13 Cool Soccer Balls That Will Impress Your Friends

Cool Soccer Balls

You can’t play soccer without a ball, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have cool soccer balls. Sometimes, not just any soccer ball will do.

Soccer balls come in different colors and sizes, but they are not all the same. In addition to regular soccer balls that see you on most fields, there are some cool and unique balls to choose from too. 

The coolest soccer ball in the world is the HoloGear Holographic Glowing Reflective Soccer Ball because it is an official size 5 soccer ball that glows in the dark and appears holographic in photos and videos. It has a standard bounce of a regular soccer ball but is made with composite hygroscopic leather with 100% nylon windings and a rubber bladder coated in polyurethane.

Some designs stand out, some are limited edition, and some balls even glow in the dark. Top brands like Nike release hundreds of new designs each year. So how do you choose?

This guide will show you the coolest soccer balls on the market for you to impress your friends. Don’t just be another soccer player. Cool soccer balls can be unique in design, color, or features. 

They are above and beyond a regular black and white soccer ball. Check out these cool soccer balls and take your game and reputation to the next level.

What Makes A Soccer Ball Cool

There are several features that can make a soccer ball stand out against a regular ball. When you are shopping for a ball that will catch attention or one that outperforms others, there are features to look for. 

Appearance is only the beginning. Soccer balls can come in a variety of colors and even glow in the dark.

They can also have flashy designs or logos that set them apart from the rest. Outside of the manufacturer logo, many soccer balls are designed in cooperation with other entities such as car manufacturers or sports associations. 

These balls will also have a prominent and unique logo placed on the ball to let others know you have a special edition.

Along with limited and special edition balls, popular soccer balls are also cool to have. Just like anything that is in current trends, having the most popular ball or the ball most often used by famous players is certainly cool. Some players even endorse a ball giving it a signature or special design.

The quality of a soccer ball can also enhance its cool factor. Balls that are considered durable and made from high quality material are often the coolest ones to buy. 

Shinier soccer balls are better for resisting moisture so are a popular choice. Some soccer balls go above the standard popular features and provide less bounce, bolder coloring, seamless stitching, and the ability to hover.

Cool Soccer Ball vs Regular Soccer Ball

A soccer ball can be so much more than just a soccer ball. While a regular one can get the job done and may be, more appropriate for official games, there is no rule that says you cannot have a cool soccer ball too. Make your plays stand out with a cool and unique soccer ball.

Regular soccer balls are black and white, are typically a size 5, and meet all the regulations for official soccer play. There are several soccer balls out there that meet these same specifications but have unique features that set them apart. 

These are cool soccer balls. The cool features can be a unique design or color scheme, a special logo or endorsement, a limited edition, or a special material or design that allows the ball to perform in a specific way.

An official soccer ball for games will always be black and white. This is the original coloring for soccer balls, dating back for decades. Since you don’t always need a cool ball for games, you can look for those with brighter, more vibrant colors. 

The more dynamic the appearance, the easier it is to keep track of the balls. Colorful soccer balls are also better for children. When it comes to cool soccer balls, there should be no limit to colors.

Regular soccer balls are designed for playing soccer, and so are cool soccer balls. When it comes to function, you may be able to find soccer balls that are lighter in weight, easier to kick, better for control, or producing less bounce. These are functions that could make a ball cooler than the average one.

The Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is the perfect example of a regular soccer ball. The alternating black and white panels are the standard for soccer balls and the synthetic leather is the most commonly used material for regular soccer balls. It is also designed primarily for grass play and other surfaces may scratch the covering.

In contrast the Select Futsal Super is different colors and can be played on grass, turf, and streets without getting scuffed. It is also available in different colors which is more eye-catching and can match team colors too. The hand-sewn panels on both balls give each the same durability.

For a stronger construction, thermally fused panels are the best. For better control and accuracy in-flight, a soccer ball like the Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball is a better choice over the Wilson as it made with high rebound rubber bladder. It also has UA touchskin technology that gives you more control than you would have with the traditional Wilson ball.

3 Coolest Soccer Balls In The World

These three soccer balls are the coolest and most unique available. They are out of the ordinary in very good ways. You may not use them in a game, but they will make practice fun and will make sure your plays get all the attention. 

You may wonder why having a cool soccer ball matters if it cannot be used in games. The answer is simple. Having a soccer ball unlike others may just give you the edge and confidence you need to get ahead in the game.

HoloGear Holographic Glowing Reflective Soccer Ball

The HoloGear soccer ball is an official size 5 soccer ball, but it glows in the dark. It appears holographic when you play and appears to glow in photos and videos. 

This is the ball to get when you want to post those amazing videos of your skills and drills. This really is a unique and very cool ball.

The shell is covered in polyurethane coating which is a unique technology being used for sports equipment. In addition to its awesome appearance, the ball is also great quality. 

It can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to the composite hygroscopic leather and nylon windings. The rubber bladed gives it great bounce and will make you look like the MVP at all times.

Messi Tether Training Soccer Ball

To play like the best, you have to train like the best. Lionel Messi is one of the best and this training ball is stamped with his approval. It is perfect for practicing footwork and shooting skills. 

What makes it special is the tether that keeps the ball close to you. The ergonomic grip is comfortable, so kids and trainees won’t hurt their hands as they practice.

Because of the strap you cannot use this soccer ball in a game, but it is a cool way to practice. You can sharpen foot-eye coordination, headers, cheating, and energy retrieving. 

You also get to practice your body position as you work with the ball. All of this is made much easier thanks to the adjustable cord. You will never lose track of the ball. And that is what makes it cool.

For more information on the best Messi soccer balls, check out my article here.

Hover Ball

Another cool soccer ball is not even a ball at all. Being truly cool means the soccer ball can be a different shape, and the Hover Ball is just that. 

It is actually half a ball with a plastic bottom that helps it glide across the floor. The name is misleading because it does not actually hover. However, it slides easily across all floors and carpets and will not leave any marks.

This is a cool soccer ball for kids to play with indoors. It is safe for furniture and walls as nothing can get broken or bounced into. It serves as a great source of exercise while kids are stuck inside, and they can practice valuable soccer skills. 

It is especially great for learning foot control which is essential to the game. For the affordable price, cool gliding motion and benefits for indoor play, it rates as a cool soccer ball for sure.

10 Cool Soccer Balls

In addition to the super cool soccer balls mentioned above, there are more out there that can catch your eye. The next cool soccer balls are the ones that are both unique and can be used for games. 

These are the coolest looking regulation soccer balls that every kid or adult should consider playing with. Be warned, these are pretty cool and may take attention away from your fancy footwork.

Cool Nike Soccer Balls

It should come as no surprise that Nike has some cool soccer balls to offer. They are after all, one of the coolest and most popular names in sports. The favorites from Nike to give you the coolest points are below.

Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball

This Premier League soccer ball from 2019-20 celebrates the 20 years between the EPL and Nike. It is a celebrated union that has delivered many great products to the game of soccer. 

The brilliant color combo and high-contrasting graphics make it cool to look at and easy to keep track of on the field. 

Not to mention that the English Premier League is one of the most famous leagues in the world, so the logo makes this ball cooler than your average soccer ball.

Key Features:

  • Reinforced rubber bladder helps maintain air and shape retention
  • AerowTrac grooves for accurate flight
  • 12-panel design for true and accurate ball flight
  • Textured casing for ultimate ball control

The four fused panels make this soccer ball durable and give it added performance on the field. This design also gives a much larger sweet spot than standard soccer balls. 

It also features the Urban Grip technology which gives the ball superior traction in any conditions. This means you can play anytime, anywhere.

What I like:

  • Easy to track
  • Accurate flight
  • Maximum ball control
  • English Premier League endorsement

What I don’t like:

  • Can lose air quicker than other soccer balls

Nike La Liga BBVA Orden 4 Ball

Nike and La Liga worked together to bring this cool soccer ball to life. The BBVA Orden 4 Ball features a unique design based on the Spanish flag as La Liga is one of the top soccer leagues in the world. 

The design really stands out and is sure to get a lot of attention. There is a little history behind La Liga too, so you can show off your skills and knowledge if anyone asks.

Key Features:

  • Spectacular design based on the Spanish flag
  • Fuse-welded casing for optimal touch and response
  • 12-panel design for true, accurate ball flight
  • Flow Motion design for optimal play
  • 40% Synthetic Leather, 30% Rubber, 20% Polyester, and 10% Cotton

Nike is more than a name as demonstrated by the quality of this soccer ball. The material, casing, design, and build are of the highest quality. The soccer ball looks cool and plays hard. 

You get accurate landing every time thanks to the AerowTrac grooves on the surface. This ball also allows for a sensitive feel and quick response as a result of the fuse-welded panels and free-floating bladder.

What I like:

  • Durable
  • Soft touch
  • Vibrant color contrast for easier ball tracking
  • Stable flight path
  • Great value

What I don’t like:

  • May seem heavy to some players
  • Not suitable for concrete surfaces

Cool Soccer Balls Size 4

The standard size for soccer balls in official games is 5. Often a smaller size is better for training and for younger players. This means you need to know the coolest size 4 soccer balls to get.

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

American Challenge is not a brand that you will likely think of when it comes to soccer ball shopping. Overlooking this name could mean you are overlooking one of the coolest balls out there. 

They actually supply many of the top leagues in the country with soccer equipment, and that includes balls. Specifically, the Brasilia soccer ball is a unique and top-quality soccer ball.

Key Features:

  • Made with extra padding for a soft and easy to control feel
  • 32 machine-stitched panels for durability
  • Hybrid ball
  • Can be used on different surfaces

Available in five bright and eye-catching colors, the Brasilia soccer ball from American Challenge will definitely turn heads. It will also last for every game you play. 

The 32 stitched panels are standard for soccer balls and these are machine-stitched for additional durability and longevity.

What I like:

  • Durable yet soft
  • Affordable
  • Available in five bright colors
  • Great for youth and beginners

What I don’t like:

  • Needs to be filled frequently with air

Adidas World Cup 2018 Ball

Adidas is a top name in sports and the World Cup 2018 soccer ball is one of their coolest and bestselling balls. The Telstar logo is an iconic logo from the 1970 Mexico tournament. 

The ball used for that match was the first FIFA World Cup ball that Adidas made. This is the remake. And this ball is the first to have an embedded NFC chip, the first of its kind.

Key Features:

  • Based on an original and classic World Cup ball
  • 6-panel design
  • Metallic print and graphic effects
  • Original Brazuca design mixed with new technology
  • Recycled backing and packaging for sustainability

The black and white coloring also has a cool story. When people try to comment that it is the standard colors, you can tell them why this ball is different. The original ball this is based on is the reason that soccer balls are those two colors. 

The 1970 Mexico tournament match ball was the star of television because it was clearly visible on black and white televisions. This changed soccer balls forever.

What I like:

  • Top level durability and performance
  • Great for grass and street surfaces
  • NFC chip and unique digital features
  • Lightweight and easy to strike

What I don’t like:

  • Digital technology only works on iOS11

Cool Soccer Balls Size 5

Size 5 is the size of official soccer balls used in matches. It is not hard to find soccer balls in this size, but when you want the coolest one on and off the field, these are the top 2 picks.

Real Madrid Official Licensed Futbol

Real Madrid is one of the most well known and loved soccer teams in the sport. It may not be your favorite team, but almost every soccer player is a Real Madrid fan. 

The Gold 2019-2020 is therefore the coolest ball for fans and soccer players around the globe. When you play with this, people know you are serious about the game.

Key Features:

  • Officially licensed gear
  • Thermally bonded construction for limited water absorption
  • Revolutionary panel design for smooth passing
  • Meets all FIFA and UEFA standards

This specific design was the same as the ball used for the 2019-2020 Real Madrid season. It is a great gift for players and coaches. It is also perfect for training and playing the game you love. 

The latex bladder keeps its perfect shape for every game and the thermally bonded construction allows the ball to see game after game after game. It will not let you down.

What I like:

  • Durable construction
  • Smooth passing and excellent ball control
  • Maintains perfect shape in all conditions
  • Affordable

What I don’t like:

  • Only available in size 5, so not for younger players

PROLOSO Ferrari Soccer Ball

Another cool soccer ball to get is this one-of-a-kind Ferrari soccer ball. Since there are so many size 5 soccer balls out there, you want yours to stand out, and this is the ball to grab everyone’s attention. 

This officially licensed Ferrari ball not only looks cool but is designed with quality and durability in mind. You will be playing faster and stronger in no time.

Key Features:

  • Precise machine stitching for enhanced durability
  • 5mm PVC covering increases friction for better control
  • Reinforced rubber bladder
  • Available in different color choices

It has the name Ferrari and you get everything that one would expect from this name. The stitching is precise leading to stronger construction and enhanced durability. 

The reinforced bladder provides consistent rebound and longer lasting air retention. The special PVC covering makes sure there is less friction so you can have better control and power.

What I like:

  • Officially licensed product
  • Comes with pump and needles
  • Official ball size and weight for matches

What I don’t like:

  • Only available in size 5, so not a good fit for younger players

Cool Orange Soccer Ball

Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball

As common as black and white soccer balls are, orange soccer balls are also a popular choice. The coolest orange soccer ball would be the Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball

With this ball, every game you play is like a Championship game. As a popular choice for the NCAA college games, this soccer ball is high up in terms of cool points. It also has exceptional durability to help make you the star of any game.

Key Features:

  • 32-panel machine-sewn construction
  • Composite leather cover for top durability
  • Butyl-filled bladder for maximum control
  • Bright colors for improved visibility and tracking

While it may not seem like anything special, this soccer ball from Wilson is quite cool. With the NCAA stamp of approval and logo, you know you are getting a ball you can count on. 

The durability and longevity of this ball is excellent and your kids, pets, and the weather will not wear it down. You will not have to worry about needing to fill this ball up often, which means more time for play. And that is pretty cool.

What I like:

  • Carcass windings ensure optimal shape retention
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Does not deflate easily
  • Available in other colors
  • Great for kids and beginners

What I don’t like:

  • Difficult to get nozzle of air pump into the ball

Really Cool Soccer Balls

One World Play Project Soccer Ball

The coolest thing about this cool soccer ball is that you can get rid of your pump. The One World Futbol is unpoppable and will never deflate. 

It can be run over by a car or roll over barbed wire and your ball will stay intact and ready for play. This makes it perfect for any surface so you can play in the streets, the fields, or on rocky roads.

It has been tested to withstand the harshest conditions, so you never have to worry about a flat ball again. You can even let your dog play with it because their teeth will never get through.

The ball is made with non-toxic materials but that is only one way that it benefits the world. All of these soccer balls are made ethically and work against exploited labor. 

A proportion of all proceeds are also donated to provide play equipment to disadvantaged communities. Each of these attributes makes this one of the coolest soccer balls in and for the world.

Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Soccer Ball

Mitre is a top name in the world of soccer, especially on the European fields. The Ultimatch Hyperseam is one of their most popular soccer balls for matches and also happens to be their coolest. 

This edition was re-engineered with Hyperseam technology to give you higher durability, and optimal in-play consistency.

The 12-panel construction provides the perfect textured surface for the best aerodynamic control. The distinctive covering enhances in-flight accuracy helping you make even the toughest shots. This specific design was the same as the ball used for the 2019-2020 Real Madrid season.

It is a great gift for players and coaches. It is also perfect for training and playing the game you love. The latex bladder keeps its perfect shape for every game and the thermally bonded construction allows the ball to see game after game after game. It will not let you down. is foam-backed to give additional control and a cushioned impact.

You can play with this ball on any surface. It is also available in different sizes, so all ages can enjoy this powerful, dynamic, and really cool ball from Mitre.It has been approved for official match play by the International Soccer Match Ball board and this means you can play just like the professionals do.

Baden Color Your Own Soccer Ball

Many of the cool soccer balls discussed are catered for teens and adults, but what about the younger soccer lovers. The Baden Color Your Own Ball is the coolest ball for younger players, to help get them interested in the game. It is the perfect ball for kids to express themselves and to bring creativity to the sport.

The ball is completely white for kids to decorate in any way they desire. It is great for kids, letting them mix their artistic and athletic sides. 

Anything is possible when kids can express their creativity. This soccer ball puts them in control. It is not just for art. It is a well-designed and soft cushioned ball that is perfect for youth players.

Its synthetic construction keeps it durable for all hours of play. It comes with everything they need to get started on their masterpiece. 

When it comes to cool soccer balls for young children, this Baden soccer ball is your best bet. It is art and sports rolled into one, so kids get the best of both worlds.

Helpful Tips To Find Cool Soccer Balls

You now have the list of the coolest soccer balls you can buy. With any of the balls in this list, you cannot go wrong. Before you run out and buy, there are a few helpful tips to remember when you are ready to buy the best cool soccer ball.

  • Size Matters: Soccer balls come in different sizes ranging from 1 to 5. 5 is the standard size, but you need to pick a size based on the age and skill level of the player. Smaller balls are best for training but once you are over the age of 14, you should be using a size 5.
  • Panels: Soccer balls can be made with 18, 26, and 32 panels. Some unique balls will be made with a different number and this will allow for very specific benefits. The number of panels is not as important as the way they are fused and in general fewer panels means you will have a stronger ball.
  • Ball Type: There are different types of soccer balls including training, turf, and match balls. The type you buy will depend on what you plan to do with it, so choose wisely. The good news for you is that there are cool soccer balls in each of those categories.

Final Thoughts

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports. It is played in almost every country and watched even more. Whether you are a pro, play for fun, or just learning, the ball you play with matters. 

When you get on the field you will need to have a regulation ball, but in your own time, why not get the coolest soccer ball you can find. This guide will help you find the best cool soccer ball that will impress your friends and make every day feel as special as game day.

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