Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder: (Complete Guide)

Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder

Since a grill is expensive, you must research to ensure you get the best model possible. Green Mountain Grills (GMG) and Yoder are two popular companies in the grilling industry.

While they make high-quality, long-lasting grills, some features can make one brand better than the other for you.

A Green Mountain Grill will be suitable for you if you are going for a great smoker at an affordable price. However, if your priority is on the build quality and you don’t mind spending extra bucks on a grill, you’re better off with a Yoder grill.

Difference Between Green Mountain Grill and Yoder

Green Mountain Grills was founded in 2006 by Jason Baker. As you can see, it is not a new company.

The years they have been in the market have allowed them to gain experience and knowledge in designing quality products with a user’s needs in mind.

The company manufactures its pellet grills in China. These models can smoke, grill, and cook slowly, allowing users to cook various things on them.

They produce two lines of pellet grills; Prime and Choice. The difference is that while Prime grills use 12v direct power, Choice grills have 110v.

But in all their models, the company includes a Sense-Mate thermal sensor that constantly monitors ambient temperatures.

So during the cold weather, the sensor will put the grill in turbo mode.

Yoder is known for producing competition-worthy smokers. The company designs its grills and smokers in America to be used during barbecue competitions in the backyards.

Their grills are made to last for a long time, and they guarantee against burnout. Their barbecues aren’t the regular smokers we are used to seeing.

Joe Philips started the company in 2007. However, they released their first commercial grill in 2009. Their grills are built to withstand the test of time.

According to the company, they can survive even unexpected tests.

The difference between GMG and Yoder is that the latter focuses on producing competition-grade grills.

Their models outperform many smokers in the market and are built to withstand the test of time. But GMG focuses on designing high-quality grills that are affordable.

Are GMG Grills Any Good

Yes. Green Mountain Grills are good. Although not as big as many grills, they are suitable for people who want to tailgate or smoke/cook food during camping or hunting trips.

However, the grills aren’t that small as they offer over 200 square inches of cooking space.

Their models are easy to use as they are among the few companies making Wi-Fi-enabled grills. So, you can control your grill from an app on your smartphone.

This flexibility and convenience, topped up with affordability, make this company a great grill manufacturer in today’s market.

Are Green Mountain Grills Worth the Money

I’d say their grills are worth the money because the company doesn’t overcharge their models. However, do not let their affordability fool you.

The company designs its grills using high-quality materials that are made to last long.

Their models are stable and come with various impressive features that make a user’s life easy.

Additionally, even with their reasonable prices, they still offer a generous warranty like other top brands such as Traeger.

GMG grills come with a three-year warranty. In case of anything, you can return your grill and get a refund.

Green Mountain Features

There are various notable features of the GMG grills, including:


The company uses stainless steel when manufacturing its grills. Therefore, you can expect durability from the models.

Additionally, the use of this material makes it easier to clean your grill. With proper cleaning and care, you can increase your grill’s lifespan.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Almost everything in our lives has been digitalized. Even kitchen appliances these days are made with innovative technology.

So, we expect the same even in our grills. Thankfully, GMG is among the few companies that make this technology possible.

The grills can be connected to Wi-Fi and controlled through an app on their mobile phone. So, you can set and adjust the temperature from your smartphone as you please.

Wide Temperature Range

With a GMG grill, you can sear, grill, smoke, and do everything you want with a pellet grill. The grills are equipped with an extensive range of temperatures.

Therefore, you can use them for cooking different things in different ways. The grills come with a PID control panel, an advanced technology established brands use.

So, you can expect temperature control with 5-degree increments. As such, you can achieve accurate temperatures at all times.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The company places parts strategically to ensure that you have an easy time using them. Assembly is easy, and if you clean after every use, your grill should last a long time.

Also, since the grills last long, you don’t have to waste time and money on maintenance.

However, ensure you place your grill in a dry place and cover it with a heavy-duty cover. You can store it in your garage, but please don’t let it get wet.

Green Mountain Reviews

Most of the reviews I read about this brand were positive. Customers seem to love how easy it is to assemble them, the company’s customer service, and the great flavor of these models.

Other positive reviews were on the solid construction and ease of use.

The negative comments were mostly about temperature controls, which they described as bad hot spots.” Aside from that, there weren’t many negatives on these grills.

Which Green Mountain Grill Is Best

Green Mountain Grills Ledge Prime Plus WiFi Pellet Grill
  • 12V DIRECT POWER: The new standard in outdoor bbq provides for more safe and efficient power consumption, faster start ups, and greater pellet fuel economy.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLLER: Designed for precise temperature management with a 150°-550°F range with 5° increment control. Includes WiFi Smart Control, dual meat probes and a USB charging port.
  • AUGER SYSTEM: Includes a micro-adjusted variable speed fan and motor with increased RPM’s to maintain a precise efficient feed of oxygen and pellets through the auger into the firebox.
  • PELLET HOPPER: Optimal 18 lb pellet capacity with pellet view window to keep an eye on your pellet usage. Comes standard with a pellet door on back for easy pellet clean out and a convenient bottle opener on the front.
  • WIFI CONTROL: Control and monitor grill and internal food temps to-the-degree and on-the-go from the GMG App with access to a huge selection of recipes and grilling profiles.

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The best grill from GMG is the Ledge Prime Plus Wifi Pellet Grill. This model was designed with much thought, which is why it is popular in the company’s product line.

Although other companies charge more money for some unique features, the Ledge Prime Plus grill offers them at an excellent price.

The grill comes with two airflow systems, creating a suitable environment for cooking fire produced by the wood.

It has an auger system, a thermal sensor, a firebox, a digital controller, a grease bucket, and a pellet hopper.

The motor powers the auger, which feeds pellets in the grill’s firebox. When that happens, the hot rod and combustion fine-lit the pellets and allow them to burn throughout the cooking.

The grill comes with a side-mounted pellet unit measuring 18 pounds. It includes an enclosed cooking chamber with a peaked lid that allows using rib racks or cooking stand-up chicken.

It offers a temperature range of 150-500 degrees F, which you can adjust in 5-degree intervals, thanks to the PID temperature system.

There is a standard digital controller which has a meat probe, allowing you to take temperature readings inside your grill instantly.

The model also comes with a side tray with hard rubber tires and utensils hooks. It also connects to Wi-Fi, allowing users to control their grill from a smartphone.

I didn’t find many negatives about this grill. But I can say that it has thin metals that do not hold heat perfectly.

Also, some models offer a higher temperature range past 500 degrees F. However, these cons can be overlooked considering the features the grill offers.

Is Yoder A Good Pellet Grill

Yoder is a good pellet grill manufacturer. In fact, if you go through their reviews, you will rarely come across a negative comment.

So that tells us that this company lives up to its goal of making competition-grade grills.

Their smokers aren’t the regular ones we’re used to seeing. They’re designed with durability and functionality in mind.

The company says that they design their smokers to last a lifetime. While this can be somehow misleading, the models for sure are durable.

Their product line includes trailer cookers, competition cookers, pellet cookers, and charcoal cookers.

Although these models have different features, they are all built with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to create new grilling, searing and cooking possibilities.

Are Yoder Smokers Worth It

Yoder Smokers are a worthwhile investment. There are many desirable things about these grills. But, the best is that they are built to last a lifetime.

I know that a grill is an expensive product. So, you’d want to buy the highest quality to avoid replacing or repairing after a short time.

And that is why people love high-end companies like Yoder. They use high-grade steel that resists rust and corrosion and can withstand the test of time.

Quality craftsmanship, longevity, and innovative design are what make this company a great brand to invest in.

I also love that their smokers include a wide accessories range. You can even get custom-made trailers that allow you to transport your smoker easily to and from competitions.

Yoder Grill Features

Quality Material

Yoder uses heavy steel when constructing their grills. This material does well in all weather, and it is long-lasting.

This manufacturer uses 10-gauge steel and 14-gauge steel for the hopper and cart, respectively.

And because they have faith in their models, the company offers a 10-year warranty on its grills.

Wi-Fi and App Experience

If you buy a YS pellet grill, you can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity. The grills work with a YS Drive App that allows you to monitor the temperatures inside your grill and food using a probe.

So, you can enjoy convenience in these models.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Yoder designs their products with beginner and expert grillers in mind. All their parts are strategically placed to give users an easy time with their grills.

The models have a built-in grease trap that collects grease and drippings to prevent messing the entire grill.

So once you finish cooking, you need to wipe the grill with a damp cloth or clean it using a grill brush if you have one.

Excellent Temperature Control

Yoder offers advanced temperature controllers to ensure that the temperatures inside the grill remain exact.

The company uses its Adaptive Control System on its models, which provides efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

Grills in the S series have a microprocessor that’s the most intelligent controller in the market. It can monitor and adapt to several input variables to keep the temperatures inside steady.

Yoder Grill Reviews

Yoder has many positive reviews. Customers love their quality construction designed to last for many years.

Many had nothing to complain about, even after using the grill for years. The only complaint I noticed was about the price.

However, this is expected since the company uses quality materials when making its grills.

All I can say is that when buying a grill, do not use price as the primary focus. Instead, consider the performance.

It’s better to buy a high-quality grill that offers years of excellent performance than to purchase a cheap grill that won’t last long.

Which Yoder Grill Is Best

The best Yoder smoker is the YS640 Pellet Grill. Sure, it may not be the most affordable in the market, but it is built to last a lifetime and offers other impressive features that make it a worthwhile investment.

The grill is made in the USA using quality materials and craftsmanship. It is constructed using 10-gauge steel, making it durable.

This model weighs 335 pounds, which is a bit heavy, but that is because of the thick metal used.

It is sturdy enough to hold heat, eliminating heat loss even when you open the lid. The grates are made with aluminum, but you can upgrade them to stainless steel.

The handles do not get hot when cooking, so you won’t burn your hands when opening or closing the grill.

It offers 640 square inches of cooking space and 430 square inches on the slide-out shelf.

Therefore, the grill offers 1070 square inches of cooking surface. The auger included is short and virtually jam-proof.

Like other Yoder grills, this model also features Adaptive Control System, which adapts to temperature settings.

The design is simple but unique and easy to use. There is a selector mode on the right of the display that allows you to change the cooking temperature.

Additionally, the grill has a built-in probe port, allowing users to pass the probes via the port.

The only thing I noticed about the grill is that you can’t turn it off using the app. Its hopper capacity is a bit less.

Pros And Cons Of Green Mountain Grill And Yoder

The best thing about GMG is that it designs quality grills at an affordable price. So you can get a good grill without denting your pocket.

I also love that their grills offer a wide temperature range and can be controlled with an app on a smartphone.

But, I didn’t particularly appreciate that their grills are small and hence unsuitable for cooking for many people.

Additionally, you have to see a specific dealer when you want to buy a Green Mountain Grill.

I love that Yoder produces long-lasting grills. Thus, eliminating the need to repair or replace your grill after a short time.

Their grills are also larger and offer excellent temperature control. I also love their chamber design which enhances the flavor in the grill and keeps the temperatures consistent when cooking.

Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder Cost

In terms of cost, GMG grills take the crown home. They are more affordable compared to Yoder.

But that is because the company uses heavy steel when making its grills.

Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder: Which is Easier to Use

Both grills are easy to use. GMG includes a PID temperature controller that allows users to control temperatures effectively.

Plus, the grills can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled by an app from a smartphone, ensuring convenience.

However, I have seen some complaints about issues with temperature control. People claim that the grills get uncomfortably hot.

Yoder uses Adaptive Controller System, allowing you to control temperatures inside your grills easily.

Additionally, the YS models can connect to Wi-Fi, and lastly, the handles do not get hot to burn you when opening or closing the grill.

Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder: Which Lasts Longer

Yoder is more durable than GMG because the company uses heavy gauge steel.

However, if you take proper care of your GMG grill, it can last for many years.

Helpful Tips To Know About Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder

GMG and Yoder are great companies making high-quality grills. But it can be challenging to choose one brand over the other.

Here are some tips to think about to help you make the right choice between Green Mountain and Yoder:

  • Your Budget – GMG grills are generally cheaper than Yoder. The grills are sold at a fraction of the price of other grills in the same range.
  • Durability – while Yoder grills are pricier, they are made to last long. If durability is your main concern, a Yoder grill is better.
  • Portability – are you planning to carry your grill around from time to time? Then a GMG grill is suitable for you. It is lightweight and small in size, allowing easy transportation. Therefore, you can take it on your beach vacation or camping trip when not using it in your backyard.
  • Accessories – If you are concerned about the extras included in a grill, Yoder is the right company for you. It provides several accessories, saving you the need to spend on them again.

Final Thoughts

When comparing Green Mountain Grill vs Yoder, Yoder is the better choice overall. The company makes its grills with heavy-duty construction.

The models offer ample cooking space and excellent temperature controls.

Plus, they have more features than GMG grills. The only issue is that they are expensive.

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