5 Coolest Nerf Guns Ever

Coolest Nerf Guns Ever

There are around fourteen hundred styles of Nerf guns in the world, which is an astonishing number to contend with. Some are discontinued, and others are very similar but for a color change or a minor feature.

However, some are so different you can hardly tell the same company makes them. What is the coolest Nerf gun ever made?

The coolest Nerf gun ever is the 1992 Nerf Sharpshooter because it’s the sole reason all other Nerf foam blasters exist. Without this incredibly cool grandfather of all modern Nerf dart blasters, there would be no Zombie, N Strike, or Elite blasters to play with. However, more spectacular options come out for players to add to their collections every year.

Top 5 Coolest Nerf Guns Ever

Getting your hands on an original nineteen-nineties Nerf Sharpshooter isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are lots of other incredibly cool options to choose from.

I’ve carefully curated a list of the top five that you can buy now so everyone can have one of the coolest Nerf guns in the world.

Since there are so many options, I narrowed it down to the coolest Nerf gun in different categories.

Nerf fans are as unique as their blasters, so it only made sense to show off something for everyone. After all, inclusion and versatility are cool too.

1 – Coolest Nerf Gun Ever Made (Classic) – (Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25)

The N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 is a discontinued model that you can still get your hands on.

We’re stretching the definition of a classic here, but since Nerf’s dart blasters have only been around for thirty years, a fourteen-year-old model is practically ancient.

This incredible Nerf gun is hands down one of the coolest blasters the company has ever made in a classic style.

N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 data are belt-fed into this full-auto blaster. The overall gun looks and fires like a machine gun, and it even has stabilizer legs for better aim.

If you want this wild collectible, then you should click here while there are still a few in stock.

2 – Coolest Nerf Gun In The World (Modern) – (Nerf LMTD Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster Replica)

Star Wars is one of the most recognizable fictional universes ever created, and it has been since the 1970s.

After Disney acquired the rights, the new series and movies have exponentially expanded the world and given fans new stories regularly.

The assassin Boba Fett is one of the most beloved characters and even has his own new show with new episodes every week.

Combining the world of Nerf with Star Wars is a stroke of genius, and it’s no surprise that a Boba Fett blaster is at the top of everyone’s list right now.

You can get a wickedly cool limited edition Nerf Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster Replica by clicking right here.

NERF LMTD Star Wars Boba Fett's EE-3 Blaster - The Book of Boba Fett, Illuminated Scope, 3 Drums, 12 Elite Darts, Blaster Sounds
  • STAR WARS BLASTER REPLICA: This dart-firing blaster is meticulously detailed, capturing the look of the EE-3 blaster seen in The Book of Boba Fett live-action TV series on Disney Plus
  • MEASURES 30 INCHES LONG: The blaster measures 30 inches long (76 centimeters) and comes fully assembled in premium packaging, perfect for display
  • INCLUDES 3 REMOVABLE 4-DART DRUMS: The Nerf LMTD Star Wars Boba Fett's EE-3 blaster comes with 3 removable drums, which each can hold 4 darts, so you can switch out the drums and reload the blaster
  • INCLUDES 12 NERF ELITE DARTS: This Nerf LMTD Star Wars blaster comes with 12 Nerf Elite foam darts
  • BLASTER SOUNDS AND ELECTRONIC SCOPE WITH ILLUMINATED LENS: Features accurate blaster sounds and an electronic scope with an illuminated lens (Requires 2x 1.5v AAA alkaline batteries, not included)

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3 – Coolest Nerf Gun For Kids – (Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Motorized Blaster)

A motorized Nerf gun is often the best choice for younger kids. While they tend to weigh a little more than their non-motorized companions, the ability to hold a trigger and let the blaster prime and fire for you is excellent.

Plus, the Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Motorized Blaster has three things every kid will love.

First, the Ghost Ops Evader lights up, which is always cool. Secondly, it’s part of the Modulus series, so it’s adaptable and modifiable.

Third and finally, the Ghost Ops are see-through so that you can watch the darts and parts inside move.

When you add all those things together in one sweet model, it’s not hard to see why this is the coolest Nerf gun a kid can have.

Click right here to have a Ghost Ops Evader delivered to your door.

Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Motorized Blaster
  • STAY IN STEALTH MODE OR LIGHT THE WAY: Stay in stealth mode or light the way with the Ghost Ops Evader blaster and unleash 12 darts fast with motorized, clip-fed blasting .Ideal for ages:8 years and up
  • CLEAR FOR STEALTH ACTION: Features clear housing for stealth action to stay undetected by your targets
  • ILLUMINATES FOR LOW-LIGHT BATTLES: Blaster illuminates for low-light missions to guide the way and includes illuminator barrel that lights up when attached to the blaster
  • 12 MODULUS DARTS: Comes with 12 Official Nerf Modulus Elite darts that are tested and approved for performance and quality (Blaster requires batteries -- not included)
  • The modulus evader blaster comes with a barrel extension that lights up when its attached to the blaster and you switch on the blaster light-up mode

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4 – Coolest Nerf Gun For Adults – (Nerf Perses Mxix-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster)

A Nerf Perses Mxix-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster has a couple of significant advantages over other models made for older Nerf users.

For one thing, the Rival series often shoot ball ammo like this model. The more petite balls are faster and more accurate than larger darts. Plus, balls are less likely to jam or bend.

The second reason the Perses Mxix-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster is the coolest Nerf gun for adults right now is the engine.

All motorized Nerf blasters are easy to use, but this one is the fastest at eight rounds per second. That’s a lot of blasting power. Better still, it is quick to load and reload. To get a Perseus Mxix-5000 Rival, click here.

Nerf Perses Mxix-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster
  • Fastest blasting Nerf rival system: blaster features the fastest blasting Nerf rival system, firing up to 8 rounds per second* at a velocity of up 100 feet per second (30 meters per second)
  • Fully motorized blaster: Nerf rival perses mxix-5000 blaster is fully motorized with a 50-round Capacity and comes with 50 official Nerf rival rounds
  • Rechargeable battery and quick-load hopper: includes a rechargeable NiMH battery and a wall charger and has a quick-load hopper with 50-round Capacity
  • Trigger lock, acceleration button, trigger: engage the trigger lock to prevent accidental firing; press the acceleration button to power up the motor and pull the trigger to fire

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5 – Coolest Nerf Gun To Mod – (Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster)

It’s hard to find a single flaw with the Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster.

Not only is this superb Nerf gun part of the well-loved Modulus series, but it is also one of the highest-rated by users. Plus, the removable stock is easy to customize.

With the ability to fire both Elite darts and big foam rockets, you get quantity and mass together in one super cool Nerf blaster. The darts are motorized for rapid-fire action, and the rockets use a pump-action for the best of both worlds.

The Demolisher has a cool name, more astonishing visual appeal, and plenty of versatility which is how it won a spot on this list. Get yours right here.

Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster
  • FIRES DARTS AND ROCKETS: Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster fires 10 Elite darts in a row with clip-fed, motorized blasting and launches a big foam rocket with pump-action blasting
  • MOTORIZED DART LAUNCHING AND PUMP-ACTION ROCKE FIRE: Power up the blaster and send 10 Elite darts racing toward your targets, or pump the handle to unleash a rocket at opponents
  • INCLUDES 10 NERF ELITE DARTS AND 2 NERF ROCKETS: Comes with Official Nerf darts and rockets -- load 10 darts in the banana clip, power up the motor, and fire -- load 1 rocket and pump the handle to fire
  • CUSTOMIZE WITH THE REMOVABLE STOCK: You can remove the stock to change the configuration for every battle -- remove it for a compact size or attach it to steady shots for long-range targeting
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Ships in simple, recyclable packaging that’s easy to open and frustration free

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Complete Buyers Guide For The Coolest Nerf Guns Ever

Are you looking for a cool Nerf gun to put on display or one to play Humans Versus Zombies with?

Do you want a manual blaster that rarely jams and can handle rough play, or are you looking for bells and whistles like motors, sounds, and lights?

Style is everything for Nerf guns, which is why there are so many. What you think is cool matters more than anything when picking your perfect, world’s coolest Nerf gun.

1 – Design Style

Design is about more than the way a Nerf gun fires, though choosing clips, rotary wheels, or front-loading single and double shot Nerf blasters is an excellent place to start.

Additionally, the most fantastic shape for you might not be what I think is cool. Not everyone plays the same way, so some styles, while fantastic, may not work for the game you have in mind.

Decide whether you want the coolest pistol, Gatling gun, Tommy-gun, sniper rifle, futuristic wrist blaster, or another style before narrowing down other aspects of what you want.

Once you know that, narrow it down by color or series to get the coolest Nerf for you.

2 – Nerf Series or Era

Another easy way to narrow down the most extraordinary Nerf blaster would be to pick a specific era or series.

For example, the coolest early 1990’s Nerf gun in the world isn’t going to be the coolest Roblox, Halo, or Zombie model.

Choosing a more specific category makes it faster and much more straightforward to find the coolest Nerf blaster in that collection.

3 – Collectability & Rarity

Not all Nerf guns are collectible or rare. It’s critical to decide whether the collectability and rarity matter to you.

Are you looking to play hard and fire lots of darts, or do you want to play with blasters you can take pride in maintaining and displaying? Do you want a limited edition, or would you prefer an easy-to-replace model?

A collectible is only the coolest if you care about collecting something in the first place. For some players, rarity is everything.

Modders prefer custom, which is rare but not collectible in the same way as a factory-issued Nerf gun.

Meanwhile, the rough and tumble play in dirt type Nerf fans often care more about how many times they can drop their blaster than they ever will about limited editions and preordering.

4 – Darts vs Ball Ammo

The first gun toys made by Nerf were Supersoakers and fired water. Now Nerf guns fire darts, though a line of Nerf water guns are also still available along with many other Nerf toys.

When you get a foam blaster, it’s essential to decide whether you want longer darts or round balls.

Darts come in several styles and are much easier to find once fired. The ball ammo tends to fly a lot faster, but it’s also a lot harder to find and retrieve if you’re playing outdoors.

5 – Size & Firing

The coolest Nerf shotgun is a lot bigger and weighs more than the coolest Nerf pistol-style blaster. Both the intended application and play style of the wielder matter here.

Some Nerf fans want to be snipers, and others want to unload a Tommy-gun-style barrage on their opponents. Check the size and how the Nerf blaster fires before selecting it.

When considering how a blaster fires, it’s also wise to look at how many darts it fires. Some only blast one at a time with no room for spare ammo.

Meanwhile, others have room for fifty balls or darts and places to carry extra ammo. Clips and rotating drums carry more ammo than the single and double shot options.

However, for the most shots at once, you’re probably going to need one of the Rival series that fires ball ammunition.

6 – Age Range

Players of all ages love to shoot toy blasters. Before there were blasters or even cap guns, kids and adults still used slingshots for fun at home.

Luckily, things have evolved since those days, which means there are Nerf guns for every person. However, with the wide variety comes blasters for different skill levels.

It is important to check the relevant age rating. Picking the coolest Nerf gun for a six-year-old is different than getting one for an adult.

Grip strength, ability to carry and fire them, and even basic size considerations like whether your hand fits around it properly are all worth looking into before getting your coolest Nerf gun.

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