on the back.

Baseball Party Supplies

The supplies you need for a baseball party will typically be the same whether it is a team celebration or a birthday. 

The only variations will be in the color scheme you choose and if there are MLB logos included or not. For the most part, you will need the same standard supplies for a party, and in this case, they will all be baseball themed.

Decorations can include banners, pennants, balloons, streamers, posters, and photo booth screens. You can hang balloons around in bunches or design a balloon archway for guests to walk through. 

You may also want to include inflatable baseball bats and balls to have around. These serve as toys and decorations. Baseball gloves, jerseys, hats, and other gear are also great to have on hand for decorations.

You will also need plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery. There are affordable packs on Amazon or you can mix and match your own. 

Make sure you get enough for all guests and remember that many guests will use more than one plate, especially if they are disposable. You will also need to have bowls for serving snacks and condiments, and bags for party favors.

Additional supplies that you will need will depend on the games or activities you plan and the food you serve. Make a list ahead of time to make sure you grab everything you need. 

Also make sure you have plenty of food and drink options for everyone to account for everyone’s taste differences. When it comes to food supplies, you may also want to get additional storage such as coolers, in case there is not room enough in your fridge.

Baseball Party Games

Along with party games already mentioned, there are a few more you can have for your party. Games played will depend on the age of your guests but in many cases these games can be played by all ages. 

Some alterations may be needed for younger players, but the following are some ideas to get your party going.

  • Baseball Uniform Relay: For this game you will need two sets of baseball items, one each of a baseball jersey, a glove, and a baseball cap. These items are placed at one end of the yard. The guests are divided into two teams and they both need to line up at the opposite end to the items. In a line, the first player on each team runs to the other end, puts the items on and races back to the line. They take off the gear and pass it to the next teammate in line. This player runs to the end and back and transfers the gear. The first team to get all their players back wins.
  • Strike Out: For this game you will need a hula hoop, which you can easily get from Amazon. Hang this from a tree branch in the backyard. On the ground a few feet from the hoop, make a line with tape or you can place out cones. Each player gets three foam baseballs and has to pitch them through the hoop. A ball through the hoop is a strike and the player that gets three strikes is the winner.
  • Safe Bases: Grab some affordable bases from Amazon to set up in the yard. Everyone that is playing starts at home. Start playing music for them to dance around the bases. For kids, it is fun to add a bunch of balloons to the game for them to bounce and kick around. Stop the music randomly and players have to stand on the bases. The last one to get to a base is out. As the number of players gets smaller, you can start removing bases too. The final remaining player to get to a base is the winner.
  • Home Run: Make a batting line in the grass and then make another line a few feet away from this one. You will need a wiffle ball and bat for this. If you do not already have one, you can get a nice set on Amazon. Each player takes a turn to hit the wiffle ball. If they hit it past the other line (home run line) they get a point. Play this for nine rounds and the player with the most runs (points) after the 9 innings is the winner.

Baseball Party Favors

The party itself will be the most fun, but it is always a great idea to have party favors to take home. This is especially fun when there are kids at the party. 

The party favors should be applicable to the ages of your guests. If there will be guests of all ages, pick favors that are good for all or provide a few for each individual age group. Nobody should be striking out from this party.

You can have your guests take home party favors in plastic bags with red and blue ribbons used as a tie. Or you can opt for baseball themed goodie bags or buckets. 

Great items to include in the favor bag would be baseball keychains, foam baseballs, Baby Ruth candy bars, Cracker Jacks, sunglasses, stickers, and baseball themed candy

For more personalized party favors you can try to add these ideas:

  • Personalized Water Bottles: You can find baseball labels on Amazon that you can apply to the water bottles. Each guest can have their name written on the label.
  • Create Your Own Bat: With these affordable mini bats from Amazon, the guests can use paints to decorate their own bats, which can then serve as great party favors.
  • Helmets and Peanuts: Fill mini baseball helmets from Amazon with peanuts. Use peanuts in the shells, just like you get at the games. Place each of these in a plastic baggie tied with ribbon that matches the party colors.

DIY Baseball Party Decorations

While many decorations can be purchased, there is something to be said about making a few yourself. Whether it be for an entryway to the party or the centerpiece of the cake table, having a few DIY baseball party decorations is always a unique touch, that will make sure your party is never forgotten.

  • Baseball Wreath: Collect a bunch of baseballs or grab some for cheap from Amazon. Take a drill to put a hole through one side of the ball and then again on the opposite side. Do this with all the balls. Using metal wire, string the baseballs together and form a wreath. Using ribbon in your team colors or the colors of the party tie off the wreath. You can hang this above the main table, or on the front door to welcome guests.
  • Baseball Cupcake Stand: Using wood squares from Amazon or from spare wood pieces you have around, you can make two or three trays for your cupcake stand. You can paint these to look like a diamond by using green paint, with white trim around the edge. It will look like a diamond when you are done. You will need a saw to cut holes through the center of each board. Through this will go an old baseball bat, with the narrow handle towards the top. Use wood glue to keep the trays in place and space them far enough apart to allow for cupcakes to sit on each.
  • Fabric Baseball Banner: You will want white fabric for the baseballs, and then fabric that is the team colors or party colors for the pennants. Start by tracing something circular on the white fabric. Cut enough out to form the team name or person of honor for the party. Use red embroidery thread to stitch the lines on the balls. Triangle pieces will be cut from the other colors to serve as pennants. Cut out small stars in each color too. Stitch a colored star on to a different color pennant. Choosing one of the colors, cut out letters to spell the name of the team or guest of honor. Stitch the letters onto the balls, in between the red stitched lines. Using fabric glue, attach the pennants and baseballs to a string or ribbon. Pennants should be placed at each end with the name spelled out in the middle. Leave about two inches of string between each item. Hang the banner across the fence or along the wall of the house in the yard.

Baseball Gift Ideas

Whether the party is for a birthday or celebrating a team, there will be gifts involved. You may need to come up with gift ideas for coaches, MVP players, or birthdays. 

If the theme of the party is baseball, the gifts should match. The good news is that there are a few great ideas for gift giving at a baseball themed party.

  • Great ideas for a birthday party would be a jersey or any other baseball gear with the individual’s favorite team. A true fan can never have too much gear to show support for their team. Collectible baseball cards as well as a personalized baseball also make great birthday gifts that any baseball enthusiast would love. If budget is not an issue, tickets to a game are always a great idea too.
  • Ideas for players at the end of a season can also include personalized baseballs or plaques. Giving individual awards for certain achievements is one form of gifts. To make sure every player gets a gift, you can frame team photos for each player as well as give out a personalized pennant. Additionally, every player can get a medal or small trophy to acknowledge their participation for the season.
  • Coaches may also be given gifts, especially at end of season parties. The best gifts for coaches are customized jerseys that read “Best Coach” or a photo book that captures images from the season. A special page dedicated to each player with a photo and message will also go a long way in keeping the memories alive for the coach long after the game is over.

Baseball Table Decorations

Table decorations for a baseball party will start with the tablecloth. You can go with standard red, white, and blue, or team colors. 

Alternatively there are generic grass table cloths or other baseball themes coverings from Amazon. What matters next, is the centerpiece of table decorations. 

While some tables will be set up for eating, it is a good idea to have one dessert table with snacks, the cake, and a main eye-catching centerpiece.

Some ideas for centerpieces can include:

  • Large vases filled with small foam baseballs, peanuts, and bubble gum. Center three vases in the middle and tie ribbons around each in the theme colors. Fill each with a baseball themed item.
  • Baseball glove with 3 baseballs laid on the table. You can write a special message across the three balls, such as Happy Birthday, or Congratulations Team.
  • Chalkboard with a home and away score on it placed at the center of the table surrounded by snacks is also a popular idea for baseball parties.

Snacks can be in small bowls or mini baseball helmets. Make sure you have pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, sunflower seeds, and baseball cake pops. 

A fun alternative to cake pops is to dip Oreo cookies into melted white chocolate. Then you decorate them to look like baseballs using red decorating gel.

Helpful Tips To Come Up With Ideas For Baseball Party In Your Backyard

When you are charged with organizing a baseball party, there are so many options and ideas. Before deciding on the decoration and food, you need to have the theme. 

The top themes have been discussed above to help you out, so you can prepare for a baby shower, team party, or birthday party.

In addition to the information in this guide, there are some helpful tips to remember when planning the best baseball party in your backyard.

  • Plan according to age: Choose activities, games, and food that are appropriate for the age of the guests.
  • Make sure you have room: With a baseball theme party, you will be outdoors, so make sure you have a large enough yard to accommodate guests and game play. If not, you may have to move the party to a backyard that is big enough.
  • Safety first: Make sure you consult with all guests regarding food allergies, especially for parties where children will be.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best ideas for baseball party in your backyard, look no further. This guide is here to help you get started with party planning. No matter what the party is for, there are a ton of suggestions here to make it a baseball party to remember. 

With these ideas, every guest will be an MVP, every game will be a home run success, and Hall of Fame memories will be created for sure.

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