How Much Sand For Turtle Sandbox

How Much Sand For Turtle Sandbox

Turtle sandboxes are adorable and incredibly popular because they come with lids. A traditional sandbox is open to the elements. Rain and bugs can get inside, but so can animals like neighborhood cats.

Keeping your kids safe and sanitary in the sandbox is a priority. I will teach you everything you need to know about these clever toys, so you know how much sand you’ll need for the turtle sandbox and more.

How Much Sand Do I Need For Turtle Sandbox

For children under 2 years old, you should only use 1 inch of play sand which is one 50-pound bag of play sand in your turtle sandbox. For older children, they can play in depths of around 3 inches which is three 50-pound bags for a total of 150 pounds of play sand. Play sand is typically sold in 50-pound bags.

How Many 50 lb Bags Of Sand Do I Need For A Turtle Sandbox

To fill your turtle sandbox, you will need one 50-pound bag of sand for the youngest children ages one to two. This should give you about an inch of sand for the little ones.

Keep in mind you should never leave children playing in the sand unsupervised.

The most common turtle sandbox comes from Little Tykes. The box itself weighs around 5.5 kilograms and measures 39.00”L x 43.50”W x 7.75” according to the Little Tykes website.

This box is the one most people have in their yards because it is economical, durable, and has seats for the kids outside of the sand itself.

However, it is important to note that there are other turtle-shaped sandboxes. If you choose a different brand, you will need to check the dimensions of the box itself to get the correct amount of sand.

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How Many Bags Of Sand Does It Take To Fill Up A Turtle Sandbox

First, it helps to know how much a box can hold. The maximum capacity is typically listed on the container.

Additionally, you can find that information online by looking up the manufacturer. In the case of Little Tykes, the maximum is a hundred and fifty pounds of sand.

Assuming you get fifty-pound bags, that means three or less. Please note the larger 47″W x 47.5″ D x 16″H turtles hold exactly twice as much sand.

Sometimes you can’t find the answer so easily. In that case, grab your calculator, or use the free one on Google by typing “calculator” into your search bar.

Calculating the correct number of bags to fill a sandbox isn’t as difficult as it seems. I will walk you through the steps so you know exactly how many cubic feet of sand you will need for your turtle sandbox.

Regardless of size, the math is the same. Volume = (3.14 x r2 x depth) x 0.037

Pro Tip: For those who aren’t great with math, you can check out Home Advisors’ Pool Sand Calculation Tool. This is also fantastic for double-checking your manual calculations to ensure you get enough sand.

How Many Bags Of Sand For A Turtle Sandbox

The number of bags of sand you need will depend on the weight or cubic footage in a given bag.

Play sand is typically sold in fifty-pound bags, so be prepared for a little workout when you go to get them. You can find play sand at most home improvement stores, or you can order it online easily.

When you are searching for sand to fill your turtle sandbox, please be careful. Play sand isn’t a brand name but refers to very fine sand meant for children to play in.

Getting coarser garden sand could result in some very unhappy and probably scratched-up kids at the end of the day. Play sand has been processed to provide not only tinier grains but less sharp edges.

Although it may seem like a minor difference, it makes a big impact on delicate skin.

How Many Pounds Of Sand Is Needed For 1 Inch Depth

For a typical small turtle sandbox, you will need fifty pounds of play sand. If you are working with the larger model, you will need more sand.

However, the large turtle sandbox base is not twice as wide so that you can get an inch of play sand with less than two full bags of play sand.

How Many Pounds Of Sand Is Needed For 2 Inch Depth

To fill your sandbox two inches, you’ll need exactly twice as much sand. The common, small turtle sandbox will be two inches deep when you put a hundred pounds of sand inside.

You can adjust up and down according to preference. However, this depth is generally considered appropriate for three to four-year-old children.

How Many Pounds Of Sand Is Needed For 3 Inch Depth

Filling your turtle sandbox three inches means you will need to get a 150 pounds of play sand. At most stores, this means you will need three bags.

If the markings are in kilograms, then you’re looking for 22 to 23 kg bags, and you will still need three of them.

Kids who are four and older do well with deeper sand. They are more likely to leave sand inside the box and less likely to fall and require assistance to get up.

Plus, most 4-year-olds are past the point of wanting to stick everything in their mouths, so they are less likely to eat the sand.

How Big Is A Turtle Sandbox

Not all turtle sandboxes are the same. Because they come in several different sizes, the amount of sand you need will vary significantly.

The chart below offers you a few of the most common dimensions.

  • Small – This sandbox weighs twelve pounds and is 39.00”L x 43.50”W x 7.75”H
  • Medium – A Medium Turtle Sandbox is 38.75″L x 43.25″W x 12.00″H. These two are very similar, but the medium is much deeper.
  • Large – This option is 47″W x 47.5″L x 16″H and holds twice as much sand as the smallest turtle sandbox.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Much Sand For Turtle Sandbox

Adding a cute and highly functional turtle sandbox to your yard or play area can bring a lot of joy to children. However, there are a few things parents, teachers, and guardians need to keep in mind.

Here are some helpful tips to know about how much sand for a turtle sandbox.

  • Before you put anything in a turtle sandbox, always sterilize it. Full strength bleach or vinegar works well. Once the box is sterile, you can rinse it with soap and water, then put clean sand inside.
  • Sandbox sand isn’t forever. It would be best if you changed out the sand every one to two years completely.
  • It’s smart to keep an extra bag of play sand on hand to top up your turtle sandbox when you need it. Kids will inevitably throw, spill or track sand out of the box even when they don’t mean to. A little sand can certainly add up over time, and the level will drop faster when your kids play more often.

Final Thoughts

Turtle sandboxes are adorable and tons of fun for kids. The lid makes sure you have clean, dry, pest and surprise free sand whenever you go out to play.

Best of all, filling a turtle sandbox is easy and inexpensive. You will typically only need one to three fifty-pound bags of sand to keep your little ones occupied for weeks or even years.

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