5 Tips On How To Clean Aluminum Patio Cover Gutters

How To Clean Aluminum Patio Cover Gutters

Most gutters are installed directly on the roof of a home, but patio cover gutters are a smart way to move water away from your home.

First-time homeowners may think nothing of a little water pooling near their home, but over time it can eat away at the foundations of your house.

To avoid this, create channels that move water from downspouts away from your home and put gutters on your patio covers. I’ll show you how to clean them, so you don’t end up with overflowing gutters on your patio cover.

How To Clean Aluminum Patio Cover Gutters

Clean aluminum patio cover gutters by removing all the debris from the inside. Then treat any oxidation and reseal the metal to prevent further damage and save you from having to replace entire sections of the gutter. Finally, ensure that you are cleaning your gutters at least twice a year, or more often if you have overhanging trees and other sources of debris.

When your gutters get dirty, they begin to back up, and backed-up gutters overflow. Whether it’s the patio cover gutters or the ones along the roofline, overflow means bad news for your home and patio foundations.

Water caused the ground in the area to soften, and that means cracks.

What seems at first like an inconvenient puddle by the side of your house can end up being thousands of dollars in foundational repairs.

No one likes cleaning their gutters but putting it off is a dangerous game. Skip out on the costly mistakes and

5 Tips On How To Clean Aluminum Patio Cover Gutters

Spending a weekend afternoon cleaning aluminum patio cover gutters is no one’s idea of a good time. However, for homeowners or renters who do their own outdoor maintenance, it is a necessity.

Clean gutters will flow freely and move water off your patio cover, preventing damage to your home, patio cover, and patio.

Ensure that you provide the water somewhere to go once it passes through the gutter system. If the gutter dumps water at the base of your home, it won’t help at all.

Keeping those channels clean will also help you avoid costly backups.

Instead of getting frustrated and wasting extra time and energy, I will help you get it done the smarter way.

If you follow the five simple tips below, your gutters will run, and you won’t need to worry about damage like oxidation.

With a few simple-to-use tools, you can cut down your time cleaning and prevent future damage.

1. Use a Pressure Washer

Cleaning aluminum patio cover gutters by hand is tedious. Plus, it feels disgusting. Algae growth and partially decomposed leaves are slimy and not in a fun-kids-toy way.

Rather than putting up with the yuck, get a pressure washer. Not only will this hasten the process, but it does a spectacular job.

Using a stream of high-powered water is excellent for getting into corners and crevices. I recommend the Sun Joe SPX3000 corded electric pressure washer from Amazon. The excellent 14.5-Amp 1800-watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI to quickly disburse any blockage and power through stuck-on grunge. Plus, the TSS or Total Stop System automatically shuts off the flow when the trigger isn’t depressed to help prevent accidents.

Sun Joe SPX3000 - BLK 2030 Max Psi 1.76 Gpm 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer
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  • [NOTE]: To ensure a fully functioning washer, please make sure all hoses and cleaner connections are properly and securely fastened.

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2. Get The Right Extension

Using a pressure washer to clean aluminum patio cover gutters can be awkward. It’s not safe to climb a ladder while hauling a washer full of liquid. Precarious balance and high-pressure water do not mix.

Get an extension for your gutter cleaning so you can work from the ground instead. You can grab a Sun Joe SPX-ESW4 5.5-Foot Aluminum Extension Spray Wand from Amazon to easily get the reach you need.

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3. Clean Off Oxidation

Aluminum is incredibly durable and mostly rust-resistant. However, you may occasionally notice a bit of rust stain dripping down from your gutters. It’s best to address this right away. The longer a rust spot sits, the larger it will get.

You can scrub off surface rust with an aluminum cleaning product like AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Cleaning Solution, and a firm bristled cleaning brush.

Sand any rough, damaged metal with some fine-grained sandpaper to remove the oxidized surface material and prep it for the next step.

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4. Reseal Exposed Metal

Once your rusting or damaged aluminum is clean and prepared, you can easily prevent future issues. Some people prefer outdoor caulk around edges and screws.

Other options include a rubber paint like Flex-Seal or other outdoor rubberized sealants.

Whichever sealant you choose, make sure you dry your aluminum completely and cover all the exposed aluminum, including spots that haven’t rusted yet.

It helps to do this on a dry, sunny day so that rain and high humidity don’t wreck your seal. Plus, leaving any moisture trapped below this layer will cause damage to the aluminum over time.

5. Don’t Put It Off Until Later

Arguably the most important tip for gutter cleaning is to do it right away. Set a schedule and keep it. Mark your calendar, so you don’t miss this vital maintenance task.

Check your gutters every month or two to ensure you don’t need an extra scrub. Any time you see water overflowing the gutter, check for a blockage.

Taking simple, timely action can prevent serious damage, or at the very least, save you time on your next regular cleaning.

Helpful Tips To Know About Cleaning Aluminum Patio Cover Gutters

Cleaning your gutters isn’t all about oxidation damage and pressure washers. However, you clean your gutters, it’s important to be safe and smart.

Here are some additional tips about cleaning aluminum patio cover gutters to help you make the most out of your biannual cleanings.

  • When you’re putting in new aluminum gutters, take the time to make sure they are completely sealed. Although aluminum is generally rust-resistant it can oxidize over time. Areas like screw holes and anywhere the gutter gets scratched are the most vulnerable. Use a good sealant around these.
  • You can opt for an Aluminum Gutter Guard to help keep the larger debris out of your gutters, but you’ll still need to clean and maintain them twice a year. Remove any leaves or buildup off the surface of the guard regularly to keep water flowing.
A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard 5 inch (100 Feet, Mill Finish)
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  • A gutter downspout needs somewhere to go. Runoff channels are one option, but you can also use rain barrels. Connecting your aluminum patio cover gutters to a rainwater collection system can save you money on watering your garden or even provide water to your home.
  • If you opt to clean a gutter manually, wear protective gloves. Sharp twigs and other debris can damage unwary hands. Plus, it’s difficult to see everything that collects inside the narrow gutter.
  • Don’t forget the downspouts when you’re cleaning. It’s important to clear these out when your gutters have become clogged. Most of the time the water exit will run freely if debris is small, but a backed-up downspout will fill up causing spillage and increasing the chance of oxidation.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your aluminum patio cover gutters is a crucial chore for the integrity of your home. When you use gutters to redirect water runoff it helps to prevent foundation issues that can end up costing you a fortune.

Instead of skipping those gutters, get them cleared out and repaired if necessary. Timely gutter cleaning can save you a lot of headaches and trouble down the road.

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