How Do Smokeless Grills Work

How Do Smokeless Grills Work

Smokeless grills are on the rise these days, and people love them because they don’t produce as much smoke as traditional charcoal grills.

They are considered the best to use indoors as you can grill your favorites without worrying about smoke and unpleasant smell in your kitchen. Today we talk about how this grill type works and other related issues.

Smokeless grills prevent smoke during cooking by using a slanted grilling grate that is made from thin cast aluminum which directs fat and oils towards a drip pan underneath before it can create smoke. They are either infrared which means they cook food using radiant heat, or contact grills, which directly contacts the heating element.

How Does A Smokeless Indoor Grill Work

Smokeless grills are relatively new appliances to the grilling industry. They are considered a healthier and safer alternative compared to traditional charcoal grills.

Because of this, they’re quickly gaining popularity. To understand how a smokeless indoor grill works, think of it as an oven with an open top and a bottom that doesn’t use charcoal or propane to grill.

Instead, it uses electricity and infrared heat to cook foods.

These grill types produce less smoke than other grills, making them suitable for indoor use.

However, remember that they still make some smoke, only that it is not enough to cause issues.

These models are ideal for people with asthma or allergies as they don’t produce smoke.

Smokeless grills come with a grill plate, glass lid, cooking surface, heating elements, a drip tray, electric fan/smoke extractor, and infrared technology.

These parts work together to allow the machine to run effectively. Here is how an indoor smokeless grill works:

Using Infrared Burner Technology

Smokeless grills do not use fuels like wood or gas. They were designed using infrared technology that uses infrared burners.

These burners deliver heat to the grilling tray and food. Therefore, there is no fuel used with these grills. Instead, they use electricity which is converted to heat.

As there is no fuel combustion, smoke comes from food and not fuels, which is very little.

The infrared technology allows clean energy and cooking for a long time without releasing any smoke.

Electric Fan or Smoke Excavator

Smokeless grills have an electric fan that creates airflow inside. They also have a smoke excavator which collects smoke, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere.

Together these two components remove cooking smoke and odor from food and allow users to cook without producing smoke.

Griddle and Grill Plates

These grill types include two non-stick coating ceramic plates that you can replace.

There are grooves included in the grilling tray surface that collects oil while giving food the sear marks that we love. Since excess oil is removed, odor and smoke will not be an issue.

Remember that excess oil from food can produce unpleasant smells and smoke if left for a long time.

Drip Trays

Drip trays in smokeless grills are made of metal and located beneath a grill or smoker. They catch the juices and oils dripping from food.

They have an opening that helps them hold water, allowing them to release moisture without producing smoke when you are grilling.

As they catch the drippings, they prevent them from getting into the heat source, which can cause smoke.

Remember that this is the main reason traditional grills produce smoke.

Glass Cover

Smokeless grills come with a glass lid that helps control temperature. Besides that, it also keeps smoke from escaping into the atmosphere before reaching the hood works.

As a result, you get flavorful chicken, meat, and BBQ.

How Can A Grill Be Smokeless

A grill is smokeless because it doesn’t use fuel like wood or gas. Instead, it uses the infrared technology mentioned above and a powerful infrared burner.

The grill heats the tray, which in turn cooks the food. It uses electrical energy, converted to heat, eliminating the need for fuel combustion.

Although you can buy a smokeless grill, you can make yours smokeless. The aim is to prevent smoke from escaping into the atmosphere.

You can do that by reducing the ash in the tray and using a clean grill. Also, opt for wood chips for starring your BBQ smoker instead of kindling woods.

Lastly, before closing the lid, wait a bit longer to allow a lot of air to get in.

Are Smokeless Grills Actually Smokeless

No. These grills still do produce smoke, but they are smokeless for the most part. Note that the grills use infrared electric heat instead of direct heat.

This prevents smoke from being produced and allows users to enjoy smokeless grilling.

As a result, they are suitable for people who want to grill indoors.

However, note that these models release wisps of smoke only that the amount released is not enough to turn on your smoke alarm or irritate guests.

As mentioned, the grills use a combination of components to inhibit smoke. Every part included is used to prevent smoke from appearing.

How Well Do Smokeless Grills Work

Smokeless grills do not produce any smoke. You can use them to make several dishes as they have varying working capacities and can easily be adjusted.

Here is how effective a smokeless grill is:

  • Well done dishes – the infrared heating technology allows a smokeless grill to cook food fast. It ensures even heat distribution on your baking tray, allowing meals to cook evenly. Plus, you can adjust the grill’s temperatures to ensure that your food is not too burnt or undercooked and has the right flavor.
  • Saves time – The infrared burners are fast. They can heat your baking tray quickly. Also, the baking tray is made of aluminum which catches and retains heat fast and well. These grills can cook at a higher rate than most conventional grills.
  • Cooks a variety of dishes – one of the best things about this grill is that it is versatile, meaning one can cook various foods on it. You can make grilled vegetables, mushrooms, ribs, steaks, corn, etc., and you may even be surprised that the food tastes better than expected.
  • Excellent performance – smokeless grill converts electricity to heat using infrared rays. They can operate with a 1200 W to 1400 W capacity on average. Although they consume a high amount of power, they provide perfect heat. You can also increase or decrease based on your cooking needs. You can expect better performance from this grill at its peak than most conventional grills.

Are Smokeless Grills Worth it

Well, this depends. Generally, smokeless grills are suitable for people who are short of space.

They are affordable and versatile and allow you to cook indoors without worrying about smoke. If you have a small family, they can be perfect for you.

But they are also suitable for people who host barbecues regularly.

Additionally, you may find them helpful if you are worried about food health. These grill types are better than charcoal and gas grills.

They reduce the risk of carcinogenic compounds in meals from smoke production. Plus, they are a safe option for indoor grilling.

Helpful Tips to Know About How Smokeless Grills Work

Although a smokeless grill is a great investment, you need to take several steps to ensure that your grill remains functional.

Here are some tips to help you care for and maintain your smokeless grill:

  • Clean after every use. Ensure you remove the grill grate and drip tray and wash them with detergent to get rid of the oil. Then, wipe using a dry cloth. You can also put the top rack of this grill in a dishwasher. But please read the instructions from the manufacturer first.
  • Regularly check the electrical connections, wires, and plugs of the grill. Also, inspect burners to see whether they appear strange and store your grill in a cool, dry place.

Final Thoughts

Smokeless grills are excellent cooking equipment that allows users to grill indoors without smoke.

Unlike traditional charcoal and gas grills, a smokeless grill lets users prepare food whenever they want.

They are fast and eliminate the need to wait for a combustible grill to heat up. We hope this guide answered all your questions regarding how smokeless grills work.

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