How Much Does A Propane Tank Weigh

How Much Does A Propane Tank Weigh

A propane tank is needed to get your gas grill working. It is a container that holds and stores propane which comes as liquefied petroleum gas and is used for fueling camp stoves, grills, and other cooking appliances. But what is the weight of a propane tank?

A standard propane tank for a grill weighs 17 pounds when empty and can hold up to 20 pounds of propane, which is equivalent to 37 pounds when full.

How Many Pounds Is A Standard Propane Tank For A Grill

The standard propane tank is the 20-pounder. It can hold approximately 20 pounds of propane, which is equivalent to 4.7 gallons of propane.

Bear in mind that propane weighs around 4.24 pounds per gallon, so that is where individuals get the 20-pound reference.

So does it mean that this tank weighs 20 pounds when full? Not exactly. Remember that we talked about the tare weight, which represents the tank’s weight when empty.

On Average, a 20-pound propane tank can weigh 17.2 pounds. But others may weigh 18 or even 16.6.

How Much Does A Full Gas Grill Propane Tank Weigh

Propane tanks are marked in cubic feet, pounds or gallons. A model’s exact size depends on the propane it has.

But this varies depending on how much propane a household uses per meal. Remember to add the tare weight to determine how much a tank weighs.

For instance, if you need to know how much a full 20-pounder weighs, add 20 pounds to the tank’s tare weight.

So if the tare weight is 17 pounds and you add 20 pounds, it means the tank’s weight when full is 37 pounds.

But bear in mind this is only approximate. You may get two pounds less or more depending on the tank’s temperature and the surrounding air when the tank is being filled.

If the tank was cooler, more propane was added than if it was hotter.

Bear in mind that propane tanks have a 20% extra space designed for when the temperature rises.

This space isn’t for carrying extra propane. But, since propane can expand when hot, the space ensures that it can accommodate this.

The market has various propane tank sizes. Besides the standard lb tank, you can also get 100 lbs for residential use.

But for commercial purposes, people may purchase 20 or 500 gallons. Remember we said 1 gallon of propane is equal to 4.2 pounds.

And that propane tanks are not filled to the brim. They leave 10-20% capacity.

So, when calculating the weight of a tank, you need to consider these factors.

How Much Does An Empty 20 Lb Propane Tank Weigh

As we already mentioned, a 20 lb tank weighs about 17 pounds. But some may be some pounds higher or lower depending on the manufacturer.

Aluminum propane tanks tend to be lighter compared to steel ones. Therefore, you may find a 20-pounder weighing as little as 13.5 pounds or even over 20 pounds when empty.

A 20 lb tank is considered the standard tank size as many people use it. Besides using it on your grill, you can use it or powering propane heaters and even propane generators.

This tank measures 8 inches long and has a diameter of 4 inches. Considering the 80% rule when filling propane tanks, you can fill this tank with around 16 lb propane.

How Much Does A 20 Lb Propane Tank Weigh When Full

The average size when full depends on how much the tank weighs when empty. But you can expect it to weigh between 29 and 37 pounds on average.

Remember that you have to include the tare weight when calculating the total. So let’s say that your tank weighs 13.5 lbs when empty.

When full, it will weigh 29.5 pounds. If it weighed 17 pounds when full, it would weigh 37 pounds.

We should mention that a 20-pound propane tank has many BTUs.

The average amount is 344,370 BTUs, which is enough to power a grill for several meals depending on how much propane you use per meal. Also, it can power a 10,000 BTU/h heater for around 34.4 hours.

How Much Does A 30 Lb Propane Tank Weigh When Full

Campers and camp trailers mostly use a 30 lb propane tank. In most cases, these individuals will mount two 30 lbs propane tanks on the trailer’s tongue to supply gas for the heat, refrigerator and stove top.

But these models can also be used with construction, space heaters, and other propane applications.

Roughly, a 30 lb tank can hold up to 7 gallons of propane and weighs about 55 lbs when full.

But as always, this will depend on the tank material. Remember, we said aluminum tends to be lighter than steel.

So this affects the average weight when empty, which impacts the weight when the tank is full.

For instance, if the tare weight is 19.2 pounds, and you add 30 pounds, you get a weight of roughly 50 pounds.

60 Lb Propane Tank Weight When Full

A 60 lb propane tank, measuring 44.1 inches, weighs an average of 39.7 pounds when empty, meaning when full, it will weigh approximately 100 pounds.

But please remember that this is an approximation, meaning the weight may be some figures higher or lower than this.

Blue Rhino Propane Tank Weight Empty

What’s important when determining the weight of a Blue Rhino propane tank is to think about the tare weight.

As earlier mentioned, most standard propane cylinders for gas grills weigh approximately 17 pounds when empty and hold 20 pounds of propane.

So, when full, the tank will weigh about 37 pounds. Also, please remember that Blue Rhinos are only available in 15 lbs tanks and not the standard 20 lbs.

Therefore, the only way to determine the exact weight is to put your tank on a weighing scale.

We should also mention that Blue Rhino reduced the propane amount in their tanks to 15 from 17 pounds.

The company says that the move was to deal with the rising prices of propane without changing the retail prices.

Blue Rhino 15 Lb Propane Tank Weight

A 15 lb Blue Rhino propane tank contains 15 lb of propane. The company marks how much propane a tank has on the package to ensure that consumers are well notified.

When empty, this tank weighs approximately 16.6 pounds. So it means that the tank should weigh about 32 pounds when full.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Much A Gas Grill Propane Tank Weighs

We have talked about the weight of different sizes of propane cylinders. Now, you may be asking yourself, why does the weight of a grill matter?

Well, knowing the weight of your grill is essential for various reasons. The most important one is to be able to calculate the amount of propane left in your tank.

Some gas cylinders do not come with a gauge. So, in this case, calculating the weight is the best way to determine the propane amount.

Most tanks have the Tare weight and water capacity marked on the package. To measure the amount of propane left in your tank, put it on a weighing scale and get the weight, then subtract the TW.

For instance, if it weighs 30 pounds and its tare weight is 17, it means you have 13 pounds of gas left.

That said, here are some tips to have in mind about propane tanks and their weight:

  • The material used when making the propane cylinder affects the overall weight of the tank. Generally, aluminum propane tanks are lighter than steel. So, if you want a more lightweight model, you have to bear this in mind.
  • If the tank is damaged, avoid using it by all means. That means you shouldn’t use a tank with dents, rust or peeling paint. Also, always keep the valve closed to avoid leakages when not using the grill.

Final Thoughts

So, that is everything you have to know about the weight of a propane tank. We hope that this guide helped you identify the right size of the propane tank you need based on the weight.

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