Cheapest Santa Maria Grill

Cheapest Santa Maria Grill

Santa Maria is a popular grilling style among barbecue lovers. But to bring out this style, one must use a Santa Maria grill. While there are several Santa Maria grills, their prices might be discouraging, but don’t worry, if you’re searching for a cheap Santa Maria grill, you’ve come to the right place.

The cheapest Santa Maria grill is Nuke Delta02. It comes with 1 shovel, fire poker, full length, gaucho grill, and 2 swivel casters. Although this grill has various impressive features, I like that it offers users large square inches of cooking area, allowing them to grill up to 25 burgers simultaneously.

What Is The Cheapest Santa Maria Grill

Nuke Delta02 Authentic Argentinian-Style Outdoor Cooking Charcoal Gaucho Santa Maria Grill
  • Experience Argentinian-style grilling right in your backyard
  • Separate firebox allows distributing the heat where and when you need it
  • Adjustable height cooking grid allows for easy heat control
  • Refractory bricks help maintain and evenly distribute heat
  • Includes a full-length cover, poker, & shovel

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The Nuke Delta02 is an Argentinian-style wood that features minimal parts but offers maximum fun. It’s designed by Argentinian artisans and combines functionality with modern styles.

It is rectangular and includes a fire pit lined with bricks, a grill grate on its left side, and a firebox for lighting charcoal or wood on its right.

Its height can be adjusted and individuals enjoy this model’s 547 square inches of grilling space.

For this reason, standing at this grill is easy, and one can control coals quickly to cook at your desired pace and style.

Its firebox is sized correctly to allow it to fire a few pieces of wood splits to fit. Below its fire pit, there is a warming drawer that provides more space for storing the provided coal shovel, fire poker, and carbon steel plancha.

Also included are a cover and a rolling cart that helps position the firepit’s floor directly above the counter height, 37 inches.

The grill can be purchased as a drop-in unit for indoor and outdoor kitchens. It is suitable for people who love playing with fire while they cook.

Users can enjoy sufficient grilling space offered by this unit and control fire as much as they want.

You’ll also love it if you’re using hands-on outdoor cooking style favored in Argentina. Using their bare hands, gauchos make excellent dinners with knives, campfires, and metal stakes.


Features are where this grill excels. Individuals fall in love with this model from construction to configuration and functionality.

Here is what this grill has to offer:

Durable Construction

The grill is made from medium gauge steel, and the firepit is lined with refractory bricks measuring 8 3/4 x 4 3/8 x 5/8 inches in thickness.

Its coals provide excellent energy, which supplies constant heat to your food.

This coal is like a huge baking stone that goes to the pit’s sides which is located on the grill’s side, which measures around 8 x 15 inches, and has a sturdy sliding steel cradle that holds wood splits together.

The cradle includes thick and wide bars. While it leans more on lighting logs, it is removable, meaning one can remove charcoal briquettes if you want to.

Right over this cradle lies a carbon steel griddle which can be set to sear shrimp, vegetables, or foods that cook quickly. Individuals can also set an iron skillet or a wok.

The grill grates are located on this grill’s cook box and fit such that its frame can be adjusted, which features five positions.

If you want to change its height, use the available crank arm and thumb lock located on this model’s left.

Its adjustable grate makes this grill versatile as it allows easy temperature control.

Users are offered 3 inches of adjustability, and while it may not make a difference, it is suitable for thinning steaks near coals and low cooking thick meats far from the heat.

The grates are made of round rods which are coated with porcelain steel.

This can be a bit of a drawback since many people prefer uncoated stainless steel to allow better temperature transfer.

However, this grill’s performance remains untouched.

Speedy Firing Up

If you’ve ever lit a fire in a fireplace, you’ll not have a hard time using this grill. Just set the log on this grill’s metal cradle with some kindling and fire starter and let it rip up.

Alternatively, users can place lit charcoal briquettes on firebricks. But bear in mind that since the grill doesn’t have dampers, controlling the burn of briquettes can be a bit challenging.

The model is designed for wood logs. But some people use charcoal. One can experiment with different log lighting methods like a log cabin, teepee, or just stacking pieces of wood in a similar direction to see what works.

Whichever method is used, this grill can quickly burn fuel, meaning you’ll take a short time to start cooking.

It comes with a shovel and coal rake that individuals can use to manage fire. But please remember to set log tongs to fiddle with lit logs for excellent burning.

Excellent Heat Control

Cooking on this grill is like cooking on a fireplace with a grill grate that can be adjusted. There aren’t any dampers that control airflow, and while the lid traps some heat, users have much freedom to control heating temperatures.

If they want low heat, they simply have to scrap thin coals under this model’s grates and raise it to a high point.

To increase heat, make a thick coal bed and lower grates, so your food is above the glowing chambers. One can create even heating by making even coal beds.

The grill also allows 2 zone cooking, where users can use high temperatures on one side and low ones on the other side.

Individuals can achieve this by making a thick coal bed close to the firebox on the right and a thin bed of coals on this grill’s left.

User Experience

From its reviews, many people seem to love this grill. Most praise its ease of use, even among individuals who aren’t grill masters.

People also seem to love its versatility. With Nuke Delta, one can cook with both charcoal and wood.

Plus, users can control the cooking temperatures as much as they want to, allowing them to make different delicacies.

The equipment is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Among its reviews, one person said this grill was well made, heavy duty and is way better than other grills at Home Depot.

Another user said they liked its design and functionality, but they were disappointed that there is some wobble on this grill’s area and it misses a screw.


This Santa Maria grill goes for $1739 on Amazon. I think it’s worth this price since it offers impressive features like a large cooking area, an adjustable grate, and a separate firebox.

Also, one can use it for cooking meat in Argentinian Barbecue. Please remember that this style is not smoky.

After your logs burn down, the wood or charcoal produces little to no smoke. While one can taste smoke in their meat, it is subtle.

But the point of this cooking method is it allows slow cooking, which gives users more time to prepare different flavors.

There are other cheaper models available, but they aren’t Santa Maria, and even those that are, aren’t sold on credible websites like Amazon, so it can be hard to tell whether their performance is top-notch.

What I Like and Dislike About The Cheapest Santa Maria Grill

What I like about this model is that it is easy to use. Individuals don’t need to be a grill master to barbecue on this grill.

Additionally, I also love the temperature controls that this grill offers. You can use it for cooking at high, low, and even heat and combinations.

As such, one can prepare several meals in a different style. I again love the versatility that this grill offers. If there isn’t charcoal nearby, think of using wood.

I didn’t find many cons in this product. But I can say that it is not ideal for someone who prefers extra smoky flavors.

Additionally, I noticed that it doesn’t come with V-grates, which direct fat and juice from food into a tray or pan, meaning you can use them for basting or making sauce.

But this company thinks having V grates is messy as you’ll have to collect fat and the space between V steams beef.


The product is an update of Nuke Pampa02 Authentic Argentinian Style Santa Maria Grill, 30 inches.

This manufacturer added more height and provided more cooking space with this updated model. Therefore, allowing users to make more food at once using it.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Cheapest Santa Maria Grill

The Nuke Delta02 Santa Maria 40-inch is an affordable grill made to provide years of service. However, to benefit from it, you need to know various tips to keep it in perfect condition for a long time.

  • When using it, use the right spices to bring out authentic Santa Maria flavor
  • Raise and lower your grill as desired to prevent burning and control your cooking temperatures easily

Final Thoughts

That is all when it comes to the cheapest Santa Maria grill. But I should mention that I have listed a cheap model on Amazon.

Some vendors may sell other cheaper models. But since they don’t have reviews, I may not know their authenticity.

Remember that people can build their own Santa Maria grills, which may not be as durable as they claim, and I would hate to see you investing in a low-quality product.

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