10 December Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old

December Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old

Being born on December 25th is one of the rarest birthdays a human can have. Sadly, kids born at the end of the year often get ‘included’ in parties that aren’t about them at all.

Your December baby deserves a special party just for them. Finding the right December birthday party ideas for 2 year olds is tough, but I’ll help you make it their best day ever.

A good December birthday party idea for a 2 year old needs to be fun and straightforward. Most 2 year olds aren’t invested in interacting with their peers but rather playing alongside them, so you need activities that kids can do around each other but experience individually. Stick with bright colors and lots of physical activity for a happy little one.

5 December Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old Girl

December birthday party ideas for a 2 year old girl should be something they can do easily. Lots of music and interactive things that make noise or feel interesting make a memorable little girl’s party.

Here are five easy December birthday party ideas For Girls:

1 – Play Dress Up

Costumes are a ton of fun. Giving a 2 year old her choice of tiaras, dress-up shoes, and fabrics with lots of different textures and colors will make her day. Be sure to throw in a lot of jackets and scarf options for staying warm.

Choose costumes that are seasonally appropriate or easy to modify. Princess dresses aren’t very warm, but fleece-lined leggings and a long-sleeved shirt underneath will make it more comfortable.

Once your daughter and her friends are all dressed, have a parade so they can show off their fashion creations.

2 – Frozen Bubble Surprise

December is one of the coldest months of the year. That means most December babies don’t get a lot of outdoor parties. Fortunately, kids love bubbles, and they freeze beautifully. Check out this video to see what happens.

Make sure the kids are dressed up warmly and plan to serve lots of hot cocoa at an outdoor party.

Then, grab some bubble guns like the IDEE Gatling Bubble Machine from Amazon and get ready to make a storm of rapidly freezing beautiful bubbles. These bubble makers can fire off over eight hundred bubbles per minute.

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3 – Frozen, But Warm

Speaking of princess costumes and winter fun, choose a favorite wintertime movie like Frozen. You can use the characters for decor inspiration and play the actual movie for the kids indoors, where they’ll stay toasty. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Consider having mini versions of movie theater snacks and setting out rows of kids’ chairs like a theater for a movie party.

You can even set up curtains around the TV for that ‘real’ theater experience. Best of all, you can pause for potty breaks, so no one misses their favorite part of the show.

4 – Winter Wonderland

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has virtually guaranteed snow for December birthday parties, then set up an outdoor tent with a heat lamp inside for kids to get warm.

Decorate the snow with biodegradable glitter and put up balloons and streamers. Then set up a bunch of shovels and sandcastle-making supplies like plastic buckets so the kids can make sparkly ‘snow castles’ outside.

If you want to get extra creative, let the kids decorate their snow castles. Choose some large shells or other safe yet colorful items too large to swallow. A handful of small flags for the towers will make the castles come to life.

5 – Sugar Cookies

Some things are just way over your head when you’re two, but art and cookies are fantastic. Have a sugar cookie party where each kid gets to pick out a couple of personal (pre-baked) cookies.

Mix up some colored icings and set out bowls of fun toppings like sprinkles and colored sugar.

After that, all you need is some music and a good plan for cleaning up later. This sort of easy idea lets kids be themselves, create something fun, and you don’t need to stick it to the fridge later because they’ll eat it.

Parents and older siblings can also get in on the fun and help make some beautiful cookies.

5 December Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old Boy

Like girls, 2 year old boys don’t have complex entertainment needs. Mostly, they want to laugh, run around, and play with whatever they can reach. Fortunately, that makes party planning easy.

Here are five great December birthday party ideas for 2 year old boys:

1 – Dig It

Have you ever watched your kid dig in a sandbox? It might not seem like adult fun, but they love it. Recreate that summer feeling by setting up the snow for a fun outdoor Dig-It party.

All you need are shovels, buckets, and some hidden surprises. Mark off an area in the snow as the ‘snow-box’ and then bury a few party favors.

Plastic dinosaurs are perfect for this sort of occasion because you can get a lot of them, and it’s kind of like digging for fossils.

I suggest larger toys that are safer for toddlers, like the JOYIN 6 Pack 12″ to 14″ Educational Realistic Jumbo Dinosaur Figures from Amazon.

Bury them in the snow and let each kid dig one out to keep. Then they can play with their dinos indoors where it’s warmer.

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2 – Hockey

2 year olds probably aren’t ready for an actual hockey rink. However, you can get oversized hovering hockey puck toys and play some indoor hockey.

A few plastic masks for the guests and a jersey for the birthday boy will make for a memorable sporty day out of the snow.

If you want to be extra, get a white or blue blanket or throw rug and set up some goals to knock the floating pucks through.

The kids may or may not care at that age, but it will make for some excellent photos anyway. However, I don’t recommend handing little one’s hockey sticks.

3 – Sledding or Floor Sledding

Sleds are a scream, but the average two-year-old isn’t ready to tackle the big-kid hills just yet. Skip the chance you could run into a tree and get some plastic sled toys and some ropes.

Whether you have snow outside, or you put them on top of blankets and pull them around a bare floor, the kids will have a blast. You can even get extra by having the adults wear ‘sled dog’ ears and tails.

4 – Ice Road Truckers

Who said you couldn’t play trucks in the snow? At two, many vehicles that are safe to play with have oversized wheels, so they’re easier to drive in light snow than Hotwheels.

Have an ice road truckers party where everyone brings a big toy truck to play with outside.

Set up some ‘roads’ for the kids. This is easier than you think because all you’ll need is some yellow chalk and black food coloring.

Mix up the black food coloring with water and put it in a fine-mist spray bottle. Please don’t go crazy with it, or you’ll make an icy mess, but you can use it to mark out some roads sparingly.

Then grate up the chalk and sprinkle it down the center for a road-like effect.

5 – Fire Fighters

Have a party with smores. Instead of risking kids around a real fire, build some out of paper and LED lights indoors and have the kids be ‘firemen.’ A stack of firefighter hats for little boys is easy to find online.

Play on the fire theme for your decor and choose lots of red, yellow, and orange. Toss on a favorite fire-fighter-themed show, movie, or episode in the background.

Everyone gets to stay warm indoors, and you have an excuse to serve marshmallows and chocolate.

Helpful Tips To Know About December Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old

Having a toddler birthday party can be a lot of fun if you don’t overthink it too much. In December, the best two-year-old birthday parties either use the weather as a toy or as an excuse to head indoors.

Here are more helpful tips to know about December birthday parties for 2 year olds.

  • Little kids don’t care about expensive, highly detailed parties. They want to have fun, run around, and be mentally stimulated. Colors and noise matter more at this age than what your theme is.
  • Don’t worry about ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ ideas so much. If your 2 year old girl would rather dig up a dinosaur than build a sparkly castle, do that instead.
  • When in doubt, play the simplest kid’s games. At two, children are easy to amuse. If they’re ready for it, a little red light green light or pin the antlers on the reindeer will be more than enough to keep toddlers happy.

Final Thoughts

More than any other month, December kids tend to get their birthdays mashed up with other winter celebrations. Make sure your little one feels special and knows their day is just for them.

Having a December birthday party, they won’t soon forget by making sure the focus is on simple, physical, interactive, tasty, and brightly colored games and activities.

Remember to take lots of pictures, and don’t worry too much if your two-year-old would rather dance, watch a show, or eat cookies than play whatever games you so painstakingly curated for them.

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