10 Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Kiddie Pool

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Kiddie Pool

As the weather warms up, everyone heads outside to soak up the sun. For many families, this also means bringing out the kiddie pool so the kids can splash and stay cool in the sun. But, when the pool and the kids come out, so do the bugs. So how do you keep bugs out of your kiddie pool?

There are many different options for keeping your kiddie pool bug-free including both chemical and non-chemical solutions. In many cases you do not even need to treat the kiddie pool water itself. By making changes and additions to the yard, like adding a fan, or keeping up landscaping, you can keep bugs at bay. And your kids can play all day.

My guide offers ten effective ways to keep bugs out of your yard and away from the kiddie pool. Some are natural and non-toxic but there are also chemicals you can use in the event bugs take over the yard.

When you plan ahead there are ways you can make the yard fun for you, perfect for a kiddie pool, and a no-go zone for pesky bugs.

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Kiddie Pool

1. Bug Traps

Setting up traps to catch mosquitos and other bugs will keep them out of the yard and away from your kiddie pool. These can be purchased at any home improvement or garden store and do not use chemicals.

They use technology that attracts bugs to the device and traps them inside. Bait, LED lights, and even propane are used to bring the bugs to the trap, depending on the bugs you are trying to catch.

Simply hang them around the yard from trees or your patio, bugs will be drawn to the trap and then sucked into a cage or net where they will die.

If you have a large yard and insects are common in your area, a propane trap is best as they can take care of larger volumes of bugs to keep your yard and kiddie pool bug-free.

2. Bug Misting System

These systems use mist to keep your yard free of bugs so the kids can enjoy their kiddie pool any time of day. A series of stationary insecticide sprayers are placed in the yard every 15 feet.

They can be mounted to fences or hung from trees. The nozzles are connected to tubes of insecticide that are released on a timer. You can install these yourself to save money as they include easy-to-follow instructions.

As effective as this method is, it does release chemicals that can be harmful to pets and humans, so the spray cannot be released when the kids are playing. Also, some cities have regulations in place against using these systems.

3. Landscaping Maintenance

You can reduce the presence of bugs in your yard and around the kiddie pool by regularly maintaining your landscaping.

Overgrown grass and pools of stagnant water as well as clogged gutters can attract insects, especially mosquitoes. Keep the grass cut regularly and remove weeds as they appear.

If you have artificial grass, check that it is draining properly, as pools can easily collect here and attract bugs. Clean your gutter often to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Once hatched bugs will make their way to any water source, which will be the kiddie pool, so prevent them from settling down in the first place.

4. Use A Fan

Have you ever noticed that there are less bugs around on windy days? They cannot move as efficiently when it is windy and having a fan in your yard can keep them from flying through.

A large fan or a few small ones set up to blow towards or around the kiddie pool will keep the bugs away. Fans are also non-toxic and provide a nice breeze for the kids during those warmer days.

5. Kiddie Pool Care

Most kiddie pools are emptied after use and re-filled the next day. During the warmer months, you may want to save water and decide to keep the pool filled for a few days at a time.

Stagnant water like this will attract bugs, so you should get a cover. You will need to check this pool cover often because bugs like mosquitoes only need a small drop of water to lay eggs.

Make sure you remove any pooled water from the cover before removing it from the pool. Often, having a kiddie pool cover is best when used in conjunction with other methods to keep the kiddie pool free of bugs.

6. Remove Possible Reservoirs

Outside of making sure the landscaping is maintained, you also want to remove anything that can collect water. Buckets, toys, empty flowerpots, pool toys, and bird baths.

By limiting any sources of stagnant water you can prevent bugs from laying eggs and settling into your yard. If you have permanent items such as bird baths or fountains, be sure you check and clean them often.

You should also set up the kiddie pool away from these items and add extra methods such as a fan or bug traps to keep the area around the pool clear.

Items such as buckets, flowerpots, and toys can be out when in use but need to be dried and stored.

7. Smoke

Smoke is a natural bug repellant so set up candles and tiki torches around your yard. The smoke produced will keep bugs at bay, but you can also choose certain scents for candles that bugs do not like.

  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Cedar

You can also use these herbs to rub on patio furniture or chairs that are set up near the kiddie pool.

8. Larvicide

Even when you take care to remove sources of stagnant water, you may not be able to remove all of them. Ponds and bird baths are common backyard features that contain stagnant water.

You don’t want to get rid of these just because you have the kiddie pool out, so add larvicide to the water. These chemicals are available in tablets, pellets, and briquettes and will kill eggs and larvae in any stagnant water.

It is important to note that this option is for standing water other than the kiddie pool, like gutters and fountains. Do not add larvicide to the kiddie pool water.

With larvicide you can reduce the overall presence of bugs in the yard by preventing them from living in your gutters, bird baths, and fountains.

9. Bird Feeders

Chances are that if you have a bird bath, it is because you like having the birds in your yard. You can also add bird feeders to bring more feathered friends to your yard.

Not only are birds fun to watch, but they are natural enemies to bugs. Bringing the birds to your yard will be entertaining for the kids and will help keep the bugs away from the kiddie pool and yard.

10. Citronella

One of the peskiest bugs to interfere with kiddie pool fun are mosquitoes. And mosquitoes hate citronella. This is a natural deterrent to keep bugs away from the pool and your kids.

It is a natural oil that is not toxic to humans and can be applied as a spray or used in candles, torches, or lanterns.

With regards to candles and torches, you need to make sure the citronella smoke is close to the area you want to protect, so tiki torches work best as they can be posted within safe distance of kiddie pools and still allow kids to have plenty of playroom.

Helpful Tips To Keep Bugs Out of Kiddie Pool

Because safety is always a top concern, most parents want to choose non-toxic ways to keep the kiddie pool bug-free. The best way to do that is to create a backyard that is uninviting and uninhabitable for bugs.

By keeping them out of your yard, you also keep them out of your pool.

  • Keep up the landscaping
  • Add larvicide to ponds or fountains
  • Keep toys, buckets, and flowerpots stored
  • Install bug traps

Final Thoughts

The summer is a time for fun and sun, but it also means more bugs. The bugs don’t have to ruin your outdoor time. With my recommendations you can keep your yard bug-free, and your kiddie pool safe.

With yard additions, regular landscaping, and a few repellent tactics, everyone can benefit from having insect-free summers. Not only can the kids play without worry, but you can relax in your own yard without being a target.

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