How Long Does A Lawn Mower Battery Last

How Long Does A Lawn Mower Battery Last

There are roughly fifty million acres of grass in the US, and 21 million of those are lawns people mow. In fact, homeowners average over two hundred hours of lawncare per year, which would be around eight days if it all happened consecutively.

That’s a lot of grass getting a lot of work for people and lawnmowers. So, how long does a lawnmower battery last?

The average lifespan of a lawn mower battery is 3 to 5 years. A lawn mower battery can accept around 500 charges, with each charge lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour. Cold weather will affect the longevity of the battery life by increasing the internal resistance and lowering capacity causing more frequent charging and wear out the battery quicker.

How Long Does A Lawn Mower Battery Last

Lawnmower batteries are relatively durable. More importantly, they should hold a charge for a long time and last you several years. It’s worth getting insurance on larger batteries, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket if they suddenly and unexpectedly need replacing.

A standing battery-powered push mower is ideal for small to mid-size yards. Though you can undoubtedly find gas mowers, they aren’t good options.

According to OnlyNaturalEnergy and the EPA, “…hour-for-hour, gasoline-powered lawn mowers produce 11 times as much pollution as a new car.”

Luckily, battery mowers don’t put off toxic fumes, and they can accept around five hundred charges. That’s three to five years for a dedicated lawn lover.

Alternately, a ride-on mower produces even more pollution when run on gas. Yet, it may surprise you to learn the batteries last approximately the same amount of time.

It would be best if you replaced ride-on mower batteries once every four years or so, depending on how often you use your mower.

How Long Does A Battery Powered Lawn Mower Last

The battery itself is only a component of the whole machine, but how long with battery-powered mowers last?

It might surprise you to learn that mowers last two to three times as long as the batteries inside. You should get a decade of service out of a well-cared-for electric mower. Naturally, if you replace parts, it can last a lot longer.

Can you get your whole yard done on one charge? How long can you mow before your battery needs to be re-plugged?

The answer to this is simple. Although it varies slightly based on the model, how cold it is outside, and how many times your battery has been charged and discharged, you should expect about an hour.

Typically, we worry more about the batteries than the machine. Lawnmowers are durable, and most are well made.

However, a shocking number of people are misusing their batteries, which leads to batteries dying far too early. Then the batteries take the blame when it’s actually a user error issue.

How Long Does A Lithium-Ion Battery Last In A Lawn Mower

One of the secrets to lithium-ion battery care is that you should never run rechargeables until they are entirely dead. Instead, stop and recharge well before your machines die to help maintain battery life.

As Plarad Torque and Tension Systems point out, when you ‘kill’ the battery, it can reduce the ability to hold a charge in the future or even cause the battery to refuse to charge.

How Long Does A Lead Acid Battery Last In A Lawn Mower

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that some or all batteries ‘need’ to be fully discharged. Like their Li-ion counterparts, a lead-acid battery is not made to be completely emptied.

According to Rebel Cell, it can take irreversible damage if you discharge it more than fifty percent.

How Long Does A 40 Volt Lawn Mower Battery Last

A 40-volt lawn mower battery should last forty minutes or more per charge. You can count on having the same battery for several years as they often accept as many as five hundred recharges.

If you were to mow once a week all year, that would mean eight to ten years of life.

Sadly, many batteries become less effective at holding a charge over time. Plus, many lawns are large enough to require two or three charges to finish.

It’s worth it for that gorgeous sea of green around your home, but a three-charge-per-lawncare-day battery will not last as many years as a once-every-ten-days lawn that is only green six months out of the year.

How Long Does A 12 Volt Lawn Mower Battery Last

The 12-volt battery in your riding lawn mower should last you around four years. However, some people choose to replace them more often because as they age, this battery style tends to hold a smaller charge.

There’s nothing quite as infuriating as finishing two-thirds of the yard and having the mower die on you. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to keep a pair of batteries around, especially if you have a large yard.

How Long Does A Lawn Mower Battery Usually Last

Typical lawn mower batteries last for years. If you treat yours right and recharge it before it dies, you can look forward to using it for three to five years before it needs to be replaced.

In some cases, you may even be able to get the battery refurbished to get more service out of it.

How Long Does A Ryobi Lawn Mower Battery Last

The average lifespan of a forty-volt Ryobi rechargeable battery is around three years.

Naturally, this will depend somewhat on how often you mow your lawn and how you store and charge the battery. Cold climates tend to be harder on battery life.

I suggest you pick up a great rechargeable Ryobi 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery OP4040 from Amazon. The onboard battery life indicator will ensure that you aren’t in the dark about how long your battery should last.

Plus, these Li-ion batteries offer fade-free performance, so your last charge is as good as your first when appropriately used.

Ryobi 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
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How Long Does A John Deere Lawn Mower Battery Last

The John Deere company doesn’t make batteries. Fortunately, several companies make batteries specific to the different models of John Deere riding mowers. Naturally, a rechargeable is the best option.

The Amazon Mighty Max Battery ML-U1-CCAHR 12V 320CCA Battery for JohnDeere X320 300CCA Lawn Mower Brand Product is a superb choice to run your mower.

You’ll appreciate the high quality, and these batteries ship fast so you can get your yard under control.

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Helpful Tips To Know About The Length Of Time A Lawn Mower Battery Lasts

Just as every yard is unique, all batteries are different. However, unlike your yard, a battery is made in a factory, and the components are standardized. This means that, while there is some variance from brand to brand, most batteries have a similar lifespan.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the length of time a lawnmower battery lasts.

  • If you expose a Li-ion battery to intense sunlight or concentrated summer heat, it can cause the vent in the cell to release its electrolyte and hydrogen gas. If this happens, you need to stay away from it until it cools down and promptly replace the battery.
  • You should never throw a battery, especially a large battery like those in lawnmowers, into the trash. Instead, please take it to a household hazardous waste disposal facility or an authorized recycler. While you’re at it, you can take in your used motor oil and recycle that as well.
  • Cold weather affects battery life. As Next GenBattery briefly explains, “Cold temperature increases the internal resistance and lowers the capacity. A battery that provides 100 percent capacity at 80°F will typically deliver only 50 percent at 0°F. ” Lower capacity means more frequent recharging, which wears your batteries out faster.

Final Thoughts

Many things affect your lawn mower’s battery life. The type of battery, climate, terrain, and machine it powers all have an impact.

However, there are ways to extend your battery life. Proper charging also goes a long way toward helping you get the most out of your mower.

Finally, how you maintain and store your machinery and its power source can make more of a difference than you expect.

Treat your batteries right, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a dead mower when the lawn is halfway done.

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